Aughnacloy, County Tyrone

From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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45 miles from Belfast.
Has a Railway Station and Post Office, with Money Order and Telegraph Department.
Market Day—Wednesday
Fair Day—First Wednesday of each Month.
Population (1901 census)—974.

—Mrs. Stratton, Postmistress.
Letters arrive from all parts at 4-15 a.m., and from Belfast, Glasgow, and England at 10-30 a.m. Letters are despatched at 5 a.m. to Augher, Clogher, and Fivemiletown; at 6 a.m. to Carnteel and Crilly; and at 12 noon, 2-15 p.m., and 8 p.m. to all parts.

Aughnacloy Presbyterian Church—Rev. S. M. E. F. Stuart, B.A.
Ballymagrane Presbyterian Church—Rev. John Martin
Carnteel Parish Church—Rev. T. G. Stokes, A.M., rector; Rev. E. F. French, curate; Rev. S. H. Baker, B.A., rector of Crilly
Methodist Church—Rev. Keven
Roman Catholic Church—Rev. William Booth, P.P.; Rev. Alex. M'Peake, C.C.

Caledon Street National School—James Alex. Gordon, master; Miss Russell, junior assistant
Aughnacloy No. 2—James M'Gahan, master
Magistrates—Joseph Abraham, Esq.; J. K. Anketell, Esq.; Rowland, J. Betty, Esq.; Matthew James Fiddes, Esq.; J. S. Gervan, Esq.; Robert Montgomery, Esq.; John M'Cann, Esq.; Edward M'Gee, Esq.; Hugh M'F. Simpson, Esq.; N. L. Townsend, Esq., R.M.; David Wright, Esq.; John Rea, J.P.
Petty Sessions are held on second Monday in each month, at 11 o'clock a.m.
School Attendance Committee—Urban—Foster M'Kay, clerk; Wm. Galloway, summons server; William Galloway, Rev. S. F. Stuart, B.A. (chairman); Rev. T. G. Stokes, M.A.; D. Wright, William Early, William M'Gee, Peter M'Girr, James Abraham, J. M'Cann, J.P.; T. I. Graham, and W. J. Moore process server
The Committee meets on the first Tuesday of each month, at 8 o'clock p.m.—J. C. Fiddes, Secretary and Attendance Officer
Rural—Rev. T. G. Stokes, M.A. (chairman); Rev. S. F. Stuart, B.A.; Foster M'Kay, Peter M'Girr, Dr. Pringle, David Wright, Wm. M'Gee, James Abraham, William Early, Joseph Boyd, and J. M'Cann, J.P.
The Committee meets on the second Thursday of each month, at 8 o'clock p.m.—J. C. Fiddes, Secretary and Attendance Officer
Town Commissioners—David Wright, J.P. (chairman); James Abraham, Joseph Boyd, John F. Gaskin, Thomas I. Graham, John M'Cann, J.P.; William J. Moore, John J. Rea, solicitor; Foster M'Kay, town clerk; W. Beattie, rate collector

Commissioner of Affidavits—Foster M'Kay
Clogher Valley Railway Company—H. S. Sloan, manager and secretary; Patrick Soraghan, accountant; Gustaf Akerlind, loco, inspector; George Forsyth, station-master
Constabulary Station—John Deeny, Head-Constable, in charge
Inspector of Weights and Measures—Acting-Sergeant M'Caffrey
Dispensary and Fever Hospital—George A. Pringle, M.D.
Inspector Food and Drugs—Constable T. W. Johnston
Registrar of Births, &c.—George A. Pringle, M.D.
Stamp Office—M. J. Fiddes & Co., distributors
Ulster Bank, Limited—Samuel Barkley, manager
Gas Works—William John Woods, manager
Inland Revenue Office—Attended by Dungannon officer each Saturday
Jackson's Alms Houses—Rev. T. G. Stokes, M.A., and Rev. S. Fleming Stuart, trustees; William Wilson, caretaker

