Doagh, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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13 miles from Belfast.
Flax Spinning is the chief industry
Population, 232


—Sub-postmistress, Mrs. Legate. Postmen, W. Adams and Jas. Gilmour


Palentine—Mrs. Steele
Doagh—Mr. Robson
Cogry—Mr. M'Nally, Miss Wade, Miss M'Nally, James Blakeley
Kilbride—Mr. M'Cartney, Miss M'Allister, and Miss Andrew
Ballybracken—James Jack


Church of Ireland Parish Church—Rev. P. E. Major, rector
Kilbride Presbyterian—Rev. Robert Allison
Posting Establishments—John Steele, Samuel M'Connell, Mrs. Martin
Public Works—Doagh Spinning Mill, Cogry
Spinning Mill Company, Springvale
Bleachworks ; Beetling Engines—Cogry, Doagh, and Brackenhill
Telephone Call Office—Mrs. Patterson
East Antrim Kennels, Brookfield—Huntsman, J. Raby; whip, Thomas Campbell ; kennel huntsman, James Rea


Alexander, A., Holestone
Allen, James, Rashee
Allen, M., Doagh
Allison, Rev. Robert, Kilbride
Adams, W., postman
Andrews, R., Holestone
Andrews, W., The Braes
Armstrong, James, Holestone
Armstrong, J., Cogry
Armstrong, R., Drumadaragh
Baird, H., Ballyhammage
Baird, James, Ballywee
Baird, John, Ballywee
Bamford, C, Doagh
Barclay, P., The Braes
Barr, W., Doagh
Barron, Robert, Ballypallady
Beggs, George, hotel, Burnside
Beggs, John, Kilbride
Beggs, Thomas, Kilbride
Beggs, Thomas, general merchant
Bell, J., saddler, Ballybracken
Bell, Miss
Bell, Samuel, Doagh
Black, D., Burnside
Blain, Miss, Ballybracken
Bodkin, Miss, draper
Bowden, W., Doagh
Boyd, John, beetling engines
Boyd, J., jun.
Boyd, W., beetler, Cogry
Bryson, H., Holestone
Bryson, H., Lisnalark
Bryson, John, Ballyvoy
Buchanan, J., Cogry
Burns, W., Doagh
Byers, William, Holestone
Cairslaw, W., schoolmaster, Ballyvoy N.S.
Caldwell, R.
Cameron, Mr., Plains house
Cameron, R., Doagh
Caruth, James, Ballyclare
Cauley, A., Cogry
Charman, Mrs., draper
Christie, J., Doagh
Christie, S., Doagh
Clugston, H., Springvale
Cousins, W., Burnside
Cowan, Mrs., The Braes
Crawford, W. J., Cogry
Dalrymple, A., Orpin's mill
Dixon, T. J., J.P., Drumdaragh house
Duggan, Miss, Doagh
Duncan, James, Burnside
Easton, G., Doagh
Elliott, J., West End
Elliott, R., Drumdaragh
Erskine, Mrs., Tildarg
Evans, M., Cogry
Ferguson, Andrew, Halftown
Ferguson, George, bootmaker
Ferguson, Mrs., Fisherwick
Ferguson, W. J., Holestone
Finlay, J., Drumdaragh
Finlay, James, Springvale
Finlay, James
Finlay, S., Springvale
Fisher, W., Doagh
Fleming, Miss, dressmaker
French, John, Drumdaragh
Frue, J., Doagh
Garley, John, Doagh
Gault, Mrs. James, Cogry farm
Gault, W., Beech hill
Giffen, Mrs. Orpin's mill
Gilmore, S., Doagh
Gilmour, James, postman
Gilmour, John, Cogry
Gordan, Mr., Plains
Goudie, William, Doagh
Graham, William
Grimshaw, D., tailor, Doagh
Hagan, Mrs., Fisherwick
Hamilton, I., tailor, Doagh
Hamilton, S., Doagh
Harper, A., Doagh
Harper, Joseph, Ballyhammage
Harper, Samuel, Doagh
Harvey, W. M., Drumdaragh
Henderson, John, Doagh.
Herbison, H., Doagh
Herron, W. C, hotel
Higginson, J., Doagh
Hill, John
Holland, William, tailor, Doagh
Houston, John
Hoy, James, Rashee
Hoy, Robert, Kilbride
Hunter, A., general dealer
Hunter, D.
Hunter, John, Church lane
Hunter, R., jun., Ballyhammage
