Newry, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Macmanus & Co., tailors, North street
Madden, M., Queen street
Magee & Markey, boot and shoe warehouse, 14, 16 Hill street
Magee, A., jun., carpenter, Canal street
Magee, Thomas, hardware merchant, Hill street
Magee, Terence, Dromalane cottage
Magennis, Edward, carowner, Kilmorey st
Magowan, W. & S., stationers, booksellers and printers, Hill street
Magowan, Robert, blacksmith, Erskine st.
Magowan, Samuel, printer, Canal street
Magowan, William, Windsor villa, Rathfriland road
Magrath, John, butcher, High street
Magrath, Patrick, stonecutter, Pound street
Magrath, Peter, Kilmorey street
Magrath, The Misses, music teachers, ladies high school, Trevor hill
Maguire, Michl., brassmoulder, Collins row
Maguire, Matthew, carpenter, Daisy hill
Maguire, Mary, publican, King street
Mahood, Alexander, builder and contractor, Monaghan street
Mahood, D., builder and contractor, crushed granite manufacturer, Corry square and Caulfield place
Maitland, J., clerk, Basin walk
Mallon, Patrick, shoemaker, Thomas st.
Mallon, Patrick, vandriver, Cowan street
Mann, Robert G., Sandys street
Mann, Mrs., registry office and temperance hotel, William street
Mann, Mrs., Canal street
Mark, Charles A., auctioneer & valuator, Merchants quay
Mark, James, M.R.C.V.S.L., veterinary inspector Newry and Kilkeel Union, The Chestnuts and Monaghan street
Markey, John, shoemaker, Hill street
Markey, Thomas, stonecutter, Boat street
Marley, Peter, fishmonger, Marcus square and The Mall
Marron, Edward, bootmaker, Lower North street
Marron, Patrick, grocer, Mill street
Marron, John, grocer, Mill street
Marron, Thomas J., Clerk of the Crown and Peace, for the County of Armagh; res., 2 Elgin road, Dublin
Marshall, Henry, watchmaker & jeweller, Hill street
Marshall, Miss, bootmaker, Lower North st
Marshall, W., Monaghan street
Martin, Hugh, labourer, Queen street
Martin, David, J.P., Littleton
Martin, Nesbitt, & Irwin, wholesale tea and seed merchants, Hill street
Martin, David J., signalman, Caulfield pl.
Martin, James, carowner, Erskine street
Martin, J., grocer and provision merchant, Needham place
Martin, Patrick, clerk, Queen street
Martin, S. Edgar, M.D., Downshire road
Martin, William, carowner, Canal street
Massey, George H., tobacconist (best brands of tobacco, cigars, and cigarettes), Hill street
Mathers, John, Talbot street
Mead, Charles, Queen street
Meares, J. L. D., C.E., J.P., Bridge street
Meek, Mrs., New street
Megaw, Joseph, bank clerk, Merchants' quay
Megaw, J., Canal street
Mehaffy, Hugh, grocer, Edward street
Mercer, J., Hill street
Millar, James, bookkeeper "Newry Telegraph"; res., Line lodge
Millar, James, painter, Needham street
Milligan, Mrs., draper, North street
Moffett, John, accountant, Trevor hill
Moffitt, John, retired, Talbot street
Moloughney, J., seed merchant & publican, King street
Mooney, Peter, gardener, Mill street
Moor Quarries and Polishing Works—A. F. Campbell, J.P., proprietor; res., Dromore lodge, Warrenpoint
Moore, F., & Co., grocers, Hill street
Moore, Hunter J., solicitor; res., North lodge, Downshire road
Moore, Joseph, furniture dealer, North st
Moore, Miss, stationer's assistant, Market street
Moore, B.D., Rev. William, St. Patrick's parsonage, Corry square
Moore & Dunwoody, shipping agents and coal merchants, Merchants' quay
Moorehead, Gilbert H., Belmont
Moorehead, Mrs. H. B.
Moorehead, Wm., railway guard, Chequer hill
Moorhead, W. H. B., Carneen
Moneypenny, W. J., organist, Sandys st.
