From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Aiken, R. J., solicitor, Shipquay street
Alexander, Joseph, LL.D., solicitor, Castle street
Austin, William, J.P., Foyle street
Austin, William, J.P., Great James street
Babington, Humphrey, jun., solicitor, Shipquay street
Babington, Hume, J.P., Creevagh
Ballantine, M. A., J.P., Ardlough
Bernard, Dr., Queen street
Bible, Thomas G., J.P., London st., Derry
Boyton, Charles M., solicitor, Castle street
Brewster, John, J.P., St. Mura's, Fahan, and James street
Breslin, Alderman Patrick, J.P., Ferryquay street
Browne, John, J.P., Bishop street, Derry
Browne, Dr. David J., Pump street
Browne, Lecky Cecil H., J.P., Comber house, Claudy
Browne, Dr. W. M., Clarendon street
Bruce, Henry J. Lloyd, J.P., Downhill, Derry
Bruce, Hervey Jukes Lloyd, Downhill
Byrne, Joseph, D.L., M.D., F.R.C.S.I., Pump street
Campbell, D. C., J.P., Templemore park, Derry
Campbell, W. J., Orchard street
Chadwick, Right Rev. George A., D.D., Lord Bishop Derry and Raphoe, The Palace, Bishop street
Caldwell, Charles S., solicitor, Castle st.
Chambers, Sir R. Newman, J.P., Greencastle, County Donegal, and Northern Counties Club, Derry
Chambers, J., senior inspector N.S., 13 Crawford square
Chambers & Craig, solicitors, Shipquay st
Cochrane, Hon. Ernest Guy Lambton, J.P., Redcastle, Derry
Colquhoun, I. J. Trew, solicitor, Shipquay street
Colquhoun, Rev. William, Archdeacon of Derry, Glendermott Rectory
Colquhoun, Thomas, J.P., Buncrana, and Shipquay street, Derry
Conaghan, T. E., solicitor, Foyle street
Conyngham, Sir W. F. Lennox, J.P., D.L., Lieutenant-Colonel
Cooke, John, D. L., Foyle view, Derry
Cooke, J. G., resident surgeon County Infirmary
Cosgrove, Patrick H., Bishop street, Derry
Cowan, Rev. Wm., M.A., St. Augustine's Rectory, Myrtle terrace
Coyle, John, Culmore house, Culmore
Craig, Alwyn S., Under-Sheriff of Derry, Shipquay street
Craig, David, J.P., Oaks lodge, Derry
Craig, David, Queen street
Craig, Dr. Frederick A., Clarendon street
Craig, James, M.D., Carlisle terrace
Craig, John, J.P., Culmore
Craig, Robert James, J.P., Craigdarragh, Derry
Crosbie, D., M.D., Clarendon street
Cunningham, Dr. H. W., Clarendon street
Deane, Joseph, J.P., Bayview terrace
Dawson, James, secretary Port and Harbour Board, Clarendon street
Dickey, R. H. F., B.D., College avenue
Dickson, F. C, solicitor, Shipquay street
Doherty, Bernard, Strand road
Donnell, William, J.P., Foyle street
Eliott, James A., solicitor, Castle street
Elliott, P. H., C.E., Castle street
Elliott, W. H., M.D., Ebrington terrace, Waterside
Erskine, A., manager Provincial Bank, Shipquay street
Feeney, M. C, solicitor, Castle street
Ferguson, Dr. James H., medical superintendent of public health, 3 Florence ter.
Frizell, M. A., M.D., Clarendon street
Foster, Wm., solicitor, Richmond street
Gilliland, George Knox, D.L., Brookhall, Derry
Goligher, John, J.P., Hawkins street, Derry
Graham, Rev. Hugh C, M.A., professor, College avenue
Greene, W. J., C.I. R.I.C., J.P., Deanfield
Greer, James, collector Inland Revenue, Lisowen house, Waterside
Greer, Robert, J.P. (non-resident)
Hamilton, John A., solicitor, Magazine st.
