Ballycastle, County Antrim

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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65 miles from Belfast by shore road, 56 inland.
Seaport and market town.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Departments.
Has important fisheries and coal mines
Market days—Tuesdays and Saturdays
Fairs—Second Tuesday in each month
Population (1901 census)—1,481

—Mrs. Scarlett, postmistress.
Letters from Belfast, Ballymoney, Ballymena, Coleraine, and Londonderry, via Ballymoney, arrive every morning at 9-15 a.m. and every evening at 2 and 6-20 p.m.
Mails from Ballycastle leave at 6-35 a.m., 10-30 a.m., 4-10 p.m. and 5-45 p.m.
Branch Post Office—The Quay,
Thomas Humphreys, postmaster
Union Workhouse—15 Electoral Divisions.
Board meets on Tuesdays. Patrick M'Carey, J.P., chairman; John M'Kay, vice-chairman; D. Black, deputy-chairman; clerk and returning officer, Hugh M'Gill; relieving officer, C. M'Mullan; master, James Keenan; matron, Mrs. M'Kendry
District Council—John Darragh, chairman; George A. Haughey, vice-chairman
Northern Bank—H. C. Kirkpatrick, manager; Mr. Simpson, cashier; John Mullin, accountant
Conveyances—Cars—During summer months a tourist car from Larne to Giant's Causeway, and vice versa, calls at Marine Hotel and Antrim Arms Hotel. During the summer season cars run to Fair Head, Murlough, Kenbane, and Carrick-a-Rede, on the arrival of the morning and mid-day trains at Ballycastle

Church of Ireland—Ballycastle, Rev. I. P. Barnes, A.B., incumbent; Culfeightrin, Rev. F. W. Davies, rector; Ramoan, Rev. Thomas Cox, M.A., rector
Presbyterian Church—Ballycastle, Rev. John Jackson, B.D.; Ramoan, Rev. Silas Johnstone
Roman Catholic Chapel—Armoy, Rev. Father Quinn, P.P.; Ballycastle, Rev. B. Faloona, P.P.; Rev. R. W. Rhodes; Ballinlea, Rev. B. Murphy, P.P.; Culfeightrin, Rev. Father Eardley
Masonic Hall
Orange Hall

