Moy, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Moy, County Tyrone. A well built Market Town. Has a Post Office with all Departments. It has a large horse fair and a good trade in agricultural produce, &c. Market day, Saturday. Fairs, first Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday of each month.

Population, 486

POST OFFICE,Charlemont Square, Moy

—John A. Cairns, Postmaster.
Postal Arrangements—Arrivals, Letters and Parcels from all parts arrive 2 a.m.; Letters (only) from Belfast, Dublin, South of Ireland, England, and Scotland at 9 a.m. Letters and Parcels from Belfast and Derry arrive at 5-45 p.m. Despatches, Letters and Parcels at 4-20 and 10-20 p.m. Postal Telegraph office open daily (Sundays excepted) from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m.; Sundays, 8 till 10 a.m.
Banks—Ulster—Branch from Armagh every Friday; Bank of Ireland—Branch from Armagh first Friday every month Dispensary—Open on Mondays and Fridays—Dr. Theodore Browne attends
Constabulary Station, Charlemont sq., Moy—Sergeant Gaddis
Petty Sessions are held on the second and fourth Wednesday in each month—John Morrison, clerk


Church of Ireland, Moy—Rev. Charles F. Archer, M.A., rector. Charlemont—Rev. J. Watson, incumbent. Killyman—Rev. E. F. Campbell
Presbyterian Church, Moy—Rev. R. J. M. Park, M.A.
Methodist Church, Moy—Rev. Wm. Addy, Moy; Rev. T. Maguire, Derrylee
Roman Catholic Church, Moy—Rev. P. Quinn, P.P.; Rev. P. Carraher, C.C.


Church National Schools—Moy, R. Johnston and Mrs. Johnston, teachers; Charlemont, Miss Mills, teacher
Roman Catholic National School—P. M'Menamy and Mrs. Byrne, teachers


