Newry, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Abernethy, Wm., photographer, Hill street
Adams, R., 6 Margaret street
Adams, Robert, Millvale
Adams, William, painter, 26 Sandys street
Adamson, Gilbert, grocer and agent for Sutton & Co., carriers, Water street
Adamson, John, mechanic, Glen hill
Alderdice, C. F., Downshire road (Duncan, Alderdice & Co.)
Alderdice, John, & Co., wholesale grocers and tea merchants, Merchants' quay
Alexander & Bennett, provision merchants, Sugar Island
Allison, Messrs, photographers, Hill street
Ampleford, Douglas, solicitor, Cremona
Anderson, Mrs., Queen street
Anderson, Professor, M.A., M.D., J.P., Beechhill, Newry
Armour, R., foundry proprietor, Canal bank
Armstrong, George, secretary Newry Port Harbour Trust, Lisdrum house
Armstrong, Miss, principal infants' school, Edward street
Athenaeum Dining Rooms—Mrs. Maclean, proprietress; branch, Warrenpoint
Aylmer, Miss, Boat street
Baird, Hugh, town postman, Cowan street
Baird, Robert, quarry owner, Ballinacraig
Ballinacraig Granite Works—W. J. Sturgeon, proprietor
Balmer, Thomas, farmer, Kiln street
Barbour, W. S., architect and surveyor, Marcus square
Barker, William, portal inspector, Erskine street
Barr, Andrew, grocer, Canal street
Barron, William, provision merchant, Monaghan street
Barry, M., glass, china, and stoneware merchant and dealer, Mill street
Baxter, William, tinsmith, Lower North street
Beamish, Benjamin, physician, Trevor hill
Beck, H., Hill street
Bell & Beiberstat, wholesale seed merchants, Sugar Island, Newry; and Leith, Scotland. 'Phone No. 29. Telegraphic address, "Bellseed, Newry"
Bell, James, "Newry Reporter," Sandys street
Bell, W. R., clerk Newry Union Workhouse; res., Sunnybank, Dublin road
Belton, Owen, hardware merchant, Mill st.
Bennett Bros., potato merchants, Canal quay
Bennett, Francis, merchant, New street
Bennett, Patrick, seed merchant, Canal st.
Bennett, Peter, carman, Lower Water st.
Bennett, Peter, seed merchant, New street
Bennett, Monaghan row
Biggs, J. Gordon, L.D.S., F.P.S., Glasg., surgeon dentist, Marcus square
Black, Mrs., grocer, Monaghan street
Boden, Mrs., spirit dealer, Lower Water street and Hill street
Boland, J., Windsor hill
Boland, Maurice, refreshment rooms, Upper North street
Bond, The Misses, music sellers and musical instrument dealers, William street
Bond, Thomas, draper, Water street
Booth, Brabazon B., Downshire road
Boyd, Thomas, publican, Church street
Boyd, David, bootmaker, Stream street
Boyd, John, shunter, Talbot street
Boyd, John, grocer, Downshire road
Boyle Bros., grocers and spirit merchants, Hill street
Boyle, Christopher, carman, Kilmorey st.
Boyle, D. D., Presbyterian minister, The Manse, Downshire road
Boyle, James, carman, Boat street
Boyle, John, grocer and publican, Hill st.
Bradley, Francis, clothes dealer, Mary st.
