Whitehead, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Adams, Alfred, oil and colour merchant, Chlorine, Cable road
Adams, Mrs., Annadale
Adamson, T. S., com. traveller, 4 Alexandra terrace, Cable road
Adamson, John, railway signalman, 3 Railway cottages
Addy, John J., commission agent, 2 Laurine
Aiken, Alex., carpenter, Jubilee cottage
Aitken, James, warehouseman, 1 Mount Prospect
Allen, George, B.A., solicitor, 2 Mafeking villas
Anderson, F. W., commission agent, Cliffedge
Anderson, Miss C, select boarding and apartments, 2 Victoria terrace
Archibald, Mrs., 1 Rosemount villas
Armstrong, J., Altona, Windsor avenue
Armstrong, J., boot and shoemaker, Windsor avenue
Armstrong, Thos., pensioner, 7 Barton's ter.
Auld, Mrs. A., Donnan's Farm, Cable road
Barbour, Mrs., 2 Rosemount villas
Bashford, J., artist, 2 Ebenezer villas
Battersby, Miss, 1 Mount Randal
Beatty, Mrs., 1 Kathleen villas
Beatty, William, ex-deputy harbour master, Port Arthur
Bell, Mrs. J. R., 1 Pretoria terrace
Bell, Thomas, grocer, 3 Bellevue cottages
Bell, Nelson, linen merchant, 1 Erinview
Bennett, A. A., Board of Trade, 1 Fairfield
Bingham, Mrs., 9 Shaftesbury square
BLACK, JAMES, Private Hotel, Beach House
Blackburn, Henry, of Midland Railway (N.C.C.), 2 Ashley gardens
Blackburn, William, of Belfast City Hall, Abbotsford
Blackburn, W., Belfast Gas Office, 2 Athelbye terrace
Blair, Robert, carpenter, 1 Mereham terrace
Blakley, R. J., J.P., commission agent, Braeside
Bolton, Samuel R., St. Elmo
Bonugli, F., confectioner, etc., Marine avenue
Bowman, Miss, 2 Hunterville
Boyd, John, house, land, and insurance agent, income tax collector, Balmoral av. and Fanvista
Boyd, S. W., spirit merchant, Lilybank
Boyd, T. Blair, accountant, Bencran
Boyd, Thomas, pensioner, 4 Athelbye terrace
Brabazon, Mrs., 1 Ballymurphy terrace
Broadbent, S. A., linen merchant, 2 Mount Prospect
BROWN, MRS., Boarding-house, Marine Temperance Hotel
Bury, Mrs. Jane, 6 Mereham terrace
Brown, Mrs., Castlechester
CAIN, MRS., Select Boarding Establishment, 1 Collyer Villas
CALDWELL, MRS. A. J., Dressmaker and Costumier, Kileen, King's Road
Calvert, Miss M., 2 Fairfield
Campbell, J., maker of artificial limbs, 8 Shaftesbury square
Campbell, N., plumber & sanitary engineer, Windsor avenue
Canning, George, printer, 1 Kimberley villas, Windsor avenue and Jubilee cottage
Clements, Wm., manufacturer, Ednaville
COADE, MRS., Select Boarding House, 17 Mereham Terrace
Cole, Rev. Richard, Methodist minister, 2 Kimberley villas
Collier, Archd., builder, 1 Ashley gardens
Collins, Miss, matron Railway Home of Rest, 2 Mervue
Connell, Alex., shipwright, Glenfinnan
Connell, Thomas, Leinster cabin
COOKE, F. G., Family Grocer and Provision Merchant, Corner King's Road and Cable Road
Crickard, Mrs., Altona
Curran, W., 1 Belair villas
Cuthbert, Samuel, commission agent, Scotdale
Dagwell, Charles, sea captain, Maryville
Dagwell, Hugh, sea captain, 1 Chichester villas
Darragh, William, flour and bran factor, 1 Adelaide gardens
Davidson, Mrs. M., 2 Mereham terrace
Dennison, R. J., hardware merchant, Riverdale
Dickson, Thomas H., fruiterer and florist, Victoria avenue
Dobson, Adam, consulting engineer, 1 Mafeking villas
