Lisburn, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Concise History of Lisburn and Neighbourhood, 1906
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Adair, James, painter and decorator, 58 Chapel hill
Adair, William, painter and decorator, 8 Bow street
Allen, George, 74 Bridge street
Allen, James, medical hall, 14 Bow street
Allen, John, farmer, Magheracleave
Allen, J., solicitor, 16 Bow street
Allen, Robert James, furniture dealer, 68 Bridge street
Allen, Samuel, 62 Bridge street
Allen, Thompson, bootmaker, 18 Market sq.
Allerton, C., 1 Millbrook road
Allister, Robert, coal merchant, Quay street
Anderson, John E., seedsman and stationer, sub-post office, 44 Bow street
Anderson, J. F., hairdresser, and Johnson Bros., dyers, 4 Railway street
Anderson, Wm., delph and china merchant, 15 Bridge street
Anderson, Wm., grocer and pork merchant, 58 Market square
Andrew, David, grocer, 58, 60 Antrim street
Andrews, David, Millbrook house, Millbrook road
Andrews, David, 80 Millbrook road
Archer, J., grocer, Sloan street
Armstrong, Annie, Railway Commercial Hotel, 41 Railway street
Armstrong, Annie, commercial hotel, 1, 3 Batchelor's walk
Armstrong, Mrs., temperance hotel, 6 Railway street
Atkinson, Thomas, Antrim road
Bailey, Robert, Brookfield, Antrim road
Bailey, William John, auctioneer and house furnisher, 60 Bow street
Balmer, Thomas, 13 Westbourne terrace
Bannister, Robert, Kornerville
Barnes, Miss, 3 Hamilton terrace, Antrim road
Bates, J., spirit dealer, Sloan street
Beare, David, draper, 17 Bridge street
Beckett Bros., drapers, 22 Bow street
Beckett, J., dentist, 15 Castle street
Beckett, H. & E., milliners, 6 Bow street
Beckett, Thomas, The Lodge, Prospect hill
Beggs, James, solicitor, 59 Bridge street
Beggs, Robert, cycle agent, 57 Bridge st.
Bell, Fred., Parkville, Seymour street
Bell, Henry, 9 Antrim road
Bell, Rev. George B., curate Lisburn Cathedral, 33 Railway street
Bell, Robert, farmer, 23 Chapel hill
Bell, Robert, bootmaker, Sloan street
Black, J., family grocer, 64 Bow street
Blakely, Charles, fruiterer, 20 Castle street
Blakely, Saml., boot warehouse, 6 Bridge St.
Bolton, C. U., pharmaceutical chemist, 45, 47 Market square
Bowden, Henry, 1 Hamilton terrace
Boyd, Alex., & Co., grocers and medical hall, 2 Railway street
Braithwaite, Samuel, 56 Millbrook road
Braithwaite, Wm. David, Magheraleave
Braithwaite, Wm. David, head master Ulster Provincial Schools
Breasley, Thomas C, head porter, 68 Batchelor's walk
Briggs, Samuel J., tailor, 25 Railway street
Briggs, Thomas, butcher, 78 Antrim street
Briggs, William, vanman, 11a Antrim street
Brown, Henry, spirit dealer, 49 Bow street
Brown, James, merchant tailor, 16 Castle st
Brownlee, William, insurance agent, Dublin road
Buchanan, T. G., grocer, Gregg street
Buchanan, William, 7 Antrim road
Bullick, E., 6 Batchelor's walk
Bullick, Moses, painter and decorator, 30 Railway street
Bultitaft, Mrs., 9 Westbourne terrace
Bunting, Thomas, spirit dealer, Smithfield
Burns, Catherine, boot manufacturer, 17 Market square
Burns, Sarah, grocer, 7 Antrim street
Burrows, Robert, cardriver, 45 Antrim street
Burton, Dorothea, grocer, 5 Antrim street
Cairns, Thomas, bootmaker, 24 Bridge st
Cameron, Charles, dentist, 22 Castle street
Campbell, Hugh, 1 Poplar vale
Campbell, Mrs., public telephone call office, 45 Batchelor's walk
Campbell, Robert, 43 Antrim street
Campbell, Robert, publican, 17 Bow street
Carson, James, Veronica
Caulfield, John, publican, 23 Bow street
Chambers, Samuel, restaurant keeper, Market street
Cheery, James, draper, 79 Bow street
Clarke, G. H., J.P., director Island Spinning Co., Roseville
Clarke, Joseph, Magheraleave road
Clarke, Dr. J. J., 7 Seymour street
Clarke, Miss, confectioner, Sloan street
Coburn, Miss, costumier, Market square
Coburn, William, 33 Antrim street
Connell, J., clog merchant, 26 Bridge street
Connell, Samuel, grocer, 34 Market square
Connolly, John, sexton Lisburn Presbyterian
Church, 23 Railway street
Connolly, William, publican, 33 Market sq.