Bradley, James, carpenter, Dromore Burren Post Office
Bradley, William, dealer, Hill street
Brady, Allen, commercial traveller, Dromalane road
Brady, John, carpenter, Cecil street
Brannigan, Peter, baker, Boat street
Breslin, J., superintendent Irish Provident Assurance Co., Catherine street
Brodigan, Joseph, carman, Caulfield place
Brothers, John, fireman, Cecil street
Brown, C, Merchants' quay
Brown, Edward, farmer, Church street
Brown, John, carman, 31 Catherine street
Brown, John, architect, Kilmorey street
Brown, J., Cowan street
Bryson, Miss, Canal quay
Bulger, E., confectioner, Home avenue
Bullen, Charles, mechanic and publican, Queen street
Burke, John, lamplighter, Chapel street
Burnett, M., jeweller, Hill street
Burnett, P., clerk, Caulfield terrace
Burnett, Mrs., River street
Butler, Thomas, grocer, Bridge street
Byrne, Charles, carpenter, Chapel street
Byrne, Bernard, publican, Margaret street and Lower Mill street
Byrne, E. A., funeral undertaker, 21 Lower Water street
Byrne, F. E., publican, Mill street
Byrne, Hugh, mason, Market street
Byrne, Joseph, publican, Castle street
Byrne, P., publican, North street
Byrne, J., North street
Byrne J., victualler, Hill street
Byrne, Mrs., grocer, Canal street
Byrne, Stephen, ironmonger, Hill street
Byrne, Thomas, publican, Kilmorey street
Cahill, Owen F., draper, Hill street
Cairns, Patrick, carpenter, Chapel street
Caldwell, John, stonecutter, Church street
Campbell, Bernard, butcher, Upper North street
Campbell, Alex. J., quarry owner, polishing works, Commons
Campbell, Edward, shoemaker, Upper Water street
Campbell, Robert, miller, Queen street
Canavan, James, miller, Cecil street
Cardwell, Joseph T., auctioneer and cattle salesman, Edward street; res., Louanda house
Cardwell, Thomas, billposter and almanack publisher, Canal street
Carr, Michael, carpenter, Cecil street
Carroll, Bernard, tailor, Church street
Carroll, Joseph, solicitor, Hill street
Carroll, Thomas, shoemaker, Cowan street
Carty, James E., funeral undertaker, Market street
Cartmill, M., Mary street
Carvill Bros., timber merchants, Buttercrane quay
Carvill, John, timber merchant; res., Downshire road
Casey, James, publican, Boat street
Casey, Mrs., Kilmorey street
Cassidy, dealer, Kiln street
Cassidy, Thomas, basketmaker, Upper North street
Cavanagh, James, sawyer, Collins row
Cavanagh, J. J., clerk, Water street
Chambers, A., Talbot street
Chambers, Thomas, plasterer, Penguin st.
Chrich, George, miller, Postly row
Clanrye Steamship Co., coal importers and merchants—F. Ferris, manager
Clark, Samuel, grocer, Hill street
Clarke, David, saddler, Water street
Clarke, J. Gordon, manager, Frazerville
Clarke, S., Water street
Clarke, T. J., publican, Castle street
Clarke, T. J., clerk, Crieve
Clarke, W., & Son, tobacco and snuff manufacturers, Margaret street
Cleland, W. J., commission agent, Canal st
Colghan, Robert, mechanic, Bridge street.
Coligan, feather merchant, Boat street
Collins, Henry, auctioneer & valuer, 5 Hill street
Collins, Edward, butcher, Castle street
Collins, John, pensioner, High street
Collins, Joseph, butcher, North street
Collins, Peter, brickmaker, William street
Collins, Wm., victualler, North street
Colwell, Robert, clerk, Albert terrace
Conagh, Philip, fitter, Kilmorey street
Connolly, Bernard, publican, Needham pl. and William street
Connolly, Bernard, slater, Castle street
Connolly, James, furniture dealer, Castle st
Connolly, James, plasterer, Caulfield place
Connolly, Patrick, publican, Hill street
Conolly, Peter, fireman, Caulfield place
Connor, W. H., Hill street
Connor, George W., M.R.C.S., L.R.C P., and L.D.S. (Lond.), dental surgeon, Hill street
Connor, S., & Sons, chemists, drug and oil importers, 77, 79, and 19 Hill street
Convery, A., Market street
Convery, P. J., market clerk, 27 Catherine street
Convery, P., Margaret street
Co-operative Stores, North street
Copeland, George, market clerk and estate agent, Merchant quay
Copeland, George, shop porter, Cowan st.
Corcoran, Mrs., china merchant, North st.
Corkey, Wm., relieving officer, Caulfield pl.
Coughlin, M., clerk, Rooney's terrace
Coulter, The Misses, Berlin wool and fancy emporium, Sugar Island
Courtney, James, shoemaker, McAllister's terrace
Courtney, J., Soho place
Courtney, Wm. J., law clerk, Trevor hill
Cowan, John, solicitor, M'Allister's terrace
Cowan, Isaac, farmer, High street
Cowan, James, potato dealer and grocer, Cowan street
Craig & Co., grocers, tea, seed and provision merchants, 4, 5 Kildare street
Craigmore Beetling and Weaving Mills, Craigmore; manager, R. Adams
Crawford, Denis, publican, Kilmorey street
Crawford, Francis, butcher, Lower North st
Crawford, H., booking clerk D. & M. Steam Packing Co., Derrybeg
Crawley, A., carpenter, Stream street
Creighton, Patrick, slater, 32 Catherine st
Crilley, Mrs., victualler, Water street
Crilley's, millinery, mantles, dresses and general drapery, 28 Hill street
Crilly, Patrick, butcher, Sugar Island
Crilly, Peter, merchant, Queen street
Crilly, William, clerk, Hill street
Crilly, William, grocer, Upper Water street
Crilly, W., Mill street
Cromie, James, millworker, Queen street
Cromie, Patrick, enginedriver, Cecil street
Cronan, Patrick, manager, Corry square
Cronin, Dr., Corry square
Cronin, Patrick, jun., clerk, Dromalane rd.
