Ballymoney, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Forty-six miles from Belfast.
Urban district and Prosperous Market Town.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office with all departments.
Industries—Grain, pork, butter, and flax.
Market days—Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Fair days—May 5th, July 10th, October 6th.
Area of Parish—23,088 acres.
Parish Population—7,925.
Urban district population—2,952

—Miss M'Elderry, Postmistress.
Postmen—Wm. Murray, William Mayberry, Saml. Martin, Adam Lynn, D. Richardson, Charles M'Caughan, A. Wales, W. Getty, D. M'Keever, W. M'Cauley

Time of Posting (latest)—For Belfast, 7-25 a.m.; Coleraine, Londonderry, Portrush, Armoy, Ballycastle, Dervock, and Stranocum, 7-50 a.m.; Aghadowey, Bendooragh, and Culcrow, 8-35 a.m.; Coleraine, Londonderry, and Portrush, 11-15 a.m.; all parts (general day mail), 12-20 p.m.; Belfast and North of Ireland, 3-50 p.m.; Armoy, Ballycastle, Stranocum, Dervock, Coleraine, Londonderry, Portrush, England, and Scotland, 4-40 p.m.; Aghadowey, Bendooragh, 5-40 p.m.; all parts (general night mail), 6-30 p.m.

Sunday—Latest Time of Posting—Armoy, Ballycastle, Stranocum, Dervock, Coleraine, Londonderry, Portrush, 8-40 a.m.; Aghadowey and Bendooragh, 9-30 a.m.; all parts, 4-0 p.m.

Deliveries—Dublin Night Mail, England, Belfast, 9-5 a.m.; English Mail, 10-15 a.m.; Dublin Day Mail, Derry, &c., 12-15 p.m.; Belfast, Ballymena and Derry, 5-50 p.m. On Sunday letters are handed to messengers from 9-50 till 10-30 a.m. only.

Money Orders are issued and paid on week days from 7 a.m. till 8 p.m.

Telegraph office open from 8 a.m. till 8 p.m. on week days; Sundays, 8 till 10-30 a.m.

Magistrates—Captain Armstrong, Culmore house; S. Allen, Lisconnan, The Earl of Antrim, Glenarm; R. M. Douglas, Portballintrae; J. G. Leslie, Leslie hill; S. J. Lyle, Manor house, Kilrea; Harry Lecky, Beardville; R. D. Pinkerton, Ballaghmore, Ballymoney; John Megaw, Moore, Ballydevitty; John Megaw, Ballyboland; John M'Elderry, Ballymoney; Alex. M'Neill, Gardenvale; A. Traill, Ballylough; J. S. Hutchinson, Shangarry, Ballycastle; J. I. Dempsey, Ivy lodge, Ballynagarvey; F. H. Watt, Portrush; S. M'Henry, Rasharkin; R. Cramsie, B.L.; J. S. Cochrane, Breezemount; John Baxter, C.C., Osmond house; A. Keers, R.D.C., Knockans; J. G. Best, Greenvale, Ballymoney; John Peacock, Main street, Ballymoney

Clerk of Petty Sessions—John Knox, Charlotte street

Coroner—Dr. Woodside, Ballycastle

Union Workhouse, County Antrim. Board meets each Thursday. W. Armour, chairman; Miss Hamilton, vice-chair; J. Connolly, D.V.C.

Guardians for the Urban District of Ballymoney—Messrs. W. Armour, John Ferguson, James Cameron, James Tweed, and James M'Coubrey; Portrush—Mrs. Robinson, Miss Hamilton, and Miss Mary Watt. Clerk and returning officer, T. B. Hamilton; medical officer of workhouse, Dr. J. R. Thompson; master, Mr. Mullan; matron, Miss Chestnut