Connor Bros., cabinetmakers, 38 Bridge st.
Connor, George, 11 Westbourne terrace
Connor, Joseph, 6 Westbourne terrace
Convent of Sacred Heart of Mary, 36 to 42 Castle street
Coulson, William, & Co., damask manufacturers, 21 Market square
Cooper, William, saddlemaker, 20 Antrim st
Co-operative Society, grocers and house-furnishers, 25, 27 Castle street
Corken, James, Antrim road
Corken, John, publican, 20 Market square
Corken, John, publican, 19 Bow street
Corken, Philip, Wallace drive
Coulson, James, & Co., damask manufacturers, 23 Market square
Coulter, James, & Co., family grocers, 52 Bow street
Coulter, Stewart, tobacconist, 3 Railway st
Courthouse, Railway street—T. G. English, petty sessions clerk
Courtney, Ellen, 39 Antrim street
Cowan, A., grocer, Young street
Cowan Bros., grocers, 8 Bridge street
Cowan, George, 70 Antrim street
Cowan, Samuel, 41 Castle street
Craig, Alexander, hemstitching works, 21 Batchelor's walk
Crawford. Miss, 3 Ashfield terrace
Cree, Thompson, Millbrook road
Cregan, John, Antrim road
Creighton, Alex. Muir, 72 Bow street
Croker, William, postmaster, 29 Railway st
Croskerry, William, grocer, 61 Bow street
Crossey, Maggie, greengrocer, Market street
Crossey, T., Old Hillsborough road
Crossey, William, refreshment rooms, 75 Bow street
Crowe, David, flaxsorter, 60 Millbrook road
Crowe, Mrs., 33 Millbrook road
Cruikshank, William, grocer, 5 Bridge street
Culbert, Thomas, 3 Westbourne terrace
Cullen, William, grocer, 45 Chapel hill
Cunningham, Thomas, caretaker Lisburn Markets, Smithfield
Curless, James, Antrim road
Curry, John, 57 Antrim street
Curry, William, bricklayer, 11 Antrim street
Daly, Hugh, fruiterer, 10 Castle street
Davis, Samuel, 51 Antrim street
Davis, Thomas, Old Hillsborough road
Devenney, Miss, dressmaker, 19 Chapel hill
Devenney, flesher, 9 Bow street
Devenney, 74 Millbrook road
Dickey, Miss, superintendent Temperance Institute, 50 Railway street
Dickey, Robert, flesher, 1 Bridge street
Dickey, William, Pearl Life Company, 7 Dublin road
Dickson, Miss, Greenoak
Dixon, Henry, grocer and delph merchant, 54, 56 Antrim street
Donaghey, Edward, & Sons, bootmakers, 25, 27 Market square
Donaghey, John, scrap dealer, 18 Chapel hill
Donaghey, Mrs. Patrick, caretaker Dispensary, 26 Railway street
Dorman, Mrs., 49 Seymour street
Dorman, Mrs. T., newsagent, 29 Bridge st
Dornan, Henry, flesher, 2 Bridge street
Dornan, John, blacksmith, Dublin road
Dornan, J., grocer, Mercer street
Dornan, Misses, dressmakers, 19 Railway street
Dornan, Mrs., confectioner, 9 Railway street
Dornan, William, caretaker Orange Hall, Railway street
Dowds, Maurice, Belsize road
Dowey, James, family grocer, 58 Bow street
Downey, John, insurance agent, Llewellyn avenue
Downey, Robert, tinsmith, Market street
Drain, Daniel, flesher, 31 Bow street
Drake, John, 37 Antrim street
Drake, William, flesher, 14 Castle street
Drake, William, 10 Railway street
Drake, William, flesher, 63 Bow street
Dugan, George, plumber and gasfitter, 3 Chapel hill
Dugan, John J., publican, 9 Bridge street
Duncan, George, & Co., Limited, wholesale drapers, 50 to 54 Market square
Duncan, Mrs. Margaret, Sunnyside
Duncan, Thomas, Laurelvale
Dunlop, George, Inglewood
Dunwoody, Hugh, family grocer, 4 Bridge street
Elliott, T., 82 Bridge street
Ellis, Hercules, carowner, 51 Bridge street
Ellison, Martin J., barrister, 20 Seymour st.
