Clones, County Monaghan

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Carroll, Mary, grocer
Cassidy, J., cattle dealer
Connolly, Michael, plasterer
Doonan, W., lodging-house keeper
Robinson, R. J., R.I.C.
Smyth, Thomas, blacksmith


Clarke, Joseph, merchant
Cockings, W., & Co., grocers and spirit dealers
Corbett, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Cosgrave, Mrs. J., lodging-house keeper
Elliott, Thomas, lodging-house keeper
Ferguson, William, saddler
Ferguson, W. N., steam saw and flax mills
Geehan, John, barber
Harrison, J. K., gas manager
Keenan, James
Keenan, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Lily, J. J., carpenter
Mulholland, Michael, carrier
Murphy, Bernard, baker
Murphy, James, plasterer
M'Cabe, Mary Ann, lodging-house keeper
M'Caffry, J., bootmaker
M'Caffry, Patrick, mason
M'Cluskey, John
M'Cullagh, Eliza
M'Donald, James, carpenter
M'Grath, William
M'Quaid, P., cardriver
Napier, constable R.I.C.
Noble Bros., coachbuilders
O'Brien, Peter, nailer
O'Driscoll, Thomas
Quigley, A., bootmaker
Slowey, John, grocer
Smith, John, grocer and spirit dealer
Smyth, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Walker, George, cycle agent
Weir, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
White, William, tinplate worker
Wilson, James, painter


Baker, James, traveller
Burke, John, publican
Burns, Mary, lodgings
Callaghan, Miss, dressmaker
Carroll, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Carroll, Peter, publican
Carson, John
Clerkin, Thomas, publican
Condlin, J., law clerk
Courtney, John, tinplate worker
Doherty, John, publican
Goodwin, Mrs. Mary, lodging-house keeper
Hughes, William, grocer
Kennedy, Mrs., laundry
Lunny, James
Lunny, Miss L., lacemaker
Manning, Isaac, grocer and coal merchant
Martin, Owen, fowl dealer
Morgan, Joseph, agent
Mulholland, James, painter
Mulholland, John
Murphy, Owen, rag merchant
M'Donald & Sheil, saddlers
M'Entee, Thomas, bootmaker
Neill, William, coachbuilder
Nixon, E., baker
O'Brien, James, hotel boots
Phairs, William, cardriver
Prescott, John, painter
Presho, Mrs., lace dealer
Smith, John, blacksmith
Stratton, James, painter
Sweeney, Miss, lodgings
Travers, William, commercial traveller
Watt, R., barber


Bleakley, Hugh, farmer
Clarke, John, porter
Conn, David R., porter
Cosgrave, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Gill, J., clerk G.N.R.
Gormley, Rev. P., C.C.
Henry, B., Hill cottage
Howard, Francis, lodgings
Kearney, Charles, merchant
Keary, Charles, merchant
Kelly, L. K., tailor
Kelly, Patrick, tailor
Kiernans, Miss, laundry
Magrain, John, pig dealer
Maguire, Margaret, lacemaker
Maguire, William, railway official
Morris, Patrick, pig dealer
M'Cabe, James
M'Cabe, Miss, lodging-house keeper
M'Donald, James, bootmaker
M'Quaid, Patrick, lodging-house keeper
O'Donnell, Hugh
Owens, Peter
Slowey, Miss, lace agent
Trainor, H., sexton


Beatty, John, druggist
Bright, J., merchant tailor and general draper
Concannon, Mr.
Duffy, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
Ferguson, John, post office caretaker
Gibson, William, select family grocer and newsagent
Gillespie, J., L.K.Q.C.P.I.
Gunn, Hugh, woollen draper
Henry, William, M.B., B.Ch., T.C.D.
Ker, Charles, woollen draper
Knight, Michael, solicitor
Levison, David, general dealer and posting establishment
Lowe, Henry, grocer and spirit dealer
Maguire, E. & F., grocers and spirit dealers
Maguire, Hugh, draper
Murphy, Henry, solicitor
M'Coy, William, solicitor
M'Crarren, M., Irish lace manufacturer
M'Henry & Maguire, merchants
M'Nally, John
Parke, William, solicitor
Richmond, Thomas, grocer
Robinson, John, auctioneer and temperance hotel
Ruddell, Rev. Joseph
Russell, D., draper
Swayne, H. E., Bank of Ireland
Tierney, Ed., M.B., B.Ch., R.U.I.


