Glenarm, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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35 ¾ miles from Belfast.
Seaport Town.
Noted for lime and limestone.
There are four Fair Days annually—26th January, 26th May, 30th August, and 29th October
Population, 1,056


—Thos Hunter, postmaster.
Letters from Dublin, Belfast, Carrickfergus, Larne, &c, arrive at 9-30 a.m., 1 p.m., and 6-15 p.m; from Garron Point and Carnlough at 3-55 p.m.
Letters are despatched to Larne, Belfast, Dublin, &c, at 6-5 a.m. and 3-55 p.m.; to Carnlough and Garron Point at 9-30 a.m. and 1 p.m.; Carnlough, 6-15 p.m.


Church of Ireland—Rev. T. P. Waring, rector. Church service, 11-30 a.m., 6-30 p.m.
Presbyterian—Rev. Charles M. Cowden; 12 o'clock; evening, 6-30
Unitarian Church—Rev. Joseph A. Miskimmon; 12 o'clock noon
Roman Catholic—Rev. Wm. Murphy, P.P.; Rev. J. Byrne, C.C. Church service, 9 a.m., 11 a.m.; 6 p.m.


Dispensary—Tuesdays and Fridays—Samuel M. Magowan, M.D., Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages; deputy-registrar, Robert M'Gowan
Male National School—Robt. Leith, master
Female National School—Miss Johnston, mistress
Infant School—Miss Wilson, mistress; Miss E. Wilson and Miss Wright, assistants
Feystown N.S.—Mrs. Marinan, mistress; Miss Hannon, assistant
Aughogash N.S.—M. Logan, master; Miss M. Neill, assistant
Longfield National School—Miss Bonner, teacher
Seaview Male National School—Charles Morris, master; Henry M'Ilvenny, assistant
Seaview Female National School—Miss Reason, mistress; Miss Clarken, assistant
Royal Irish Constabulary Station—Sergt. Duffy; Constables Oats, Grant, Donaldson
District Councillors—John Thomson, Glenarm; James Crawford, Dickeystown, Glenarm
County Councillor—St. Clair M. Dobbs, J.P., Glenariff
Coastguard Station:—C. F. Thearle, chief officer; Hennesey, chief boatman; Merrenon, Johns and Hill, coastguards
Petty Sessions Court, first Monday every month—Thomas Hunter, clerk
Commissioner for taking affidavits—Thos. Hunter
Belfast Bank—Attendance, Tuesday and Friday
County Rate Collector—Cowan Meban
Sanitary Officer (sub.)—Robert M'Gowan
Collector of Income-tax—James Orr
Solicitors—O'Rorke, M'Donald, and Tweed