Abraham, James, grocer and newsagent
Abraham, Joseph, J.P.
Abraham, Walter, mechanic
Akerlind, Gustaf, locomotive superintendent
Allen, Constable, R.I.C.
Anderson, J., creamery manager
Armstrong, Mrs., Lintview
Baker, Rev. S. H., B.A.
Barkley, S., manager Ulster Bank
Barnes, Robert, shoemaker
Beattie, William, law clerk
Beatty, W., J.P., R.D.C., farmer, Tullyvar
Bennett, J., typist and clerk, C.V. Railway
Best, M., butter and egg dealer
Betty, Rowland John, J.P.
Booth, Rev. W. J., P.P.
Boyd, George, baker
Boyd, Joseph, draper
Boyd, Mrs. M. J., draper
Bradbury, A. B., Ulster Bank
Brady, John, R.I.C.
Brush, Thomas, farmer, Garvey
Burton, Hugh, carpenter
Burton, William, carpenter, Dernabane
Camp, Edward, fitter, C.V. Railway
Canning, Peter, grocer's assistant
Carberry, Thomas, mechanic
Caruth, T. J., grocer and publican
Cave, John, gardener
Colbert, John, carpenter
Cunningham, W., house painter & decorator
Cush, Francis, carpenter, C.V. Railway
Cush, Terence, tailor
Daly, M., & Co., drapers
Denny, John, head-constable R.I.C.
Devine, William, guard, C.V. Railway
Devine, Edward, constable R.I.C.
Donnelly, Mrs., The Diamond
Duffy, M., Reform Stores
Early, William, solicitor
Ellison, John, Aughnacloy
Ellison, S., publican
Ellison, William, saddler
Fair, John, auctioneer and hotel proprietor
Fair, Mrs., Annagh house
Fair & Co., grocers and ironmongers
Falls, R., R.D.C., farmer, Lisginney
Fiddes, Edward, Hollywood house
Fiddes, John C., secretary School Attendance Committee
Fiddes, M. J., J.P., R.D.C., corn miller
Fiddes & Co., grocers, wine and spirit merchants
Forde, Robert, tailor
Forsyth, George, stationmaster C.V. Railway
Galbraith, R., grocer, hardware & publican
Galloway, William, process server
Gaskin, John, flesher
Gillard, R. J., constable R.I.C.
Gillespie, George, carpenter
Gillespie, Moore, carpenter
Gilmore, Andrew, tinsmith
Givan, John, farmer, Grange
Gordon, James A., N.S. teacher
Gowdy, James, carpenter, Shantavey
Graham, Thomas I., R.D.C., draper
Hadden, Thomas J., draper, &c.
Hagan, Charles, pork butcher
Hagan, John, senior, pork butcher
Hagan, John, junior, pork butcher
Hagan, P., pig dealer
Halliday, Thomas, constable R.I.C.
Hamilton, William, Killens
Hannacker, P., grocer and spirit merchant
Hanse, S., clerk C.V. Railway
Henderson Bros., blacksmiths
Henderson, Marshall, shoemaker
Holmes, I., draper and milliner
Irwin, Mrs. R., draper
Irwin, Robert, porter C.V. Railway
Johnston, Thomas W., constable R.I.C.
Kelly, Patrick, carpenter
Kennedy, Thomas, law clerk
Keven, Rev.
Keohane, Sergeant, R.I.C.
Kough, William, letter carrier
Lamb, David, publican
Lough, James, relieving officer, Lismore
Lough, Miss, dressmaker
Loughran, John, J.P., M.R.C.V.S.
Lowry, I. Adams, accountant and representative of the "Dungannon News"; examiner to the Tonic Sol-fa College, London
Lowry, M., stationer and newsagent; agent for the "Dungannon News"
Magirr, Peter, Imperial Hotel
Maginnis, Edward
Maguire, John, guard C.V. Railway
Martin, Hugh, The Fort House
Martin, William J., confectioner
Moffatt, Crozier F., R.D.C., farmer, Belragh
