Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Ahoghill lies nearly four miles from Ballymena, in westerly direction. It is situated in the Parish of Ahoghill, Barony of Lower Toome.
Population in 1901—633.

POST OFFICE—Arrival of Mails 9 a.m.; 12-50, 6-25 p.m.; Despatch of Mails, 7-25, 11-20 a.m.; 3-20 p.m. Postmistress—Miss Campbell

Church of Ireland—Rev. L. H. Becher
First Presbyterian—Rev. H. W. Boyd
Trinity Presbyterian—Rev. J. Pyper
Brookside Presbyterian—Rev. R. H. Wilson
Roman Catholic—Rev. J. Bradley, P.P.
Dispensary Doctor—Dr. Love, J.P.
R.I.C.—Sergeant Mulligan

Church of Ireland—-Principal, Mr. M'Cord; assistant, Miss Grant
Presbyterian—Principal, J. Maxwell; assistant, Mrs. M'Kinney
Roman Catholic—Principal, Miss M'Erlaine
There are also National Schools at Ballybeg—Principal, G. Neely; assistant, Miss Millar.
Ballymontenagh—Principal, W. M. Stevenson.
Glenhugh—Principal, S. Marshall; assistant, Miss Johnston
Moyasset— Principal, W. J. Kernohan; assistant, Miss Watson

Constitutional Association for Polling District of Ahoghill—Chairman, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Rowan, J.P., D.L., Mount Davys, Cullybackey

Ahoghill Branch of Ulster Defence Union—Chairman, Lieut.-Col. J. J. Rowan, J.P., D.L., Mount Davys, Cullybackey

Ahoghill, Gracehill and Galgorm District Nursing Society—Patron, The Hon. R. T. O'Neill, M.P.; President, Mrs. Gihon; Vice-Presidents, six ladies. A large General Committee of ladies and gentlemen, and a Working Committee of twelve members, with the President, Hon. Treasurer, and Hon. Secretaries in addition in both cases. Hon. Treas., Miss Young: Hon. Secretaries, Miss Young and Miss Kirkpatrick. Nurse, Miss Martin

Ahoghill Working Men's Conservative Club—Chairman, Joseph Reid; Vice-Chairman, Alexander Torbitt; Treasurer, Robert M'Caughey; Secretary, Archd. Lewis; Librarian, Thomas Henry; Convener of Committee, Samuel Todd. A Working Committee of twelve members. Night of Meeting, Second Saturday of each month, in the Orange Hall, Ahoghill

Ahoghill Reading and Recreation Association—President, Dr. Love, J.P.; Vice-Presidents, six gentlemen. Chairman, S. Watson, R.D.C.; Hon. Treasurer, J. Mooney; Hon. Secretaries, W. Ervine, R.D.C. and H. Boyd. Committee, twelve members, with the Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Hon. Treasurer, and Hon. Secretaries in addition

Petty Sessions held on the third Tuesday of every month. Magistrates residing in the district or attending Petty Sessions—Lieutenant-Colonel Rowan, D.L., Mount Davys, Cullybackey; William Moore, Moorfield, Cullybackey; W. O'Rorke, Ballybollan; J. Frazer, Hillmount, Cullybackey; Thomas A. Kelly, Culnafay, Toomebridge; J. M'Meekin, Churchfield. Portglenone; E. M'Neill, Craigdun, Craigs; W. Carson, Dreen, Cullybackey; Dr. R. Love, Ahoghill; Alexander Parker, Parkmount, Galgorm road, Ballymena. Petty Sessions Clerk, A. Raphael, Galgorm


D. Agnew, Miss Arnold, Mrs. T. Arnold, Miss Ballagh, Dr. Campbell, J. Carson, W. Charters, J. Ervine, Mrs. M. A. Erwin, W. Ervine, R.D.C.; Mrs. J. Fullerton, W. Graham, Mrs. Greer, J. Haveron, Miss Johnston, J. Johnston, manager Ahoghill Creamery; R. Johnston, J. Keith, H. Kernohan, Misses Kernohan, A. Lewis, Dr. R. Love, J.P.; A. Luke, Nurse Martin, Joseph Maxwell, Mrs. W. J. Milliken, Miss Montgomery, J. Mooney, D. M'Candless, William M'Candless, Robert B. M'Cord, J. M'Dowell, Miss M'Erlaine, D. M'Kee, J. M'Laughlin, J. M'Master, Mrs. W. M'Master, R. M'Meekin, Miss M'Millan, S. Perry, W. J. Peters, George Rock


Aughtercloney—A. Burke, J. Hardy, Titus Hardy, T. Hardy, D. Haughian, W. Marron, P. M'Clenaghan, P. Mulholland, R. Neeson

Ballybeg—Miss Craig, F. Darragh, H. Esler, W. J. Gillespie, H. Millar, J. J. Millar, S. Millar, H. M'Cay, Mrs. M'Cay, J. M'Millan, G. Neely, Mrs. H. Seymour, R. Spence

