Fermanagh County Directory 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

FERMANAGH, an inland county in Ulster province. Boundaries: N., Donegal and Tyrone; E., Tyrone and Monaghan; S., Cavan; W., Cavan and Leitrim. Greatest length, N.W. and S.E., 45 miles; greatest breadth, N.E. and S.W., 29 miles; comprising an area of 714 square miles, or 457,195 acres, of which 289,228 are arable, 114,847 uncultivated, 6,155 in plantations, 210 in towns, and 46,755 under water. The surface generally exhibits a succession of abrupt eminences of slight elevation; it is mountainous along the western boundary, from Ballyconnell to the sea, and also between Lisnaskea, Fivemiletown, and Rosslea. Lough Erne, its most attractive feature, extends from one extremity to the other, for 45 miles, in a N.W. direction; it bisects the county, and is divided into Upper and Lower—the Upper extends from Wattle-bridge to Enniskillen; the Lower from Enniskillen to Rosscor, where its waters are contracted, and form the river Erne, which extends to the county Donegal, and falls into the sea at Ballyshannon. It is navigable during the winter season through its whole extent to the fall at Belleek, within three miles of Ballyshannon; and a steamer of 20 horse power plies between Enniskillen and the Ulster canal at Wattle-bridge. The other lakes next in size are Loughs Melvin and Macnean. The soil is variable, heavy, and retentive of moisture, light and friable, and moorish. Coal and iron ore are found in small quantities, and there is sand and limestone in abundance; the climate mild and moist. The trade in butter is considerable; and the linen manufacture, of a coarse description, chiefly for domestic use, is carried on to a small extent. The population in 1841 was 156,481; 150,795 in the rural, and 5,686 in the civic district. According to the Census of 1861, the total population of the county was 105,372.

The county is divided into 8 baronies—Clanawley, Clankelly, Coole, Knockninny, Lurg, Magheraboy, Magherastephena, and Tyrkennedy, and contains 23 parishes, &c. It is chiefly in Clogher diocese, with a small portion in that of Kilmore. The only large town is Enniskillen, population in 1861, 5,655. The county returns 3 members to Parliament—2 for the county, constituency in 1859, 4,672; and 1 for Enniskillen borough, constituency, 234. The Assizes are held in Enniskillen. The county is within the military district of Dublin; and there are barrack Stations at Enniskillen and Belleek.

The net annual value of property rated to the poor in this county is £195,864; and the net amount of property valued under the Tenement Valuation Act, £170,668.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.
Right Hon. the Earl of ERNE (1840), Crom Castle, Newtownbutler; 95, Eaton-square, London, S.W.; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ‡

High Sheriff (1861-62).
NICHOLAS MONTGOMERY ARCHDALL, esq., Crocknacrieve, Enniskillen.

Members of Parliament for the County.
Capt. MERVYN ARCHDALL (1840), D.L., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick; Carlton Club, London, S.W. Hon. HENRY ARTHUR COLE (1855), Florencecourt, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants.
Archdall, Capt. Mervyn Edward, M.P., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick; Carlton, and Army and Navy Clubs,: London, S.W. ‡
Archdall, Edward, Riversdale, Enniskillen *
Barton, Folliott Warren, Clonelly, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, S.W. *
Barton, Lieut.-Col. Hugh William, Waterfoot, Kesh Bloomfield, John Colpoys, Castlecaldwell, Belleek *
Brooke, George Frederick, Ashbrooke, Brookborough *‡
Crichton, Lieut.-Colonel the Hon. Samuel, Knockballymore, Clones *
Enniskillen, Rt. Hon. the Earl of, D.C.L., F.R.S , Florence Court; 97, Mount street, London, W.; Carlton and Athenaeum Clubs, London, S.W. ‡
Johnston, James, Magherameena, Belleek; Kinlough House, Bundoran *
Lendrum, Jas., B.A. (Cantab.), Magheracross, Enniskillen
M'Clintock, John, Drumcar, Dunleer; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Madden, John, Rosslea Manor, Rosslea; Kildare-st. Club, Dublin *†
Madden, John, Hilton, Clones *
Nixon, Captain Alexander, Graan, Enniskillen
Perceval, Philip, Temple House, Sligo; White's and Boodle's Clubs, London, S.W.
Porter, John Grey Vesey, Belleisle, Lisbellaw *‡
Richardson, Henry Mervyn, Rossfad, Enniskillen ‡
Tennent, Wm. W. Emerson, Tempo Castle, Tempo

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.
PATRICK JOSEPH BLAKE, esq., Q.C. (1860), 64, Fitzwilliam-street, North, Dublin.