Donnan, John, R.D.C., farmer, Cable road
Donnelly, Thos., railway guard, 1 Railway cottages
Dowther Brothers, builders and contractors, Balfour avenue
Dowther, Samuel, builder, Iona
Dowther, William, builder, 1 Dalmene terrace
Duff, Mrs., 1 Barton's terrace
Duffy, Francis, family grocer and china merchant, Coronation house
Dunlop, Thomas H., grocer, 1 Inversnaid
Edgar, James, shipping clerk, 1 Lissa villas
Elliott, James, draper, Ravensdale
Erskine, William, 2 Alexandra terrace
Ferguson, A., house and land agent, auctioneer, 1 Balmoral terrace
Ferguson, S. H., ex-teacher, 2 Kathleen villas
Fisher, R., 2 Balmoral terrace
Flack, R., ship's officer, Altona
Fleming, Alex., provision merchant, Chester avenue
FLEMING, A., & CO., Grocers, Provision, Coal, Hardware, and Fancy Goods Merchants, Chester Avenue
Fleming, John, B.A., teacher, Chester av
Forbes, Miss, Castlechester
Gamble, James G., clerk of works City Hall, Regmont
Garmany, Mrs. H., 4 Windsor terrace
Garrett, Mrs., 2 Florenceville
Gault, Dr., 1 Rokeby villas
Getty, Mrs., 1 Victoria terrace
Gibson, Miss, York villas No. 2
Girvan, David, enginedriver, 4 Railway cottages
GLENDINNING, MRS., Select Boarding and Apartments, Pretoria House
Gordon, Miss, Ashdene
Gourley, William, 2 Erinview
Graham, Captain, St. Lawrence
Greer, S. M'G., Oakbank
Greenfield, John, general grocer and agent Bloomfield Bakery, Balmoral avenue
Gilford, Hack, "The Shaftesbury," baker and confectioner, 3 Shaftesbury square
Hamill, William, painter, 13 Mereham ter.
Hamilton, George, registered druggist, 120 Bloomfield avenue, Belfast; Branch at Whitehead
Hamilton, R. J., warehouseman, Ingfield
Harding, Archibald, posting establishment, Windsor avenue
Hawthorne, Mrs., 1 Bonavista
Hawthorne, Mrs., Mount Hawthorne
Hay, James, Jubilee villa
Hay, John, General Assembly cash office, Studley
Hay, Mrs., 2 Windsor terrace
Heddles, T., ship's officer, 2 Craig Ailsa ter.
Hefferon, Robert, secretary, Ivanhoe, 2 Barton square
Henderson, Thomas, wholesale jeweller and watchmaker, Innisfail, Cable road
Henderson, James, chemist and grocer, Gt. Victoria St. P.O., Belfast, 3 Athelbye terrace
Hill, Robert, foreman, Cloneen
Houston, John, 2 Greenfield terrace
Houston, Isaac, of Messrs. Sawers, High street, Belfast, 15 Mereham terrace
Hook, Thomas, grocer, 2 Collyer villas
Hughes, A. E., factory manager, 6 Windsor terrace
Hughey, Charles, draper, 4 Marine villas
Stationer, Fancy Goods and Agent for "Goss" and Belleek China
HUNTER, MISS M. L., Milliner and Ladies' and Gents' Outfitter
Hunter, Mrs., King's road
Hutchinson, Mr., student theology, Castlechester
Hutchinson, W., 3 Victoria terrace
Irvine, John, sea captain, 3 Windsor terrace
Jackson, J., outfitter, 5 Balmoral terrace
Jackson, Mrs., Anchorville, Edward road
JENKINS-MAGEE, MISS, Dressmaker and Costumier, Corona
Johnson, Robert, undertaker, &c, Seaview
Keine, Richard, naval pensioner, 5 Mereham terrace
Kennedy, H., clerk, Midland Railway, Avonmore
Kennedy, Mrs., confectioner, &c, Castlechester Cafe
Kennedy, James, farm labourer, Castlechester
Kennedy, W. H., fruiterer and provision merchant, Shaftesbury square and Ballycarry
Kerns, Mr. C, ship's officer, 7 Windsor terrace