Rural District Council (20 electoral divisions, each returning 2 members)—Meets every second and fourth Thursday of the month. Chairman, J. P. Stott; Arthur B. Craig, J.P.; W. Moore Knox, John M'Allister, William Scally, Robert M'Fall, Wm. Colvin, James Thomson, Right Hon. Sir F. E. Macnaghten, Bart., P.C.; Hugh R. S. Wood, J.P.; Charles Alex. Lyle, Saml. Montgomery, W. D. Hamilton, Robert M. Kirkpatrick, Patrick Henry, J.P.; Patrick M'Aleese, Miss Douglas, B. Small, Hugh Gray, A. Keers. J.P.; A. Dooey, Patrick Mullan, J. G. Best. Wm. Rainey, A. Turner, James Heaney, Richard Gregg, W. Armour, S. M'Henry, J. T. Harvey, James Elder, jun.; S. Wilson, James Boyle, J.P.; J. L. Taggart, W. M'Afee M'Keague, D. J. M'Master, Clarke M'Dermott, John Cunningham, Robert M'Curdy. T. B. Hamilton, clerk and returning officer; Greer & Hamilton, solicitors to the Board. Dispensary medical officers —S. B. Boyd, Ballymoney; James Wallace, Castlequarter; James C. Miller, Dervock; S. B. B. Keers, J.P., Dirraw; W. Porter, Portrush; David Huey, Bushmills

Urban District Council (12 members)—W. J. Megaw, chairman; James Boyd, James Cameron, Neill M'Kay, John Peacock, R. B. Thompson, James M'Coubrey, Wm. Stewart, R. Adams, A. Donaghy, H. M'Kerville, Charles Darcus; John Knox, clerk

Solicitors—Greer & Hamilton, R. C. Martin, J. P. Stott, P. & J. Boyle, T. Taggart, W. Lewis, J. W. Pinkerton

Physicians—Drs. Boyd, Lusk, Nevin, and Thompson

Veterinary Surgeons—F. G. Boyle, M.R.C. V.S.; J. A. Gault, M.R.C.V.S., F.R. V.A.S.

Church of Ireland, Church street—Canon Benson, rector
First Presbyterian Church, Meeting-house street—Rev. A. H. Dill, minister
Trinity Presbyterian Church, Rodenfoot—Rev. James B. Armour, minister
St. James' Presbyterian Church, Townhead street—Rev. Johnstone, minister
Methodist Church—Rev. Young
Covenanters' Meeting-house, Charlotte street—Rev. J. Ramsey, minister
Unitarian Meeting-house, Charles street—Rev. D. Matts, minister
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. J. Murphy, P.P.

