Clough, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-one miles by rail on the M. Railway (N.C.C.)
Population about 100.


—John Adams, Postmaster.
Mail arrives at 9-30 a.m. and is despatched at 3-20 p.m.
Fair Days—February 8, May 27, August 5, November 8, December 10


Church of Ireland—Sunday services, 11-30 a.m. and 7 p.m. Rector, Rev. Charles S. Stewart
Presbyterian Church—Service, 12 o'clock noon and 6 o'clock p.m. Rev. Phineas M'Kee, B.A.
Baptist Chapel—12 o'clock noon. Rev. Reid M'Culloch, B.A.
Plymouth Brethren—12 o'clock


Orange Hall
Masonic Hall
Dispensary—Dr. M'Kay, registrar of births, marriages, and deaths. Open Tuesdays and Fridays, from 10 to 12
Parochial National School—Miss Shields
Clough National School—Mr. John Crawford
National Schools in the district are—Carnbeg, Miss M'Dowell; Killyree, Mr. R. Armstrong; Limnavallaghan, Mr. W. Gordon; Ballyboggy, Miss Taylor


Adams, John, postmaster and farmer
Alexander, Sarah
Bell, Alexander
Blair, John, publican and grocer
Eaton, Joseph
Elliott, William, blacksmith
Greer, Archibald
Huey, John, grocer
Jamieson, John, publican and farmer
Kennaway, Edward
Logan, William
Millar, James
M'Ateer, Eliza
M'Ilroy, Joseph
M'Mullan, Sarah, caretaker of church
M'Vicker, Mary J.
Shaw, John, carpenter
Stewart, Hester
Walker, John
White, William


Adams, David, Ballycregagh
Adams, James, Ballycregagh
Adams, Joseph, Ballycregagh
Adams, R. S., Tullynewey
Adams, W. J., Kinflea
Adams, W., Moneyduff
Alexander, Joseph, Ballycregagh
Alexander, T., Ballycregagh
Barr, James, Ballyboggy
Bradshaw, Peter, Craigfadd
Calwell, Andrew, Ballyreagh
Carruth, R., Dunbought
Carson, Adam, Ballyboggy
Carson, J. A., Ballycregagh
Chambers, Hugh, Tullybane
Crawford, Andrew, Tullykittagh
Crawford, Henry, Carnmore
Crawford, John, Tullykittagh
Crawford, J., Ballyboggy
Crawford, Robert J., Ballycregagh
Crawford, William, Ballycregagh
Crawford, William, Tullykittagh
Cupples, David, Ballyreagh
Cupples, H. T., Limavallaghan
Cupples, Thomas, R.D.C., Ballyreagh
Curry, Hugh, Craigfadd
Dawds, Samuel, Artnacrea
Dixon, John, Craigfadd
Douds, John, Artnacrea
Douds, Samuel J., Artnacrea
Dunseath, Johnston, Farnacushoge
Eaton, R., Kinflea
Elliott, John R., Ballycregagh
Forsythe, R., Rosedernate
Frew, William, Ballyboggy
Gaston, Samuel, Ballycregagh
Gordon, Roger, R.D.C., Omerbane
Gordon, William, Tullykittagh
Graham, James
Gregg, Adam, Glenslie
Gregg, John, Craigfaddock
Gregg, R., Ballycregagh
Gregg, Thomas, Craigfaddock
Hanna, James, Ballycregagh
Harper, James, Tullynewey
Harper, John, Tullynewey
Hastings, Thomas, Rosedernate
Hayes, David, Dunbought
Hood, James, Tullybane
Hood, John, Tullybane
Huey, James, Rosedernate
Hume, H., posting establishment Clough
Johnston, David, Ballyreagh
Johnston, David, Tullynewey
Johnston, John, Ballyreagh
Kirk, William, Craigfadd
Knowles, John, Ballyreagh
Knowles, William
Kyle, D., Glenleslie
Kyle, James, Rosedernate
Linton, Adam, Rosedernate
Linton, R. J., Artnacrea
Martin, R., Glenleslie
Maxwell, John, Limavallaghan
Minn, Samuel, Clough
Mitchell, Thomas, Carnbeg
Montgomery, Alexander, Farnacushoge
Montgomery, R., Drumnagrove
Moore, W. J., Tullykittagh
Mulvenna, J. H., Killyree
Murray, R., Killyree
M'Allister, James, Omerbane
M'Alonan, Thomas, Ballycregagh
M'Burney, Samuel, Ballyreagh
M'Burney, S., Tullykittagh
M'Cleery, Andrew, Glenleslie
M'Cord, Samuel, Carnmore
M'Creight, William, J., Drumagrove
M'Intyre, R., Glenleslie
M'Kay, Dr., Ballyreagh
M'Kendry, D., Killyree
M'Kendry, Robert, Ballycregagh
M'Laughlin, John, Rosedernate
M'Vicker, John, Craigfadd
Orr, Matthew, Killyrea
Sloan, D., Dougry
Stewart, Hugh, Tullybane
Stewart, James H., Tullybane
Stewart, Joseph, Rosedernate
Strahan, Thomas, Dunbought
Tafts, A., Killyree
Tafts, T. C., Killyree
Taylor, Frances, Tullybane
Wade, Alex., Ballybogie
Wade, R., Moneyduff
Walker, R., Dunbought
Welsh, Walker, Drumagrove
Wilson, Graham, Ballyreagh
Wilson, John, Rosedernate

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The Belfast and Province of Ulster Directory for 1852

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