From the Belfast and Ulster Towns Directory for 1910

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Seventeen miles from Belfast and ten and three-quarter miles from Ballymena. A Market and the County Town of Antrim. Has an R.S. and a sub. Post Office. There is a Round Tower near the town, 95 feet in height. Chief Industries — Linen, Hosiery and Papermaking. Population (1901 census), 1,826. Fair Days — Last Thursday of each month; also 1st January*, 12th May, 13th June*, and 12th November. (* Horse Fairs.) Market Days — Tuesdays, Grain; Thursdays, General.

—Miss Wade, Postmistress. Misses Wallace, Magee & Wade, Assistants. Postmen — R. Cooper, A. Wallace, E. Jackson, G. Cooper, jun.; J. Wallace, and Robert Morrison. Telegraph Messengers — B. Mitchell and J. Johnston.

Church of Ireland — Rev. Maurice H. F. Collis, B.D., vicar; Rev. W. B. L. Smyth, B.A., curate. Services—Sunday, 11.30 a.m. and 6 p.m.; Wednesday, 8 p.m.
Presbyterian — Rev. Thomas West, B.A., and Rev. William A. Adams, B.A. Services —11.30 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Unitarian — Rev. W. S. Smith. Service — 12.30 p.m.
Methodist (Wesleyan) — Rev. Thomas Davies, Services — 11 a.m. and 7 p.m.
Roman Catholic Chapel — Rev. T. O'Donnell, P.P.; Rev. P. M'Namara, C.C.; Services — Sundays — Morning service, 8-15 and 11; evening service, 6. The Wednesdays and Fridays of Lent, Advent, May, and October — Evening Service, 7-30. Roman Catholic Service at Antrim Union — 8 a.m. each Saturday throughout the year; also at 8 a.m. on Holidays of Obligation; 10 a.m. at St. Comgall's Church.

Coroner for District — Dr. J. J. Adams, J.P.
Registrar of Births, Deaths, and Marriages — Dr. T. B. Hill Scott, dispensary doctor
Royal Irish Constabulary — J. J. Heatly, D.I.; P. Kavaney, head-constable, 3 sergeants, 10 constables
Town Commissioners — R. J. Kirk, chairman; Archibald M'Kay, clerk
Caretaker of Courthouse — Robert Young
Commissioner for taking Affidavits in the High Court of Justice — W. D. M'Manus, Market square
Belfast Banking Company, Ltd. (branch) — J. Malseed, manager; R. H. Kerr, cashier
Ulster Banking Company, Ltd. (branch) — J. W. Girvan, manager; W. J. M'Guigan, cashier
Loan Fund — Robert J. Kirk, manager; John Kirk, J.P., treasurer
Massereene Estate Office — A. H. Lee-Norman, agent
Protestant Hall — H. B. Murray, hon. sec. and treasurer; Wm. Hannen, caretaker
Magistrates attending Petty Sessions — John Kirk, Henry B. Murray, Campbell M. Taggart, Bernard A. Meenan, John J. Adams, M.D.; Robert Thompson, W. P. Dickie, A. H. Lee-Norman, and Wm. Holmes, R.M.
Petty Sessions Clerk — N. M. Clarke
Antrim Asylum, Holywell — S. Graham, resident medical superintendent; W. Smyth, M.D.; J. Walker, clerk; David Owens, landsteward; Wm. Montgomery, storekeeper; H. M'Kenna, tailor; R. Patterson, shoemaker
Antrim Gas Light Company, Limited — W. J. Quigley, manager; E. Vance, sec.
Antrim Hockey Club — J. G. Entwistle, hon. secretary
Antrim Markets Company, Limited — Robert Young, weighmaster; H. Savage, sec.
Office of the Registrar of Marriages — F. T. Smith, registrar; R. J. Kirk, deputy registrar
Antrim Philharmonic Society — Lady Massereene and Mrs. Wilson, patronesses; Dr. J. J. Adams, J.P., president; Jas. L. Clark, hon. secretary; R. Anderson, hon. treasurer; Charles Lindop, conductor, organist Antrim Parish Church
Antrim and Muckamore District Nursing Association — Miss Roe, treasurer; Miss Fleming, nurse
I.O.G.T. — Rock of Safety Lodge, No. 97 — William Reid, C.T.; T. Simpson, sec.; Mrs. Moody, W.J.
I.O.F. — Robert Russell, C.D.; J. Rodgers, C.R.; T. Simpson, R.Sec.; W. O'Flagherty, F.Sec.; C. T. Lowry, treasurer
Masonic Hall — Lodge 28, W. W. M'Fetridge, secretary; Lodge 56, Thomas Coulter, secretary; D. M'Grub, caretaker
Antrim Reading Rooms — Rev. M. H. F. Collis, B.D., president; Rev. W. B. L. Smyth, secretary; W. J. Jamison, sec.
Massereene Golf Club — R. H. E. Kerr, secretary; R. Russell, treasurer
Antrim Railway Stations — Midland — Robert Woods, stationmaster; Nathaniel Todd, ticket clerk; and Arthur Bell, assistant. Goods office, Midland Railway, T. Hall and T. Wilson, clerks. The business of G.N.R. is now worked by Midland Railway Co. at Antrim. G.N.R. booking office abolished. Edward Montgomery, goods office clerk
Antrim Constabulary Barracks, Market Square — Constables: Campbell, Carvil, Curran, Murphy and Scott