Belfast Banking Company, Ltd. (branch), High street—Manager, J. G. M'Morris; cashier, J. Wilson
Ulster Banking Company, Limited (branch), Church street—Manager, Alexander M'Gugan; cashier, J. M'Cartney
Insurance Offices—Standard, Greer & Hamilton; Scottish Provincial, T. Stott; Commercial Union and Standard, A. M'Gugan; Scottish Provident, J. Boyd; Royal and Scottish Widows' Fund, J. G. Norris; Scottish Amicable, H. M'C. Hamilton & Sons; Guardian and Imperial (Accident and Live Stock), W. H. Adair; Imperial and Crown Life, D. Dempsey; Life Association, John Gordon; Northern Fire and Life, Robert C. Martin; Prudential, Wm. Gilmour, 20 Union street; English and Scottish Law Life Office, P. Boyle; Phoenix Fire Office, D. Dempsey; Scottish Life, T. G. Knox
Technical School—Principal, J. Petticrew, B. Sc., B.A.
Intermediate Schools—Principals, Rev. J. Ramsey, LL.B.; J. H. Christy, B.A.; and Miss M'Neill
Model National School—Wm. Marshall, principal; Mr. Ellison, assistant
Infant School—Miss Ritchie, principal; Miss Stirling, assistant
Girls' School—Miss Connolly, principal; Miss Ogle and Miss Stuart, assistants
Church Street National School—R. Norris, principal; Mrs. Norris, assistant
Castle Street National School—Boys—Mr. M'Quillan. Girls—Miss Corroran. Infants—Miss M'Devitt
Dispensary, Queen Street—Samuel B. Boyd, M.D.
Constabulary Barrack, Charlotte Street—District-inspector, G. N. Townsend; head-constable, J. Merrinan
Newspapers:—"North Antrim Standard," A. R. Stirling, publisher—every Thursday. "Ballymoney Free Press," S. C. M'Elroy, publisher—every Thursday
Registrar of Marriages—John Tweed, Charles street
Fire Brigade—Hon. Supt., R. B. Thomson; captain, D. M'Lelland; station in Town Hall
Route Presbytery—Revs. J. Jackson, B.D.; S. Wallace, clerk; J. B. Armour, M.A.; D. Millar, B.A. (Moderator); F. J. Paul, J. S. Mairs, Thomas Caldwell, John M'Cammon, A. H. Dill, Thomas Heney, W. H. Craig, H. Crothers, W. Magill, Silas Johnston, James Colhoun, H. B. Henderson, George Johnstone, J. S. Pyper, together with a representative elder from each congregation
Route Protestant Teachers' Society—President, Mr. W. H. Adair; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Caldwell
Ballymoney Teachers' Association—President, Mr. Adair; secretary and treasurer, Mr. Bradley
School Attendance Committee—Rural—Rev. D. H. Burke, P.P.; Rev. R. Cunning-ham, Rev. Mr. Metcalfe, Rev. F. Paul, Rev. W. H. Craig, Messrs. James Thompson, D. J. M'Master, J.P.; John Connolly, W. B. B. Keers, S. Wilson. Secretary, T. B. Hamilton. Urban—W. J. Megaw, chairman; R. Adams, J. Peacock, Rev. T. M. Benson, Rev. J. B. Armour, A.M.; Rev. J. O'Boyle, P.P.; R. B. Thomson, Dr. Nevin, Rev. Young. Secretary, T. B. Hamilton
Public Library—Librarian, John Pollock
North Antrim Agricultural Association—Hon. secretary, H. Wilson, Belfast Bank, Ballymoney; hon. treasurer, R. A. M'Elderry
Route Temperance Establishment, Limited —Hon. secretary, Rev. J. B. Armour; manageress, Miss Lyle
North Antrim Constitutional Association—-President, Captain A. M. Armstrong, J.P., Culmore house, Kilrea; secretary, Mr. J. S. Cochrane, Ballymoney; treasurer, Major John A. Montgomery, Benvarden
North Antrim Reform Association—President, J. Baxter, J.P., C.C.; secretary, T. Taggart, LL.D.
Markets Company, Limited—Secretary and manager, Thomas M'Elderry
Gas Company, Limited—Secretary, J. C. Gordon; manager, G. J. Cummings
Musical Society—President, Mr. Robert Cramsie, B.L.; hon. secretary, Jr. Taggart; hon. treasurer, Mr. J. B. Hamilton; conductor, Mr. W. De Pauley; hon. librarian, Mr. James Hanna
Temperance and Benefit Society—President, John M'Elderry, J.P.
Y.M.C.A.—President, Thomas M. Greer; secretary, B. M'Keague
Cricket and Lawn Tennis Club—Hon secretary, Robert A. Stirling, High street; hon. treasurer, A. B. M'Caughern, Main street
Ballymoney Bowling Club—President, T. B. Hamilton, treasurer, John Ferguson; secretary, J. B. Hamilton
Ballymoney Markets—Grain market, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; general market every Thursday; cattle market, every first and third Thursday of the month
Schools in Vicinity—Culduff, Miss M'Ilmoyle; Upper Balnamore, R. J. Caldwell (Infant), Miss Anderson; Balligan, Mr. Macfarlane; Ballymacwilliam, Mrs. Tweed; Eden, Mrs. Beare; Vow, J. Savage; Cabra, W. H. Adair; Garryduff, W. Carton; Carrowreagh, J. Gordon; Milltown, Miss Weir; Landhead, Miss Gregg; Secon, Miss Knox; Kirkmills, Miss Brown; Kilraughts, Miss Finlay; Knockahollet, Miss M'Bride; Deffrick, Miss Huey; Knockanboy, Miss Curry; Derrykeighan, Miss Taggart; Pollentamney, Mrs. Taggart; Upper Dervock, J. Mitchell
Ballymoney Nursing Association—President, Mrs. Leslie

