Ulster Towns Directory 1910: Sixmilecross, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

Fifty-seven and three-quarter miles from Belfast.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Market day, Monday.
Fairs, 19th of each month.
Population, 394

POST OFFICE, Telegraph, and Money Order Office, and Savings Bank--R. H. Anderson, J.P., postmaster; Miss A. Hogan and Miss M. Rafferty, assistants. Letters arrive at 5-50, 9-20 a.m. and 4-30 p.m., and are despatched at 9 a.m., 4-0, 6-25, and 8-0 p.m. Despatches for outlying districts at 6-10 a.m.
Dispensary Medical Officer--W. J. Leitch, M.D.
Great Northern Railway--J. M'Donnell, stationmaster

Sixmilecross Presbyterian Church--Rev. S. D. Stuart, minister
Sixmilecross Parish Church -- Rev. C. R. Williams, A.M., rector

Altamuskin N.S.--J. M'Gillon, teacher
Aughnaglea N.S.--Michael M'Aleer
Aughnaglea N.S. (Female)--Mrs. Rafferty
Bracky N.S.--P. M'Aleer
Cloughfin N.S.--William Henderson
Cloughfin Upper N.S.--Francis Slevin
Mullaghsline N.S.--F. M'Manus
Sixmilecross N.S. (Male)--Charles Marshall
Sixmilecross N.S. (Female)--E. M'Kee
Tandragee N.S.--M. E. Cunningham
Magistrates--Dr. Abernethy, R. H. Anderson, R. S. Clements, Joseph Clements, Viscount L. A. Corry, W. J. Harvey, Sir John B. Johnston, Geo. Kelly, Peter Lamb, Wm. M'Dowell, Terence Rafferty, M. Rodgers, J. Roulston, and M. Gormley
Petty Sessions are held on the first Thursday of each month, at 11 o'clock a.m.--J. Deane, clerk; J. M'Farland, summons server
Northern Bank, Limited--Open on Monday and fair days

Anderson, James, farmer
Anderson, James, carpenter
Anderson, John, farmer, Cavanreagh
Anderson, Joseph H., farmer
Anderson, R. H., J.P., grocer, draper, ironmonger, newsagent, timber, seed, and boot merchant, miller, and tailoring and dressmaking
Anderson, W. S., farmer, Bantown
Anderson, Wm., grocer and seed merchant
Armstrong, Isaac, druggist and grocer
Armstrong, Miss, dressmaker
Baxter, Henry, farmer, Cavanreagh
Baxter, Wm., grocer and ironmonger, delph and china dealer
Brown, Robert, cattle dealer
Calwell, Samuel, farmer, Ramacken
Campbell, M., dressmaker
Clarke, M., dressmaker and milliner
Colhoun, William, publican and car owner
Corry, William, farmer, Cooley
Cousins, Thomas, farmer, Foremass
Cousins, T., mill owner, Foremass
Deane, John, C.P.S., Flushtown house
Devlin, Owen, publican and carowner
Devlin, Peter, tailor and lodging-house keeper
Dixon, J. & M., dressmakers Dixon, William, tailor
Doherty, Mrs., general dealer in fancy goods
Donaghey, Andrew, boot and shoemaker and lodging-house keeper
Donaghey, John, boot and shoe dealer and leather cutter
Donaghy, Hugh, blacksmith
Donnelly, Miss, dressmaker
Duffy, John, bellman and greengrocer
Fox, Michael, Mullaghslin
Galbraith, G., mill owner, Bracky
Houston, Robert, boot and shoe dealer
Jeffries, Samuel, butcher and temperance hotel keeper
Junk, William
Keely, Peter, D.C., grocer
Kelly, George, J.P., farmer, Cloughfin
Kerr, John, carpenter
Little, Devlin, & Keenan, butter and egg merchants
Maguire, Thomas, lodging-house keeper
Maguire, P. J., grocer, newsagent, and publican
Montague, R. J., Altamuskin
Mulholland, Joseph, farmer
M'Aleer, H. K., C.C., publican
M'Aleer, Patrick, Druminakilly
M'Alpin, James, farmer, Cloughfin
M'Cartan, Bernard, Eskerbuoy
M'Farland, John, draper
M'Farland, John, poulterer
M'Girr, Francis, boot and shoemaker
M'Glinn, Owen, saddler
M'Gurk, Daniel, R.D.C., Drumlester
M'Laren, Alex., mill owner, Bracky
M'Laren, Henry, farmer, Ballykeel
M'Laren, George, farmer, Ballyhallaghan
M'Laren, Thomas, farmer
M'Laren, Thomas, grocer and general merchant
M'Laughlin, J. H., grocer, printer, and newsagent
M'Laughlin, J. H., muslin agent
M'Namee, Patrick, blacksmith
Niblo, Miss, dressmaker
Owens, Joseph, flesher
Quinn, J. R., cutter
Rafferty, Patrick, publican
Rafferty, Rose, grocer, draper, boot and shoe dealer
Reilly, John, lodging-house keeper
Rodgers, Patrick, grocer, baker, and publican
Scott, Robert, tailor
Smyton, R., blacksmith
Stuart, Rev. S. D.
Williams, Rev. C. R., M.A.

Anderson, Irwin, Cloughfin
Anderson, James, Aghnaglea
Anderson, R. H., Flushtown farm
Anderson, R. H., Cloughfin mills
Anderson, Robert W., Cloughfin
Anderson, Steen, Cloughfin
Armstrong, Andrew, Bracky
Black, Samuel, Cloughfin
Bradley, James, Mullaghslin
Burnett, John, Bracky
Burnett, Robert, Bracky
Burnett, William, Bracky
Caldwell, Samuel, Ramacken
Cooke, David, Bracky
Corbett, John, Ballykeel
Devlin, John, Cloughfin
Devlin, Owen, Sixmilecross
Donnelly, John, Ballykeel
Donnelly, Patrick, Ballykeel
Dunlop, John, Cavanreagh
Dunlop, Nehemiah, Mullaghslin
Fox, Patrick, Bracky
Gibson, James, Cloughfin
Gilmour, William J., Cloughfin
Grimes, Patrick, Mullaghmore
Hazlet, William, Mullaghslin
Hughes, Michael, Cloughfin
Keenan, Owen, Mullaghslin
Kyle, David, jun., Mullaghslin
Kyle, Thomas John, Mullaghslin
Kyle, James, Mullaghslin
Kyle, David J., Mullaghslin
Kyle, Orr, Mullaghslin
Love, William James, Ballintrain
Moses, John, Ballykeel
Moses, William, Ballykeel
Mullin, George, Ballykeel
M'Alpine. John, Cloughfin
M'Cristall, James, jun., Mullaghslin
M'Cristall, Francis, Mullaghslin
M'Cristall, Henry, Mullaghslin
M'Farland, Francis, Bracky
M'Farland, James, Drumduff
M'Farland, John, Bracky
M'Farland, John, Drumduff
M'Farland, Wm. A., Drumduff
M'Glinn, Michael, Drumduff
M'Glinn, John, Bracky
M'Guigan, Edward, Mullaghslin
M'Ivor, Edward, Bracky
M'Ivor, Hugh, Bracky
M'Kelvey, Wm. Robert, Bracky
M'Larn, Alexander, Bracky
M'Master, Robert, Bracky
Owens, John (Bryan), Ramacken
Owens, John, Cloughfin
Owens, John, R.D.C., Cloughfin
Paisley, David, Bracky
Sayers, William, Drumduff
Smith, Robert, Cloughfin
Wilson, John, Cloughfin

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