Kirk, R., chief draughtsman, 1 Egremont
Knox, W. Moore, chartered accountant, Knocklayde
Knox, Rev. D. B., Presbyterian minister, 1 Willowbrook
Lanigan, D. J., St. Alban's
Lapsley, Mrs., 2 Inversnaid
Larmour, Miss, 3 Greenfield terrace
Larmour, Mrs. C, Marine cottage
Lawther, Wm., general grocer and hardware merchant, Victoria avenue
Lawson, James, retired bank manager, Mount Oriel
LAWTHER & CO., General Grocers and Provision Merchants, Victoria Avenue
Ledlie, Miss, "Shamrog" Dairy and Creamery
Lewis, Captain, 7 Mereham terrace
Lilley, Mrs. M., Islandvale, Chester avenue
Lyttle, John, pensioner, 1 Barton square
Macartney, Wm., insurance agent, Kensington house
MacEwan, Miss, Girls' Boarding School, Mount Oregan
Macready, Mrs., 1 Mount Randal
Magee, T. S., pensioner, Corona
Magill, John E., chartered accountant, estate and rent agent, Ulster cottage
Manderson, Franklin, retired merchant, Mount Royal
Martin, Wm., M.B., D.Ph., J.P., 3 Royal terrace
Martin, W. H., teacher, 2 Willowbrook
Martin, W. M'C, of Midland Railway, Beulah house
May, Thomas, grocer and druggist, Sunnyside
Mayben, George, railway surfaceman and sexton Presbyterian Church, 3 Crown cottages
Mayben, Robert, Leinster cottage
Michelbacher, F., foreign correspondent Mount Albano
Miller, H., of J. A. Pollock's, Donegall place, Belfast, Llandern
Milligan, Mrs., 1 Prince's gardens
Mitchell, Andrew, private hotel, Earlswood house
Mitchell, Hugh, clerk, 16 Mereham terrace
Montgomery, Joseph, stationmaster Midland Railway (N.C.C.)
Montgomery, J. C, Post Office, King's rd.
Moore, A. A., teacher, 4 Ashley gardens
Moran, Mrs., 8 Mereham terrace
Morrow, John, Ayr Steamship Co., Ardbawn
Morton, Mrs., 2 Belair villas
Morton, W. F., of Riddell's, Ltd., Belfast, 2 Craig-Ailsa terrace
Murdoch, R., photographer (of Londonderry), 2 Donard villas
M'Alery, John M., merchant tailor, Marino
M'Aloney, William, plasterer, 1 Barton's terrace
M'Bride, Rev. J., C.C., Eirene
M'Caffrey, Mrs., 1 Hope villas
M'Causland, Samuel, audit inspector, M.R. (N.C.C.), 10 Shaftesbury square
M'Corkell, Mrs., 3 Ashley gardens
M'Coull, Mrs., Dunesk, Cable road
M'Donald, Robert, railway carter, 8 Barton's terrace
M'Donald, William, painter and decorator, Riverside
M'Dowell, J., house painter, &c, Windsor avenue
M'Dowell, Miss, Ucal villa, Cable road
M'Ewan, Mrs., Kingsvale
M'Ferran, Mrs., Castlechester
M'Ferran, Mrs., 1 Gardner villas
M'Gahey, Misses, 2 Ardmore villas
M'Gaw, Mrs., 1 Athelbye terrace
M'Gladdery, R. (of S. M'Gladdery & Sons, Springfield road, Belfast), Erindale
M'Gladdery, J. (of S. M'Gladdery & Sons, Springfield road, Belfast), Stalheim, Balfour avenue
M'Ilroy, Mrs., 3 Balmoral terrace
M'Ilroy, Mrs., Elesmere, 1 Royal terrace
M'Kean, William, farmer, Castlechester
M'Kernan, F., wine and spirit merchant, 2 Adelaide gardens
M'Kinty, J., head porter, 2 Railway cottages
M'Larnon, John, shipsmith, 2 Hope villas
M'Vea, John, merchant, 2 Eastbourne villas
M'Vea, John, commercial traveller, 2 Pretoria terrace
M'Vickers, Wm., draper, 2 Mount Randal
M'Watters, Mrs., 4 Balmoral terrace
Neill, F., tea merchant, Chesterfield
Nethery, J. W., manager Northern Bank, Bank house
Nugent, J., Castlechester