Adams, Robert, watchmaker and jeweller, Church street
Agnew, Samuel, grocer, Albany villas
Armour, Rev. J. B., Presbyterian minister, Roddenfoot Manse
Anderson, J. S., grocer, Main street
Barrie, H. T., produce merchant, Market street
Baxter, John, chemist and grocer, Church street
Beattie, Samuel, Coleraine road
Benson, Rev. Canon, rector, Rectory
Beverland, Wm., grocer, Roddenfoot
Blair, David, tailor, Charles street
Boyd, James, draper, Church street
Boyd, S. B., M.D., Victoria street
Boylan, Elizabeth, publican, Main street
Boyle, Ann, publican, Main street
Boyle, F. G., M.R.C.V.S., Main street
Boyle, James, publican, Market street
Boyle, John, solicitor, Victoria street
Boyle, John, publican, Church street
Boyle, Patrick, solicitor, Victoria street
Bradshaw, Geo., engineer, Charlotte street
Brennan, Mrs. M., publican, High street
Cameron, James, produce merchant, Tassifern
Campbell, Wm., grocer. High street
Cassidy, Hester, milliner and draper, Main street
Christie, James H., school teacher, Church street
Clarke, The Misses, dress and mantle makers, Union street
Cochrane, E., & Son, wholesale and retail drapers, Main street
Cochrane, Mrs. George, dressmaker, Main street
Colgan, Mrs., boarding-house keeper, Meeting-house row
Connor, James, enginedriver, Union street
Corroran, The Misses, drapers, Main street
Craig, Mrs. James, jeweller and hardware merchant, Church street
Cramsie, Robert, B.L., High street
Cramsie, William, bootmaker, Charlotte st
Cromie, S. J., woollen draper, High street
Cullen & Allen, produce merchants, Meetinghouse street
Cummings, Gilbert, gas manager, Meetinghouse street
Cummins, Mrs., draper and dressmaker, Main street
Cunningham, Matthew, grocer, Main street
Currie, S. C., draper, Main street
Daillett, Michael, carpenter, Townhead st.
Deallott, Denis, cooper, Charles street
Dellott, Charles, carpenter, Castle street
Dempsey, Daniel, publican and grocer, Main street
Dick, James, shoemaker, Union street
Dickson, William, publican, Union street
Dill, Rev. A. H., Presbyterian minister, The Manse
Dillon, Patrick, cattle dealer, Main street
Dixon, James, bag merchant, Roddenfoot
Dogherty, Samuel, egg merchant, Castle st.
Dogherty, Thomas, publican, Church street
Donaghy, Alex., grocer, Church street
Donaghy, Alex., implement maker, Ozone avenue
Doran, F. S., excise officer, Charlotte st.
Dunlop, Alex., flesher, Main street
Ellison, Mrs. Wm., dressmaker, Union st.
Erskine, Miss E., grocer, Victoria street
Ferguson & Co., printers, Queen street
Fines, Thomas, pork merchant, Meetinghouse street
Forbes, Joseph, flesher, High street
FOSTER, JAMES C., Draper, Cycle Builder and Repairer, Church street
French, H. M., dentist, Queen street
Gamble, Samuel, fancy goods dealer, High street
Gault, John, M.R.C.V.S., Main street
Gault, Mrs. Catherine, publican and grocer, Main street
Getty, John, rate collector, Union street
Gilmore, Mrs. Robert, publican, Charles st
Gordon, John S., jeweller, Main street
Graham, Wm., whitesmith, Castle street
Green, Wm., car proprietor, Meeting-house street
Greer, cycle builder and repairer, Church st
Greer & Hamilton, solicitors, High street
Hamilton, Hugh M'C., draper, Church st.
Hamilton, T. B., clerk R.D.C., Charlotte st
Hammill, Hugh, jeweller & hardware merchant, High street
Hanna, A. L., grocer and furnisher, Linenhall street
Hanna, John, hardware and timber merchant, Main street
Hardinge, F. J., photographer, Main street
Hargy, Francis, painter, Union street
Hargy, Joseph, painter, Queen street
Hatty, Samuel, cycle builder, Church street
