Castlederg, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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A Market Town.
Market day—Friday.
There is also an important Horse and Cattle Fair on the last Friday of each month.
Population, 761


—Telegraph and Money Order
Office and Savings Bank—Mrs. M. M'Glinchey, postmistress; D. Gormley, clerk.
There are three arrivals and two despatches daily
Magistrates—W. H. Todd, Charles Clark, Charles Caldwell, Thomas Leary, George Devine, H. H. Woods, J. Love, W. M'Ervel, D. Hunter, J. Mullin, W. K. Edwards, Haslit H. Scott, P. Byrne, N. M'Mahon, P. Meehan, and A. M'Sorley.
Petty Sessions Court is held on first Saturday of each month, at 12 o'clock noon; John Crockett, clerk
Solicitors—John M'Kay, Robert Burke, LL.D., John Elliott, H. T. Gallagher, Dickie & Carson, Edmond Orr, R. H. Todd, LL.D., W. P. Moody, LL.D.


Church of Ireland—Rev. T. B. Morrin; 12 o'clock and 6 o'clock
Presbyterian Church—Rev. G. Henderson, B.A.; Rev. James M'Cay; 12 o'clock and 7 o'clock
Methodist Church—Rev. Thomas Knox, Rev. Thomas Whittaker, and Rev. Robert Johnston; 12 o'clock and 8 o'clock
Roman Catholic Chapel—Rev. T. Harkin, C.C.; 11 o'clock and 6 o'clock

Royal Irish Constabulary—M. Holmes, district inspector; one sergeant and six constables
Dispensaries—Castlederg, Thomas Leary, L.R.C.S.P.; Kileter, Robert Mowbray, M.D.
Registrar of Birth, Marriages and Deaths—Dr. Leary
Hibernian Bank, Ltd.—E. H. Quirk, manager
Ulster Bank, Ltd.—R. Murray, manager; J. N. M'Cully, cashier
Parochial Hall, Masonic Hall, Good Templars Hall, and Roman Catholic Hall
Union Workhouse—J. S. Nesbitt, master


Baxter Bros., grocers
Baxter, Hugh, draper
Bradey, Jones, tailor
Bradley, Mrs., dressmaker
Bradley, Robert, tailor
Brown, Mrs. W. J., music teacher
Brown, Thomas, courtkeeper
Brown, William J., cattle dealer
Bryson, James, tailor
Burke, Jane
Burke, John, hardware and furniture warehouse
Burke, John, grocer and publican
Burke, R., LL.D., solicitor
Burke, Thomas, sawyer
Burnside, J., schoolmaster
Campbell, James, railway porter
Carlin, John
Carlin, Mrs., lodging house keeper
Carlin, William, hawker
Clarke, Thomas, egg merchant
Conlan, Christopher, Ferguson Arms Hotel
Colhoun, Irwin, painter
Cooper, James, grocer
Crawford, Samuel, bee expert and manufacturer of bee appliances
Crawford, Samuel, & Co., grocers and publicans, hardware merchants and news-agents
Crawford, S., expert teacher
Crockett, John, commissioner for taking affidavits and insurance agent
Curran, Rose Ann, draper
Curran & Co., drapers and grocers
Daly, J., baker
Davidson, W. J., tramway manager
Devine, George, J.P., draper
Dillon, Mrs., lodging house
Doherty, Jack, hawker
Doherty, James, shoemaker
Doherty, Mrs., lodging house
Doherty, William, blacksmith
Dolin, Miss M., dressmaker
Dolphin, Mary, lodging house
Duffie, Charles, railway porter
Faulkener, W., cycle depot
Faulkener, Mrs. W., dressmaker
Fox, James, labourer
Gailey, A., grocer and baker
Gailey, J. R., draper, undertaker, and hardware
Gailey, Samuel, grocer
Gallaher, Andrew, butcher
Gallaher, B., carpenter
Gallaher, Edward, flax buyer
Gallagher, P., poultry exporter, wool, hide, and potato dealer
Gamble, James, grocer
Gourley, Robert, carowner
Hamilton, The Misses, drapers and milliners
Harpur, Robert, sheriff's bailiff
Hemphill, Robert
Holmon, W., engineer
Hughes, John, butcher
Irwin, W. J., shoemaker
Johnstone, William, carowner and contractor
Jones, Joseph, refreshment house
Kane, Andrew, hairdresser
Kane, W. J., hairdresser
Kelly, Thomas, summons server and civil bill officer
Kerr, John, grocer and publican
Kerrigan, Catherine, grocer and publican
Kerrigan, Thomas, grocer and publican
Kyle, W. J., shoemaker
Kyle, W. J., draper
Laughlin, Robert, shoemaker
Leary, Thomas, physician
Love, A. T., M.D., R.U.I.
Love, J., lodging house keeper
Mackey, James, rural letter carrier
Magee, William, cycle repairer
Meehan, M., greengrocer
Mitchell, William, shoemaker
Monteith, David, blacksmith
Monteith, John, blacksmith
Muldoon & Co., hawkers
Mullin, Alex., druggist and draper
Mullin, Joseph, publican and cattle dealer
M'Bride, J., shoemaker
M'Cabe, John, china house
M'Cafferty, William, baker
M'Carron, William, publican
M'Cashin, William, jeweller
M'Cay, A., publican and farmer
M'Cay, James, grocer, &c.
M'Cay, R., druggist, L.P.S.I.
M'Connell, Alex., tinsmith
M'Cormick, James, grocer
M'Cormick, Vincent, grocer
M'Cutcheon, Charles
M'Dowell, butter and egg merchant
M'Farland, Thomas, draper
M'Glinchey, Edward, carowner
M'Glinchey, Mary, grocer, publican, draper, and postmistress
M'Goldrick, Francis, publican
M'Goldrick, John, grocer
M'Hugh, John, publican and carowner
M'Hugh, William, saddler
M'Hugh, Rose, grocer and publican
M'Keown, Thomas, rag merchant
M'Laughlin, John, Royal Hotel
M'Laughlin, Sarah, grocer
M'Menamin, James, grocer and publican
M'Menamin, John, saddler
M'Nulty, Patrick, publican
M'Sorley, Arthur, grocer
M'Sorley, Mrs., R.C.F. National School
M'Sorley, P., baker
Nesbitt, J. S., master of Union Workhouse
O'Kane, James, grocer and publican, Castlederg and Killen
Orr, Robert
Owens, William, assistant manager tramway
Patrick, James, shoemaker
Patrick, John, shoemaker
Patterson, Stewart, labourer
Porter, Robert, tramway conductor
Rankin, John, carpenter
Reid, James, horse trainer
Reid, Mrs. J., refreshment room
Robb, John, shoemaker
Robinson, John, blacksmith
Robinson, Samuel, blacksmith and grocer
Roulston, Mrs., draper
Scott, David, leather dealer and auctioneer
Scott, Mrs., dressmaker
Scott, Rebecca, manufacturers' agent
Scott, Thomas, relieving officer
Simpson, Andrew, mason
Smyth, Mrs., Female National School
Smyth, Thomas, labourer
Speer, Hugh, grocer
Speer, John, carpenter
Sproule, Andrew, Diamond hotel
Sproule, Miss, draper
Turner, Mrs., Lodge house
Ward, John, publican and grocer, lodging house and refreshment room
Watt, Thomas, boot warehouse
Wilson, Misses, dressmakers a
Wilson, William, Victoria Temperance Hotel
Wilson, William, carpenter
Wood, H. H., & Sons, auctioneers
Young Bros., jewellers, cycle agents and general merchants
Young, James, jeweller
Young, Joseph, rate collector
Young, Mary, publican, carowner, and undertaker
Young, M., billposter
Young, Robert, lodging house
Young, W. J., publican