Ballybollan—S. Bankhead, J. Boyce, Mrs. A. Campbell, H. Campbell, A. Conaughty, Charters Dickey, N. Dickey, W. Galloway, A. Henry, J. Henry, John Henry, Mrs. W. Hyndman, S. M'Caughey, R. M'Harry, W. Neeson, W. O'Rorke, J.P.; R. Richmond, J. Shaw, J. Storey, W. Thompson, J. Weir

Ballylummin—D. Agnew, D. Agnew, jun.; J. Anderson, W. Bell; Mrs. M. Blair, J. Burnett, R. Burnett, Mrs. T. Duff, J. Esler, J. Gillespie, M. Gillespie, R. Gillespie, W. Kerr, D. Logan, A. Luke, D. Luke, Mrs. M. Luke, J. M'Croary, A. M'Grath, R. M'Millan, J. Mulholland, D. Nelson, R. Nelson, S. Thompson, T. Thompson, W. Thomson

Ballymacilroy—W. Agnew, W. H. Agnew, Johnston Barkley, Mrs. E. Coulter, Mrs. S. Coulter, J. Craig, S. Craig, W. Dickey, R. Fry, Mrs. R. Logan, S. M'Guigan, Mrs W. Picken, R. Weir

Ballyminstra—J. Beatty, Eliza Davison, J. Haughian, R. Henry, Wm. J. Hood, A. Houston, J. Marshall, T. M'Auley, J. M'Kay, S. M'Kay, Mrs. Wm. J. M'Kay, H. O'Neill, J. O'Neill, R. Small, S. Small, D. Taylor, J. Taylor, W. Taylor, T. Wilson, W. Wilson

Carmacmoin—Misses Blair, T. Houston, J. Logan, Mrs. J. Rainey, Mrs. D. Rainey, S. Weir

Carnearney—J. Carson, W. R. Clarke, R. Dick, A. Hood, D. Kernohan, Mrs. Surgeoner

Castletown—J. G. Hillis, Mrs. M. J. Hillis, J. Hillis, A. M'Clure, S. M'Clure, Mrs. J. M'Cullough, J. M'Goldrick, A. R. M'Meekin, Thomas M'Meekin, C.C.; J. M'Mullan, James Scott, John Scott, jun.

Craignageeragh—Mrs. Archer, W. J. Fleck, Miss Fullerton, Mrs. M. Johnston, W. Marks, S. Marshall, M. M'Fall, A. M'Kay, W. Millar, J. Newell, R. Nicholl, T. Reid, J. Stewart, J. Thompson, Mrs. S. Walker

Drumramer—J. Blair, R. Craig, W. Craig, Mrs. N. Dickey, R. Dickey, D. Logan, J. Shaw, D. Thompson, J. Wallace, T. Wallace, W. Wallace, W. Weir

Glebe—Rev. L. H. Becher, Mrs. H. Clarke, J. Clarke, D. Craig, J. Kernohan, T. M'Guiggan, J. Logan

Glenhugh—J. Barkley, J. Blair, J. Dickey, S. Kilpatrick, Mrs. M'Candless, A. Taylor, Mrs. Watson, S. Watson, R.D.C.

Gloonan—D. Boyce, Rev. H. W. Boyd, P. Boyd, A. Cameron, D. Cameron, H. J. Clarke, J. Craig, W. Hill, W. J. Hill, Misses King, Miss J. King, T. Picken, J. Reid, J. Small, Joseph Small, W. R. Spence

Kilcurry—J. Boyd, D. Chesney, J. Craig, R. Hamill, Mrs. T. Hill, J. Marshall, R. D. Marshall, M. M'Lernon, junr.; W. M'Mullan, D. M'Veigh, P. O'Neill, R. Quinn, J. Scott, J. Wilson

Killane—J. Bankhead, Mrs. R. H. Hill, F. H. Hill, J. Kernohan, S. Kernohan, S. Magill, A. M'Dowell, J. A. Perry, A. Weir

Limnaharry—W. J. Agnew, Mrs. A. Anderson, Mrs. M. Bell, W. Boyd, R. Hamilton, A. Harkin, J. Kennedy, R. Kennedy, Miss M. J. Logan, J. Maxwell, J. Millar, Mrs. Simpson Millar, J. Moore, J. M'Caughey, D. M'Auley, R. J. M'Crea, A. M'Donald, S. Wallace

Lismurnaghan—J. Bankhead, J. C. Bankhead, R. Bell, J. S. Conwell, A. Galloway, A. Kennedy, D. Logan, J. Logan, Mrs. Logan, Rev. R. Rawe, P.P.

Moneydollog—Glen Kernohan, W. Kernohan, Thomas Meek

Mount Davys—-Lieutenant-Colonel Rowan, D.L.

Moyasset—H. Kernohan, R. Kernohan, Wm. James Kernohan, W. J. Kernohan, J. Simpson, W. Simpson

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