Newry, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Pace & Sons, watchmakers, Sandys street
Patterson, Francis, painter, High street
Patterson, Joseph, mason, Queen street
Patterson, Richard, nailer, High street
Patterson, Walter, Lindsay hill
Perry, George, market clerk & bookkeeper, Chapel street
Perry, The Misses, temperance hotel, Sugar Island
Pollock, John, foreman, Warrenpoint road
Porter, J. H., manager Provincial Bank, Hill street
Porter, Matthew, cartwright, The Mall
Power, John W., foreman baker, 51 Monaghan street
Prenter, Mrs., Canal street
Price, John, shoemaker, William street
Price, John, Needham street
Quinn Charity Offices, Trevor hill
Quinn, J. T. C, J.P., Corcreechy
Quinn, J., Hill street
Quinn, Owen, carter, Monaghan row
Quinn, Thomas, general dealer, Canal st.
Quinn, The Misses, Queen street
Radcliffe, James, tailor, Sandys street
Rafferty, H., Castle street
Rafferty, Mary, North street
Rafferty, Wm., fruiterer, poulterer, greengrocer, &c, 1 Water street
Ragged School, Talbot st.—Teacher, Miss Graham
Rainey, Charles, flaxdresser, Kiln street
Rainey, Mrs., Model School teacher, Erskine street
Rainey, John, fireman, Talbot street
Rankin, Peter, Queen street
Rea & Ross, hardware, implement, and machinery merchants, house furnishing ironmongers, and chandlers, Hill street
Redmond, R. S., timber merchant, Dublin road
Redmond, W. F., & Co., timber merchants, Merchants quay; res., W. F. Redmond, Bellevue
Reid, Joseph, breadserver, Lisdrumliska
Reid, Robert, pipe manufacturer, Church st
Reporter Printing Works, Hill street
Reside, S. W., architect, Margaret street; res., Windara
Rice, Bernard, saddler, Hill street
Rice, J., Mill street
Rice, P., King street
Rice, Rose, publican, Needham street
Rice, T., gas collector overseer, Chapel st.
Ridges, R. A., mill manager, Dromalane rd
Rigby, Joseph, leather merchant, Talbot st
Rigby, Miss, dressmaker, Talbot street
Rigby & Co., leather merchants, Hill street
Roberts, J., Edward street
Robinson, Dr. Tremont, Four mile house
Robinson, J., manager, Windsor hill
Robinson, Robert, grocer, ' Monaghan street
Rocks, J., Bridge street
Rodger, D., seedsman, Sugar Island
Rodgers, Hill, Ballybot bridge
Rodgers, J. J., coal merchant, The Mall
Rodgers, William, enginedriver, Cecil st.
Rogers, John, pensioner, Cowan street
Ronan & Co., Hill street
Rooney Bros., wholesale and retail ironmongers, New Buildings, Margaret st
Rooney, James, dealer, Mount Mills
Rooney, D., publican and grocer, Merchants quay
Rooney, Francis, ironmonger, Margaret st
Rooney, Peter, shoemaker, Upper North st.
Ross, Wm., enginedriver, Caulfield place
Rourke, Patrick, carter, Collins row
Rowantree, James, dealer, Cowan street
Rowland, J. A. C, clerk, Aileen terrace
Rowland, R., New street
Ruddell, J., Chequer hill
Ruddle, Alex., painter, Barrack street
Ruddy, John, butcher, Church street
Ruddy, Thomas, plumber, Lower North st
Ruddy, T., victualler, Upper North street
Ruddy, T., victualler, Kilmorey street
Ruddy, Thomas, victualler, Kildare street
Russell, F. D., Merchants' quay
Ryan, Isabella, Bridge street
Sands, James, breadserver, Baggot street
Sands, Robert, grain merchant, Canal quay; Telephone No. 32; res., Trevor hill
Saunders, Alex., carowner, Barrack street
Saunderson, 17 Sandys street
Savage, G. M., grocer, Hill street
Savage, H. A. (Martin, Nesbitt, & Irwin), Hill street
Savage, James, jun., & Co., Merchants quay
Savage, John, publican, Monaghan street
Savage, Wm. J., manager, Hill street
Scott, G., & Sons, wholesale and family grocers and ammunition importers, Hill street; res., Walter Scott, Hill street
Scott, H. T., cutter, Canal street
Scott, headmaster Model School
Shannon, J. J., mill manager, Buttercrane quay
Sheridan, Edward, bootmaker, Mill street
Sheridan, John, New street
Sheridan, Edward A., shoemaker, George's lane
Shevlin, R. A. M., Market street
Shimmons, Edward, mechanic, Canal street
Shimmons & Co., coal merchants, Merchants quay
Sims, Robert A., & Co., Kildare street
Sinclair, A., Glen view, Dublin road
Sinclair, James, coal merchant, Merchants quay
Sinclair, Canal street
Sinnit, J., William street
Sloan, Richard, victualler, Lower North st
Sloane, E. C, watchmaker, Arthur street
Sloane, John, secretary Mineral Water Co.; res., Downshire road
Small, John Francis, solicitor, coroner for South Armagh and commissioner of oaths, Hill street
Small, F. B.. The Mall
Smartt, H. W., M.D., Trevor hill
Smartt, Rev. S., A.M., T.C.D., vicar of Newry, The Vicarage
Smith, David, slater, Stream street
Smith, George N., nurseryman, Doran's hill
Smith, H., publican, Castle street
Smith, James, grocer, Castle street
Smith, James, accountant, Dromalane
Smith, J., Chapel street
Smith, John, clerk, Queen street
Smith, John, bookkeeper, Dromalane
Smith, John, fowl dealer, Hyde market
Smith, P., Upper North street
Smith, M., plumber, Water street
Smith, Robert, slater, Stream street
Smith, Samuel, slater, Stream street
Smith, Thomas, Daisy Hill Nurseries, Monaghan row
Smith, Thomas, nurseryman, Corry square
Smith, William, slater, Stream street
Smith, W. C. M., Government veterinary inspector, Needham place
Spencer, F., fowldealer, North street
Spence, John, insurance agent, Talbot street
Squire, W. R., Kilmorey street
Sterritt, W. J., grocer's assistant, Edward street
Stewart, John, engineer, s.s. Killeavy
Stewart, John, pork butcher, Talbot street
Stewart, Wm. J., accountant, William st.