Anderson, Miss, dressmaker
Archibald, Miss, Ardaghmore
Ash, Mrs., Dalriada
Baillie, John, stationmaster
Bakewell, James, refreshments
Ballycastle Coal Fields Offices
Barnes, Rev. I. P.
Bedford, W. H., sec. Marine Hotel Co., Ltd.
Bell, Robert, sexton
Bell, Robert, jun., postman
Bernard, Mrs.
Bissett, Miss, manageress Marine Hotel
Black, Miss, The Quay
Black, Robert C., grocer
Blaney, Neal, carter
Bonner, John, tinsmith
Boyd, Alexander
Boyd, Hugh
Boyd, John
Boyd, Miss, Manor House
Boyd, Mrs., Brymawr
Boyd, Mrs. Hugh
Boyle, Bernard, cycle mechanic
Brannigan, Charles D., publican
Breakey, Rev. J. P. R., Glebe, Armoy
Brockerton, William, carpenter
Brown, Daniel
Byrne, John, farmer
Callwell, W. J., watchmaker
Cameron, George, railway guard
Campbell, James
Casement, Mrs., Glentaisie
Casement, Roger, J.P., Mogerintemple
Caulfield, Richard, coachman
Clarke, John, cooper
Colgin, Robert, tailor
Conway, James, enginedriver
Cox, Rev. Thomas, M.A., Ramoan Rectory
Coyle, Hugh
Coyles, Archibald, butcher
Coyles, James, boatman
Coyles, John, breadserver
Coyles, Alexander
Coyles, Thomas
Coyles, John, fisherman
Craig, Miss, Martello
Cunningham, The Misses
Curry, Mrs., grocer
Curry, William, school teacher
Dalliott Bros., carpenters and joiners
Dempsey, Charles, fisherman
Devlin, Mrs.
Donnelly, Alex., J.P., Cloughcorr, Ballintoy
Donovan, Rose
Douglas, James, carpenter
Douglas, Miss, Glenluce
Dunlop, Dr. J. B., Glenbank
Dunlop, Robert
Ewing, Jane
Faloona, Rev. B., P.P.
Fee, Archie
Gage, Mrs.
Gage, Miss A.
Gilbert, Mrs.
Gillan, Mrs.
Gilmore, Thomas, grocer
Glass, William, draper and tailor
Graham, Thomas, Glenluce
Greer, T. M., solicitor, Kenmara
Hamill, A., sexton, Presbyterian Church
Hamill, James, Nanavere
Hanna, William J.
Haughey, George, draper
Hayes, W. G. B., J.P., Drumawillan, farmer
Henry, Andrew, car driver
Henry, David
Hill, James, sandstone quarries
Hipwell, Miss, district nurse
Hopkinson, Captain, R.N.
Humphreys, Thomas, carpenter and builder
Hunter, Alexander, publican
Hunter, Mrs., Antrim Arms Hotel and posting establishment
Hunter, Henry, fruiterer
Hutchinson, J. S., J.P., Shangarry
Hutchinson, John
Hutchinson, The Misses
Hutchinson, Samuel
Jackson, Rev. John, B.D., The Manse
Jameson, Robert, plumber
Jamieson, William, plumber
Jennings, James
Jolly, Miss, woollen draper and grocer
Kennedy, Hugh, draper
Kelly, William, carpenter
Keown, Mrs.
Kerr, Rev. M., Rathlin Island
Kirkpatrick, H. C., manager Northern Bank, Limited
Kirkpatrick, Miss, dressmaker
Kirkpatrick, Robert, enginedriver
Lament, Daniel, publican
Lawrence, Moore, Gartconey, farmer
Loughran, Hugh, sergeant R.I.C.
Lyle, Mrs., Ardeevin
Lyle, Sydney J., J.P., The Quay
Macartney, J.
Macauley, J., carver
Macouaig, Mrs.
Magee, Mrs.
Magill, The Misses, milliners
Matchette, Rev. W., A.B., Ballintoy
Maybank, Mrs., clerk of market
Mitchell, James
Mitchell, John, shoemaker
Millar, Miss Marion, Sunnybank
Millar, Miss
Miller, Lady, Whitehall
Mooney, Cornelius, grocer
Mooney, D., & Sons, boot warehouse
Moore, Mrs., Moyarget lodge
Moore, Mrs., Whitehall cottage
Moore, Rev. J. R., Lisvarna
Moore, Robert, grocer
Morrison, Mrs.
M'Allister, Alexander, grocer
M'Allister, H. A., clerk of petty sessions, and auctioneer
M'Alister, Daniel, farmer
M'Auley Bros., butchers
M'Auley, Hugh, painter
M'Auley, Mrs., draper
M'Arthur, Daniel, Novally
M'Auley, Sarah, publican
M'Bride, John, postman
M'Cambridge, Alexander
M'Cambridge, E. F., J.P., auctioneer and merchant
M'Cambridge, Miss
M'Cambridge, Mrs. Ida M., Boyd Arms Hotel
M'Carry, Patrick, J.P., Murlough
M'Caughan, Charles
M'Caughan, Hugh, Stronebesk, farmer
M'Caughan, John, J.P., Duncarbit
M'Caughan, Mrs., draper and leather merchant
M'Caughan, Mrs., grocer
M'Caughan, A., hairdresser
M'Causland, Samuel, watchmaker
M'Clure, James, grocer
M'Clure, Samuel, contractor
M'Collam, Alexander, baker and grocer
M'Conachy, Mrs.
M'Cormick, Samuel, grocer
M'Clements, James, spirit grocer
M'Curdy, James, grocer
M'Dermott, Miss, Ardaghmore
M'Donnell, Randel, veterinary surgeon and publican
M'Dowell, Samuel, carpenter
M'Elheran, Robert, draper
M'Fadzean, Mrs. E., publican
M'Gildowney, Hugh M., J.P., Clare park
M'Gill, James, publican
M'Grath, Miss, dressmaker
M'Guigan, J. C., corn mill and contractor
M'Guigan, John, publican
M'Guire, Miss, teacher
M'Henry, Miss, dressmaker
M'Henry, William, spirit dealer
M'Ilroy, James, M.B., J.P.
M'Kendry, Patrick, butcher
M'Kinlay, Daniel, registrar of marriages & shipping agent
M'Kinley, Anthony, grocer
M'Kinley, Matthew, Ardeevin
M'Laughlin, Denis, workhouse porter
M'Laughlin, Neal, spirit dealer
M'Laughlin, William J., postman
M'Lean, A., painter, glazier and carpenter
M'Lees, Denis, gardener
M'Mahon, Miss, Orrville
M'Michael, James, school attendance officer
M'Michael, James, Royal Hotel
M'Michael, Mrs.
M'Mullan, Charles
M'Mullan, G.
M'Mullan, Mrs.
M'Neile, Mrs., Ivy house
M'Neill, James, shoemaker and billposter
M'Neill, Miss, draper
Neeley, Miss Kate, grocer
Nicholl, John, brickyard and sawmill
O'Brien, John, hairdresser
O'Connor, Miss, Bayview
O'Connor, The Misses
O'Hara. John, grocer and farmer
O'Kane, J. P., J.P., draper
O'Neill, John, C.E., Ballypatrick
O'Neill, Mrs.
Patterson, Samuel, cardriver
Pink, John, carter
Quigg, Francis
Quigg, Mrs. B.
Ramsey, Robert, chemist
Richardson, Robert, school teacher
Russell, William, blacksmith
Scarlett, John, boot and shoe warehouse
Scarlett, G. H.
Scilly, William J., grocer
Scott, John
Scott, William, grocer
Sharpe, John M., J.P., Mayaret
Sharpe, Andrew, Drumahit, farmer
Sharpe, Miss, Lisvarna
Sharpe & M'Kinley, grocers, ironmongers, hardware merchants, and agents for the sale of agricultural implements
Smith, Hugh, blacksmith
Smith, James, blacksmith
Smith, John, gasfitter
Smith, Moore, J.P., Broughanlea
Smith, Samuel
Smith, William, Gartconey, farmer
Stewart, Miss, teacher, Castle street
Stewart, Mrs., milliner
Stuart, Miss, teacher of music, Benmore
Stuart, Miss, Berea
Stuart, J., civil bill officer
Taylor, William
Thompson, Daniel
Thompson, Mrs., The Quay
Thomson, D., saddler
Thorpe, S., saddler
Verdon, Jane, spirit dealer
White, James, Leland, farmer
White, John, Altananum, farmer
White, Thomas, Carnsampson, farmer
Williamson, James, Stronsbesk, farmer
Wilson, Joseph
Wilson, pier foreman
Wise, Mr.
Woodside, Dr. James, coroner
Woodside, Miss, milliner
Woodside, R. P., solicitor, Carnsampson
Wright, William, R.N., pensioner

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