Infant School — Patroness, Lady Massereene; treasurer and secretary, Miss Clarke, The Steeple; teacher, Mrs. Needham National No. 1 — Teacher (male), Patrick Hurl; No. 1 (female), Miss R. E. Savage; No. 2, J. Gault; No. 3, William M'Fetridge; No. 4, J. Needham; No. 5, Miss Hill. Ladies' School — Miss Maude West, principal.

Boal, Hugh, High street (branch)
Boal, Robert, High street (branch)
Holmes, L. Jackson, High street
Kirk, Martin H., High street
Meenan, L. A., High street
M'Keown, Wilson, High street (branch)
Neeson, Daniel, Market square (branch)
O'Rorke, Alexander, M'Donald, & Tweed, Church street

Adams, John J., J.P., coroner for South Antrim, Ashville house
Gawn, Samuel, High street
Scott, T. B. Hill, Railway street
West, Dr. T., Riverside

Adair, Capt. H., Loughanmore
Adair, Henry, Temperance Hotel, High st
Adams, Dr. J. J., J.P., coroner, Ashville house
Adams, Rev. W. A., B.A., The Manse
Allen, Joseph, Massereene
Anderson, Robert, grocer, High street and Market square
Armstrong, Francis, publican, Church street
Baird, James, publican, Church street
Barclay, William, gardener, Steeple, Antrim
Barr, Joseph, cycle merchant, High street
Barr, Robert, confectioner, High street
Barton, H. D. M., land agent, The Bush house
Bayne, Mrs., confectioner, High street
Beattie, Samuel, Eden cottage
Beggs, Thomas, Railway cottages
Blair, William, cabinetmaker, Fountain st
Blair & Baird, undertakers, Church street
Boal, George, carpenter, Church street
Boal, George, grocer, Church street
Boal, John, Firmount
Boal, J. & H., linen manufacturers, Riverside
Boal, Mrs., confectioner, Church street
Boal, Robert, New Lodge, Muckamore
Boyd, Catherine Anne, Oldstone
Boyd, James, bootmaker, Church street
Boyd, R., farmer, Hurtletoot
Brennan, Samuel, painter, Market square
Bryans, James, landsteward, The cottage
Burrows, Charles, general dealer, Church st
Campbell, David, groom, Bush house
Campbell, Samuel, publican, Market square
Carson, Andrew, farmer, Whinpark
Carson, James, refreshment rooms and posting establishment, Church street
Carson, James C., coachbuilder, Church st
Carson, William, Beach cottage
Christy, H., carpenter, Riverside
Clark, James L., assistant clerk of union, New lodge
Clark, John, clerk of union, New lodge
Clark, John, New lodge, Muckamore
Clarke, Miss G., The Steeple house
Clarke, J. B., rate collector, Potterwalls
Clarke, James, estate agent, Riverside
Clarke, Miss, grocer, Castle street
Clarke, Miss, matron Antrim Union Workhouse
Clarke, Mrs., Fountain street
Clarke, N. M., auctioneer, Massereene
Clarke, Robert, farmer and cattle dealer, Crosskennon
Coleman, James, coal and timber merchant
Collis, Rev. M. F. H., B.D., The Vicarage, Railway road
Conway, P., clothier, Market square
Cooper, William, draper, High street
Corrigan, James, Randalstown road, Townpark
Craig, William, Railway street
Craig & M'Clelland, auctioneers, High street — Branch
Cunningham, Josias, Belmont
Curry, Alexander, shoemaker, Church street
Donald, Leonard, farmer, Whinpark
Donnan, E., Dunsilly house
Dougall, J., plasterer, Railway street
Dougall, W., tailor, Church street
Drummond, William, carowner, Church st.
Duffin, John, publican, Massereene
Duncan, Robert, & Sons, painters, Church street
Edgar, David, saddler, Market square
Entwistle, J. G., hon sec. Antrim Hockey Club, Muckamore
Entwistle, Thomas, Muckamore
Erskine, J. C., Fountain street
Esler, Thomas, publican, Bridge End Bar, High street
Farquhar, Alexander, Kilbegs
Fegan, James, flesher, High street
Fegan, Terence, Fountain street