Stoops, Wm., B.A., principal Newry Intermediate School; res., Downshire road
Stokes, J., agent D. & N. Steampacket Co., and German Consul agent, Greenmount, Newry
Strahan, Rev. W. G., Presbyterian minister Sandys Street Church; res., Downshire road
Strain, Mrs., Windsor hill
Sturgeon, W. J., Ballinacraig
Sun Fire and Life Office—Agent, Francis Moore
Swanzy, Mrs., Ivy lodge, Newry
Sweeny, J., customs clerk, Erskine street
Tait, James J., seedsman and florist, 26 Water street
Tate, J., barber, Water street; res., Catherine street
Tate, James, Windsor hill
Taylor, The Misses, newsagents, fancy goods dealers, &c, Hill street
Telephone Exchange—Misses White, Kildare street
Thompson, James, secretary Carlingford Lough Commissioners; res., Crieve house
Thompson, J., painter and glazier, Hill st
Thompson, William, carter, Daisy hill
Thomson, Henry, & Co., wholesale wine and spirit merchants, Trevor, hill; Telephone, No. 40; Telegraphic address, "Thomson, Newry "
Thomson, The Misses, Downshire road
Toal, P., publican, King street
Todd, J. K., & Co., grocers and seed merchants, Sugar Island
Todd, Joseph H., Sugar Island
Toman, John, auctioneer, Kildare street and The Mall
Toman, Michael, fancy goods warehouse, King street
Toman, M., school attendance officer, Sinclair street
Tracey, Patrick, carman, Lower Water st
Traynor, John, plasterer, Monaghan street
Treanor, Bernard, draper, Hill street
Treanor, John, general draper, hosier, hatter, and glover, Hill street
Treanor, John, greengrocer, North street
Treanor, John, stonecutter, Canal street
Treanor, William, stonecutter, High street
Trimble, James, accountant, Sugar Island
Trimble & Co., Sugar Island
Trimble, John George, machinist, Barrack street
Tritton, F., plumbers and gasfitters, electric and mechanical bell fitters, 5 The Mall
Tumelty, Patrick, lodging house keeper, Mill street
Turley, Michael, cattle dealer, Church st.
Turley, Michael, corkcutter, Church street
Tweedie, Alfred, pawnbroker, King street
Tweedie, Samuel, sexton, The Courthouse
Tweedie, Wm., pawnbroker, King street
Tweedie, W. I., pawnbroker, Lower North street
Tyler & Sons, bootmakers, Hill street
Ulster Clothing Co., Hill street
Vickers, J., Market street
Victoria Hotel, Hill street
Waddell, James, rent agent, Edward street
Wade, Roland, C.E., Warrenpoint town surveyor; res.. Downshire road
Wales, William, sea captain, Boat street
Walker, Mrs., Windsor hill
Wallace, John, cycle factory, Mill street
Wallace & Co., Merchants' quay
Walsh, Michael, summons server, Upper Chapel street
Walsh, Michael, Greenan
Ward, Denis, painter, Kilmorey street
Ward, James, painter, Kilmorey street
Ward, Joseph, painter, Hill street
Ward, M., & Sons, painters, Hill street
Warnock, J., & Co., booksellers, stationers and newsagents, Margaret square
Watson, William, miller, Catherine street
Watt, Thomas, secretary of the Gas Works, Kilmorey street
Watt, W. D., mill manager, Ben Vista
Watters, Patrick, carter, Needham street
Waugh, Francis, carpenter, Erskine street
Weir, Benjamin, farmer, High street
Weir, W. G., saddler, Water street
Weir, Thomas, saddler, Trevor hill
Weir, William, railway servant, Arthur st
Wheatley, Thomas, commission agent, Linden
Wheelan, A., & Son, builders and contractors, Canal street
Wheelan, Robert, Catherine street
Wheelan, Mrs., servants registry office, 10 Canal street
White, H., Monaghan street
White, The Misses, millinery warehouse, Kildare street
White, Thomas, porter, 36 Canal street
Whitfield Bros., chainmakers and blacksmiths, Catherine street
Whitfield, George, Catherine street
Whitfield, James, blacksmith, Catherine st
Wigham, Mrs., spirit merchant, Armagh rd
Williams, James, clerk, Erskine street
Williamson, Gilmore, tailor, Sinclair street
Willis, Harry, Needham place
Willis, James A., baker, Needham place
Willis, Thomas P., bakers, &c, Needham place and Hill street
Willis, Thomas, manager, Edward street
Willis, George, carowner, King street
Wilson, Abraham, J.P., millowner; res., Downshire road
Wilson, Mrs., Canal street
Wilson, John (Carvill Bros.); res., Warrenpoint
Wilson, Isaac, publican, Edward street
Wilson, Samuel, Sugar Island
Wilson, T. A., draper, Sugar Island
Woods, Henry, newsagent, Hill street
Wright, Joseph, proprietor of the "Newry Reporter," printer and stationer, Hill street; res., Trevor hill
Wright, The Misses, Windsor hill
Wylie, W. J., grocer, Sugar Island
Young, Jane, Cargabane house
Young, Mrs., 9 Aileen terrace

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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1852

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