Holywood, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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CULTRA POST OFFICE—Leonard Harris, Sub-Postmaster


Adair, William, coachman, Estate cottages, Cultra
Adair, Hugh, Maormar lodge, Cultra
Allen, F. A., landsteward, Cultra Farmyard, Cultra
Baird, G., Marino villas
Barbour, Mrs. Maria, Ardville, Marino
Bell, David, Daisy Bank, Marino
Bradley, James, Estate cottages, Cultra
Broadbent, Cyril, Marino villas, Marino
Brown, Patrick, Ardville cottage, Marino
Buckley, Charles E., Clanbrassil terrace, Marino
Connolly, James, Marino villas, Marino
Dowd, Patrick, Marino Station, Marino
Duke, Mrs., St. John's, Marino
Ellis, James, Brook house, Marino
Greenfield, Chas., Farmhill cottage, Marino
Greenfield, Mrs., Farmhill house, Marino
Gribben, Mrs., Avondale, Cultra
Harris, Mrs., newsagent, stationer, and agent for Pullar's Dye Works, Perth, Post Office, Cultra
Heron, F. A., The Nest, Cultra
Heron, Charles, Rosavo, Cultra
Herron, Thomas, The Cottage, Marino
Hayes, William, Rose cottage, Marino
Hayes, John, gardener, Colludon cottage, Cultra
Hume, William, Tara, Marino
Inglis, Mrs. Clara, Mirimar, Cultra
Irvine, James, postman, estate cottages, Cultra
Jackson, Wm. J., J.P., Ingledene, Cultra
Johnston, F. W., The Cottage, Cultra
Kemp, David C, Clanbrassil, Cultra
King, William A., Ardvara, Cultra
Kennedy, J., Marino villas, Marino
Lake, C., Coastguard Station, Marino
Letts, Professor E. A., Shirley lodge, Cultra
Macartney, Mrs. A., Woodleigh, Marino
Mackey, Samuel, Ballymenoch lodge, Marino
Mackey, William, Estate cottages, Cultra
Magill, Captain Henry, Ballymenoch park, Marino
Magill, John, Colludon cottages. Cultra
Malcolm, Duncan, Inverlock, Marino
Megaw, Mrs. Eliza, Marino
Mercer, Henry T., Greebank, Cultra
Mercer, Hugh, Beeches, Cultra
Mills, John, gardener, Colludon cottages, Cultra
Mitchell, Captain F. R., Coilmara, Cultra
Moore, John, Estate cottages, Cultra
Mulligan, M. B., Marino
Murphy, John H. B., Cultra lodge, Cultra
M'Cann, Mrs., Concrete villas, Cultra
M'Cormick, H. M'Neile, Cultra house, Cultra
M'Dowell, Mrs. Agnes, Woodleigh cottages, Marino
M'Ervel, James, Temora, Cultra
M'Hugh, Denis, Underagh villas, Cultra
M'Williams, James, caretaker club house, Cultra
Neill, S. D., Ardmoyle, Cultra
Nelson, Omar C, Doon, Cultra
Oakes, S., Coastguard Station, Marino
Osborne, T. E., Woodleigh, Marino
Patterson, S. M., Cultra
Payne, George W., Marino villas, Marino
Pirrie, Miss Agnes, Sunnyside, Marino
Pollock, John, Marino
Porter, Mrs., Mayfield, Cultra
Praeger, Mrs. Maria, Cultra
Rea, Miss Agnes, Colludon cottages, Cultra
Renold, A., Ballymenoch park, Marino
Ritchie, Mrs. Margaret
Roden, Miss, Merriman, Cultra
Ross, George H., Hilsea, Cultra
Scott, Archie, coachman, Coilmara cottage, Cultra
Smyth, Captain A. Wolfe, Clanbrassil, Cultra
Snape, William
Steele, John, Woodleigh, Marino
Stewart, James, Inverloch, Marino
Stewart, Robert, carpenter, Estate cottages, Marino
Warden, W. R., Cultra
Workman, Robert E., Redroofs, Cultra
Wylie, Rev. Wm., Woodleigh, Marino

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