Fegan, Miss L., tobacconist, High street
Ferguson, Thomas, Muckamore
Field, George, wine merchant, High street
Finlay, T., farmer, Gordon park, Ballynoe
Fitzpatrick, J., hairdresser, High street
Fleming, Alex., farmer, Potterswalls
Fleming, Arthur, flesher, Railway street
Fleming, Miss, district nurse, Church street
Fleming, M., victualler, Market square
Fletcher, D., civil bill officer, Fountain street
Frew, John, carpenter, Church street
Frew, Miss, draper, Church street
Frew, M. & A. H., general drapery, millinery, dress and mantle making, and boot and shoe establishment, High street
Gainor, Arthur, carowner, Castle street
Gainor, William, carowner, Church street
Gardner, John, Fountainville
Gault, school teacher, High street
Gault, John, farmer, Crosskennon
Gawn, Samuel, M.D., medical officer Antrim Union, P.O., and R.I.C., High street
George, Isaac, Hannahville
Girvan, G. W., manager Ulster Bank, Market square
Gordon, John, Fountain street
Gorman, Miss, refreshment rooms, Church street
Graham, Dr. Samuel, medical officer County Asylum, Holywell
Graham, James, Newpark
Gray, Nathan, Wilderness lodge, Ballymena road
Greene, W. G., auctioneer, High street
Hall, Robert J., Commercial Hotel, High street
Hannan, Daniel, Townpark North
Hannan, Mrs., publican, Market square
Hannon, William, caretaker, Railway street
Harrison, Prudential Insurance agent, Castle street
Hassan, John, draper, Castle street
Hay, Mrs., and Miss Burns, dressmakers, Church street
Hay, Samuel J., clerk, Church street
Hay, W. D., & Co., grocers, Market square
Heaney, Mrs., fishdealer, Church street
Heatly, J. J., D.I., R.I.C., The Cedars
Heffron, Catherine, publican, Market square
Henderson, John, Fountain street
Henderson, Miss, Nursery villa, Milltown
Hill, Miss, school teacher, Fountain street
Holmes, L. Jackson, solicitor, Ferrard, Railway street; offices, High street
Holmes, Wm. R. M.
Hood, Samuel, Fountain street
Houston Bros., cycle agents, Market square
Houston, William H., saddler, High street
Hunter, Kennedy, Mount Oriel
Hunter, K., draper, High street
Hurl, Patrick, teacher
Jackson, Edward, town postman, Church st.
Jameson, J., publican and undertaker, Railway street
Jamison, Mrs., grocer, Church street
Jamison, William, The Folly
Jamison, W. J., grocer, Church street
Jennings, Mrs., fruiterer, Church street
Johnston, James, Deer dealer, Riverside
Johnston, W. J., clerk Ulster Bank
Kelly, Henry, sexton Antrim Parish Church
Kelly, John, coachbuilder and agent, High street
Kelly, Thomas, caretaker Antrim Golf Links
Kerr, R. H. E., cashier Belfast Banking Co., High street
King, Matthew, grocer, High street
Kirk, John, J.P., grocer and hardware merchant, High street; res., Antrim house, Riverside
Kirk, Martin H., solicitor, High street
Kirk, Miss, stationer, bookseller, and newsagent; agent for "Belfast News-Letter" and "Belfast Weekly News," High st.
Kirk, N., income-tax collector, Riverside
Kirk, Robert J., chairman Town Commissioners, Cloneven
Laughlin, John, tailor, Fountain street
Laughlin, Mrs., china warehouse, High st.
Laughlin, Thomas, confectioner, High street
Laughlin, William, builder, Castle street
Lavery, James, confectioner, Castle street
Lavery, James, tailor, Church street
Lavery, Misses Mary & Rose, dressmakers, Castle street
Lavery, Thomas, tailor, Fountain street
Lawlor, John, draper, Church street (Irish House)
Lee-Norman, A. H., J.P., estate agent, Moylena cottage
Lindop, Charles, I.S.M., organist and music teacher, Church street
