Beragh, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Fifty-nine and a quarter miles from Belfast.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Population, 420.
Market day—Wednesday.


—Telegraph and Money Order
Office and Savings Bank—Alfred Clarke, Postmaster.
There are three arrivals and despatches of mails daily
R.I.C.—Sergeant M. Sweeney
Great Northern Railway—R. Brown, stationmaster
Dispensary Medical Officer—W. J. Leitch, L.R.C.P. and S.E., L.F.P.S.G.


Clogherney Parish Church—Rev. J. A. Hunter, A.B., LL.D., rector
Clogherney Presbyterian Church—Rev. J. M. Patterson, minister
Methodist Church—Rev. J. Ritchie, minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. P. M'Ardle, P.P.; Rev. J. M. Nelis, C.C.


Beragh N.S. (Male)—John M'Grath, teacher; (female), Mrs. A. J. M'Grath, teacher
Clogherney N.S.—S. Oliver, teacher
Johnston Memorial School—J. Hutton, B.A., principal; Miss A. J. Kidd, assistant
Northern Banking Co., Ltd.—Branch open on market days only—J. G. Buchanan, manager
Beragh Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—Samuel Creighton, manager; J. Hutton, B.A., secretary; Isaac Kydd and R. M'Farland, treasurers
Brackey Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Ltd.—William M'Allister, manager; Owen Keenan, secretary
Renelley Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Limited (auxiliary to Beragh Society)—William M'Kee, manager
Moylagh Co-operative Agricultural and Dairy Society, Limited (auxiliary to Beragh Society)—Samuel Fenton, manager
Oat Market—James Fulton, clerk
Pork Market—A. E. Clarke, clerk
Belmore Estate Office—R. C. Brush, J.P., agent, Newcastle, Co. Down; M. Anderson, bailiff


Anderson, M., R.D.C., Donaghaine
Anderson, R. H., draper, boot and shoe dealer
Armstrong, M., dressmaker
Arnold, P., farmer, Coolesker
Beggs, R. J., farmer, Benchran
Boothe, A., grocer
Brown, R., stationmaster
Caldwell, John, farmer
Caldwell, T., farmer
Canavan, James, G.N.R.
Carson, Andrew, rural postman
Cathers, I.
Clark, M., grocer and newsagent
Cleary, Thomas
Clements, J., grocer and publican
Clements, Mrs. I.
Clements, M.
Clements, Robert, farmer, Deroar
Clements, R. S., J.P.
Connelly, —, ex-sergeant R.I.C.
Conroy, Thomas farmer and cattle dealer
Conway, Philip, draper
Crawford, James, farmer
Crawford, William, farmer
Cunningham, Alex., farmer
Duross, A., lodging-house keeper
Fenton, William, farmer
Fenton, Wm. A., farmer, Dervaghroy
Fowler, William, Cooley, G.N.R.
Fulton, J. H.
Hall, John, farmer
Hall, John, farmer, Coolesker
Hunter, Rev. J. A., A.B., LL.D.
Johnston, John, farmer, Tattykeeran
Johnston, Joseph, farmer, Tattykeeran
Johnston, M.
Kerr, F., cattle dealer
Kerr, Joseph, publican
Kidd, Isaac, & Co., grocers, emigration, news, and artificial manure agents
Leitch, W. J., L.R.C.P. and S.E., L.F.P.S.
Leonard, George, publican
Lynn, J., lodging-house keeper and greengrocer
Marshall, Joseph, R.D.C., farmer
Marshall, R., blacksmith
Meehan, William
Montague, Joseph, publican
Mullin, Henry, tailor
Murray, James, lodging-house keeper
M'Allister, S., corn and flax mill owner
M'Cance, W., carowner
M'Cann, J., carpenter
M'Causland, Mrs.
M'Cormack, Margaret, farmer, Benchran
M'Crory, W., tailor
M'Crystal, Sarah, grocer and publican
M'Cutcheon, C., butcher
M'Dowell, H., druggist and grocer
M'Farland, A. W., draper, boot and shoe dealer
M'Farland, Duncan, farmer, Redargar
M'Farland, Duncan, farmer, Deroar
M'Garrity, Charles, butcher and greengrocer
M'Grath, J., N.S. teacher
M'Intyre, Wm., postman
Nixon, Maggie, dressmaker
Owens, Henry, J.P., hotel keeper, auctioneer, grocer, baker, and undertaker
Redfern, Benjamin, saddler, Roscavey
Robinson, Matilda
Rodgers, Francis, farmer
Rodgers, Matthew, J.P.
Rodgers, S., lodging-house keeper
Roulstone, Joseph, J.P., auctioneer
Smyth, David, mason
Sweeney, M., sergeant R.I.C.
Thompson, Mrs. E.
Thompson, John, farmer
Watson, William
White, John, G.N.R.


