Hillsborough, County Down

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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12 miles from Belfast.
Market Town. Market Day—Wednesday
Fair Day—The third Wednesday of each month


—Postal Telegraph Office, Money Order Office, Savings Bank
—Mary Crane, postmistress; Joseph Beattie, postman.
North of Ireland, Scotch, English and foreign mails arrive at 6-30 a.m.
General despatches at 7-30, 10-15 a.m.; 2-30, 5-45, and 8-50 p.m.
Letters delivered at 7-30, 9-25 a.m., 5-15 p.m.
Callers only, 7 p.m.


Church of Ireland—Rev. Canon Kernon, B.D., Treasurer of Down Cathedral, rector; Rev. F. J. Bannan, B.A., curate.
St. John's, Kilwarlin—Rev. Charles W. Harkness, M.A., vicar
All Saints', Eglantine—Rev. F. W. Hogan, M.A., vicar
Annahilt—R ev. Francis Matchett, B.D., vicar
Annahilt Presbyterian Church—Rev. Josias Mitchell, B.A.
Drumlough Presbyterian Church—Rev. T. Bill, B.A., minister
Presbyterian Church—Rev. W. C. Steele, B.A., B.D.
Loughaghery Presbyterian Church—Rev. J. N. Moorehead
The Maze Presbyterian Church—Rev. T. Dunn
The Society of Friends' Meeting House
The Methodist Church, Zion—Rev. J. Allen, minister
Roman Catholic Church—Very Rev. Mark M'Cashin, P.P.; Rev. Chas. O'Loan, CC.


Culcavey National Schools—J. Baird, principal
Maze National Schools—J. Hutton, teacher
Maze National School (No. 2)—James Atkinson, teacher
Newport National Schools—Victor Boyd, principal
St. James's National School—Thomas G. Ingram, principal
St. John's National School—T. Robinson, principal
Ballykeel, Artifinny, National School—Miss Cunningham, principal
Hillsborough N.S.—G. M'Cready, teacher
Downshire Schools—Edward Mitchell and Miss Bradshaw, teachers
Reilly's Trench National School—Miss Downey, principal
Dispensary, Lisburn Street—H. J. Boyd, M.D., J.P., physician
Dispensary, Annahilt—W. Campbell, M.D., surgeon
Gas Works—William Walker, manager
Markets—James Ingram, weighmaster
The Northern Banking Co., Ltd.—S. H. Goldsmith, manager; J. Lester, cashier
Downshire Corporation Arms Hotel—Sidney J. Staple, proprietor
Masonic Hall—Masonic Lodges, No. 683 Annahilt True Blues, Daniel Fergie, secretary; No. 66 Star of Kilwarlin, Edward Mitchell, secretary; Royal Arch Chapter No. 66, Edward Mitchell, secretary; Moses Rogan, tyler
R.I.C. Barracks—Sergeant Walker; Constables J. Noble, C. Mulholland, J. Keane, and A. Wilson
St. Cecilia Musical Society—Practice in the Parish Rooms on Tuesday evenings from 7-30 till 9 o'clock—Wm. Harty, L.M., conductor
Public Reading Rooms, The Square—Open on week days from 8 o'clock a.m. till10 o'clock p.m.—Joseph Beattie, caretaker; Canon Kernan and George Allen, secretaries
Billiard and Recreation Room, Main street—S. J. Goldsmith, secretary
Great Northern Railway Station—James B. Gray, stationmaster; David Ross, head porter
East Downshire Steamship Co., Ltd., coal merchants—Edwin G. Sands, agent
Hillsborough Linen Co., Ltd.—Arthur Pim, secretary; Nevin H. Foster, manager
District Nursing Society—Nurse Rankin, Main street


Maude, Anthony F., J.P., agent, Foster, M., receiver
Allen, George, accountant and keeper of muniments
Smyth, W. A., accountant
Hillis, Frederick W., clerk
Crane, Sergeant J. H., caretaker


Marquis of Downshire, hereditary constable
Sergeant-Major James H. Crane, drill inspector
Castle Wardens—James Beattie, John Burrows, Hamilton Chambers, Alex. Cunningham, Joseph Dewart, Wm. Ginn, John Green, Henry Johnston, David Law, Joseph M'Carthy, Thomas M'Carthy, Westley M'Garry, William Presha, James Rennyson, William John Roberts, William John Walker; John Atkinson, bugler