Morgan, Andrew, Needham street
Morgan, James, publican, Monaghan street; also Lower Catherine street
Morgan, James, carpenter, 16 New street
Morgan, Michael, greengrocer, Monaghan st
Morgan, William, shoemaker, Water street
Morgan, William, blacksmith, Water street
Morrow, A. M., Kilmorey street
Morrow, S. J., grocer, William street
Mulgrew, J., butter and egg merchant, Monaghan street, Buttercrane
Mullan, A., Market street
Mullan, E., stonedresser, Upper North st.
Mullan, Peter, draper and tobacconist, Hill street
Mullan, R. A., solicitor, Trevor hill; res., Cairn hill
Mullan, William, stonecutter, Pound street
Mullen, F., solicitor, Trevor hill
Mulholland, P. J., traveller, Bay view, Warrenpoint
Murphy, Miss M. A., dairykeeper, Catherine street
Murphy, George, fowl dealer,, Market st.
Murphy, James, wholesale and retail spirit dealer, grocer, tea and wine merchant, 9 Sugar Island
Murphy, Joseph, cattle dealer, Derrybeg
Murphy, Michael, fowl dealer, Market st.
Murphy, Michael, dealer, Mill street
Murphy, Patrick, fowl dealer, Castle street
Murphy, Patrick, pig dealer, Needham st.
Murphy, Patrick, Marcus square and Castle street
Murphy, Patrick, marine dealer, Kilmorey street and Corn market
Murphy, Terence, carter, Hyde terrace
Murray, John, baker, Thomas street
Murray, S. J., leather stores, Mill street and Quay street
Murtagh, D., publican, Mill street
Murtagh, J. C, publican, Bridge street
Murtagh, J., confectionery and restaurant, Needham place
Murtagh, M., publican, Castle, street
Murtagh, R., traveller, Castle street
M'Aleavey, P., grocer, Lower North street
M'Aleenan, Michael, shoemaker, North st.
M'Alinden, Patrick, lodging house keeper, Lower North, street
M'Alinden, P., labourer, High street
M'Alister, Hugh, slater, Chapel street
M'Alister, Jonathan, gardener, Ballinlace
M'Anally, James, cattle dealer, St. Mary st
M'Anuff, James, breadserver. Aileen terrace
M'Anuff, Samuel, baker, Canal street
M'Anuff, W., compositor, Stream street
M'Anulty, Francis, grocer, Chapel street
M'Anulty, N., Upper North street
M'Ardle, James, grocer, Soho place
M'Ardle, Michael, publican, Monaghan st.
M'Ardle, Thomas, publican, North street
M'Areavey, J. J., cabinetmaker & furniture remover, &c, Hill street; res., Courtney hill
M'Ateer, Edward, stonecutter, Church st.
M'Ateer, Edward, fowl dealer, Upper North street
M'Ateer,. Henry, baker, Castle street
M'Ateer, H., & Son, cabinetmakers and house furnishers, Hill street
M'Ateer, J., stone polishing works, Mary street; res., Monaghan street
M'Ateer, John, lodging house keeper, Mill street
M'Ateer, John, grocer, Castle street
M'Ateer, John, William street
M'Ateer, John, tanner, Castle street
M'Ateer, Joseph, Greenan, near Newry
M'Ateer, M., clerk, Erskine street
M'Ateer, Michael, stonecutter, Chapel st.
M'Ateer, Patrick, carter, Mill street
M'Ateer, Thomas, shoemaker, High street
M'Avoy, Isaac, tenter, Chapel street
M'Avoy, J., publican, King street
M'Avoy, John, M.D., Glenview, Abbey yard
M'Blain, The Misses, Trevor hill
M'Bride, Henry, printer, Mountain view terrace
M'Bride, James, dealer, Needham street
M'Bride, Miss, teacher St. Patrick's National School, Stream street; res., Trevor hill
M'Bride & Henning, Mesdames, china, glass and art warehouse; agents for Fuller's cakes and sweets, 81 Hill street
M'Cabe, James, tailor, New street
M'Cabe, Thomas, King street
M'Caffrey, Hugh, general grocer, provision and seed merchant, Canal street
M'Caffrey, Patrick, grocer and publican, Merchants' quay
M'Camley, Samuel, vandriver, Monaghan street
M'Cann, Arthur, J.P., baker, Hill street and Castle street;. res., Braeside
M'Cann, Charles, posting establishment, River street
M'Cann, Owen, fireman, Queen street
M'Cann, Patrick, permanent way inspector, Needham street
M'Cann, Thomas, U.C., manager, 46 Hill street
M'Cartan, James, baker, Castle street
M'Cartan, James, stevedore, Bridge street
M'Cartin, T. J., Water street
M'Carthy, Patrick, fish merchant, Castle st
M'Cartney, John, barber, Mill street
M'Cartney, Patrick, hairdressing saloon, Needham place
M'Caul, Patrick, painter, High street
M'Caul, William, painter, Catherine st.