Moffatt, John, farmer, Belragh
Moffatt, William, farmer, Killings
Monaghan, J., dressmakers
Monaghan, P., grocer
Montgomery, George, Crilly
Montgomery, Robert, J.P., Riversdale
Montgomery, R. J., Garvey house
Montgomery, Robert, farmer, Derrycush
Montgomery, Thomas, saddler
Montgomery, Vaughan, Crilly
Moore, Thomas, shoemaker
Moore, W. J., leather and boot merchant
Moutray, Anketell, D.L., Favor Royal
Moutray, Miss, Killybrick
Mullan, John, pig dealer
Murphy, Hugh, grocer
M'Alpin, Mrs.
M'Aree, Thomas, barber
M'Cann, John,. J.P., auctioneer and estate agent
M'Carron, James, blacksmith
M'Caughey, Patrick, grocer and newsagent
M'Clean, Barnes, miller
M'Cleery, R., grocer and ironmonger
M'Clure, Samuel, farmer, Grange
M'Creedy, Joseph, grocer and letter carrier
M'Creedy, Robert, farmer, Mullinhorn
M'Cullagh, M., dressmaker
M'Daniel Bros., grocers
M'Dowell, Thomas
M'Elmeel, B., baker and grocer
M'Elmeel, Owen, merchant and baker
M'Elroy, George, solicitor
M'Fadden, Patrick, carpenter
M'Gee, Charles, victualler
M'Gee, John, posting establishment
M'Gee, William, grocer and publican
M'Ginness, J., foreman cutter
M'Gowan, Acting-Sergeant, R.I.C.
M'Grath Bros., cycle agents, &c.
M'Ilwaine, Johnston, grocery and hardware
M'Kay, Foster, auctioneer, builder, contractor, town clerk and surveyor, clerk of petty sessions, and commissioner of affidavits
M'Kenna, Bernard, farmer, Moy
M'Kenna, John, spirit dealer
M'Kenna, Michael, shoemaker
M'Kenna, Michael, tailor
M'Kenna, P., tailor
M'Kigney, William, tailor, &c.
M'Meel, Mrs.
M'Nulty, James, draper and spirit merchant
M'Peake, Rev. Alex., C.C.
M'Quade, Henry, publican
Nevins, James, tailor
O'Kelly, Mrs., spirit dealer
O'Neill, James, spirit dealer and coachbuilder
O'Neill, John, house painter and decorator
Patterson, C. G., Ulster Bank
Patton, Joseph, draper
Pringle, George A., M.D., B.S., Dublin
Rea, John J., solicitor
Rea, Thomas, blacksmith
Rea Bros., carters
Rodgers, J. C., Ulster Bank
Russell, Miss, M.S. teacher
Sands, Robert, billposter
Sawyers, Robert, grocer and Italian warehouseman
Sawyers, James, grocer's assistant
Singleton, William, farmer, Elvoy
Slavin, Patrick, slater
Sleeth, John, farmer, Grange
Sloane,. Horace S., secretary C.V. Railway
Smyth, John, barber
Smyth, John, farmer, Mullinhorn
Soraghan, M., hotel proprietress
Soraghan, P., clerk C.V. Railway
Speer, Joseph, solicitor
Speer, James, shoemaker
Speer, Wm., leather dealer and shoemaker
Stokes, Rev. T. G., M.A.
Stuart, Rev. S. M. E. F., B.A.
Sweeney, John, constable R.I.C.
Taggart, John, farmer, Dernabane
Taylor, J., M.P.S.I., pharmaceutical chemist
Taylor, Jack, pork dealer
Taylor, Margaret
Taylor, Rev. J. W., LL.D., Errigal Glebe
Thompson, Miss, assistant draper
Thompson, William, enginedriver
Verner, Henry, blacksmith
Wickson, J. H., watchmaker, &c.
Wilson, John, printer
Wilson, Mrs. B., Ivyhill house
Woods, James, baker
Woods, Miss, N.S. teacher
Woods, Susan, grocer
Wright, David, J.P., R.D.C.
Wright, George, grocer and publican
Wright, Hugh, watchmaker, &c.
Wright, William, farmer, Elvoy
Young, John, law clerk