Little, Hessie, confectioner, Railway street
Loughlin, Alex., railway porter, Massereene
Lowry, W. T., watchmaker, insurance, cycle and emigration agent, Market sq.
Magill, Daniel, stationer, Bridge street
Magill, Patrick, publican, Castle street
Mallaghan, M. J., tailor, Church street
Malseed, James, manager Belfast Bank, High street
Manning, Rev. C. C., The Parsonage, Muckamore
Martin, J. J., grocer, High street
Massereene and Ferrard, Viscount, Antrim Castle
Mawhinney, John, farmer, Dunsilly
Mawhinney, Neil, draper, Church street
Meenan, L. A., solicitor, Ballycraigy
Meenan, Bernard A., J.P., Ballycraigy house, Muckamore
Millar, H., & Co., printers, billposters, and advertising agents, Church street
Millar, Mrs., draper, Riverside
Mitchell, Robert, plasterer, Massereene
Moles, Isaac, windingmaster, Fountain street
Molyneux, Miss, dressmaker, Bridge street
Montgomery, John, farmer, Scolbow
Montgomery, William, storekeeper, Holywell
Moody, James, Riverside
Moody, John C., Ballyarnott, Muckamore
Moody, Mrs., dressmaker, Riverside
Moody, W. J., Massereene
Moore, James, blacksmith, Massereene
Moore, Mrs., grocer, High street
Mullan, Richard, publican, Market square
Murphy, J., watchmaker, jeweller, engraver, &c., High street
Murray, Henry Balfour, J.P., Ardnaveigh
M'Alister, Miss, assistant teacher Ladyhill National School
M'Auley, James, blacksmith, High street and Castle street
M'Cabe, Edward, victualler, Church street
M'Cabe, John, grocer and fowl dealer, Church street
M'Cavana, Henry, carrier, Castle street
M'Cavana, Hugh, steam saw mills, Castle street
M'Cavana, Patrick, Castle street
M'Clurg, Samuel (agent for Wilson & Strain, Ltd.), Castle street
M'Cord, W. J., land steward, The Steeple
M'Cormick, George, mechanic, Fountain st.
M'Crory, R. (agent for Inglis & Co., Ltd.), Riverside
M'Crory, Thomas, farmer, Ladyhill
M'Dowell, Samuel, farmer, Ladyhill
M'Dowell, Miss, Inglerea, Railway road
M'Elhill, sergeant R.I.C. (barracks)
M'Ferran, Daniel, grocer, Fountain street
M'Ferran, E. & A., grocers, Fountain street
M'Grath, John, farmer, Crosskennon and Ballycraigy
M'Guckin, Mrs., publican, Townhead
M'Guigan, J., cashier, Ulster Banking Co.
M'Ilwaine, John, hairdresser, Bridge street
M'Intosh, Samuel, carter, Castle street
M'Kay, A., solicitor's manager and town clerk, Church street
M'Keirnan, Patrick, chef, Antrim Asylum
M'Kenna, H., tailor, Antrim Asylum, Holywell
M'Keown, Charles, Castle street, sexton, St. Comgall's Catholic Church
M'Keown, James, publican, Castle street
M'Keown, Mrs., draper, Market square
M'Keown, Wilson, solicitor, High street
M'Killop, Andrew, hay exporter and farmer, Townhead
M'Larnon, Samuel, school attendance officer, Castle street
M'Laverty, Hugh, woodturner
M'Lister, Daniel, publican, High street
M'Lorinan, John, Castle street
M'Manus, James, builder, High street
M'Manus, William D., Oriel lodge, commissioner for taking affidavits in the High Courts of Justice
M'Manus, W. D., draper; agent for the Phoenix Fire Office, Market square
M'Master, Thomas, landstewart, Riverside
M'Nally, James, Massereene Arms Hotel, High street
M'Namara, Rev. P., Parochial house
M'Quillan, B., boot and shoe merchant, Bridge street and High street
M'Seveney, James, gasfitter, Bridge street
Needham, Joseph, teacher, Massereene
Neeson, Daniel, solicitor, Market square, (branch)
Nicholson, Wm., land steward, Bush house
Nutt, J., draper, High street
O'Connor, Anthony, proprietor Milltown Corn Mill
O'Donnell, Rev. Thomas, P.P., Parochial house
O'Flaherty, William, The Cottage, Balloo