Archdall, Capt. Mervyn Edward, M.P., D.L., Castle Archdall, Lisnarrick; Carlton, and Army and Navy Clubs, London, S.W. ‡
Archdall, Major Edward, Clifton Lodge, Lisnaskea
Archdall, Edward, D.L., Riversdale, Enniskillen *
Archdall, Robert, Archdall Lodge, Bundoran †‡
Archdall, William Humphreys, Dromard, Kesh *†‡
Atthill, Edward, Ardvarney, Kesh
Bailey, Thomas, Dublin
Barton, Folliott Warren, D.L., Clonelly, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *†
Barton, Lt.-Col. Hugh William, D.L., Waterfoot, Kesh
Belmore, Right Hon. the Earl of, M.A. (Cantab.), Castlecoole, Enniskillen; 56, Eaton-place, London, S.W.; Sackville-street Club, Dublin; Carlton Club, London, S.W. ‡
Benison, James, Ballyconnell
Bloomfield, John Colpoys, D.L., Castlecaldwell, Belleek *
Bloomfield, John Colpoys, jun., Castlecaldwell, Belleek
Brackenridge, George Chas., Ashfield Park, Clogher
Brady, John, Johnstown, Clones
Brooke, Geo. Fredk., D.L., Ashbrook, Brookborough *‡
Bunbury, Capt. Wm. Bunbury M'Clintock, R.N., M.P., Lisnevagh, co. Carlow; Carlton Club, London, S.W.
Butler, Capt. Antoine Sloete (Res. Mag.), Enniskillen
Butler, Hon. Henry, Cavendish, Innis-Rath, Lisnaskea
Cole, Lieutenant-Colonel Hon. Henry Arthur, M.P., Florence Court, Enniskillen; Carlton and Brooks's Clubs, London, S.W. *
Cole, Hon. John Lowry, Florence Court, Enniskillen; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *
Crichton, Hon. Henry, Belgrave-square, Monkstown, co. Dublin
Cunningham, John, Pettigo, Donegal
Dane, Paul, Killyhevlin, Enniskillen *†
Dickson, Thomas William, Bundoran, co. Donegal
Echlin, Henry, Enniskillen; Kirlish, Drumquin, co. Tyrone
Enniskillen, Right Hon. the Earl of, D.C.L., F.R.S., D.L., Florence Court, Enniskillen; 97, Mount-street, London, W.; Carlton and Athenaeum Clubs, London, S.W. ‡
Evatt, Samuel Robert Bayley, Mount Louise, Monaghan
Frith, Baptist Gamble, M.D., Enniskillen
Graham, Francis John, Drumgoon, Maguiresbridge *
Hall, Richard, Innismore Hall, Lisbellaw *
Hamilton, John P., Oakfield, Clones
Irvine, Captain John Gerard, Killydeas, Enniskillen
Irvine, Charles Christopher, Dublin
Irvine, Henry Mervyn D'Arcy, Necarn Castle, Irvinestown; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *‡
Irvine, Rev. Arthur Henry, Kilskery, Trillick
Johnston, James, D.L., Magherameena, Belleek; Kinlough House, Bundoran *
Johnston, John, Swanlinbar
Jones, Thomas Morris Hamilton, Belcoo, Blacklion; Jonesborough House, Flurybridge; Moneyglass House, Toome; Sackville-street Club, Dublin *
Lendrum, James, B.A. (Cantab.), D.L., Magheracross, Enniskillen ‡
Leslie, Blayney, Forfey, Lisnaskea
Litton, John, Newtownbutler, and Dublin
Loftus, Rev. Lord Adam, M.A. (Cantab.), Ardess Glebe, Kesh. †‡
Loftus-Tottenham, Arthur, Glenfarne Hall, Kiltyclogher, co. Leitrim
Madden, John, D.L., Rosslea Manor, Rosslea; Kildare-street Club, Dublin *†
Madden, John, D.L., Hilton, Clones *
Maguire, Edward, B.A. (T.C.D.), Gortoral House, Swanlinbar *
Maude, Maurice Ceely, Dunbar House, Enniskillen †‡
Nixon, Captain Alexander, D.L., Graan, Enniskillen
Nixon, Captain Thomas, Fermanagh Militia
Nixon, Montgomery Downes, Lakeview House, Enniskillen
Ovenden, Charles, Whitepark, Brookborough ‡
Ovenden, William Chambers, Enniskillen
Patterson, William, Fivemiletown ‡
Porter, John Grey Vesey, D.L., Belleisle, Lisbellaw *‡
Porter, Rev. John Grey, LL.B. (Cantab.), Kilskerry, Trillick; Sackville-street Club, Dublin; Carlton Club, London, S.W. †‡
Reade, Rev. Loftus G., M.A. (T.C.D.), Levally, Enniskillen †
Richardson, Henry Mervyn, D.L., Rossfad, Enniskillen. ‡
Richardson, Rev. John, Summerhill, Clones
Sankey, Matthew Henry, B.A. (T.C.D.), Brookborough †
Smith, David, Lakeview, co. Monaghan
St. George, Capel, Aughinver, Kesh. *
Taylor, John Edward, Cranbrook, Fivemiletown
Tennent, Sir James Emerson, LL.D. (T.C.D.), Joint Secretary to the Board of Trade, Tempo House, Tempo; 66, Warwick-square, Pimlico, London, S.W.
Tipping, Gartside, Rosferry, Lisnaskea
Tredennick, John Arnold, Camlin Castle, Ballyshannon *
Tuthill, Rev. James Benson, B.A. (T.C.D.), Glebe, Belleek