Agnew, William, Dernabane
Armstrong, James, Castletown
Bell, John, Drone
Bell, John, Tullybletty, Crilly
Bell, Wm. George, Tullybletty, Crilly
Brush, John, Drumaslaggy
Brush, Uriah, Drumaslaggy
Brush, Uriah, Ravella
Brush, W. J., Derrycreevy
Cairns, George, Lismore
Cardwell, James, Glencrew .
Corbett, Joseph, Mullaghmore
Cromey, Joseph, Dernabane
Curry, George, Carricklongfield
Davinson, Mrs., Cavankilgreen
Davison, Samuel, Derrycreevy
Donaghey, Michael, Golan
Donnelly, John, Liskenny
Duff, Joseph, Liskenny
English, Andrew, Gallagh
English, Samuel, Lismore
Ellison, Samuel, Glencrew
Falls, John, Cavankilgreen
Falls, Matthew, Cavankilgreen
Ferguson, Alexander, Tirelugan
Ferguson, Samuel, Derrycreevy
Garrett, Robert George, Glenkeen
Goodwin, Edward, Castletown
Graham, Andrew W., Glassdrummond
Graham, John, Glassdrummond, Carnteel
Graham, Wm. G., castletown
Graham, Wm., Glassdrummond
Hadden, James, Golan
Hadden, Richard, Cavankilgreen
Hadden, Wm., Drumackay, Crilly
Hall, Alexander, Corderry
Hamill, Francis, Golan
Hamill, James, Golan
Hamilton, Andrew, Glack
Hatton, Robert, Castletown
Hazleton, John, Glassdrummond, Carnteel
Hughes, James, Glassdrummond, Carnteel
Irwin, David, Tirelugan
Irwin, Samuel, Tirelugan
Jardine, James, Glassdrummond
Jeffers, James, Tirelugan
Johnston, John, Killyneery
Jones, Joseph, Golan
Jones, Robert, Tirelugan
Kenney, Michael, Glencrew
Kinnear, Thomas, Tullybleety, Crilly
Kyle, B. J., Dernabane
Kyle, Robert J., Tirelugan
Lewis, Mrs, Sarah, Liskenny
Liggett, George, Shanalurgh
Magee, Bernard, Derrycreevy
Maguire, Patrick, Mullaghblane
Marshall, Thos. C. W., Legane, Carnteel
Martin, Hugh, The Fort House
Martin, James W., Crilly
Millar, Brice, Cavankilgreen
Millar, James, Lismore
Millar, John, Shantavney
Millar, William, Cavankilgreen
Montgomery, Robert, Garvey
Montgomery, Robert, J.P., Riversdale
Morrow, Wm., Glassdrummond, Carnteel
Mullan, John, Mullaghmore
Murphy, Wm. J., Golan
M'Cann, Bridget
M'Caughey, James, Shantavney .
M'Donnell, Denis, Golan
M'Donnell, Thomas
M'Gonnell, Patrick, Derrycreevy
M'Kenna, James, Ravella
M'Kenna, John, Cavanoneill
Potter, Robert, Dernabane
Rea, James, Favor Royal Desmesne
Rea, John, J.P., Drumsleggy
Rea, Sarah, Ballynapottage
Sherry, Patrick, Ballycreevy
Simpson, James, Ballycreevy
Simpson, John, Ballycreevy
Souter, John, Derrymeen
Taggart, Thomas, Dernbane
Thomson, Charles, Tirelugan
Thomson, Stewart, Derrycreevy
Trainor, William, Derrycreevy
Vernon, John, Drone
Wiggins, Wm. J., Golan
Wright, David, Glencrew

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