Henderson, Thomas, tailor, High street
Henry, Miss, publican, Main street
Henry, John, posting establishment, Church street
Henry, John, builder, Union street
Henry, Margaret, grocer, Castle street
Henry, Thomas, porkcutter, Queen street
Higgins, Mrs. J., publican, Castle street
Hill, Alex., impleMent maker, Charles st.
Holmes, Robert, commercial traveller, Coleraine road
Hunter, Matthew, publican, High street
Jamison, Robert, plumber, Union street
Jamison, Robert, & Son, plumbers, High st.
Jordan, James, Castle street
Johnstone, Rev., Manse, Ballymoney
Kane, James, boarding house keeper, Charlotte street
Kane, Wm., boarding house keeper, Charlotte street
Kelly, Thomas, saddler, Main street
Kennedy, Robert, porkcutter, Union street
Kirkpatrick, Wm. J., grocer, Union street
Knox, James, draper, High street
Knox, John, town clerk, Charlotte street
Knox, William M'Afee, stationer and fancy goods dealer, Main street
Kyle, John, bootmaker, Meeting-house st.
Leith, Andrew, grocer, Main street
Luke, tailor, Church street
Lusk, Samuel, M.D., Linenhall street
Lyle, Miss, cafe manageress, Market st.
Lynn, Adam, postman, Castle street
Marshall, Wm., schoolmaster, Queen street
Martin, R. C., solicitor, Church street
Martin, Samuel, postman, John street
Matts, Rev. D., Unitarian minister, Charles street
Mayberry, Wm., postman, Meeting-house st
Megaw, W. J., grocer and seed merchant, Main street
Milford, John, saddler, Main street
Millar, Rev., Presbyterian minister, Garryduff Manse
Mills, Alexander, whitesmith, Roddenfoot
Moffet, Wm., hardware merchant, Main st.
Mooney, Miss, hotel proprietress, High st.
Moore, Archibald, grocer, Main street
Morrison, Gregory, draper, Main street
Murdoch, A., Rectory lodge
Murphy, Clarke, cooper, Main street
Murray, George, tailor, Union street
Murray, Wm., postman, Union street
M'Afee, Mrs. D., posting establishment, Charlotte street
M'Afee, Wm., hardware merchant, Church street
M'Alister, James, confectioner, Main street
M'Allen, Hamilton, manager Ballycastle Railway, Charlotte street
M'Arthur, Dan, grocer, Castle street
M'Auley, Lindsay, barber, Main street
M'Auley, William, barber and billposter, Church street
M'Bride, John, publican, Market street
M'Cartney, James, egg merchant, Union st.
M'Caughan, Charles, postman, Castle st.
M'Clelland, Thomas, draper, Main street
M'Clements, Bridget, publican, High street
M'Clements, The Misses, refreshment rooms, Main street
M'Closkey, Francis, fowl merchant, Union street
M'Closkey, Mrs. Mary, marine store, Castle street
M'Cloy, Patrick, cabinetmaker, Castle st.
M'Clure, James, grocer, Charlotte street
M'Clure, Wallace, grocer, Linenhall street
M'Clure, William, draper, Queen street
M'Colgan, Bridget, publican, Meeting-house street
M'Conaghy, W. J., draper, High street
M'Cormac, Alexander, publican, Linenhall street
M'Cormac, John, publican, Linenhall street
M'Cotter, Henry, grocer, Main street
M'Coubrey, James, house painter, Church st
M'Cracken, John, provision store manager, Queen street
M'Dowell, Matthew, carpenter, Charlotte st.
M'Elderry, John, seed merchant, Victoria st
M'Elderry, Miss, postmistress, Charles st.
M'Elderry & Pollock, mill owners, Milltown
M'Elland, Lowery, house painter, Union st
M'Elroy, S. C., stationer and auctioneer, Main street
M'Erlain, Patrick, publican, Market street
M'Erlain, Patrick, fowl dealer, Castle street
M'Fall, Daniel, hotel keeper, Main street
M'Gowan, Patrick, publican, Main street
M'Guckian, James, hotel keeper, Main st.
M'Gugan, Alex., bank manager, Church st
M'Ilroy, A. & J., egg merchants, Castle st.
