Portglenone, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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33 miles from Belfast. Market Town and Parish, and 6 miles from Cullybackey Railway Station. Has a Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments. Market day—Tuesday. Parish Population—3,995. Town Population—434


—Postal Telegraph & Money Order Office—J. C. Duncan, postmaster; assistant, L. Agnew. Two despatches daily (Sundays excepted), at 8-30 a.m. and 3-40 p.m., and two deliveries, 9 a.m. and 6-30 p.m. The morning delivery and evening despatch only on Sundays

Stamp Distributor—J. C. Duncan

Petty Sessions held at Portglenone first Thursday in each month at 12 o'clock noon. Clerk—Joseph C. Duncan Petty Sessions held at Innisrush, Portglenone, second Wednesday in each month at 12 o'clock noon. Clerk— Joseph C. Duncan, Portglenone

Local Magistrates—John M'Meekin, J.P., Churchfield house, Portglenone; W. G. Courtenay, J.P., Glenburn, Portglenone; Dr. Love, J.P., Ahoghill, Portglenone; Wm. Carson, J.P., Dreen, Cullybackey

Commissioner to Administer Oaths—Joseph C. Duncan, Portglenone

Registrars for Births, Marriages and Deaths—Dr Stewart, Portglenone; J. Brady, Portglenone


Church of Ireland—Rev. A. C. Bateman. Services—12 o'clock noon and 6 p.m.
First Presbyterian—Rev. T. S. Jasper.
Second—Rev. Samuel R. Henry.
Third—Rev. A. H. Beattie
Roman Catholic—Rev. J. Lavery, P.P. Services—8-30 a.m., 10-30 a.m., and 6 p.m.


Acting Sergeant S. G. Welsh; Constables Patrick O'Brien, Rankin, John Connor, and Simon Gallaher


Mail car leaves the Post Office daily (Sundays excepted) at 8-30 a.m. and 3-40 p.m. for Cullybackey Station, in connection with trains to Belfast, Londonderry, Coleraine, Ballymena, &c, and leaves Cullybackey for Portglenone at 7-45 a.m., 11-5 a.m., and 5 p.m.
Car service—Portglenone to Ballymena, 7-50 a.m.; Ballymena to Portglenone, 4-35 p.m.