Addy, Rev. Wm., The Manse, Moy
Aiken, Emily, spirit merchant, Killyman st
Aiken, Jackson, spirit dealer, posting establishment, Charlemont street
Aird, Archibald, Charlemont
Alexander, Lt.-Colonel H. G. S., Derrygally, Moy
Allen, Isaac, landsteward, The Argory
Barcrofts, Messrs., Redford Mills, Moy
Beatty, James, grocer, Blackwatertown
Bell, Samuel, carpenter, Charlemont
Bonis, Jas., ex-D.I., R.I.C., Fairlawn, Moy
Boyle, John, dealer, Charlemont
Browne, ex-constable, Dungannon street
Browne, Theodore, M.D., Benburb
Bruce, James, D.L., J.P., Benburb Castle
Bunting, William, Charlemont street
Burns, Charles, Dungannon street
Byrne, Mrs., teacher, The Square
Campbell, John, B.L., Blackwatertown
Campbell, John, constable R.I.C.
Campbell, Patrick, postman, Killyman st.
Campbell. P., Brick row terrace
Campbell, Rev. E. F., M.A., Killyman
Campbell, Thomas, carrier, Dungannon st
Casey, James, spirit dealer, Benburb
Cassidy, Patrick, carter, Killyman street
Clancy, Patrick, publican, Charlemont
Clements, Rev. W. T., Benburb
Coleman, Bernard, Moy square
Connolly, Mrs., Charlemont street
Connolly, Robert, factory mechanic, Charlemont street
Cowdy, Edward, J.P., County Councillor, Greenhall
Crawford, John, Roxboro cottages
Cromie, E., butcher, Charlemont street
Cross, T., grocer and sub-postmaster, Killyman
Crothers, John, Blackwatertown
Cullen, John, letter carrier, Brick row terrace
Curran, John, coachbuilder, Charlemont
Daly, Sarah, spirit dealer, Dungannon road
Davidson. R., Dungannon street
Davis, Mrs., Derryoghill
Dawson, Robert, spirit dealer, Charlemont st
Deasy, J., spirit dealer, Charlemont
Dickson, Aiken, Lisroan house
Dilsworth, Anna, spirit dealer, Killyman st
Dobson, John, Moy
Doherty, John, tinsmith, Charlemont
Doherty, Patrick, tinsmith, Charlemont
Douglas, Robert, grocer and sub-postmaster, Bovain, Moy
Duke, William, shoemaker, Charlemont
Enser, Mrs., Ardress, Loughgall
Farr, W. J., Killyman road
Fergus, S., M.D., Blackwatertown
Ferguson, Joseph, saddler, Moy square
Forbes, A., J.P., Charlemont
Forbes, J., hemstitching factory, Charlemont
Fox, Felix, spirit merchant, Blackwatertown
Fox, James, spirit dealer, Killyman street
Fox, Patrick, C.P.S., grocer and hardware merchant, Blackwatertown
Gallagher, Patrick, tinsmith, Charlemont
Gallagher, Thomas E., grocer, Charlemont
Gallagher, Wm., G.P.O. letter carrier, Charlemont street, Moy
Garnett, H., manager Irish Peat Development Co., Maghery
Gault, John, grocer, Lahey, Moy
Greer, Mrs., The Grange
Greeves, Douglas R., Killyman street, Moy
Grimason, Thomas, tailor, Moy square
Hagan, Patrick, spirit dealer, Charlemont
Hagan, Thomas, spirit dealer, Moy square
Hagan, Thomas, spirit dealer and grocer, Blackwatertown
Hall, James, hotel proprietor and grain merchant, Moy square
Hamill, George, town postman, Moy
Hamill, R. J., postman, Corr cottage
Hamill, Samuel, postman, Corr and Dunavally
Hamill, Thomas, summons server, Moy
Harpur, Marvyn, farmer, Gorestown
Harpur, Rev. D., Moy
Haydock, Joseph, grocer, ironmonger, and shipowner, Charlemont street
Hazelton, Dawson, Killyman
Hegarty, Patrick, horsedealer, Charlemont
Henry, Miss, Summerisland house
Henry, Mrs., sen., Dungannon street
Henry, Robert, Dungannon street
Hobson, George, Killyman street
Hobson, Margaret, draper, Killyman street
Holmes, Joseph, lodging-house keeper
Hughes, James, spirit dealer, Killyman street
Hutton, Mrs. Darcy, Charlemont street
Igoe, William, horse trainer, Dungannon st
Irish Peat Development Company
Irwin, Andrew, farmer, Stilloga
Irwin, Johnston, farmer, Carrowbeg, Benburb
Irwin, William, grocer and ironmonger, The Square
Irwin, W. J., solicitor, The Square
James, Rev. N. H., D.D., Clonfeacle Rectory
Jenkinson, Thomas, Moy square
Jones, Wm., carpenter, Moy square
Johnston, Edward, carpenter, Charlemont street
Johnstone, R., school teacher, Dungannon st
Kelly, John, spirit dealer and grocer, Charlemont