M'Ilroy. Robert, boot and shoe merchant, Main street
M'Intyre, Thomas, water inspector, Castle street
M'Kay, James, blacksmith, Townhead st.
M'Kay, Michael, blacksmith, Roddenfoot
M'Kay, Neill, tailor, Castle street
M'Keague, B., law clerk, Cuileen
M'Keage, Miss S., refreshment rooms, Victoria street
M'Keever, Daniel, postman, Queen street
M'Kenna, John, flesher, Church street
M'Kenna, Patrick, cattle dealer, Main st.
M'Keown, Mrs., dressmaker, Linenhall st.
M'Kervill, Andrew, flesher, Church street
M'Kervill, Hugh, flesher, Main street
M'Kinley, John, draper, Main street
M'Laughlin, Daniel, publican, Main street
M'Laughlin, Thomas, C.B.O., Castle st.
M'Master, Albert, civil engineer, Charlottestreet
M'Master, James, grocer, Castle street
M'Morris, J. G., bank manager, High st.
Nesbitt, George, grocer and hardware merchant, Victoria street
Nevin, James L., surgeon, Main street
Norris, Robert, schoolmaster, Queen street
O'Boyle, Rev. J., P.P., Castle street
O'FRIEL, JAMES P., Stationer, Lending Library and School Stores, Meetinghouse street
O'Kane, James, publican and auctioneer, Main street
Patterson, Mrs., butter and egg merchant, Albany villas
Patterson, Mrs. John, grocer, High street
Patterson, Robert, grocer, Victoria street
Peacock, John, draper, Main street
Peden, Hugh, saddler, Main street
Pettigrew, James, teacher, Queen street
Pinkerton, John, solicitor, High street
Pollock, James, grocer, Castle street
Pollock, William C., miller, Ishlan
Pollock, W. J., agent, Main street
Porter, James, coach factory, John street
Purse, James, stationmaster, Railway place
Ramsey, Thomas, greengrocer, Main street
Redpath, Wm., chemist & druggist, Church street
RENISON, WILLIAM, Wholesale Grocer,
Egg and Fowl Merchant, Seymour st.
Richards, George, carowner, High street
Robinson, Hugh, & Co., drapers, Linenhall street
Robinson, Wm., hotel proprietor, Victoria st
Rowan, Charles, publican, Church street
Scott, Thomas, sanitary officer, Main street
Shaw, Mrs., draper, Charles street
Shields, Wm., fancy goods dealer, Main st.
Smith, Wm., implement maker, Castle st.
Stevenson & Co., provision merchants, Townhead street
Stewart, David, carpenter, Union street
Stewart, James, baker, Charlotte street
Stinson, David, boot and shoe merchant, Main street
Stinson, John, boot and shoe merchant, High street
Stirling, A. R., grocer and auctioneer, High street
Stott, John P., solicitor, Union street
Stroyan, James, tailors' cutter, Queen st.
Stuart, Wm., grocer, Queen street
Taggart, Samuel, mechanic, Ozone avenue
Taggart, Thomas, solicitor, High street
Taylor, James F., draper, High street
Thomson, James, grocer and newsagent, Linenhall street
Thomson, Miss, grocer, Union street
Thomson, R. B., leather and boot merchant, Victoria street
Thomson, Ross, M.D., Queen street
Thomson, Samuel, agEnt, Seymour street
Todd, Andrew, grocer and baker, Main st.
Todd, Wm., creamery manager, Main st.
Torrens, Miss, schoolmistress, Union st.
Townsend, Robert, woollen draper, Church street
Tweed, Samuel, grocer, Charles street
Walker, Alex., cycle builder, Queen street
Walker, Wm., blacksmith, Queen street
Wallace, John, grocer, Linenhall street
Wallace, Rev. Saml., Presbyterian minister, Charlotte street
Warnock, Mrs. Josiah, boarding house keeper, Main street
White, William, grocer, Church street
Wilson, H. C., bank cashier, Queen street
Wreath, James, carowner and saddler, Victoria street
Young, Miss G., grocer, Church street
Young, Neill, painter, Townhead street
Young, Robert, hardware and timber merchant, Market street