Allen, George, The Square
Armstrong, James, Lisburn street
Atkinson, Samuel, mason, Inn's lane
Balmer, Thomas, shoemaker, Main street
Barrett, T., Lisburn street
Beattie, Joseph, postman, Main street
Beattie, Thomas, porkcutter, Lisburn street
Bell, George, J.P., Eden Fells
Bell, G. & H., ham curers & egg merchants
Bell, Henry, The Lawn
Bell, H., Lisburn street
Bell, Miss
Bell, Miss Sarah, Eden Fells
Borland, Traver, Lisburn street
Boyd. Henry J., J.P., surgeon, Park house
Boyd, Miss Maria, The Square
Bradshaw, Thomas, The Gardens
Brown, Miss, Main street
Burns, Mrs., Lisburn street
Campbell, The Misses, drapers, Lisburn st
Cleland, Mrs. J. M., Main street
Clokey, Miss, Maze, Hillsborough
Corbett, R. S., Cromloyn lodge
Crane, William, Main street
Crawley, Richard, painter
Dagg, Mrs., The Square
Davidson, Mrs., Lisburn street
Dewart, J., gatekeeper, Downshire demesne
Dixon, William John, Inn's lane
Dixon, Sir Thomas
Dunlop, John, blacksmith, Ballynahinch st
Fergy, Mrs., Lisburn street
Fergy, Daniel, Lisburn street
Foote, John Richard, shoemaker, Lisburn street
Foster, Nevin H., Main street
Gibson, Mrs., posting establishment, spirit dealer, and grocer, The Square
Goldsmith, Sidney J., Northern Bank house
Gowdy, Mrs., grocer, Main street
Gray, George, land steward, Eglantine
Green, John Orr, farmer, Orrfield
Grey, James Baird, Station house
Hamilton, John, porkcutter, Park street
Harkness, Rev. Charles W., M.A., St. John's Vicarage
Harty, William, professor of music, Ballynahinch street
Hatch, J. W., petty sessions clerk, Lisburn street
Heenan, Mrs., spirit dealer, Main street
Henderson, George, bootmaker, Lisburn st
Hillis, Fred W., clerk
Hogan, Rev. F. W., M.A., All Saints' Vicarage, Eglantine
Hughes, Miss, Ballynahinch street
Hughes, Samuel, labourer, Lisburn street
Ingram, James, boot and shoe maker, Lisburn street
Jamison, Humphrey, farmer, Fruithill, Hillsborough
Jenkins, Edward, painter, Park street
Johnston, Edward, carpenter, Inn's lane
Johnston, Miss, coffee & refreshment rooms
Johnston, Mrs., Inn's lane
Johnston, Mrs. S., millinery, mantle, dressmaker and fancy draper
Johnston, Walter, St. James
Jordan, Philip, farmer, Aghandunvarran
Jordan, Wm., farmer, Hillsborough
Leinster, Robert, gardener, Ballynahinch st
Little, Joseph, The Park Farm
Liverpool, London, and Globe Insurance Co.—Henry Bell, agent
Macauley, Miss, sewing agent, Main street
Macnamara, Hugh, weaver, Ballynahinch st
Macoun, H. D., The Square
Magee, Patrick, Main street
Magennis, William George, solicitor, Ballynahinch street and Bow street, Lisburn
Magill, James, general grocer, ironmonger, and oil merchant, Main street
Magoveny, John, painter, Main street
Magoveny, John S., Inn's lane
Matchett, Rev. Francis, B.D., Annahilt Vicarage
Maude, Anthony F., J.P., Kilwarlin house
Mitchell, Edward, Downshire N.S.
Moore, Mrs., Lisburn street
Moorehead, Rev. J. N., Blackbridge
Mulholland, Miss, Eglantine house
Murphy, John, barber, Lisburn street
M'Bride, Miss
M'Bride, Samuel, Culcavey house
M'Bride, F., Arthur street
M'Cagherty, Mrs., Main street
M'Clughan, James, family grocer, tea, provision and hardware merchant, Main st
M'Cready, George S., N.S. teacher, The Square
M'Gifford, Galbraith, Carnreagh cottage
M'Gifford, James C., solicitor, and Bow st., Lisburn
M'Gifford, William
M'Kelsey, J., farmer, Reilly's trench
Nelson, George, farmer, Culcavy
Nightingale, J., gamekeeper, Oldcastle, Hillsborough
Patterson, James, farmer, Ballytintagh park
Patterson, J., cycle maker, Main street
Patterson, Misses, Main street
Payne, Mrs., Ballynahinch street
Payne, Henry W., bank clerk, Ballynahinch street
Pedlow, D., Carnbane house
Philpot, Miss, Lisburn street
Phoenix, I., saddler, Ballynahinch street
Pirn, J. Nicholson R., Ogle's grove
Quaile, Robert, Lisburn street
Reid, David, gardener, Monument hill
Rennyson, J., boot and shoe maker, Lisburn street
Ritchie, John, publican and posting establishment, Lisburn street
Rogan, R., Rose cottage
Rogan, B., Lisburn street
Sands, Edwin G., coal agent, Newport
Scandrett, T. H., farmer, Lisadian
Silcock, George, tailor, Lisburn street
Silcock, Thomas, tailor, Lisburn street
Smyth, Adam, Lisburn street                       .
Smyth, Henry, factory manager, Lisburn st
Spence, Robert, spirit dealer and farmer, Lisburn street
Stanfield, William, spirit dealer and posting establishment, Ballynahinch street
Staple, Sydney J., Royal Corporation Arms Hotel
Steele, Rev. W. C; B.D., The Manse
Stewart, S. R., C.E., assistant and county surveyor, Main street
Thompson, A., farmer & spirit dealer, Maze
Thompson, James, mason, Park street
Thompson, Miss, Ballynahinch street
Thornton. Robert, & Son, grocers, Lisburn street
Trotter, Mrs., housekeeper, Hillsborough Castle
Turner, John, gatekeeper, Park gate
Walker, Ellen, caretaker, Courthouse
Walker, John, farmer, Corceeny
Walker, Wm., butcher, Main street
Walsh, Jane, spirit dealer, farmer and posting establishment
Watson, Joe, gardener, Lisburn street
Woods, James, farmer, St. James