Hunter, Samuel, Lion's Den
Hunter, W. C, general merchant
Irvine, John, sen.
Irvine, John, Rashee
Irwin, R., Doagh
Jack, James
Jackson, W., Drumdaragh
Jenkins, Eliza, Burnside
Jenkins, Isabella, Burnside
Jones, J. H., stationmaster, N.G.
Jonkson, J., Holestone
Kelly, H., Doagh
Kelly, Thomas, Doagh
Kennedy, J., Doagh
Kernohon, John, Kilbride
Kernohon, Mrs., Kilbride
Kirk, John, Doagh
Larmour, J., Holestone
Legate, James, post office
Leitch, H., corn mill, Drumdaragh
Lindsay, J., Lane ends
Little, M., Ballybracken
Logan, J., Holestone
Lorimer, H., Doagh
Magee, Miss, Orpin's mill
Magee, R., Doagh
Magowan, John, Doagh
Mahaffy, S., Ballybracken
Mahood, H., Ballywee
Major, Rev. P. E., Rectory, Doagh
Martin, Henry, Doagh
Martin, Mrs., general merchant
Maybin, W., Drumdaragh
Mayne, T., Doagh
Mercer, J., Cogry
Milford, John, general merchant
Milligan, J., Doagh
Montgomery, D., Doagh
Montgomery, Miss, Holestone
Mooney, J., Drumdaragh post office
Moore, James, Springvale
Moreland, Miss, Cogry
Mulholland, W., Doagh
Mullan, S., Doagh
Murdoch, A., Holestone
M'Adam, James, general merchant, Doagh
M'Allister, M.
M'Allister, W. R., Ballyhammage
M'Bride, R., Doagh
M'Broom, H., Holestone
M'Cleery, Mrs., Ballyhammage
M'Cleery, Robert, Ballybracken
M'Clelland, James, Kilbride
M'Clelland, William, Kilbride
M'Connell, Samuel, Springvale
M'Connell, Samuel, Doagh hotel
M'Cormick, J., Cogry
M'Crory, Mrs., Waterheadstown
M'Curley, Mrs.
M'Dowell, James
M'Fall, Miss, Burnside
M'Hugh, S.
M'Kaig, John
M'Kinstry, Thomas, Ballyhammage
M'Kinstry, W. J., Holestone
M'Lean, George, Burnside
M'Meekin, A., Cogry hill house
M'Meekin, J., Doagh
M'Murdie, R., Doagh
M'Nallv, F., Doagh
M'Nally, R.
M'Nally, S.
M'Quillian, William, Cogry
Norrell, Sarah, Orpin's mill
Norrell, Thomas, Independent terrace
Owens, F., Doagh
Owens, Miss Orr, Holestone house
Owens, Robert
Parke, N., Doagh
Patridge, H., Doagh
Patterson, Thomas, general dealer, Rashee
Phillips, S., Independent terrace
Piercy, Mary, Cogry
Quaile, J., Doagh
Raby, John, huntsman
Ramsay, D., church officer
Ramsay, John, Ballygowan
Ramsay, W., Lisnalark
Rea, David
Rea, W., Doagh
Reid, Alexander, Parkmount
Reid, Alexander
Reid, George, insurance agent, Doagh
Reid, Robert, Parkview
Reid, R., tailor, Doagh
Reid, W., blacksmith
Robinson, A., general dealer
Robinson, Miss, Drumdaragh
Robson, R. B., Doagh
Rodgers, J., Doagh
Semple, Hugh, sexton
Semple, S., Drumdaragh
Semple, William, Holestone
Semple, W., Rashee
Service, R., Cogry
Service, William, Springvale
Smith, A., Cogry
Smith, A., tailor, Doagh
Smith, D., Rashee
Smith, John, Holestone
Smith, Miss, The Braes
Smith, —, Burnside
Smith, S., Doagh
Smith, William, Holestone
Steele, John, Doagh posting establishment
Stevenson, J., Palantine
Stevenson, William, Kilbride
Stewart, R., Rashee
Storey, Alexander, Doagh
Strange, H., Doagh
Taggart, H., Kilbride
Taylor, Frank, Springvale house
Todd, Mrs. George, Rashee
Todd, R., Waterheadstown
Todd, Samuel, Halftown
Todd, William, Waterheadstown
Topping, J.
Topping, W.
Walker, Joseph
Wallace, T., Doagh
Ward, A., Doagh
Warwick, David, coal merchant
Wilson, J., Doagh
Wilson, R., Doagh
Wright, J., Doagh

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