Ellmore, Patrick, 70 Batchelor's walk
English, Thomas J., Invermead
Erskine, Mrs., 18 Westbourne terrace
Erskine, William, family grocer, 13 Bow st
Evans, Edward, Bachelor's walk
Evans, Edward, ironmonger, 81 Bow street
Fegan, David, 54 Bridge street
Ferguson, John G., publican, 11 Bow street
Ferguson & Harvey, auctioneers & valuers, 25 Bow street
Fields, Thomas H., tailor's cutter, Poplar Vale, Antrim road
Fisk, J., grocer, Old Hillsborough road
Fitzpatrick, John, 4 Hamilton terrace
Fitzsimmons, Robert, confectioner, 3 Market square
Fletcher, Joseph, cycle agent, 8 Railway st
Flynn, J., confectioner, Smithfield
Fraser, Rev. Robt., The Curatage, Derriaghy
Frazer, T., Old Hillsborough road
Fryer, G., grocer, 53 Bridge street
Fusco Bros., ice cream manufacturers, 9 Market square
Gallaher, Patrick, hairdresser, 7 Castle st
Gardner, W., flesher, 11 Market square
Gardner & Hastings, stationers, 12 Market square
Gault, Mrs. Mary, Magheracleave
Getgood, George, & Sons, boot merchants, 13 Bridge street
Getgood, Thomas, ladies' tailor, 38 Railway street
Gowan, Mrs., Falcarragh
Gowdy, Samuel, Belsize road
Gowan, John C, secretary Grocers' Association and rent agent, Castle chambers
Gibson, James, Limetree house
Gilbey, W. & A., wholesale spirit dealers, 6 Market square
Gillespie, Mrs., 17 Westbourne terrace
Gillespie, W. J., household furnisher, 13 Batchelor's walk
Gillespie, W. J., hardware merchant and housefurnisher, 24 Bow street
Glasgow Boot House—Ezekiel Totten, manager—55 Bow street
Graham, O. B., Avonmore lodge
Gray, John, fruiterer and confectioner, 8 Castle street
Gray, Matthew D., Firenza
Green, John, boarding-house keeper, 76 Chapel hill
Green, Samuel, grocer, 7 Bridge street
Green, W. J., Springhill
Greenfield, David, 66 Bow street
Greenfield, Samuel, draper, 20 Market sq
Greer, Rev. Ussher, rector Christ Church, 46 Castle street
Greer, Rev. Ussher, rector Christ Church, Dublin road
Gribben, William, grocer, 66 Chapel hill
Griffith, J. H. E., Esperance villas
Griffith, Robert, J.P., Thornhill
Gurnell, L., grocer, Mercer street
Hagan, William, confectioner, 4 Bow street
Hall, John, tailor, Market square
Hall, John, 1 Westbourne terrace
Hall, Richard, publican, 75 Bridge street
Hamilton, Mrs. M., Abercorn, Antrim road
Hamilton, R. W., minister Second Presbyterian Church, Railway street
Hamilton, Rev. Robert Wilson, The Fort Manse
Hanna, John, publican, 25 Dublin road
Harding, A., 49 Castle street
Harvey, Thomas, hairdresser, 18 Bridge st
Harvey, Thomas J., boot and shoe merchant, 57 Market square
Harvey, William S., Richmond, Antrim rd
Harvey & Maxwell, family grocers, wine and spirit merchants, 35, 37 Market square
Hayes, William, Magheracleave
Healey, Henry, Nirvana
Henderson, draper, 47 Bow street
Heron, William J., painter and decorator, 19 Bridge street
Higgins, Wm., superintendent Prudential Assurance Co., Seymour street