Barnes, J., coffee stand
Blakely, Robert, grocer
Small, J. P., J.P., veterinary surgeon
Tummon, J., publican


Black, A. J., saddler
Bowes, Joseph, grocer
Brady, Edward, publican
Brogan, Patrick, newsagent
Brogan, Patrick, cattle dealer
Brogan, Mrs. W., fancy warehouse
Cassidy, L., spiritgrocer
Clarke, D. A., grocer
Clinton, James, boot merchant
Cole, John, L.P.S.I.
Connolly, Wilson, tailor
Cross, Mrs., dressmaker
Davis, Mrs. M., Fermanagh house
Donaghue, Mr., publican
Duffy, James, signalman
Duggan, Creighton, spirit merchant
Earls, William, grocer and leather merchant
Ferguson, James, saddler
Fye, Maria, greengrocer
Gauley, A., carpenter
Gordon, Hugh, draper
Graham, Joseph, watchmaker
Grinnell, A., fancy warehouse
Hall, B., & Son, grocers and jewellers
Hayes, Mrs., grocer
Jenkins, John, hairdresser
Jenkins, Mrs., fancy warehouse
Keelan, Thomas, lodging-house keeper
Keer, medical hall
Keirans, Ellen, publican
Kelly, F.
Kirkpatrick Bros., drapers
Leghorn, Miss, lodging-house keeper
Lipton's Stores—F. Maguire, manager
Little, Miss, spirit dealer
Magoverin, Thomas, spirit dealer
Maguire, Philip, grocer and spirit dealer
Martin, Connor, cardriver
Masterson, Daniel
M'Aloon, J., lodging-house keeper
M'Avinney, Anne, greengrocer
M'Cabe, Michael, publican and grocer
M'Carney, Peter, grocer
M'Coy, William, draper
M'Dermott, Miss, fancy warehouse
M'Elroy, Patrick, tailor
M'Elroy, Terence, tailor
M'Elroy, Thomas, publican
M'Grain, Mrs., lodging-house keeper
M'Ivor, W., grocer
M'Mahon, George, tobacconist
M'Philip, Richard, butcher
Nicholl Bros., grocers
Nicholl, Robert
O'Reilly, John, publican
O'Shea, R., lodging-house keeper
Smyth, James, lodging-house keeper
Smyth, J. B., fancy warehouse
Stephen, R., butcher
Steward, Samuel, bootmaker
Stratton, John, law clerk
The White Star Bar—Edward Brady, proprietor
Thompson Bros., grocers
Toland, D., draper and auctioneer
Warren, W. J., stationer
Wiggins, William, draper
Woods, William, woollen draper


Cushnee, Edward, railway clerk
Hanna, H. V., Station house
Luke, Robert, enginedriver
Maguire, Minnie, dressmaker
Semple, Mrs., lodging-house keeper


Carroll, Thomas, butter buyer
Deery, James, cooper
Gorman, D., school teacher
Kelly, Thomas, builder
Masterson, William, machine agent
M'Grane, A., enginedriver
Quigley, Thomas, carpenter


Brogan, John, butcher
Colon, Mrs., nurse
Cox, James, cardriver
Henderson, A., boot and clog maker
Hughes, John, board and lodgings
Mulligan, Mrs., greengrocer
M'Dermott, Edward, cardriver


Anderson, C., railway guard
Black, Mrs., lace depot
Condlin, Mr., stonecutter
Connolly, T., carter
Cosgrave, Mrs., lace depot
Dawson, John, post office official
Fitzpatrick, Michael
Gilmore, Mr., school teacher
Grimson, John B., merchant
Hall, Mrs., board and lodging house
King, James, & Sons, plumbers
Livingstone, J., cardriver
Lynch, James, carter
Lynch, James, postal official
Mathews, W., Bank of Ireland
Mills, William, enginedriver
Moorehead, Mrs., lace depot
Morris, A., dealer
M'Coy, Mrs., Carn cottage
M'Kenna, Michael, com. traveller
M'Keon, Mrs.
M'Mahon, James, blacksmith
M'Mahon, Joe, carpenter
Thompson, James
Thompson, John, butter merchant
Wildman, D., school teacher


Connolly, J.
Connor, Samuel, enginedriver
Doonan, J., cardriver
Fanning, Wm., railway official
Gillespie, John, shunter
Kennedy, F., railway official
Lee, James, painter
Martin, Charles, fowldealer
M'Carney, Peter, railway official
Proctor, William, railway official
Tanning, Wm., porter


Armstrong, Mrs., Leonard Arms Hotel
Beattie, William, auctioneer
Blakely, H., merchant
Bogue, John, cattledealer
Calwell, Thomas, horsedealer
Elliott, Mrs., lodging house keeper
Fenton, Rev. W. L., diocesan curate
Fyffe, Abraham, clerk
Hughes, Mrs., lodging house keeper
Kelly, James, builder and contractor
Lendrum, James, bootmaker
Leonard, Robert
Maguire, George, cardriver
Mark, Jacob, veterinary surgeon
Molloy, John, painter
M'Cabe, John, publican
M'Grath, John
M'Vitty, William, & Co., grocers
Noble, Thomas
O'Conlon, Mr., insurance agent
O'Reilly, Peter, newsagent
Parr, J. H., publican
Patterson, S., post office official
Pringle, Alex., solicitor
Raphael, W., tailor
Robinson, George, watchmaker
Storey, Richard, bootmaker
Treanor, Bernard, cardriver
Turner W., petty sessions clerk
Whitesmith, J. F., solicitor
Wilson, James, painter

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