Fintona, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Market Town.
The Market Day each Friday
Fair Day—22nd each month


—A. Wilson, postmaster; proprietor of temperance hotel and undertaker


Church of Ireland—Parish Church—Rev. R. Warrington, B.D., rector
Presbyterian Church—Rev. George P. M'Cay
Methodist Church—Rev. A. Johnston
Roman Catholic Chapel—Very Rev. Canon B. Duffy, P.P., V.F.; Rev. J. Hackett, C.C.


Dispensary Station—Dr. Thomas Duncan, medical officer


Northern Banking Company—John Gerrard Buchanan, manager; John M'Lean, cashier; ——— M'Ilwaine, clerk
Hibernia Banking Company—James Worral, manager; ——— Murtagh, accountant; cashier, ——— Freeman
Ulster Bank—Branch office open market and fair days. Attendance from Omagh


Castletown (Parochial)—J. Harmon Williams, principal; Mrs. Williams, assistant
King Street (Male)—P. M'Caffrey, principal
King Street (Female)—Mrs. M'Caffrey, principal


Amberson, J., clerk, Ecclesville Estate Office
Baxter, John, proprietor Eccles Arms Hotel
Beattie, Thomas K., pawnbroker and boot and shoe merchant
Beattie, Wm., watchmaker and jeweller
Bell, R. J., creamery manager
Black, J., draper
Boyle, J. J., grocer and delph dealer
Buchanan, A. H. R., millowner
Buchanan, H. A., solicitor
Buchanan, J. F., grocer and hardware merchant, and commissioner for taking affidavits
Bullick & Co., drapers
Butler, John, clogmaker
Campbell, Francis, miller
Carney, James, spirit merchant
Cassidy, James, entertainment
Chambers, James, M.D., J.P., Brookwood
Connolly, E., stationmaster
Cooke, W., postman
Corrigan, Owen, spirit merchant
Coulter, W. J., carpenter and builder
Coyle, Joseph, signalman, G.N.R.
Crawford, Miss, spirit merchant
Creagmile, A., grocer, provision, hardware, and timber merchant
Culgin, John, D.C., newsagent
Curry, Robert, jun.
Curry, Wm., jun., tailor
Devlin, Mrs. Mary, grocer
Doneghey, John, grocer and spirit merchant
Donnelly, E., blacksmith
Donnelly, J., ex-N.T.
Donnelly, J. K., spirit merchant
Donnelly, Miss Jane, spirit merchant
Donnelly, Neal, tailor
Duncan, John, farmer, Cavan
Duncan, Thomas, M.D., J.P., Castle Lodge
Falon, Mr., porter, G.N.R.
Fox, Constable, R.I.C.
Cavan, Michael, D.C., carpenter
Gibson, Ebenezer, C.B. officer
Gibson, John, farmer and auctioneer, Raneese, Seskinore
Gorman, John & Patrick, spade manufacturers, Lacca
Gorman, Neill
Hackett, James, lodging and entertainment
Hagan, Mrs., entertainment
Hagan, Patrick, pork carrier
Hamilton, Thomas, sen., bootmaker
Hamilton, Thomas, jun., hairdresser and bootmaker
Hannah, Michael, post car owner
Harper, J., farmer, Legatigle
Houston, Archd., retired captain U.S. army
Houston, James, farmer, Ardatinney
Houston, Richard, farmer, Feenan
Irvine, Margaret, lodging-house keeper
Irvine, James, pork, poultry, and fruit dealer
Johnston, Hugh, farmer, Attaghmore house
Johnston, John, farmer, Sessiagh
Johnston, John, farmer, Attaghmore house
Johnston, J. J. K., solicitor
Johnston, Matthew, M.P.S.I., The Pharmacy
Johnston, Richard, farmer, Killymoonan
Johnston, Robert, farmer, Tonagh
Jones, Wm., grocer and provision merchant
Kelly, M., cattle dealer
Kelly, The Misses, landowners, Rathfragan
King, Joseph, ex-constable R.I.C.
King, Richard, sen., farmer, Cumber
Kyle, R. J., J.P., farmer, The Diamond
Lamb, Edward, head porter, G.N.R.
Lang, Constable, R.I.C.