Higginson, Mrs., grocer, Young street
Hill, Joseph, bootmaker, Smithfield
Hinds Bros., grocers, 45 Bow street
Hodgen, Abraham, 19 Westbourne terrace
Holland, William, 17 Railway street
Holland, W., draper, 31 Bridge street
Howe, Mrs., 54 Millbrook road
Hudson, The Misses, 36 Railway street
Hughes, Mrs. E., newsagent, 55 Bridge st
Hughes, Henry, shoemaker, 35 Bridge street
Hull, Frederick, principal Market Square Schools, 23 Seymour street
Hull, Mrs., Myrtle cottages, Benson street
Hunter, James, Beechwood
Hunter, T., cycle agent, 11 Castle street
Huston, Samuel, saddler, 3 Castle street
Hutchinson, J., & Co., warerooms, 39 Railway street
Hutchinson, Samuel, 14 Westbourne terrace
Irwin, William, Magheracleave
Jackson, Henry, grocer, 34 Bow street
Jefferson, Agnes, dressmaker, 31 Antrim st
Jefferson, J., confectioner, 45 Bridge street
Jefferson, J. G., M.D., Lisburn Dispensary officer, 16 Railway street
Jefferson, Redmond, 51 Castle street
Jefferson, Redmond, ironmonger, 35 Bow st
Jefferson. William, 1 Seymour street
Jelly, Robert, publican, 28 Market square
Johnson, Samuel, Magheraleave
Johnson, Bernard, hairdresser, 10 Bow street
Johnston, David, 19 Antrim street
Johnston, Jas., town surveyor, 2 Batchelor's walk
Johnston, John, bookseller, 30 Batchelor's walk
Johnston, J., bootmaker, 84 Bridge street
Johnston, Mary, dressmaker and milliner, 29 Bow street
Johnston, Miss, Antrim road
Johnston, William, hairdresser, Market st
Kain, Hugh Graham, Ferndale
Keery, Abraham, publican, 50 Bridge street
Keery, George, tinsmith, 4 Chapel hill
Keery, Joseph, 35 Millbrook road
Keery, Mrs., Millbrook road
Keightly, Dr. S. J., Fort house
Kelly, John, servants' registry, 7 Railway st
Kelly, W., grocer, Old Hillsborough road
Kennedy, Henry, Laurelbank
Kilpatrick, David, draper and boot merchant, 65 to 71 Bow street
Kinkead, Joseph, Ardmore
Kirkwood, Alex., farmer, Magheraleave
Kirkwood, Hugh, ironmonger, 1, 3 Bow st
Kirkwood, Hugh, Clonevin
Kirkwood, Thomas, Dunavon
Knox, W. J., & Sons, plumbers—B. Leonard proprietor—42 Railway street
Lagan Milling Co.; works, Bridge street
Lamont, James, 27 Bridge street
Lannigan, John, photographer and stationer, 52 Antrim street
Larkin, Philip, butcher, 54 Batchelor's walk
Lavery, Isaac, 88 Millbrook road
Lavery, John, Old Hillsborough road
Lavery, John, publican, 9 Chapel hill
Lavery, Richard, Summerville
Lavery, Thomas, flesher, 15 Bow street
Lavery, hairdresser, 13 Railway street
Leckey, Miss, grocer, 26 Seymour street
Leckey, Thomas, draper, 1 Market square
Leckey, William, grocer, 32 Seymour street
Legge, William, flesher, Market street
Lilburn, Wm., 41 Antrim street
Lipton, Limited, general grocers and tea merchants, 16 Bow street
Lockhart, Joseph, solicitor, 24 Bow street
Logan, Paul, painter and decorator, 23 Dublin road
Long, James, Belsize place
Lyness, Robert, 42 Bow street
Macartney, Jas., & Co., grocers, 59 Bow st.