Adams, A. E., nursery
Adams, Maggie, Townhill house
Adams, Mrs.
Adams, Robert, Tyanee
Adams, Samuel, grocer
Adams, Sarah J., grocer
Agnew, Henry, Culbane house
Agnew, John, publican
Aiken, Campbell, grocer & emigration agent
Aiken, David, cycle agent, Portglenone
Barclay, John, Gortaheron
Barclay, William, carpenter
Bateman, Rev. A. C.
Baxter, Richard, Aughnaboy
Beattie, Rev. A. H., The Manse
Boyd, William, Glenone
Bradshaw, Jane and Sarah, woollen drapers
Brady, James, woollen draper and silk merchant
Brady, Mrs.
Brady, W. J. H., druggist
Bristow, M. J., dressmaker
Chesney, George, Ballynafie
Courtenay, Wm. G., J.P., Glenburn
Cunningham, J., Eden N.S.
Daly, James, publican
Davison, Miss, Rose cottage, Ballynease
Davison, Robert, Ballynease
Diamond, John, publican
Dick, B. H., Island house
Duffin, John, blacksmith
Duncan, Joseph C, clerk of petty sessions
Duncan, Robert
Dysart, Misses A. & N.
Dysart, Robert, The Hill
Estler, W. J., grocer, Aughnacloy
Fox, Hugh, posting
Frackleton, Rev. S. S., Glenone glebe
Gillespie, Miss Sarah, Innisrush N.S.
Glass, John, Gortfadd
Greer, John, whitesmith
Hamilton, Harry, posting
Hamilton, R., hardware & timber merchant
Henry, Rev. S. R.
Henry, T. P., J.P., Tyanee
Higgins, Charles, blacksmith
Hilton, H. J., Farmhill
Hilton, T. J., Mountgawn
Houston, Samuel, shoemaker
Hunter, Thomas, Gortgole house
Hutchinson, Oliver, Tyance
Kelly, Mrs., Ballynease cottage
Kenny, Mrs., grocer
Kerr, Andrew, grocer
King. J. T., N.S. teacher
Knox, Mrs.
Kyle, T. T., Tyanee
Laverty, Rev. J., P.P.
MacGuire, Rev. Thomas, P.P.
Macloskie, Misses, milliners, &c.
Madden. David
Marshall, John, Tyanee
Maxwell, John, Aughnahoy
Millar, Robert J.
Millar, William, Slavana
M'Ateer, Miss. N.S.
Montgomery, Samuel, Slavana
Moore. Miss, N.S. teacher
M'Atamney, Hugh, carter for the Portglenone C.D.S. and Midland Railway Co.
M'Atamney, Mrs., N.S. teacher
M'Ateer, Miss, N.S. teacher
M'Auley, John A., draper
M'Caw, Henry, Mullinsala
M'Caw, Hugh D.
M'Caw, Mrs., Lisrodden
M'Caw, Samuel, carpenter
M'Caw, The Misses, milliners
M'Clelland, Hugh, flax mill, Mullinsala
M'Cullough, George, Ballynease
M'Cullough, Mrs. Wm., Ballynease
M'Erlene, Denny, Glenone
M'Erlene, Samuel, cattle dealer, Bracknamuckley
M'Fadden, W. J., Thornhill
M'Ilwrath, Andrew, Mountpleasant
M'Ilwrath, Hugh, Rock cottage
M'Intyre, John, Glenone
M'Larnon, John, shoemaker
M'Larnon, Robert, boot and shoe maker
M'Laughlin, John, Victoria Hotel, posting establishment and baker
M'Laughlin, Miss, assistant Eden N.S.
M'Laughlin, P. J., Bann Bridge Bar
M'Manus, J., Innisrush
M'Meekin, John, J.P., Churchfield
M'Mullan, Alex., reedmaker
M'Mullin, James, Garvaghy
M'Quade, Rev. R. W., B.A.
Norton, Mrs., N.S., Tyanee
Nugent, Thomas
O'Connell, Patrick, flesher and publican
O'Kane, E. A., milliner and draper
O'Kane, Mrs., grocer, Newmills
O'Kane, Patrick, Tyanee
O'Kane, Robert, Waterwall
Park, J., grocer, Gortfadd
Paul, Hugh, Glenone
Platt, John, gardener
Rainey, J., Largy N.S.
Robinson, H., tailor
Scott, Hugh, fowl dealer
Scullion, Henry, Glenone
Simpson, Hugh, Killycoogan Flax Mill
Smith, Andrew, grocer
Speers, Thomas, carpenter
Spence, James, Garvaghy
Spence, Robert, Bann view
Stewart, Dr.
Stewart, James, Tyanee
Surgenor, John, Killycoogan
Surgenor, Lizzie, dressmaker
Wallace, James, Aughnahoy
Wallace, William, Tyanee
Warden, Hugh, N.S.
Warwick, Mrs., Innisrush
Wharton, James, creamery manager
Wilkinson, J., blacksmith
Wilson, Robert, Tyanee
Wright, Mrs., Alba house, Portglenone
Young, Miss, Portglenone house


Campbell, George, tailor
Davidson, Miss, post office and grocer shop, Ballynease
Kelly, Rev. Thos., B.A., curate Church of
Ireland, Innisrush parish
M'Caffer, Thomas, grocer and post office, Lislea
M'Erlean, Mrs. F., farmer
M'Erlean, Teddy, grocer
M'Erlean, Teddy, publican and post office
M'Guire, John, postman
O'Kane, Mrs., post office and grocer, Newmills, Lissooden
Paul, Hugh, farmer
Scullion, Henry, publican and farmer

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