Lendrum, Andrew, farmer, Railview
Longmore, Mrs., dressmaker
Lynch, John, constable R.I.C.
Malseed, Henry, constable R.I.C.
Maguire, J., lodgings and entertainment
Martin, John, farmer, Lisnacrieve
Mitchell, J., butcher
Monaghan, Patrick, spirit merchant
Moore, John, grocer and delf merchant
Moore. Robert, hairdresser and postman
Moss, Patrick, grocer, tobacconist, and agent for all classes of hand embroidery; Press representative
Moore, W.. vandriver, G.N.R.
Muldoon, Francis, cooper
Muldoon, Michael, cooper
Mulligan. John, shoemaker
Mullin, Patrick, whitesmith
M'Askey, J. farmer, Cumber
M'Atee, F. J., publican
M'Brine, Wm., ex-constable R.I.C.
M'Caffrey, Bernard, dealer
M'Caffrey, Mrs., dress and mantle maker
M'Caffrey, Patrick, draper
M'Cann, Arthur, spirit merchant
M'Canney, Michael, whitesmith
M'Carney, Thomas, spirit merchant, grocer, and auctioneer
M'Caughey, Bernard, saddler
M'Cauley, James, gamekeeper, Ecclesville estate
M'Clelland, W. J., N.T., Lisnacreive N.S.
M'Clintock, Major John Knox, J.P., D.L., Ecclesville and Seskinore
M'Coy, Mrs., entertainment
M'Crea, Charles A., grocer
M'Crea, R. & S., drapers
M'Cusker, Mrs., lodgings and entertainment
M'Cusker, M., cardriver
M'Fadden, Sergeant in charge of R.I.C. station
M'Farland, Misses, dressmakers
M'Gaughey, H., horsedealer
M'Guinness, J., clerk, G.N.R.
M'Kenna, J., spirit merchant
M'Kinney, J., farmer, Legatigle
M'Laren, Joseph, grocer
M'Laren, Joseph, boot and shoe warehouse
M'Mullan, T., spirit merchant
M'Nulty, Daniel, D.C., J.P., grocer and baker
M'Quaide, Annie, grocer
M'Williams, Patrick, saddler
Neeley, W. E., merchant tailor
Neeson, Henry, greengrocer
Nutt, James, farmer and smith
O'Kane, John, fowl dealer
O'Neill, Miss, N.T., Tattymoyle N.S.
O'Neill & Co., drapers
Owens, John, D.C., J.P., boot and shoe maker
Porter, R., proprietor Commercial Hotel
Porter, W., telegraph messenger
Perry, Mrs. M., spirit merchant
Quinn, Mrs., draper
Quinn, Patrick, fowl dealer
Reid, Miss, N.T., Tyreenan N.S.
Robinson, James
Rogers, C, draper, Irish house
Roger Bros., tea merchants and dealers
Smyth, Peter, grocer
Smyth, Miss, dressmaker
Smyth, Thomas, signalman, G.N.R.
Sproule, A. H. R., J.P., Denamona house
Steen, A. R., grocer and hardware merchant
Stephenson, John, porter, G.N.R.
Stevenson, James, carpenter
Stewart, George, draper
Stewart, Joseph, newsagent
Stewart, Joseph, grocer and provision merchant
Stewart, W., grocer
Taylor, Joseph, J.P., auctioneer and valuator
Taylor, Neville, petty sessions clerk
Taylor, Samuel, grocer
Taylor & Co., watchmakers and jewellers
Tabman, Thos., grocer and provision merchant
Vesey, The Misses, estate owners, Derrabard
Walker, R. J.., V.S.
Warnock, James, farmer, Skelga
Warnock, James, farmer, Aughadreenan
Warnock, William, farmer, Fallaghearn
Warwick, Francis, watchmaker and jeweller
Watterson, W., watchmaker and jeweller
Williams, P. R., grocer and provision merchant
Williams, P. R., china and glass dealer
Wilson, Andrew, temperance hotel
Wilson, Andrew, agent
Wilson, Mrs. J., landowner, Mullanboy
Wilson, Matthew, farmer, Tonagh
Wilson, Robert, farmer, Rathwarren
Wright, James, shoemaker
Wright, Samuel, licensed general dealer

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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1852

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