Agnew, Samuel, grocer, Albany villas
Allen, Miss, retired schoolmistress, Coleraine road
Baxter, John, grocer, Osmond house
Benson, Rev. Canon, rector, Rectory
Cameron, James, produce merchant, Tassifern
Dill, Rev. A. H., Presbyterian minister, The Manse
Greer, T. M., solicitor, Westoncrofts
Hamilton, James B., solicitor, Ashleigh
Millar, Rev., Presbyterian minister, Carryduff Manse
Patterson, Mrs., butter and egg merchant, Albanv villas
Pollock, Wm. Charles, miller, Ishlan
Usher, Mrs., Laurel lodge

Abernethy, William, farmer, Bravallen
Adair, W. H., teacher, farmer, and assurance agent, Cedar lodge
Adams, William, farmer, Ballinamoney
Archibald, Nathaniel, farmer, Carrowreagh
Armour, William, farmer, Crostagherty
Atkinson, John, farmer, Lislagan
Atkinson, J., farmer, Drumreagh
Beare, Samuel, farmer, Cross cottage, Cross
Beckett, Robert, farmer, Bootown
Biggart, James, farmer, Druckendult
Boreland, Paul, farmer, Kilraughts
Boyd, Alex., farmer, Ballywindland
Boyd, J., farmer, Forttown
Boyd, John, farmer, Conagher
Boyd, John, farmer, Duckendult
Boyd, Samuel B., farmer, Knockans
Burnside, John, farmer, Seacon
Caldwell, R. J., teacher, Balnamore cottage
Camac, Robert, farmer, Garry
Carson, Robert, farmer, Artiferral
Carson, Robert, farmer, Conagher
Cochrane, John, farmer, Drumart
Cooper, W. J., farmer, Rosebank house, Bendooragh
Craig, Rev. W. H., Finvoy manse
Crothers, Rev. A., Roseyards
Donaghy, Hugh, farmer, Moneygobbin
Dunlop, Hugh, farmer, Ballybrakes
Dunlop, David John, farmer, Drumlee
Dunlop, Robert, farmer, Kirkhills
Falconer, Mrs., grocer, Craigs
Finlay, Mrs., farmer, Eden
Forsythe, W. B., farmer, Forttown
Frazer, Rev. George, rector, Finvoy rectory
Gordon, J., teacher, Carrowreagh
Gregg, Richard, farmer, Toberbilly
Hackett, James, farmer, Drumaheglis
Hale, Matthew, farmer, Drumard
Hamill, John, farmer, Dunaverney
Hayes, John, farmer, Newbuildings North
Johnston, John, farmer and rate collector, Newhill
Johnstone, Rev., Presbyterian minister, The Manse
Keers, Andrew, farmer, Knockans house
Keers, W. B. B., farmer, Lunahan house, Knockans
Kerr, William, farmer, Carnaney
Kirkpatrick, G. S., farmer, Craigs
Kirkpatrick, R. M., farmer, Ballynagashel
Knox, John, farmer, Seacon
Knox, Mrs. Nancy, farmer, Moneygobbin
Knox, S. B., farmer, Seacon
Knock, W. J., farmer, Ballywattick
Lamont, Joseph, linen manufacturer, Cabra house
Lamont, Samuel, linen manufacturer, Eden house
Lamont, Thomas, grocer & farmer, Cloint house
Leitch, Joseph, farmer, Artiferral
Leslie, J. G., D.L., Leslie hill