Kelly, John, spirit merchant, The Square
Kennedy, James, cycle agent, Dungannon street
Kidd, Isaac, R.D.C., farmer, Culkeeran, Moy
Killyman Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Limited, Killyman
Kilpatrick, Mrs., Dungannon street
Kirkpatrick & Henry, temperance hotel, Dungannon street
Lavery, Charles, Dungannon street
Lawson, James, Charlemont street
Lennon, Henry, J.P., Derryoghill
Lloyd, Averill, J.P., Benburb
Locke, Wm., tailor, Charlemont street
Lutton, Mrs., farmer
Mallon, David, coachbuilder, Charlemont st
Menagh, Alex., Charlemont street
Miles, George, farmer, Charlemont
Millar, Robert, spirit dealer, Callan bridge, Moy
Morrison, John, J.P., Temperance Hotel, Moy square
Morrison, John, J.P., Ballycullen house, Blackwatertown
Morrison, J., petty sessions clerk, Moy sq.
Mooney, Hugh, shoemaker, Charlemont st
Mooney, James, Charlemont Fort
Mooney, Thomas, boot and shoemaker, Moy
Mulgrew, John, horseshoer, Moy square
Mullan, John, Dunlow
Murray, William, grocer and draper, Killyman street
Murray, David, posting establishment, Dungannon street, Moy
M'Anallen, M., hotel, Moy square
M'Clatchey, W., Prudential Insurance agent, Dungannon street, Moy
M'Donald, J. R., J.P., Cohannon house, Moy
M'Garry, Felix, egg and fowl dealer, Aughnalig, Moy
M'Hugh, Joseph, joiner, Dungannon street
M'Kean, R. & H., linen manufacturers, Benburb
M'Kell, Miss, grocer, Dungannon street
M'Kell, Miss J., grocer and newsagent, Charlemont street
M'Menamy, P., teacher, Derryoghill house, Moy
M'Mullen, James, Charlemont street
M'Neice, James, Royal Hotel, grocer, undertaker, and posting establishment, Dungannon street
M'Neice, Thomas, Listamlet
M'Neill, Henry, creamery manager
M'Veigh, Mrs., Killyman street
Nicholson, H. J., J.P Cranagill, Loughgall
Orr, William M., auctioneer, valuator, and emigration agent, The Square
Orr, W. J., J.P., Lisnacroy, Benburb
Park, Rev. R. J., M.A., The Manse
Patterson, George, farmer, Grange, Moy
Patterson, John, farmer, Drumgold, Moy
Patterson, Robert, grocer, Moy
Patterson, William, J.P., farmer, Drumgold, Moy
Patterson, John, farmer and sub-postmaster, Grange, Moy
Phipson, Sidney, B.L., Moy hill
Phoenix Fire Office—Agent, Lieut-Colonel H. G. S. Alexander, Derrygally
Pinkerton, Robert, grocer, Charlemont
Rea, Joseph, farmer, Culkeran, Moy
Redford Linen Co., Redford, Moy
Richardson, Capt. John, J.P., Trew cottage
Robinson, Alex., J.P., D.L., Dartrey lodge, Moy
Robinson, George, painter, Killyman road, Moy
Rodgers, Charles, bootmaker, Dungannon st
Roleston, Wm. J., grocer, draper, and sub-postmaster, Benburb
Rose-Cleland, H. S., factory manager, Redford
Ryan, John, boatman, Killyman street
Sharpe, Mrs., Dungannon street
Skelton, Captain MacGeough Bond, Esq., J.P., D.L., The Argory
Skelton, Jonathan, spirit dealer, Benburb
Skelton, W. J. E., Maydown, Benburb
Sloane, Mrs., Charlemont street, Moy
Smart, Misses, music teachers, Charlemont
Teague, Henry, Killyman street
Tohall, Henry, J.P., grocer and hardware merchant, Charlemont street
Tomney, Owen, hotel, Killyman street
Toner, Patrick, stationmaster, Trew and Moy
Travers, Mrs., Dunloe cottage
Tubman, W., spirit dealer, Annaghmore station, Moy
Tuft, John & T., farmers, Drumgold, Moy
Vallely, Wm., grocer and spirit merchant, Dungannon street
Verner, Henry, J.P., Churchill
Watson, Rev. J., Charlemont
Watson, Wm., landsteward, Roxboro'
Weir, George, boot and shoe maker, Square, Moy
Whitley, Eugene, caretaker Courthouse
Whitley, James, refreshment rooms, Charlemont street
Whitley, John, refreshment rooms, Moy sq.
Whittle, W., carpenter, Square, Moy
Wiley, Joseph, The Square
Willerton, John, Killyman street
Wilson, Robert, J.P., Broughadowey house, Moy
Wilson, The Misses, The Square
Wright, Dr. F., surgeon, Dungannon street


Trew Station to Moy and Charlemont—Cars from Hall's Hotel attend all trains, except 7-37 a.m. and 12-30 midnight

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