Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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ADAMS BROS., Drapers, 84 Church Street
ADAMS, DAVID, Registered Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, 1 Galgorm Road. Telephone 79
ALLAN, R., & SON, Wholesale and Retail Seed Merchants; Perennial and Italian Rye Grass a Speciality (Established 1856), 24 Church Street. Telephone 2
ARMSTRONG, J., Merchant Tailor, Draper &c., 77 Church Street
BALLENTINE, JOHN, General Draper, Banner and Regalia Manufacturers, 67 Church Street
BARCLAY & CRAWFORD, General Drapers, &c., London House, 8, 9 Church Street
BARR, MRS. L. A., Live and Dead Pig Dealer and Posting Establishment, 33 Church Street
BELL, J. & R., Booksellers. Stationers, Newsagents, School Requisities, Tobacconists and Fancy Goods Merchants, Central Library, 76 Church Street
BLACK, G., & CO., Drapers, Outfitters, and General Housefurnishers, 78 Church St.
BLACK, JOHN, Timber Merchant, Steam Sawing, Planing, Moulding, and Joinery Works, Warden Street. Tel. No. 75
BONNAR & HENDERSON, LTD., Wholesale Druggists and Tea Merchants, Wellington Street. Telephone 9
BONUGLI, FEDELE, Ice Cream Merchant, Church Street
BUCHANAN, A., Watchmaker and Jeweller, 71 Church Street
CAMERON, R., Hardware, Housefurnishing, and General Ironmongery Warehouse, 38 Mill Street
CARROLL, T. A., Proprietor Royal Hotel, 14 Church Street
CLARKE, WILLIAM, & CO., Boot and Shoe Warehouse, 47 Wellington Street
CLYDE, A., Registered Plumber and Sanitary Engineer, 1 Smithfield Square, Galgorm Road. Telephone No. 12
COLLINS, J., & CO., General Drapers, 15, 16 Church Street. Telephone 61
COOKE, HENRY, Cycle and Motor Works, Mill Street
COSBIE, JAMES, & CO., Timber, Slate, Tile, Iron, and Coal Merchants, Steam Saw Mills, and Monumental Works, Ballymoney Street. Telephone 13
FLOOD, WILLIAM, Wholesale and Retail Tobacconist and Cigar Importer, 40 Church Street
GILMER, MOORE & CHESTNUTT, LTD., Wholesale and Retail Grocers and Druggists, Wellington Street
GRAHAM, GEORGE, Hardware, Leather and Fancy Goods Merchant, Red House, 65, 66 Bridge Street
HAGUE, R., Wholesale Glass, China, Hardware, and Wallpaper Warehouse, Ballymoney Street
HENRY, JOHN, Clarence Hotel and Posting Establishment, Mill Street
JACK, T. BRADSHAW, Cycle Builder and Repairer, 38 and 45 High Street
JOHNSTON, J. W., Watchmaker and Jeweller, 61 Church Street
JOHNSTON, R. G., Wholesale and Retail Ironmonger, Paints, Oils, and General Furnishing Warehouse. Ballymoney St. Telephone No. 21. Telegraphic address, "Implements"
KELLY, R. B., Wholesale China, Glass, and Hardware Merchant, 1, 2 Mill Street
KENNY, H., Costumier and Ladies' Outfitter Waveney Road
LANCASHIRE, H., Pharmaceutical Chemist and Aerated Water Manufacturer, 82, 83 Church Street
MILLAR, H., & CO., Printers and Stationers, Wellington Street
MILLIKEN, ROBERT, General Draper, 11 Church Street
MONTGOMERY, MATTHEW, Carriage and Motor Works, 17 Church Street. Telephone 35
MOONEY & SONS, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, Fancy Goods, Orna Glass, Music, and Musical Instrument Dealers, Newsagents, Booksellers, and Picture Framers, Cycle and Motor Traders' Accessories, and Accumulators Charged, 45 Mill Street. Telephone No. 6; Telegraphic Address. "Mooney"
MORTON. R., & CO., LTD., Flour and Oatmeal Millers, Galgorm Road. Telephone 37. Telegraphic Address, "Morton"
MORTON & SIMPSON, LIMITED, Grocers, Bakers, Seed Merchants, and Provision Curers, 62, 63 Church Street
MURPHY, P., Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, Aerated Water Manufacturer, 72 Bridge Street
M'BRIDE, W. J., Watchmaker and Jeweller, 2 Bridge Street
M'CANN, TERENCE, Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Merchant, 13 Galgorm Road
M'CARTNEY, D., & SON, Provision Curers, Sausage Manufacturers. and Lard Refiners, Ballymoney Street. Telephone 26; Telegraphic Add., "D. M'Cartney"
M'CARTNEY, F. J., Wholesale China, Glass, Hardware and Wallpaper Merchant, House Agent, Stocks and Shares Broker, 22 Bridge Street. Telephone No. 70; Telegraphic Add., "Progress"
M'CLELLAND, WILLIAM, & SON, Grocers and Spirit Merchants, Fire and Life Insurance and Emigration Agents, 5, 6 Church Street. Telephone 28
M'CONNELL, C. & M., Wholesale Wine and Spirit Dealers, 79 Church Street. Telephone 29; Telegraphic Add. "Towers"
M'CONNELL & CO., Provision Curers and Lard Refiners, 7, 9 Hill Street. Telephone 30
M'DOWELL, JOHN, Boot and Shoe Manufacturer, 54 Church Street
O'GORMAN & CO. (Established 1817), Wholesale and Retail Wine and Spirit Dealers, 65, 66 Church Street
RAINEY, W., Temperance Hotel, 3 Albert Street
ROBINSON, WILLIAM, Sack and Bag Merchant, Bridge Street
ROBINSON, W., Cabinetmaker, House Furnisher, and Fancy Goods Merchant, Bridge Street
RUDDELL, S., Royal Albert Cycle and Motor Works, 38 High Street
SIMPSON, MATTHEW, Wholesale Delph, China, Glass, and Wallpaper Merchant, 16 Mill Street
SMITH & CO., Bakers, Grocers, Seed and Feeding Stuff Merchants; Distributing Agents for "Uveco," Agents for J. Bibby & Sons, Feeding Cake Manufacturers, Liverpool, 2, 4 Thomas Street. Tel. Address., "Smith, Baker." Telephone No. 41
STEVENSON, J., Wholesale and Retail General Draper, 4, 5 Bridge Street
SUTTER, ALEXANDER, Grocer and Excursion Organizer, 130 Queen Street
THOMPSON, ROBERT, Coachbuilder, 22 High Street
THOMPSON & SONS, Coachbuilders, 3, 4 Hill Street
WIER, JOHN, Editor Ballymena Observer (Established 1855), Published Weekly on Friday, 70 Church Street
WHITESIDE, ANDREW, Proprietor Albert Temperance Hotel, 31 Wellington Street
WOODSIDE, J. A., Pharmaceutical Chemist, Wholesale and Retail Drug and Oil Importer; Sole Agent, Ballymena, Antrim, Coleraine, Larne and Maghera Districts, for The British Petroleum Co., Ltd., and Shell Motor Spirits, 10 Church Street. Telephone 62

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