Crook, Rev. G. W., Ballinlare
Crossle, Francis, M.B., Trevor hill
Crothers, R., draper, Sugar Island
Crowreagh Granite Quarry Co., Ltd., sawing, polishing and ornamental work, Lower Catherine street; P. J. Neary, secretary
Crozier, John, carpenter, Mountain view terrace
Cullen, P., Mary street
Cunningham, John, carman, Rooney terrace
Cunningham, John, shoemaker, North st.
Cunningham, Mrs., grocer, Canal street
Cunningham, Patrick, mason, Stream street
Cunningham, T., family grocer, 47 Mill st.
Curran, Edward, dealer, Canal street and the Mall
Curran, Henry, butcher, Lower Water st.
Curran, Owen, spademaker, Needham street
Curran, P., bookmaker, 31 Edward street
Cusack, James, clerk, Dromalane road
Cusack, John, barrister-at-law, M'Allister's terrace
Cuyler, Miss, Needham street
Dalahunt, James, carpenter, Dromalane rd
Dalton, W. J., bookkeeper, Canal street
Daly, John, Chapel street
Daly, Patrick, miller, Kilmorey street
Dalzell, Wm., carter, Dromalane road
Davey, Patrick, chandler, Church street
Davidson, R., grocery, Mill street
Davidson, Mrs., Canal street
Davis, Mrs., Sandys street
Davis, Miss, Barrack street
Day, Miss, Dromalane road
D'Arcy & Co., wine merchants and bonded store owners, Monaghan street
Dempsey, Rev., M.A., Christian Brothers, Abbey yard
Devine, Peter, lodging house keeper, Mill st.
Devlin, Misses, Hill street
Devlin, Charles, mason, Queen street
Digney, Mrs., Kiln street
Dobbin, Samuel, carpenter, Downshire road
Dodds, Robert, clerk, Craigmore
Dodds, Wm., grocer, Cowan street
Doherty, James, police pensioner, Erskine street
Doherty, A., Market street
Donaldson, John, plumber, &c, Basin walk
Donaldson, Thomas, clerk, Damolly
Donnelly, James, advertising agent and billposter, 6 Water street
Donnelly, P., publican, Hill street
Donnelly, Wm. J., shoemaker, Water street and Sugarisland
Doorley, E., North street
Doran, Michael J., tobacconist, Hill street
Douglas, John, manager, Sandys street
Douglas, W., spademaker, Sandys street
Dowdall, Daniel, tanner, Hyde market
Dowdall, J. W., Monaghan street
Dowdall, M. J., tanner, Kilmorey street
Dowdall, Robert, publican, Boat street
Downey, James, carter, Edward street
Dublin Soap Co., Ltd., Queen street—Managing director, Major G. Moore Irvine; solicitor, D. Ampleford; chemist, Dr. Blaw
Duffy, James, tailor, Kilmorey street
Duffy, Thomas, seaman, King street
Duncan, Alderdice & Co., Monaghan street
Dundalk and Newry Steampacket Co.—Offices, Albert basin; J. Stokes, agent; and M. M'Ateer, accountant and cashier
Dunn, J., Canal street
Dunwoody, Matthew, broker, Needham street—Offices, Merchants' quay
Early, John, shoemaker, Queen street
Eccles, R. J., manager Belfast Bank
Egan, Richd., commission agent, Monaghan street
Emerson, J. E., stone polishing works, Sugar Island and Basin walk
Early, Patrick, photographer, Mary street
Erskine, Robert, petty sessions clerk, Canal street
Evans, John J., boot merchant
Ewen, William, Needham street
Ewen & Sons, quarry owners, monumental works, Catherine street
Ewing, Robert, clerk, Bridge street
Ewing, William, pensioner, Helen's terrace

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