Adams, Alexander, Goland
Aiken, David, Clare
Bird, Robert, Aghyarran
Boggs, William, Ergenagh
Buchanan, J., Cavandoragh
Burke, J., Castlederg and Crew
Caldwell, Andrew, Killen
Caldwell, Charles, J.P., Maghernageragh
Caldwell, John, Kilrail
Carlin, James, rural letter carrier
Clarke, Charles, J.P., Augheyarron
Clarke, William, Aghaloney
Clarke, William, Spearholme
Craig, Robert, Drumabbey
Craig, Robert, Ergenagh
Crawford, Saml., Castlederg and Lisnacloon
Crawford, William, Coolnahern
Crockett, John, Clare
Deary, Andrew, Goland
Devine, George, J.P., Castlederg
Doherty, Robert, rural letter carrier
Duncan, Rev. William, B.A., Killeter
Duncan, Robert, Lurganboy
Edwards, William King, D.L., Dartans
Forbes, Andrew, Clare
Forbes, James, Clare
Gallagher, William, Churchtown
Gamble, James C., Derg
Gamble, William, Bridgehill
Greer, Joseph, farmer
Hamilton, William, Dartans
Hemphill, John, Listymore
Huey, Robert, Ergenagh
Hunter, David, J.P., Ardbarron
Irwin, Arthur, Coolnocrenaght
Johnston, Rev. Robert, Ardbarron
Johnston, Mrs. Robert, Edenreagh
Kerrigan, Thomas, Castlederg
Kyle, Frederick, Mournbeg
Leckey, John, Kilrail
Leitch, Samuel, Crigan
Love, Andrew Thomas, Crew house
Love, Andrew, Crigan
Love, John, J.P., Tiveny
Love, Robert, Scarvaghern
Love, Samuel B., Scarvaghern
Matthews, William
Mitchell, John, Castlesessagh
Monteith, John J., Dunravin
Monteith, Rev. Charles M., Castlederg
Monteith, William, Lisnacloon
Moore, R. H., Drumclamph
Mullin, James, J.P., Castlegore
M'Cay, John, Froughla
M'Cay, Nixon, Kilrail
M'Cay, Rev. James, Upperthird
M'Cormick, Colhoun, Coolnacrenaght
M'Cormick, J. W., Priestcess
M'Farland, Thomas, Kilcleen
M'Farland, George, Creevy
M'Hugh, George, Goland
M'Menamin, Hugh, rural letter carrier
O'Donnell, John, rural letter carrier
O'Kane, James
Oliver, John James, Crigan
Orr, Samuel, Ardbarron
Pollock, William, Fyfin
Porter, David, Ergenagh
Porter, David, Ergenagh and Ballylennan
Porter, Robert, Listymore
Rankin, John, Clare
Rankin. Joseph, Garvetagh
Roulston Andrew, Ballylennan
Roulston James, Kilcleen
Roulston Thomas, Garvaghan
Rutledge George, Aughnahoo
Rutledge Henry, Garvetagh
Rutledge Robert, Garvetagh
Rutledge William, Aughnahoo
Scott, James, Bridgetown
Scott, John, Drumclamph
Sheridan, John, Bridgetown
Speer, James
Sproule, James, Aghascribey
Stewart, Joseph, Ergenagh
Todd, W. H., J.P., Fyfin
Verner, Rev. William, Lisnacloon
Walls, Robert, Dunrain
Wood, H. H., Castlederg
Young, Kyle, Goland

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