Mackenzie, plumber, 4 Castle street
Magee, Elizabeth, boarding-house keeper, 80 Chapel hill
Magee, John, flesher, 4 Market square
Magee, J., flesher, 20 Bridge street
Magee, Mrs., 78 Millbrook road
Magee, Robert, grocer, 78 Chapel hill
Magennis, William George, solicitor, 28 Bow street
Magill, Charles, M.D., 39 Castle street
Magill, John, publican, 15 Market square
Magill, John, publican, 8 Market square
Magowan, Alex., grocer, Sloan street
Major, Henry, timber and iron merchant, 41, 43 Market square
Major, Henry, publican, 32 Bridge street
Marnell, John, tailor, 35 Chapel hill
Martin, John D., auctioneer and valuer, 55 Market square
Martin, William, Magheraleave
Matier, John, 55 Antrim street
Matthews, Patrick, boot and shoe maker, 6 Chapel hill
May, James, Magheraleave
May, William John, Belsize road
Mayes, Wm., grocer and fruiterer, 7 Bow street
Maze, Richard, general carrier, 22 Antrim st
Mearns, Mrs., Liswyn, Antrim road
Megram, Captain, fire brigade, 54 Railway street
Megrath, James, grocer, 1 Chapel hill
Melville, Miss, matron County Antrim Infirmary, 15, 17 Seymour street
Melville & Company, funeral undertakers, 12 Railway street
Menary, Fred., wholesale draper, 19 Market square
Miller & Stevenson, bakers, flour and coal merchants, 22 Market square
Millbrook Finishing Works, Millbrook rd
Mills, William, 53 Antrim street
Mills, W., confectioner, Smithfield
Monteith, Miss, draper, 37 Bow street
Mooney, Dan., publican, 21 Chapel hill
Moor, A., 72 Bridge street
Moore, Alex., hairdresser, Market street
Moore, James, pawnbroker, 5 Castle street
Moore, Robert, family grocer, 7la Bow street
Morgan, J., fruiterer, 37 Bridge street
Morgan, Mrs., sexton of Cathedral, 24 Castle street
Morrison, Jacob, bricklayer, Dublin road
Morrison, James, Magheraleave
Morrison, C. J., county inspector, 43 Castle street
Morrow, Andrew J., Coolcrona
Mulholland, Hugh, solicitor, Market square
Mulholland, James, Sunlight villa
Mulholland, Joseph, Graham street
Murdoch, Alex., tailor, 30a Castle street
Murdoch, Joseph, 56 Market square
Murphy, Dr., 45 Castle street
Mussen, Arthur, 22 Railway street
M'Bride, Ellen, flesher, 11 Bridge street
M'Bride, James, 16 Westbourne terrace
M'Bride, James, photographer, Market sq
M'Bride, James, flesher, 40 Bow street
M'Cahey, Hugh, grocer, 16 Bridge street
M'Cahey, W. J., cycle agent, Market square
M'Carrison, Jas., editor "Lisburn Herald," 4 Batchelor's walk
M'Carrison, Robert, Iona, Clonevin park
M'Caughey, P., tailor, 76 Bridge street
M'Cherry, J. E., tobacconist, 12 Bridge st
M'Comb, Charles, flesher, 28 Bridge street
M'Connell, Joseph, bootmaker, 22 Bridge st
M'Connell & Co., solicitors, Castle chambers
M'Coosh, John, 66 Millbrook road
M'Cormick, W. J., hardware merchant, 12 Bow street
M'Cormick, W. J., ironmonger, Park parade
M'Coubrey, J., baker and grocer, 63 Bridge street
M'Coubrey, William, grocer, 44 Seymour st
M'Coubrey, William, Magheraleave
M'Court, P., coachbuilder, 29 Chapel hill
M'Courtney, Joseph, confectioner and fancy baker, 23 Bridge street
M'Clellan, George, 2 Westbourne terrace
M'Cluggage, David, commercial traveller, 19 Seymour street
M'Clure, George, farmer, Magheraleave
M'Clure, Robert, Magheraleave
M'Creight, R., Town view
M'Cully, William, saddler, Market street
M'Curry, Miss, confectioner, 5 Railway st
M'Donagh, Thos., master Church Schools, 14 Longstone street
M'Donald, Mrs., refreshment house, Smithfield
M'Evoy, Hugh J., tailor, 34 Chapel hill
M'Fadden, Mrs., grocer, Market street
M'Fall, Mrs., spirit dealer, 86 Bridge street
M'Gann, John, 47 Antrim street
M'Grath, grocer, 2 Dublin road
M'Gregor, Mrs., 2 Hamilton terrace
M'Henry, John, Llewellyn avenue
M'Henry, Paul, builder and contractor, 40 Batchelor's walk