O'Neill, Lord, Shane's Castle
O'Neill, Thompson, farmer, Ballynoe
O'Rorke, James, R.I.C., Castle street
O'Rorke, M'Donald, & Tweed, solicitors, Church street
Owens, David, land steward, Holywell
Patterson, Robert, sen., boot and shoe merchant, Fountain street
Patterson, Robert, jun., boot and shoe merchant, Church street
Patterson, R., shoemaker, Antrim Asylum, Holywell
Pender, John, tobacconist, jeweller, and stationer, Church street
Quigley, William J., gasworks manager
Quinn, Miss M. E., publican, High street
Rea, David, Railway cottages
Rea, John, Castle street
Rea, S., coal and timber merchant, proprietor of Antrim Steam Saw Mills, Railway station
Rea, Samuel, jun., Railway cottages
Rea, The Misses, grocers, Castle street
Reade, G. S., manager York Street Flax Spinning Company, Firgrove, Muckamore
Reford, Alan, Riverside
Reford, Francis, painter, Cemetery road
Reford, Joseph, grocer, Castle street
Reid, G., tailor, High street
Reid, G., jun., draper, High street
Reid, William, tailor, Castle street
Renton, Robert, Boot House, High street
Rhodes, A., grocer, Church street
Rodgers, John, gardener, Castle gardens, Castle street
Russell, Samuel A., Walburn cottage, Crosscannon
Saunderson, Miss, office of secretary Agricultural Show and N. M. Clarke, auctioneer, High street
Savage, Hugh, rent agent, Fountain street
Scott, Dr. T. B. Hill, Railway street
Scott, Mrs., restaurant and private hotel, High street
Semple, Mrs. James, Church street
Simpson, N., master of Union
Simpson, J., head attendant Asylum
Sloan, David, school teacher Ladyhill N.S.
Sloan, Stephen, publican, High street
Sloan, William S., sen., farmer, Woodvale, Kilbegs
Smith, Dr. Walter, Co. Asylum, Holywell
Smith, Frederick T., medical hall, registrar of marriages, High street
Smith, Mrs., restaurant, High street
Smyrl, William, publican, Church street
Smyth, Rev. W. B. L., B.A., Fountain street
Stewart, William, M.R.C.V.S., Fountain street
Stirret, The Misses, dressmakers, Fountainville (No. 2)
Taggart, Campbell M., J.P., Thornhill
Taggart, James, farmer, Irishtown
Taggart, William, farmer, Caulside
Thompson, James V., Antrim Arms Hotel, High street
Thompson, G. W., Market square
Thompson, Robert, J.P., Muckamore Abbey
Unal, S., fruiterer, High street
Vance, E., secretary Antrim Gaslight Co., Riverside
Vance, James R., Castle street
Walker, John, clerk of County Asylum, Marymount
Wallace, Alex., town postman, Massereene
Wallace, Brice, Massereene
Wallace, James, carowner, Church street
Wallace, John, rural postman, Massereene
Wallace, Mrs., dressmaker, Fountain street
West, Rev. Thomas, B.A., The Manse, Riverside
West, Dr. T., Riverside
Whiteside, Samuel, grocer and provision merchant, seed and oats merchant, High street
Wilson, James, bootmaker, Church street
Wilson, Mrs., Ulster Bar, Church street and Railway street
Wilson, Mrs., Greystones
Wilson, Samuel, publican, posting and undertaker, Castle street
Woods, Robert, stationmaster, Midland Railway Company
Wright, William J., clerk and grocer, Fountain street
Wright, Thomas, confectioner, Castle street
York Street Flax Spinning Co., Ltd. — G. S. Reade, manager — Muckamore
Young, Mr., farmer, Loughview
Young, Mrs. Mary A., Church street
Young, Mrs., grocer, Church street
Young, Mrs. C., Fountain street
Young, Robert, weighmaster, Market square

Murray, H. B., J.P., Ardnaveigh house
Carleton, James, land steward
Campbell, Susan, Gate lodge
Gibson, A., gardener
Lough, John
Smyth, Robert

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