Ballymena, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Kells is a village about four miles from Ballymena, and is a station on the Ballymena and Larne Railway

Manufacturies—Old Green Woollen Mills—John Dinsmore, J.P., proprietor. Templemoyle Woollen Mills—F. Dinsmore & Son, proprietors. Dyeing and Finishing Works—Lachlan Arthur, J.P.; John Hanna, G. B. Hanna, Kildrum; John Ross. Linen Weaving Factory—John Ross. Tannybrake Dyeing and Finishing Works—Thomas Fry

Churches—Presbyterian, Rev. J. Cully, B.A.
Dispensary—Dr. James Wilson
National School—James Dalrymple
P.O.—Telephone Call Office—Arrival of Mails and Despatches—8-30, 9-15 a.m.; 2-5, 4-5, 5-15 p.m. Sub-Postmaster—W. Strahan
Police Barracks—Sergeant Halligan
Shopkeepers, Residents, &c.—Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Ingrim, spirit dealer; J. Cathcart, John Cupples, J. Dalrymple, J. Dalrymple, jun.; Mary Devinney, Bella Dinsmore, John T. Graham, Mr. Moody, Mrs. Nicholl, J. Parker, W. Strahan, Thomas Surgenor, John Stevenson, Dr. J. L. Torrens, Mrs. Johnston, S. Mewha, W. H. Rea, spirit dealer; Samuel Mooney, Miss Henry, Samuel Harper, Wm. Adamson, Samuel King, Alexander Lee, R. Gamble


Churches—Church of Ireland, Rev. O. B. Clarke; Presbyterian, Rev. Dr. Colvin
Schools—Parochial School—Mr. J. Logan, principal;
Rev. Mr. Clarke, manager.
Connor National School—Miss Allen
Bank—Belfast Banking Company's Office
Residents—Samuel Allen, J. Dalrymple, M. Campbell, Thos. M'Meekin, John Montgomery, Mrs. M'Dowell, T. M'Dowell, A. M'Ilwain, W. M'Keown, W. Owens, Andrew Kerr, Mrs. Ramsay, spirit


Appletree—J. Agnew, J. Holden, N. Kisock, J. Nicholl, W. Cussock

Artnagullion—G. Bell. A. Frew, W. Jackson, J. Loughridge, W. Montgomery, T. M'Meekin, G. Wilson, J. Bell

Ballycowan—J. Donnelly, J. C. Angus, S. Hamilton, W. Lake, P. M'Auley, S. M'Dowell

Barnish—J. Allen, J. Bell, sen. and jun; J. Manson, C. Manson, J. Murdock, —— Stirling, R. Wilson, sen. and jun.

Ballymacvea—Thomas Brown, S. Allen, S. Allison, Jane Brownlee, J. Cooper, J. Cupples, D. Curry, R. Nimmon, T. Francey, J. Graham, J. Hyndman, J. Ross, jun.; William Brownlee. Matthew Parker

Carnearney—W. Burke, A. Duncan, J. Gawn, J. D. Gawn, D. Mullan, W. J. Montgomery, J. M'Alonan, T. O'Neill, J. Hay

Castlegore—J. Boyd, Mrs. Boyd, D. Bell, G. Gardiner, W. Houston, S. Houston, John Stephenson, W. Kitchen, J. M'Connell, J. M'Cord, W. W. Wilson, W. Wilson, J. Redmond

Carnaughts—Hugh M'Murran, Robert C. Ross, J. Adair, J. Bailie, Wm. O'Neill, Joseph Kernoghan, H. Carson, W. B. Curry, T. M'Whirter, J. Montgomery

Crevilly valley—M. Boyd, A. Boyd, R. Curry, W. Cussock, D. Dunlop, S. Hanna, John Nicholl, J. Nicholl

Edenvale—R. Armour, J. Calwell, John Carson, James Fisher, J. Kelly, Robert M'Cluney, David M'Neilly, J. Ireland

Forthill—W. J. Barklie, L. Hyndman, W. Hyndman, J. Murdock

Ferniskey—J. Blair, Miss Beggs, R. Brown, J. Brownlees, J. Cooper, A. Knox, Jane M'Afee, R. Francey, J. M'Neilly, R. M'Neilly, J. Cathcart, J. Nimmons, J. Cooper

Galanagh—R. Caldwell, Mrs. Hyndham, T. Ritchie

Gilgad—T. Bell, T. Fry, W. Knox, R. Knox, J. Knox, J. Meban, R. M'Cullough, W. M'Dowell, J. Strain, A. White, J. M'Auley, J. Morton, R. Black J. Gault, P. Gault, W. Knox, James Strain, jun.