M'Clean, W., commercial traveller, Newry
M'Clean, Mrs., Hill street
M'Cleary, Henry, clerk, Erskine street
M'Clelland, Alex., The Newry Nurseries, Warrenpoint road; res., Courtnay hill
M'Clelland, James, horseshoer, Mill street
M'Clelland, John, engineer (Newry Port & Harbour Trust), Helen's terrace
M'Clorey, Henry, Mary street
M'Clure, A., chemist and druggist,, Medical Hall, Hill street
M'Combe, John, rent agent, Basin walk
M'Combe, R. J., solicitor's clerk, Riverside
M'Combe, Wm., railway waggon examiner, Canal street
M'Comish, A., hotelkeeper, Margaret st.
M'Comiskey, Owen, carter, Canal street
M'Conville, Arthur, mason, Lower North st
M'Conville, Felix, lodging house keeper, Lower North street
M'Conville, H. J., house proprietor, Caulfield terrace
M'Conville, John, North street
M'Conville, M., house proprietor, Needham street
M'Conville, Michael, mason, St. Mary st.
M'Conville, Miss, sub-postmistress, Sugar Island Post Office
M'Conville, Mrs., servants registry office, Marcus square
M'Conville, Thomas, tenter, King street
M'Cormick, B., commission agent, Boat st
M'Corry, M., Hill street
M'Court, Bernard, pensioner, Maginnis st.
M'Court, John, carpenter, Kilmorey street
M'Court, John, plasterer, Hill street
M'Court, P., sea captain, Bridge street
M'Coy, Francis, treasurer Port and Harbour Trust, Chapel street
M'Crea, J. W., bookkeeper, 13 Abbey yard
M'Crea, John, Sandys street and The Mall
M'Crink, H., merchant, Merchants' quay
M'Crink, Stephen, publican, Merchants quay
M'Crum, John, painter, Sugar Island
M'Cullough, John, cardriver, Sinclair street
M'Cullough, Joseph, quarry proprietor, Crowreagh, near Newry
M'Cullough, Joseph, bootmaker, Canal st.
M'Cullough, J., manager Tyler & Co., Hill street
M'Cutcheon, J. & J., grocers, Merchants quay
M'Donald, Bernard, carman, Thomas st.
M'Donald, John, publican, Kilmorey street
M'Donald, John, engineer, Queen street
M'Donald, James, tenter, Merchants quay
M'Donnell, Patrick, clerk, Helen's terrace
M'Elearney, Daniel, vandriver, Catherine st. Lower
M'Elroy, Edward, enginedriver, Chapel st.
M'Elroy, John, baker, Canal street
M'Eneaney, Michael, enginedriver, Cecil st
M'Entee, Edward, rent agent, Kiln street
M'Evoy, John, grocer, King street
M'Evoy, Merchants' quay
M'Evoy, Thomas, carman, Abbey yard
M'Gawley, James, vandriver, Chapel street
M'Geough, Peter, publican, Hill street
M'Geough, P., publican, Market street
M'Ginty, J., foreman, Monaghan street
M'Givern, John, slater, Boat street
M'Givern, Patrick, grocer, Boat street
M'Govern, M., publican, Canal street
M'Grath, James, mechanic, Barrack street
M'Grath, Rev, T., Hill street
M'Grath, Robert, mechanic, Catherine st.