Lyle, Thomas, farmer, Topp
Macartney, C. G., J.P., Lissanoure
Macmaster, D. J., farmer, Topp house
Magenis, Major-General H. C., Finvoy lodge
Megaw, John, farmer, Ballyboyland
Montgomery, Major John A., Benvarden
Moore, David, farmer, Ballyboyland
Moore, J. S., D.L., Ballydivity
Moore, Thomas, farmer, Greenshields
M'Afee, James, farmer, Ballybrakes
M'Cammon, Rev. John, Kilraughts
M'Clean, Samuel, farmer, Ballywattick
M'Clean, William J., farmer, Ballywattick
M'Dermott, Clarke, farmer, Cullermoney
M'Dowell, J., timber merchant, Coldagh mills
M'Kay, James, farmer, Taughey
M'Kay, John, farmer, Seacon
M'Keague, Andrew, farmer, Ballywindland
M'Kinlay, J., grocer, Balnamore
M'Kinney, John, farmer, Druckendult
M'Lelland, James, Pine lodge, Killymaddy
M'Mullan, Alex., farmer, Bootown
Nevin, William, farmer, Greenshields
Nimocks, John, farmer, Heagles
Patton, Thomas, farmer, Roseyards
Peden, Mrs., Myrtle cottage, Moneycannon
Pinkerton R. D., J.P., Ballaghmore
Pinkerton, Samuel, sen., farmer, Seacon
Pinkerton, William, farmer, Dunaverney
Rainey, William, farmer, Cabragh
Ramsay, Rev. John, Enagh house
Ramsey, Mrs., Cullermoney
Robinson, Daniel, farmer, Newbuildings South
Robinson, Robert, farmer, Artiferral
Robinson, William, farmer, Newbuildings South
Sinclair, James, farmer, Druckendult
Small, James, farmer, Kirkhills
Small, Nathaniel, farmer, Ballywattick
Small, Robert, farmer, Kilmoyle
Smith, James, farmer, Roseyards
Steen, James, farmer, Inchinagh house
Stewart, Henry, farmer, Newbuildings South
Stewart, John, farmer, Loughabin
Stewart, Moore, farmer, Carnaney
Stewart, Thomas, farmer, Landhead
Taggart, James, farmer, Coolbreene
Taggart, Wm., farmer, Newbuildings North
Taylor, Hugh, farmer, Carneatly
Taylor, James, farmer, Leck
Taylor, John, farmer, Carneatly
Taylor, William, farmer, Carneatly
Thompson, James, farmer, Conagher
Torrens, W. M., R.D.C., farmer, Bann lodge, Maddykeel
Tweed, James, farmer, Ballymacwilliam
Tweed, Robert, farmer, Upper Magherabuoy
Tweed, Thomas, farmer, Mullan
Wallace, James, farmer, Leitrim
Wallace, James, M.D., Lavin house
Wallace, John, farmer, Kirkhills
Warnock, S., farmer, Moneycannon house
White, Marshal, farmer, Macfin
White, Wm., farmer, Ballywindland
Williamson, David, farmer, Moneycannon
Willis, James, farmer, Claughey
Wilson, David, farmer, Artigoran
Workman, Hugh, farmer, Culduff
Workman, Wm., farmer, Culduff
Young, John, farmer, Cuppidale
Young, James, managing director, Balnamore house

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