Kells—G. J. Dinsmore, S. Dinsmore, Wm. M'Kee, J. Nimmon, J. Stevenson, W. R. Rea, J. Cupples, R. Parker, Hugh Jack, M. Devinney

Kildrum—Agnes Adair, W. G. Boyd, J. Hanna, J. B. Hanna, Thomas Hume, J. Ross, J. Thompson

Lisnawhiggle—W. Cairns, W. H. Dempster (rate collector); J. Sloan, R. Smith, W. Strahan, W. G. Smith, Rev. A. Holmes, J. Gamble, Henry M'Cluney

Lislunan—H. Adair, W. Allen, J. Brown, Isabella Bell, D. Graham, G. Ireland, J. Kelly, Wm. Kelly, S. Mawhinney, Adam M'Ilveen, M. Rock

Maxwellswalls—C. Bryson, D. Montgomery, Wm. Montgomery, Hugh Montgomery, A. Murdock, R. M'Cullough, Mrs. M'Ilhegga, J. Owens, Miss Owens, Mrs. Percy, J. Steen, publican; J. Stevenson, J. Warwick, J. Wilson

Ross—W. J. Hyndman, Mrs. Hyndman, T. Hyndman, W. Hooke, J. Sterling, J. Wilson

Ross Lodge—R. T. Caldwell

Tannaghmore—W. Barr, J. Madden, J. Redmond, J. Redmond

Tannybrake—Wm. Barr, M. Cathcart, Wm. Cathcart, A. Close, H. Kirk, J. Murdock, A. Murray, W. J. M'Meekin, T. Henderson, W. Parker, M. Sloan, Mrs. Wasson, P. Murray, D. Cathcart, M. M'Cord, J. Thompson, Samuel Wasson, Samuel M'Murray

Lower Tannybrake N.S.—D. Blair, Samuel M'Master

Upper Tannybrake N.S.—M. Logan

Tardree—G. Bell, J. Coulter, J. R. Murdock, H. Wilson, R. Wilson, James M'Mullan

Tullynamullan—D. Agnew, J. Allen, D. Carlisle, T. Cupples, Thomas Hill, W. M'Kee, T. M'Neilly, S. Swann, Bryce Dunlop, John, M'Ilroy, N.T.; Samuel Allen, Parker Agnew, Fanny Seymour

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Annals of the Irish HarpersAnnals of the Irish Harpers

Charlotte Milligan Fox, sister of the poet Alice Milligan, was a founding member of the Irish Folk Song Society and an indefatigable field collector of Irish traditional music. Her singularly important work on Irish haprers is here presented for the twenty-first century reader. This edition of Annals offers a much greater number of illustrations than were included in the original 1911 publication, a full biographical introduction, an extensive bibliography of the writings of Milligan Fox and an appendix discussing the variant texts of Arthur O’Neills Memoirs.


Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland, by Asenath Nicholson, still has the power to shock and sadden even though the events described are ever-receding further into the past. When you read, for example, of the poor widowed mother who was caught trying to salvage a few potatoes from her landlord's field, and what the magistrate discovered in the pot in her cabin, you cannot help but be appalled and distressed.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».

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This book, the prequel to Annals of the Famine in Ireland cannot be recommended highly enough to those interested in Irish social history. The author, Mrs Asenath Nicholson, travelled from her native America to assess the condition of the poor in Ireland during the mid 1840s. Refusing the luxury of hotels and first class travel, she stayed at a variety of lodging-houses, and even in the crude cabins of the very poorest. Not to be missed!

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The Scotch-Irish in America

The Scotch-Irish in America

Henry Ford Jones' book, first published in 1915 by Princeton University, is a classic in its field. It covers the history of the Scotch-Irish from the first settlement in Ulster to the American Revolutionary period and the foundation of the country.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».


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