Antrim Arms Hotel—Miss Rafferty, proprietress
Antrim, Earl of, Glenarm Castle
Black, A., tailor
Black, B., farmer, Tully
Black, Charles, farmer
Black, James, tailor
Black, Mrs. M. J., grocer
Boyd, John, fisherman
Boyd, John, sen., seaman
Boyd, John, jun., seaman
Boyd, Miss B.
Boyd, Miss J.
Brown, John, miner
Brown, Miss, nurse
Bunting, James, labourer
Bunting, John, labourer
Bunting, S., engineer and plumber
Cameron, John, labourer
Cameron, J., gamekeeper
Charles, Joseph
Clarke, James, gamekeeper
Connolly, C, tailor
Coulter, Captain
Crawford, James, saddler
Cunningham, James, farmer
Cunningham, Miss, farmer
Darragh, Miss, dressmaker and draper
Dempsey, John, engine driver
Dinsmore, J., shoemaker
Dinsmore, Robert
Dinsmore, Sarah
Donnelly, Arthur, labourer
Duncan, James, carter
Duncan, T., seaman
Dunlop, A., yardman
Dunlop, J., cardriver
Forsythe, J., gamekeeper
Fry, Robert, cardriver
Galbraith, Alex., carter
Galbraith, John, farmer, Tully
Galbraith, John, farmer, Carnave
Galbraith, Mrs., farmer, Carnave
Galvin, A., labourer
Galvin, John, car manager
Gibson, A., farmer, Libbert
Gibson, Thomas I., landsteward
Gibson, William, farmer
Glass, Mrs.
Hamill, Alex., labourer
Hamill, Daniel, labourer
Haslett, J., fireman
Haslett, Mrs.
Heggarty, Archibald, road foreman
Heggarty, J., fireman
Hill, Daniel, labourer
Hill, Miss Lizzie, cemetery caretaker
Hunter, James, farmer, Little Deerpark
Hunter, Thomas, stationer and emigration agent
Hunter, Wm., shoemaker
Inglis, A., foreman quarryman
Inglis, George, farmer, Carnave
Inglis, John, farmer, Carnave
Johnston, John, labourer
Kane, J., roadman
Kearney, Joseph, estate bailiff
Kenneway, Mrs.
Laverty, E., labourer
Leith, R., secretary football club
Lennon, Nathaniel, draper
Lindsay, G., gardener
Logan, Andrew C, cashier
Magill, Charles, publican
Magill, Daniel, carpenter
Magill, James, farmer
Magowan, Samuel M., M.D.
Martin, James, carter
Martin, Mrs. A., grocer
Moffatt, Miss, dressmaker
Montgomery, H., farmer, Bay
Morris, C, insurance agent
Morrow, Edward, farmer, Longfield
Morrow, John, painter
Mulvenna, Alex., carpenter
Mulvenna, D., farmer, Gowkstown
Mulvenna, Daniel, carpenter
Mulvenna, M., farmer, Deerpark
Mulvenna, Felix, licensed publican
Murphy, Mrs. B.
Murphy, Mrs. H., grocer
Murphy, Wm., labourer
Murray, Samuel, saddler
M'Allister, E., lodging-house keeper
M'Allister, James, breadserver
M'Allister, J., blacksmith
M'Auley, James, labourer
M'Auley, James, shepherd
M'Auley, Alex., piermaster
M'Auley, Miss, dressmaker
M'Calmont, A., master mariner
M'Calmont, R., weighmaster
M'Cambridge, James, fireman
M'Cambridge, Mrs.
M'Cambridge, Patrick, postman
M'Cambridge,. T., farmer, Tully
M'Clelland, Mrs., grocer
M'Cloy, Mrs., farmer, Munie
M'Clure, D., shepherd
M'Collum, Patrick, mail-car driver
M'Donald, Allan, LL.D., estate agent
M'Donald, Alex., J.P., estate agent
M'Elroy, Mrs., draper
M'Evoy, Hugh, auctioneer and spirit grocer
M'Ferran, George, J.P., Drumnagreagh
M'Gavock, Alex., shoemaker
M'Gavock, C, farmer, Deerpark
M'Gavock, Wm., Glenarm
M'Gavock, Arthur, tailor
M'Gavock, John, farmer, Cairntow
M'Gookin, William, retired seaman
M'Hendry, P., seaman
M'Ilgorm, J., miner
M'Kay, Archibald, carpenter
M'Kay, James, publican and butcher
M'Kay, N., butcher
M'Kay, Miss J.
M'Kay, Robert, seaman
M'Kay, Wm., carter
M'Kay, Wm., postman
M'Kendry, John, seaman
M'Kendry, P., sen., labourer
M'Kenty, J., farmer, Deerpark
M'Keown, Edward, labourer
M'Kinlay, Mrs. Nancy
M'Kinley, C., labourer
M'Lennan, William, coachman
M'Loughlin, Daniel, labourer
M'Loughlin, Daniel, seaman
M'Mullan, Mrs.
M'Mullan, Thomas, publican
M'Mullin Brothers, grocers
M'Mullin, James
M'Mullin, Robert, farmer
M'Neill, A., J.P., farmer, Drumnagreagh
M'Neill, A., baker and grocer
M'Neill, Henry H., Ltd., Seaview Hotel
M'Neill, John, publican
M'Neill, N., labourer
M'Neill, Wm., seaman
M'Neill, Wm., stone mason
M'Roberts, Mrs.
M'Roberts, Mrs., draper
M'Teer, J., butcher
M'Vicker, Mrs., farmer, Bay
M'Vicker, James, farmer, Bay
M'Vicker, R., Bay
Oates, P., constable
Orr, James, painter and grocer
O'Boyle, H., publican
O'Hara, J., carter
O'Kane, Captain, grocer
O'Kane, Daniel, labourer
O'Lynn, Bernard, labourer
O'Neill, Mrs. M.
O'Neill, Robert, dairyman
Patterson, Joseph, shoemaker, Dunterque
Petticrew, A., butcher, captain of hurling club
Petticrew, J., seaman
Petticrew, M., seaman
Petticrew, M., blacksmith
Price, R., labourer
Pullin, Wm. B., watchmaker
Quinn, Ned, seaman
Robinson, Alex., labourer
Robinson, James, carpenter
Robinson, James, farmer, Minnis
Robinson, John, jun., blacksmith
Robinson, John, blacksmith
Robinson, Joseph, sen., farmer, Foxha
Robinson, J., carpenter
Robinson, Miss, dressmaker and draper
Robinson, Owen, carpenter
Smith, James, gardener
Thomson, John, manager Eglinton Limestone Co., Ltd.
Todd, John, labourer
Tuppin & Son, grocers
Wall, J. J., clerk
Wall, Mrs., Courthouse caretaker
Wharry, James, labourer
Wilson, John, farmer, Minnis
Wilson, John, baker
Wilson, John, publican
Woodside, Mrs.
Wright, James, carpenter
Wright, John, tailor
Yendall, Isaac, seaman
Yendall, Isaac, sen., civil bill officer

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