Hannigan, Bernard, J.P., Bishop street
Harper James, J.P., alderman, Duke street
Hayes, Rev. William, M.A., Bishop street, Derry
Hayes, Rev. Canon, rector of Templemore, Derry
Henry & Connell, solicitors, Diamond
Henry, Rev. J. ,E., M.A., D.D., professor Magee College, College avenue
Hetherington, C. E., M.D., Asylum house
Heygate, Captain Sir Frederick, J.P., Bellarena
Hime, Maurice C, LL.D., J.P., Hillmount, Derry, and Buncrana
Hogg, David C, J.P., Dunfield
Hogg, Robert Lee, Queen street
Horner, William, solicitor, Castle street
Hunter, William, M.D., Hawkins street
Irvine, Thomas J., J.P., Ferryquay street
Johnston, Andrew, manager Northern Bank
Johnston, Sir John B., J.P., Strand road
Killen, J. W., M.B., B.Ch., Queen street
King, William, solicitor, Shipquay street
Knox, Colonel George, D.L. Prehen
Knox, Gilliland, & Babington, solicitors, Castle street
Lane, B. H., sessional Crown solicitor, Bishop street and Limavady
Lecky, Major Edmund, J.P., Eglinton, Derry
Lecky, Sir Thomas, J.P., Greystone hall, Limavady
Leebody, John R., D.Lit., professor Magee College, College avenue
Lindsay, Thomas, city coroner, Pump street
Lloyd, Minchin, J.P., Northland road
Long, John A., solicitor, Orchard street
Loughery, Joseph, solicitor, Rosslyn villa, Waterside
Lyle, James A , J.P., The Oaks
Macky, F. C, D.L., Belmont
MacCarthy, Brendan, M.D. (L.G.B. medical inspector), Clooney park
MacLaughlin, Dr. Thomas, Shipquay street
MacCullagh, Sir J. Acheson, M.D., Knt., J.P., Lisgorm, Galway
Magee, J. R., M.D., Magazine street
Malseed, Alfred, M.D., Bond's hill
Mark, John M., solicitor, Waterloo place
Maxwell, Patrick, solicitor, East wall
Mee, W. H., J.P., Templemore park
Miller, J. Ewing, M.B., J.P., Pump street
Miller & Co., solicitors, Shipquay street
Miller, Sir F. Henry, town clerk and city solicitor, Guildhall
Monaghan, Wm., J.P., Orchard street
Morrison, Samuel, solicitor, East Wall
Morse, D. S., manager Bank of Ireland, Shipquay street
Mulholland, Joseph F., J.P., Moville
Mullan, J. E., M.D., Carlisle street
Munn, A. Hector M., solicitor, Shipquay st
Munn, Alfred Moore, clerk of the Crown and Peace, Myrtle terrace
M'Callion, T., J.P., Bishop street
M'Cartney, John, J.P., Pennyburn
M'Caul, Dr. George B., M.B., J.P., Clarendon street
M'Cay, Alex., J.P., Ferryquay street
M'Cay, C., & Co., solicitors, Shipquay st.
M'Cay, Henry Crawford, solicitor Shipquay street
M'Cay, John S., solicitor, Shipquay street
M'Clatchie, John, manager Belfast Bank
M'Colgan, Neil, J.P., Marlborough street
M'Cormack, Charles, solicitor, Castle st.
MacCullagh, Sir J. Acheson, M.D., Knt., J.P., Lisgorm, Galway
M'Culloch, Robert, J.P., Hawkin street
M'Cully, Thomas, J.P., Victoria road
M'Curdy, Dr. D. A., Pump street
M'Dermott, W. S., solicitor, Shipquay st
M'Devitt, Michael, J.P., Duke street
M'Farland, John, J.P., Aberfowle
M'Kinney, Peter, J.P., Mount Royal
M'Laughlin, Francis, M.D., J.P., Carlisle road
M'Laughlin, Thomas, M.D., Shipquay st.
M'Learn, Sir Wm., J.P., Carrickmore house
M'Master, James, professor Magee College
M'Monagle, J. F., M.D., Butcher street
M'Mullen, James, postmaster, Customhouse street
Nolan, R. H., B.E., Myrtle terrace
O'Brien, C. G., solicitor, Shipquay street
O'Doherty, Chas., solicitor, Shipquay st.
O'Doherty, Hugh C, solicitor, Shipquay st
O'Doherty, J. E., & Co., solicitors, East Wall
O'Doherty, Philip, M.P., solicitor, East Wall
O'Donnell, J. E., solicitor, East Wall
O'Hagan, Philip, solicitor, East Wall
O'Kane, Michael, M.B., Lond., J.P., Clarendon street
O'Kane, Patrick, J.P., Buncrana
O'Kane, Thomas, solicitor, Orchard street
Patton, Rev. S., Waterside
Phillips, William, J.P., Deanfield
Pollock, John Herbert, Ferryquay street
Potter, J. Sloan, solicitor, Shipquay street
Reid, J. Kelso, solicitor, Linenhall street
Robinson, H. S., M.D., 38 Clarendon street
Robinson, W. J., C.E., Clarendon street
Rodger, P. T., J.P., United States Consul, Strand road
Ross, Stuart C, B.A., solicitor, Shipquay street
Roulstone, James Paul, J.P., William st.
Scott, G. Douglas, solicitor, 3 Foyle street
Scott, George J., C.P.S., The Demesne
Scott, William E., D.L., Northern Counties Club, Derry and Dublin
Smith, Blair, J.P., Lawrence street
Smyth, R. S., Florence terrace
Steen, Thomas S., J.P., Warrenhill, Victoria park
Stevenson, Charles A., M.D., Spencer road
Stevenson, Robert, J.P., Ardkill, Derry
Stevenson, William, solicitor, Carlisle road
Stewart, A. M'C, C.E., Strand road
Stewart, James, Shipquay street
Taaffe, Dr. H. E., J.P., Strand road
Thompson, John P., J.P., Ferryquay street
Tillie, Charles B., solicitor, Shipquay st.
Tillie, Marshall, D.L., Oakfield
Todd, R. H., LL.D., solicitor, Waterloo pl.
Tracy, John, solicitor, Custom house street
Turner, Walter, J.P., Foyle street
Tynte, Colonel Mervyn S., R.M., Springtown
Walsh, Hugh, J.P., The Diamond
Watt, A. A., D.L., Thornhill, Derry
Wilson, David, solicitor, Shipquay street
Wilson, R., J.P., Clooney terrace
Woodburn, Rev. George, Professor Magee College
Wylie, Thomas C, solicitor, Castle street

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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1852

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