M'Grath, Stephen, artisan, William street
M'Grath, Stephen, foundry man, Sinclair st
M'Guigan, James, town postman, Dromalane road
M'Guigan, Miss, Kilmorey street
M'Guigan, Michael, carpenter, Collins court
M'Guigan, Mrs., clothes dealer, North st.
M'Guigan, Thomas, victualler, beef, veal, lamb, and mutton; ships supplied
M'Guigan, Thomas, butcher, Hill street
M'Guinness, Miss, Hill street
M'Gurgan, James, lighterman, Edward st.
M'Ilroy, Canal street
M'Ilveen,T. J., editor "Newry Telegraph," 29 Bridge street
M'Ilwaine, Sandys street
M'Kay, carpenter, Needham street
M'Kay, Hugh, mill foreman, Monaghan st.
M'Kay, James, carman, King street
M'Kee, Livingstone, & Co., bootmakers, Hill street
M'Kee, John, painter, North street
M'Kenna, Bernard, grocer, spirit, provision and seed merchant, Water street
M'Kenna, Mrs. Mary, Water street
M'Kenna, Patrick, corkcutter, Mill street
M'Kenna & Co., Water street
M'Keown, Annie, clothier, North street
M'Keown, B., Water street
M'Keown, J., the Mall
M'Keown, J., greengrocer, North street
M'Kevitt, James, slater, High street
M'Kevitt Bros., plasterers, High street
M'Kevitt, Miss K., publican, William st.
M'Kevitt, Patrick, jun., slater, High st.
M'Kevitt, Thomas, carter, King street
M'Kinley, J., manager Diamond Weaving Factory
M'Kitterick & Armour, Soho Foundry
M'Kitterick, T., foundry proprietor, Canal bank
M'Knight, W. & D., spirit merchants, 3 Canal street
M'Lean, Mrs., Athenaeum
M'Loughlin, P., Mill street
M'Loughlin, Thomas, pensioner, Kiln st.
M'Loughlin, Richard, police pensioner, Edward street
M'Mahon, manager Castlebellingham Brewery Co. (at Newry) Stores, Helen's terrace
M'Mahon, John, draper, Hill street
M'Mahon, Patrick, bootmaker, Castle st.
M'Mahon, P., Mill street
M'Mahon, Peter, blacksmith, Chapel street
M'Manus, John, Chapel street
M'Manus, Thomas, tailor, North street
M'Millan, A., Hill street
M'Millan, John, mechanic, Thomas street
M'Mullan, M., Sugar Island
M'Nally, P., wine merchant and grocer, O'Hagan street
M'Neill, John, mechanic, Needham street
M'Neill, P., Water street
M'Nuff, Joseph, breadserver, Peter's place
M'Parland & Co., Upper North street
M'Parland Arthur, carrier, The Mall
M'Parland, Mrs., registry office, Needham street
M'Peake, John, refreshment rooms, Canal street
M'Quade, John, clerk, Kilmorey street
M'Redmond. Joseph, law clerk, Queen st.
M'Roberts, J., cheap furniture house, Castle street
M'Roberts, M., Edward street
M'Shane, Thomas, sailor, Bridge street
M'Veigh, D., publican, Church street
M'Veigh, D., publican and grocer, William street
M'Veigh, James, harbourmaster, Needham place
M'Veigh, Mrs., publican, Needham place
M'Veigh, William H.. baker, Boat street
M'Veigh & Co., 1 Kilmorey street
M'Verry, B., Hill street
Neary, Denis, builder, River street
Neary, James, carpenter, Boat street
Neary, Patrick, carpenter, Bridge street
Nesbitt, J., car proprietor, 52 Canal street
Nesbitt, Mrs., 6 Canal street
Nesbitt, Mrs., Downshire road
Nesbitt, Mrs., publican, Canal street
Nesbitt, Thomas, water inspector, Corneyhaugh
Nesbitt, William, contractor, Baggot street
Newell, Ltd., general drapers and outfitters, Margaret square
Newell, J. A., bank manager, Trevor hill
Newry Amalgamated Society of Railway Servants—James Keenan, secretary
Newry Brick and Stone Co.—R. Ewing, secretary; James Morgan, manager
Newry and District Co-operative Society—President, Wm. Adams; secretary, J. Connellon
Newry Church of Ireland Y.M.C.A.
