Killybegs, County Donegal

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Seaport and Market Town.
Has large salmon and herring fisheries and carpet factory.
Market day—Friday.
Fair day—6th of each month.
Population, 607

POST OFFICE, Telegraph, Money Order, and Savings Bank

—Charles Rogers, Postmaster
Agricultural Bank—P. A. Mulreany, sec.
Agriculturist—W. Cunningham, Fintra house
Auctioneers—Mulreavy & Houston and P. Byrne
Bakers—Rogers & Co., Charles Boyle, and James Gallagher
Bank—Ulster Banking Co.—J. Harris, manager; J. C. Gilmore, cashier
Blacksmiths—Daniel M'Breaty & Son, Charles Mooney, and Edward Conwell
Butter Merchant—William Houston
Boot and Shoe Makers—T. Kenny, F. Boyle, J. Brogan, and P. Erskine
Builders—P. M'Groarty, J. Brogan, P. Erskine, P. Doherty, B. Mullan, Maguire Brothers
Butchers—J. Dorian, Patrick Dorian, and Joseph M'Gettigan
Carpenters—Barney Mullan, Edward Erskine, and J. Campbell & Sons
Civil Bill Officer—J. Corr
Clergy—Rev. H. Deasley, rector; Rev. Canon J. Sweeney, P.P.; Rev. D. E. Coyle, C.C.
Coal Merchant—C. Rogers
Coastguards—L. Connell, divisional officer; J. Fairs, station officer; and five men
Cooper—John Campbell
Cycle Agent—James Nutt
Dispensary—Dr. J. J. Welsh
Drapers—John M'Garrigle, Miss Dudgeon, W. Conwell, Thos. Conwell, Stranley; John Ward & Company, Michael Coane, M'Andrews & Sheridan, Patk. Gannon, and Mrs. M'Laughlin
Dressmakers—Mrs. Blain, Miss S. Dudgeon, the Misses M'Brearty, Miss Gannon, Mrs. M'Mullan, Ann Keeny, Miss M'Elwaine, Mrs. Maguire, and Maggie Moore
Emigration Agent—Rogers & Co.
General Commission Agents—Rogers & Co.
Grocers—Myles Brady, Bridget Conwell, James M'Intyre, William Conwell, E. Conwell, Anthony O'Donnell, John Ward & Co., Thomas Conwell, Strathleny; Daniel Quigley, Michael R. Coane, John M'Garrigle, Rogers & Co., Edward Gallagher, John Crawford, B. O. Kelly & Co., Mrs. Ann Conwell, and Teague Gallagher
Hotels—Rogers's and Coane's
Resident Gentry—Arthur Brooke, J.P.; G. C. Philipps, Commander R.N., J.P., Rockmount; Wm. Houston, J.P., Murray lodge; Lieut. J. Gunn, Lieut.-Col. Falvey, Thomas Hena, Mrs. M'Ginley, Sea Bank; John Byrne, Esq., J.P.
Donegal Railway Co.—J. Patton, stationmaster; Basil Gammon, clerk
Carpet Manufactory—Alexander Morton & Co., proprietors, of Darvel, Ayrshire; T. H. Struthers, manager, Killybegs
Harbour Commissioners—Most Rev. Dr. O'Donnell, Rev. W. S. Green, M.A.; Rev. J. Sweeney, P.P.; D. C. Pearson, John M'Garrigle, Wm. Houston, J.P.; Arthur Brooke, J.P., White house; Charles Rogers, J.P., secretary; Patk. Quinn, harbourmaster
Inland Revenue and Stamp Office—Charles Rogers, stamp distributor
Insurance Agents—Charles Rogers, William Houston; Sun, J. C. Ward, Faidfannan house
Ironmongers—J. M'Garrigle and J. Ward & Company
Leather Dealers—J. Kenny, Francis Boyle, and Dan. Quigley
Magistrates—Arthur Brooks, Chas. Rogers, T. Hamilton Gorringe, G. E. Phillips, Commander, R.N.; J. Rogers, John Byrne, Hugh O'Donnell. J. Verschole, Andrew Heekin, William Houston, Patrick M'Laughlin, John S. Rogers, and Colonel Falvey
Newsagents—Rogers & Co. (J. Ward & Co.), Patrick Gannon, and Dan. Quigley Petty Sessions Clerk—Henry Judge Posting Establishment—Rodgers & Company
Flour and Bran Stores—Spillers & Baker and Joseph Rank, Ltd.
Meal Store—W. J. & T. Pollexfen
R.I. Constabulary—Sergeant Gallagher and seven constables
Schools—Murray National, Mrs. Houston, principal; Nial Mor National, Mr. Mulreany, principal; Mrs. Carr, assistant; St. Columba's Industrial, Rev. J. Boyle, manager; Killybegs, J. C. Ward
Shipbroker—Charles Rogers
Shipwrecked Fishermen & Mariners' Society—Charles Rogers, agent
Spirit Dealers—Charles Rogers, Thos. Conwell, Straleny; Myles Brady, Pat. Conwell, B. Coane, James Murrin, P. Quinn, Michael Coane, and Teague Gallagher
Steamship Coasting (Derry, Sligo, and Killybegs)—Charles Rogers, agent
Tailors—Patrick M'Intyre, Michael M'Kay, and Charles Doherty
Timber and Deal Merchants—John Ward & Co.

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