M'Intyre, James, newsagent and tobacconist, 9 Castle street
M'Kee, James A., Esperance villas
M'Kee, Mrs., draper, 24 Market square
M'Kee, Thomas, preparing master, 58 Batchelor's walk
M'Kenzie, Dr. Matthew, medical officer Lisburn Union, 9 Seymour street
M'Keown, John, & Co., auctioneers and valuers, 5 Bow street
M'Keown, J., grocer, Sloan street
M'Kibben, Joseph, grocer, Gregg street
M'Kittrick, John, Grianan
M'Knight, H. J., 32 Bachelor's walk
M'Loughlin, Miss, grocer, Market street
M'Loughlin, Mrs., 5 Seymour street
M'Manus, John, sexton St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, 31 Chapel hill
M'Millen, Joseph, caretaker Masonic Hall, 34 Castle street
M'Mullen, J., registered lodgings, 52 Bridge street
M'Mullen, Robert, printer, stationer, and proprietor "Lisburn Herald," 32 Bow street
M'Murray, W. J., hemstitching and laundry works, Dublin road
M'Nally, Thomas G., timber merchant and saw mills, 52 Batchelor's walk
M'Neice, J., tailor, 61 Bridge street
M'Neice, William, tailor, 26 Castle street
M'Watters, Joseph John, Magheraleave
Neeson, James, publican, Smithfield
Nelson, James, draper, 48 Market square
Neill, Isaac, grocer, 77 Bow street
Neill, Isaac, Orvieto
Neill, Thomas, caretaker Lisburn Cemetery, Dublin road
Northern Bank—John Preston, manager—2 Market square
Norwood, Leonard, 15 Westbourne terrace
Oliver, Mrs., 53 Castle street
Oliver, Thomas, publican, 50 Bow street
Oliver, Thomas, spirit dealer, 1, 3 Antrim street
Orange Hall, Railway street—Wm. Dornan, caretaker
O'Flaherty, John, Cloverlea
O'Flaherty, William, 2 Poplar vale
O'Neill, Hugh, grocer, 17 Chapel hill
O'Neill, John, nailmaker, 23 Antrim street
Shea, Michael, confectioner and china warehouse, 39, 41 Bow street
Patterson, Alex., publican, 83 Bow street
Patterson, H., Altona cottage
Patterson, Mrs., grocer, Smithfield
Patterson, W. G., Beloow house
Patterson, W. G., grocer, 33 Bow street
Pedlow, R. J., & Co., weaving factory, Old Hillsborough road
Peel, Robert, saddler, 8 Chapel hill
Pegg, Henry V., The Drift
Pelan, James E., pawnbroker, 44, 46 Market square
Pelan, Mrs. C, publican, 3 Bridge street
Pelan, Thos., cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 29, 31 Market square
Petticrew Bros., watchmakers and jewellers, 21 Bow street
Petticrew, Robert, 5 Westbourne terrace
Porter, William, tailor, Bachelor's walk
Pounden, Rev. Canon, 32 Castle street
Powell, The Misses, music teachers, 32 Railway street
Preston, Miss, boot merchant, 14 Bridge st
Pringle, Miss E. H., superintendent Thompson Memorial Home, Magheraleave road
Purcell, Michael, postman, Smithfield
Quinn, Joseph, plasterer, 30 Chapel hill
Rainey, Robert, hairdresser, 33 Bridge st
Ramsey, Robert, plumber, 12 Castle street
Ramsey, William, funeral undertaker, 6 Castle street
Rea, John, Belsize road
Rea, Joseph, J., 7 Westbourne terrace
Rea, William, Loan and Discount Co., 2 Chapel hill
Redmond, J., grocer, 78 Bridge street
Reid, Alex., coachbuilder, 24, 26 Antrim st
Reid, Mrs., dressmaker, 9 Bow street
Reilly, John E., proprietor "Standard" Office, 21 Castle street
Rentoul, M.D., 46 Railway street
R.I.C. Barracks, Railway street
Rice, Hugh, publican, Hill Hall road
Rice, James, flaxbuyer, 38 Bow street
Rice, Michael, fishmonger, 27 Railway street
Rice, Moses, tailor, 36 Bow street
Rice, Robert, Thornfield
Ritchie, John, & Son, drapers and tailors, 54, 56 Bow street
Ritchie, Matthew, Killowen lodge
Ritchie, William John, Hull's hill
Ritchie & Co., grocers, 10 Bridge street
Robb, Robert, painter and decorator, 51 Batchelor's walk
Robinson, Thomas, designer, 52 Chapel hilt
Robinson, W. J., grocer, Mercer street
Rooney, Patrick, greengrocer, 15 Antrim st.