Newry Clerical Club (Church of Ireland)
Newry Coal and Salt Co., Merchants' quay
Newry Cycling Club (Iveagh Cycling Club)
Newry Fever Hospital—Dr. Beamish, physician; matron, Miss Von Steiglitz
Newry Foundry, Edward street
Newry Granite Polishing and Monumental Works, Sugar Island—J. E. Emerson, proprietor
Newry Gymnastic Club, Canal street
Newry Hockey Club—James King, secretary
Newry Hotel, Edward street
Newry Intermediate Schools—Wm. Stoops, B.A., principal
Newry Junior Debating Society—J. Fisher, secretary
Newry Lawn Tennis Club—Robert Erskine, secretary
Newry Loan Co., Trevor hill—William Gillespie, manager
Newry Mineral Water Co., Downshire rd.—J. Sloane, secretary
Newry Nurseries, Warrenpoint road
Newry Provincial Coal Co., Albert basin
Newry Steam Laundry Co.—S. Murray, secretary; manageress, Miss Wilson
Newry Telegraph, Hill street
Newry Union Workhouse—W. R. Bell, clerk; Thomas J. Greenan, master
Newry Woollen Factory, Merchants' quay
Newry Young Men's Institute, Hill street—Samuel Tweedie, caretaker
Newry Presbyterian Y.M.C.A.
Newry and Kilkeel Steamship Co.—Frank Fisher, secretary
Niblock, Joseph, farrier, Lower Catherine street; res., Arthur street
Nixon, Edward, dealer, Bell's row
Norton & Co., car office, Marcus square yard
Norton, D., postman, Needham street
Norton, Michael, postman, Aileen terrace
Orr, William, jun., clerk, 49 Canal street
Orr, Joseph A., clerk, Sugar Island
Orr, William, & Sons, rope and twine manufacturers, Sugar Island
O'Callaghan, Edward, baker, St. Mary st.
O'Callaghan, James, baker, Market street
O'Callaghan, Thomas, carpenter, King st.
O'Driscoll, John, publican, Sugar Island
O'Hagan, Charles, druggist, Hill street
O'Hagan, Felix, J.P., flour and seed merchant, Margaret street
O'Hagan, Felix, jun., coal merchant and ironmonger, Merchants' quay and Catherine street
O'Hagan, John, shop assistant, Margaret street
O'Hagan & O'Hare, druggists, Hill street
O'Hanlon, Mary, Catherine street
O'Hanlon, King street
O'Hare, Miss, dressmaker, Caulfield place
O'Hare, Bernard, grocer, Water street
O'Hare, Bernard, publican, Needham place
O'Hare Bros., grocers and publicans, Water street
O'Hare, Charles, J.P., druggist, Windsor hill
O'Hare, Felix, railway porter, Peter street
O'Hare, Felix, postman, Catherine street
O'Hare, Francis, ironmonger, Upper North street
O'Hare, Hugh F., grocer, Edward street
O'Hare, Hugh, dealer, Mill street and The Mall and Lower Water street
O'Hare, James, painter, Church street
O'Hare, John, farmer, Ballenacraig
O'Hare, John, mechanic, Wilson's row
O'Hare, Peter James, clerk, Catherine st.
O'Hare, Peter, nailer, 6 Cecil street
O'Hare, L., & Co., newsagents, Hill st.
O'Hare, Michael, tailor, Kilmorey street
O'Hare, Patrick, floatman, Boat street
O'Kane, Joseph, publican, Edward street
O'Kane, P., Edward street
O'Keefe, Michael, signalman, Queen street
O'Loughlin, Francis, Queen street
O'Mara, Thomas, seaman, Pound street
O'Neill, Abraham, baker, Chapel street
O'Neill, James, horseshoer, Green's yard, St. Mary street
O'Neill, Upper North street
O'Neill, James, posting establishment and funeral undertaker, King street
O'Neill, Right Rev. Henry, Bishop, Ardmaine
O'Reilly, Rev. Hugh, president St. Colman's College, Violet hill
Orange Hall, Downshire road—caretaker, J. Lowans

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