Acheson, William, tenter, Shop row
Adams, Samuel, weaver, White row
Andrews, Wm., game dresser, White row
Beattie, David, farmer, Newport
Boyd, Victor, N.S. teacher, Newport
Camack, Joseph, cloth cropper, English row
Cooper, William, carpenter, Newport
Cushla, J., Maze
Davison, Wm., farmer, Newport, Culcavey
Dickson, Samuel, farmer, Culcavey
Emerson, George, dealer, White row
English, Robert, fireman, Thompson's row
Fullerton, J., farmer, Maze house
Gillespie, Samuel, farmer, Newport, Culcavey
Green, William, farmer, Magherageery
Greer, William, Culcavey cottage
Hewitt, James, blacksmith, Thompson's row
Hewitt, S., carter, Newport
Hinds, Richard Henry, farmer, Maze
Ingram, John, Arbour hill, Magherageery
Irvine, Matthew, gardener, Culcavey
Irvine, William, tenter, Puddledock row
Jamison, Andrew, farmer, Culcavey
Jamison, Thomas, Magherageery
Kernaghan, W., farmer, Maze
Loughlin, Anthony, farmer, Maze
Lowry, Arthur, Lower Maze
Lynd, J., Magherageery
Singleton, Joseph, watchman, Ogle's grove
Martin, Samuel, weaver, White row
Mercer, John, tenter, Thompson's row
Mercer, John, dresser, Thompson's row
Merritt, John, spirit grocer, Maze
Mulholland, D., Magherageery
Murphy, Henry, weaver, The Glen
Murphy, William, tenter, White row
M'Bride, Andrew, farmer, Demiville house
M'Bride, S., Culcavey house
M'Ginnis, James, warper, Smithy row
M'Kibbin, Joseph, Maze
M'Kibbin, S., farmer, Newport, Culcavey
M'Tear, Daniel, farmer, Magherageery
Palmer, C. W., Lower Maze
Pim, N., Oglis grove nursery
Smith, W. J., winding master, Culcavey
Stockman, Samuel, farmer, Maze
Taggart, James, jun., lighter master, Newport
Taggart, John, lighter master, Newport
Taggart, Samuel, lighter master, Newport
Watson, T. H., grocer, Kesh
Wright, James Henry, tenter, Newport

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