Cushendall, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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51 miles from Belfast.
It is patronized greatly by excursionists from all parts of the United Kingdom on account of the scenery which surrounds the famous Glens


—Mrs. Macauley, Postmistress


Church of Ireland—Rector, Rev. T. E. Thorpe, M.A.
Presbyterian—Rev. Samuel Reid, Cushendall
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. John M'Cartan, P.P., Cushendall; Rev. D. Toal, C.C., Bay Glenariffe


Coastguard Officer—Wm. Stead; men, John Yoe, Charles Moore, and Wm. Colf
Cottage Hospital—Matron, Miss Barbara M'Donnell; district nurse, Miss Kirk; medical officer, M. J. O'Kane, M.B.
Church of Ireland—Infant School, Miss Donnelly, teacher
Cushendall Hotel—A. Delargy, proprietor
Magistrates—St. Clair Dobbs, Cloughcor lodge, Glenariff; M. J. O'Kane, M.D., Cushendall; J. P. Cinnamond, Cushendall; James M'Neill, Tamlaght, Glenariff
National Schools—Roman Catholic—Male, H. J. Flatley, teacher; female, Miss M'Elroy, teacher
Northern Banking Co.'s Bank—Manager, J. P. Cinnamond
R.I.C.—Sergt. Clarke and four constables
Temperance Hotel—Mrs. Chard, proprietress


Agnew, Charles, farmer
Blaney, John
Chard, Mrs. Kate, grocer and proprietress
Delargy, A., Cushendall Hotel
Delargy, Hugh, restaurant; agent Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co.; auctioneer
Kane, Miss, publican
Lynn, Daniel, cycle works
Millar, Mrs., Legge house
Mooney, Mrs. P., dressmaker
Morrison, Misses, drapers
Mulvenna, Mrs., grocer
Murphy, Mrs., grocer
Murt, Robert
M'Alister, Alexander, Carnahaugh
M'Alister, Daniel, coal merchant and hardware dealer
M'Alister, Daniel, farmer
M'Alister, Patrick, publican
M'Alister, Robert, farmer
M'Alister, Robert, grocer
M'Auley, David, farmer, Ballybrack
M'Bride, Margaret, draper and grocer
M'Cambridge, Archibald, grocer
M'Cambridge, T., tobacconist
M'Collum, Joseph, publican
M'Collum, Matilda, dressmaker
M'Cormick, Alexander, ironmonger
M'Curdy, Denis, grocer
M'Curdy, Patrick, Cushendall
M'Donnell, Alexander, farmer, Ballybrack
M'Donnell, Miss, Monavert
M'Donnell, Mrs., Tully, Cushendall
M'Elheran, Alexander, farmer and grocer, Glenariff
M'Elheran, James, C.P.S., agent B.N.C.R. Co.
M'Fetridge, William J., saddler
M'Gonnel, Daniel, butcher
M'Kay, Patk., Dromore, publican, Knocknacarry
M'Kenzie, Chas., Maryville
M'Killop, Captain
M'Killop, Mrs. Jane, restaurant
M'Neill, John, butcher
M'Neill, Miss, stationer
M'Sparran, James, Innispollan and Cloney
Nichol, Denis, coal merchant, Cushendall and Red Bay
O'Kane, M. J., M.B., dispensary medical officer
O'Loan, Daniel, carpenter
O'Neill, Patrick, farmer, Glenariff, Grenaghan
Prescott, Miss, Legge house
Stevenson, William J., grocer


Black, Neil John, Bay Glenariff
Kane, John, Layde
M'Auley, Bernard, D.C., Lubetavish
M'Auley, Henry, Ballyvooley
M'Auley, Hector, Clough
M'Cambridge, John, D.C., Laney, Cushendall
M'Cloy, Alexander, D.C., Lubetavish
M'Cloy, John, Lubetavish
M'Donnell, Charles, Falnaglass
M'Elherran, Donald, Layde
M'Larty, Malcolm, poor rate collector, Layde
Quinn, Michael, Muroo


Blancy, Mrs., Temperance Hotel
Bray, Miss, grocer
Higgins, Mrs. wine merchant
Maxwell, Mrs., boarding house
Moore, John, general merchant
Murray Bros., divers
M'Auley Bros., fishermen
M'Auley, James, general merchant
M'Callister, Charles, butter and egg merchant
M'Callister, Mrs., spirit merchant
M'Gonnell, Miss, N.S. teacher
M'Intosh, Hugh, spirit merchant
M'Killen, Alexander, butcher
M'Killen, John, spirit grocer
M'Lart, Daniel, spirit merchant
M'Neill, Miss, dispensary


Black, Charles
Black, Francis
Black, John
Black, Patrick
Campbell, Miss, principal Glenariff N.S.
Connolly, John
Delargy, Hugh
Delargy, John
Delargey, William
Duffin, James, tea rooms
Gaston, James
Gillen, John
Gillen, Patrick
Graham, James
Graham, Robert
Gribben, Patrick, grocer
Harvey, Edmund
Harvey, Patrick
Henery, John
Kenny, John
Leech, Patrick
Monaghan, Charles
Mullan, Hugh
Murray, Edmund
M'Alister, Patrick
M'Auley, Bernard
M'Auley, Francis
M'Auley, James, sub-postmaster
M'Bride, James
M'Cafferty, Charles
M'Callister, Alexander
M'Carry, Mrs.
M'Cauley, Henry
M'Cauley, Owen, general merchant
M'Collum, Malcolm
M'Cormick, Miss, refreshments
M'Donnell, Randal
M'Garry, Daniel
M'Henry, Felix
M'Ilroy, James
M'Kay, Archibald
M'Killop, Charles
M'MulIan, Alexander
M'Mullan, Neal
O'Boyle, James
O'Boyle, Neal
O'Boyle, Patrick
O'Donnell, James
O'Neill, John
Reid, Arthur, grocer
Robin, Alexander
Sharpe, Robert
Silvertop, William, Ballinlig house, Kilmore

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