AuthorRev Patrick Woulfe
SourceIrish Names and Surnames

Ó MÓRDHA—IO Mora, O Morey, O'More, O'Moore, Morey, More, Moore; 'descendant of Mórdha' (majestic); the name of a distinguished Leinster family who were chiefs of Leix. Their chief fortress was at Dunamase, near Maryborough, the ruins of which still remain. The O'Mores make a remarkable figure in Irish history, having with conspicuous bravery defied for several centuries all the power of the English invaders to conquer their territory. Rory O'More, a celebrated chieftain in the reigns of Mary and Elizabeth, defeated them in many engagements; and his son, Owney O'More, was a famous commander in the wars against Elizabeth. Perhaps no Irish family suffered greater cruelties at the hands of the English. In 1609, the remnant of the clan was transplanted to Kerry, where they were settled in the neighbourhood of Tarbert. Many of them, however, returned to their native territory, and the family is now well represented in Leinster.

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