Patterson, Wm., commission agent, 7 Shaftesbury square
Palmer, Samuel, enginedriver, M.R., 10 Mereham terrace
PHILLIPS, JOHN, Grocer and Provision Merchant, Proprietor Strand Cafe. Telephone 0200 Larne
Phillips, The Misses, 1 Ebenezer villas
Poag, J., boot and shoe maker, Alexandra avenue
Poag, William, posting establishment, Windsor avenue
POCOCK, MRS., Select Boarding or Apartments, Chelsea, Promenade
Polland, Charles, butcher, Marine Hotel buildings
Pollock, James A., photographic dealer, stationer, and artists' colourman, Coolavin
Porter, R. A., flour and grain merchant, 1 Craig-Ailsa terrace
RAPAPORT, MRS., General Draper, Ladies' and Children's Outfitter, Whitehead Arcade
Reid, Wm., marine engineer, 1 Cable villas
REILLY, WILLIAM, Hairdressing Saloon, Stationer, Newsagent, etc., 1 Shaftesbury Square
Robinson, Geo., steward, Queen's University Kinzanore, Prince of Wales' avenue
Robinson, Miss, Brookville Cafe
Robinson, Miss, Islandview, Cable road
Robinson, Miss M., 3 Marine villas
Robinson, Mrs., 5 Barton's terrace
Robinson, R. J., warehouseman, Islandview
Ross, John, butcher, Shaftesbury square
Turner-Russell, Rev. W., 2 Chichester villas
Rutherford, Mrs., 1 Florenceville
Scott, David R., of "Belfast Evening Telegraph" Office, 2 Crown villas
Semple, Archibald B., Kenbaan, Cable road
Shaw, W. H., bookkeeper, Orlington
Simpson, Richard, gardener, 2 Barton's terrace
Sloane, T. (of M'Gladdery & Son, Limited, Belfast), Seabank
Smiley, Mrs., Belair
Smyth, Miss J. N., 2 Marine villas
Smyth, Thomas, spirit merchant, Castlechester
Stephenson, John, grocer, 3 Adelaide gardens
Stevenson, Robert (of G. Heyn & Sons, Belfast), 1 Crown villas
Stewart, E., upholsterer, 5 Windsor terrace
Stormount, Miss, Dublin trained nurse, 1 Bellevue cottages
Thomas, J. H., Board of Trade, Cartref, Cable road
Thompson, R., 1 Mervue
Thompson, Mrs. V., 1 Ladysmith villas
Thompson, W. J., commission agent, Ivydene
Thornton, S. W., cashier, 2 Ladysmith villas
Trail, Mrs., 2 Lissa villas
Turtle, W. J., bookkeeper, Innisfallen
Tweed, Miss, 1 York villas, Cable road
VANCE, GEO., Tobacconist, Confectioner, Insurance & House Agent and Billiard Rooms, Victoria Avenue
Vance, James, manager, Redlands
Wagg, G. R., canvasser Midland Railway (N.C.C.), Castlechester
Wallace, Mrs., 2 Rath-Cimbaeith
Waterson, James, shipowner, &c, Ardnagrena
WATSON, S., Gezina House Temperance Hotel and Cafe
Watt, Edward, retired hotel proprietor, Chester avenue
WATT, WILLIAM, Wine and Spirit Merchant, Whitehead Hotel, Chester Av.
Waugh, D., bleaching and finishing works, Belfast, 5 Brookville
Whiting, W. T., shipping agent, 2 Eastbourne villas
Wiesener, Mrs., Mayfield
Williamson, A. E., commission agent, Rathmore
Wilson, Mrs., Bankmore
Wilson, Mrs. 9 Mereham terrace
Wilson, Mrs., tobacconist and confectioner, Towers Cafe
Wilson, Mrs. (of 4 Hopefield terrace, Antrim road, Belfast), 1 Hunterville
Wisnom, Mrs., Rathlin house
Woods, David, painter and decorator, Waterloo house
Wylie, James, Sunshine House, Blackhead
Wylie, John, B.A., demonstrator Queen's University, Belfast, Beaufort, Cable rd
Wylie, Mrs., Montana, Balfour avenue

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