Anderson, Robert, Killadroy
Armstrong, Arthur, Annagh
Armstrong, Thomas, Killadroy
Barr, Charles, Baw
Barr, David, Killadroy
Barton, Joseph, Killadroy
Bell, James, Donaghanie
Booth, William, Dervar
Brown, James, Gortaclare
Brown, John, Kilcam
Clarke, Matthew, Killadroy
Clarke, Robert, Curr
Clarke, William, jun., Curr
Clements, Andrew, Dervaghroy
Clements, Joseph, Killadroy
Clements, Samuel, Beragh
Clements, William, Killadroy
Clements, William J., Legacurry
Cochrane, John, Donaghanie
Cochrane, Robert, Dervaghroy
Cochrane, Walter, Donaghanie
Cochrane, Wm. James, Donaghanie
Cole, Edward, Killadroy
Colhoun, Joseph, Radergan
Crawford, David, Legacurry
Fenton, George, Dervaghroy
Fenton, James, Gortaclare
Fenton, Robert, Beragh
Forbes, William, Cooley
Giles, Wm. Henry, Legacurry
Gormley, Bernard, Kilcam
Gormley, George, Upper Clogherney
Gormley, M., Upper Clogherney
Graham, William John, Curr
Hackett, Felix, Curr
Hasty, William, Bancran
Irwin, John, Killadroy
Johnston, James, Donaghanie
Johnston, Walter, Donaghanie
Jordan, Thomas, Curr
Kerr, Wm. George, Donaghanie
Kilpatrick, Robert, Curr
Love, Samuel, Curr
Love, William, Curr
Lyons, James, Legacurry
Lyons, William, Donaghanie
Lyons, William, jun., Donaghanie
M'Cartney, George, Laragh
M'Causland, Alex., Donaghanie
M'Causland, George, Laragh
M'Causland, Robert, Donaghanie
M'Cormack, D., Lisboy
M'Cormack, Joseph, Bancran
M'Croy, James, Upper Clougherney
M'Croy, John, Upper Clougherney
M'Dowell, Hamilton, Dervaghroy
M'Dowell, Robert J., Dervaghroy
M'Dowell, William, Curr
M'Farland, Hugh, Bancran
M'Farland, James, Coolesker
M'Farland, John James, Bancran
M'Farland, Robert, Kilcam
M'Farland, Robert, Bancran
M'Farland, William, Bancran
M'Farland, William, Deroar
M'Farland, William, jun., Kilcam
M'Farland, Wm. James, Bancran
M'Farland, Wm. James, Legacurry
M'Kalvey, James, Deroar
M'Kitterick, John, Usnagh
M'Larn, John, Usnagh
M'Larn, Thomas, Ballykeel
Moore, Alexander, Usnagh
Moore, Hugh, Lower Clougherney
Moore, John, Laragh
Moore, John, Lower Clougherney
Moore, Wm. James, Killadroy
Mosgrove, John, Killadroy
Mulligan, James, Roscavey
Mullin, Robert, Donaghanie
Mullin, Robert, jun., Donaghanie
O'Neill, Thomas, Upper Clougherney
Orr, William, Armagh
Owens, Patrick, Deroar
Robinson, William, Annagh
Roulston, James, Dervaghroy
Roulston, Thomas, Legacurry
Roulston, William, Raw
Wilson, James, Dervaghroy

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