Ross & Co., cycle agents, Oldwarren
Ruddy, John, 30 Bow street
Russell, Francis, 68 Bow street
Russell, Nelson, Strathmore
Russell & Co., auctioneers and valuers, Market street
Savage, Rowland, hardware and seedsman, Dublin road
Savage, Rowland, hardware and seedsman, 85 Bow street
Savage, Samuel, 11 Antrim road
Savage, Teresa, Westbourne terrace
Savage, The Misses, Mayville, Dublin road
Sawyers, Limited, fishmongers, 14 Market square
Scott, David J., Market square
Scott, H., grocer, 69 Bridge street
Scott, Joseph, painter and decorator, 36 Batchelor's walk
Scott, Joseph, painter and decorator, 30 Castle street
Scott, Sir J. Murray, Bart., Castle house
Sharp, George, fruiterer, 30 Bridge street
Sharp, George, fruiterer, 7 Market square
Shaw, John, 58 Millbrook road
Shaw, John, 76 Millbrook road
Shaw, Margaret, Beechwood
Shaw, Mrs., Town View house
Shortt, James, 8 Westbourne terrace
Silcock, James, family grocer, 49 Market sq
Sloan, James E., baker and flour merchant, Sloan street
Sloan, Mrs., Magheraleave
Sloan, William, builder, 21 Antrim street
Smith, William, grocer, 64 Bridge street
Stacey, John, 47a Castle street
Stafford, John, registered lodgings, Market street
Stalker, John, Thornton
"Standard" Office—John E. Reilly, proprietor—21 Castle street
Stannus, Miss, Manor house
Steadman, Mrs., 78 Batchelor's walk
Stephenson, Mrs., 4 Westbourne terrace
Stevenson, Mrs., 70 Millbrook road
Stewart, Rev. Joseph A., Killowen
Stewart, Robert, & Sons, flax spinning mill, Antrim street
St. George, Dr., surgeon County Antrim Infirmary, 3 Seymour street
St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church and Schools, Chapel hill
Tate, Thomas J., Chlorine
Taylor, Robt., agent Singer Sewing Machine Company, 62 Bow street
Temperance Institute—Miss Dickey, superintendent—50 Railway street
Thompson, F., hairdresser, 48 Bridge street
Thompson, James, family grocer, 70 Bow street
Thompson, Rev. G. W., 37 Castle street
Thompson, Robert, Sunlight villa
Thompson, Thomas, boot merchant, 26 Bow street
Thompson, Thomas J., Morningside
Thompson, William, shoemaker, 49 Bridge street
Todd, Alex., publican, 25 Bridge street
Todd, Samuel, grocer, 30 Market square
Tolerton, Robert, family grocer, 2 Bow st.
Trainor, J., bootmaker, 17 Castle street
Tuft, Miss Jane, Belsize cottage
Turner, Robert, Benson street
Turner's, fruiterers, 27 Bow street
Twinem, John, costumier and servants' registry, 15 Railway street
Ulster Bank—Thomas Halcomson, manager—18 Bow street
Vernon, John, building contractor, Quay st
Wallace, Miss, milliner, 53 Bow street
Walsh, John F., stationer and delph merchant, 10 Market square
Walsh, Richard, chemist and druggist, 16 Market square
Walsh, Robert, painter, 48 Antrim street
Walsh, R., Old Hillsborough road
Walsh, Thomas, bootmaker, 17 Antrim st
Waring, George, M.D., 14 Railway street
Waring, James, publican, Smithfield
Waring, Richard, hairdresser, 28 Castle st
Waring, Samuel, farmer, Magheraleave
Watson, Andrew, 10 Westbourne terrace
Watson, James, greengrocer, 13 Antrim st
Watson, John G., Viewfield
Watterson, Robert, tailor, 46 Bow street
White & Co., fish merchants, Market street
Wiley, Edward, cooper, 27 Antrim street
Wilkins, G. B., solicitor, 32 Market square
Wilson, E. T. S., solicitor, 18 Railway st.
Wilson, E. T. S., solicitor, 51 Market sq
Wilson, George, 44 Castle street
Wilson, George, general carrier, Smithfield
Wilson, James D., merchant tailor, 48 Batchelor's walk
Wilson, James D., clerical tailor, 40, 42 Market square
Wilson, Thomas Mussen, Northleigh
Wilson, William, assistant petty sessions clerk, Belsize road
Wilson, William, publican, 20 Bow street
Wilson, William George, Brookly
Wilson, William John, Woodbine cottage
Wood, William, master of union, Dublin rd
Woods, William L., hemstitching factory, 10 Batchelor's walk
Woolman, James, Prospect cottage
Working Men's Club, 29 Castle street
Wright, Alex., hairdresser, 34 Seymour st
Wright, William, bird specialist, 43 Bridge street
Young, The Misses, Mercer street

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