County Officers.
Clerk of the Crown, Cheyne Brady, esq., (1852), De Vesci Terrace, Kingstown, Dublin.
Deputy Clerk of the Crown, Wm. Smartt, esq., Dublin.
Clerk of the Peace, R. Hamilton, esq. (1845).
Enniskillen Crown Solicitor, William Henry Magrath, esq. (1856), 9, Merrion-street, Dublin.
Sessional Crown Prosecutor, Thos. Macken, esq. (1841), Brookborough, and Enniskillen; and 50, Middle Abbey-street, Dublin.
Treasurer, Henry Mervyn Richardson, esq., J.P., D.L. (1858), Rossfad, Ballycassidy
Secretary to the Grand Jury, Wm. A. Dane, esq. (1848), Killyreagh, Enniskillen, and Belvedere-place, Dublin.
County Surveyor, R. Gray, esq., Enniskillen.
Sub-Sheriff, Massy Herbert Morphy, esq., Levaghey, Enniskillen.
Sheriff's Returning Officer, William Humphry Brown, esq., 6, Dawson-street, Dublin.
Coroners, Montgomery Downes Nixon, J.P., Lakeview, Enniskillen; James Armstrong, esq., Brookborough.

Head Distributer, Patrick M'Ginn, esq., Enniskillen.
Brookborough, Edward Armstrong.
Lisnaskea, John Smith.
Newtownbutler, J. Coulson.
Rosslea, John Chambers.

Clanawley, George Willis, Moneen, Florence Court.
Clankelly, Thos. Bleakely, Bosallagh, Clones.
Coole, Christopher Coulson, Newtownbutler.
Knockninny, Andrew Jolmston, Drumshemuck, Derrylin.
Lurg, Christopher Graham, Lowtherstown.
Magheraboy, David Wilkin, Enniskillen.
Magherastephena, James Bell, Maguire's-bridge.
Tyrkennedy, William Muldoon, Enniskillen.

County Inspector, Wade Foott, esq., Enniskillen.
Sub-Inspectors' Stations:-
Arney, Florence Court, James Roe, esq.
Derrygonnelly, Samuel Henry Stephens, esq.
Enniskillen, Fred. George Patterson, esq.
Kesh, Thomas Ross, esq.
Lisnaskea, Thomas Dobbin Maxwell, esq.

Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.
Belleek, second Thursday; William Knox.
Brookborough, second Tuesday; *    *    *
Derrygonnelly, second Friday; Edward Scott.
Derrylin, Ballyconnell, first Tuesday; Arthur Thompson.
Enniskillen, Monday; David Bigham.
Irvinestown, second Tuesday; Thomas M'Keon.
Kesh, second Tuesday; John Brittain.
Lack, Enniskillen, first Friday; Robert Crozier.
Letterbreen, Enniskillen, second Sat.; Hen. Cunningham.
Lisbellaw, third Saturday; John Forde.
Lisnaskea, second Saturday; William Beatty.
Newtownbutler, second Wednesday; James Coulson.
Roslea, Clones, second Saturday: Joseph Graydon.

The Board of Superintendence meets on the first Thursday of each month.
Inspector, Samuel Clarke, esq., Enniskillen.
Governor, James Jeffers, esq.
Chaplain, Rev. W. C. Magee, D.D.
R.C. Chaplain, Rev. Thomas Smollen, R.C.C.
Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. A. C. Maclatchy.
Surgeon, William Chambers Ovenden, M.D.
Apothecary, George Mahood, M.D.

Newtownbutler, James Cooke.

Treasurer, Ulster Bank.
Surgeon, William Chambers Ovenden, M.D.
Apothecary, G. Mahood, M.D.

Poor Law Unions.

(Cos. Fermanagh, Cavan, and Tyrone), 42 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.
Chairman, Rt. Hon. The Earl of Enniskillen, Florencecourt.
Vice-Chairman, Edward Archdall, esq., J.P., Riversdale, Ballycassidy.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Right Hon. The Earl of Belmore, Castlecoole, Enniskillen.
Treasurer, Ulster Bank, Enniskillen.
Clerk and Returning Officer, John Irvine.
Master and Matron, Alexander Price and Rebecca Carson.
Estab. Church, Rev. Wm. C. Magee, D.D.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Daniel Smyth, C.C.
Presbyterian, Rev. A. C. Maclatchy.
Medical Officer, John West, surgeon, R.N.
Relieving Officers, William Henderson, Silvirhill, Enniskillen; Richard Lynch, Florence-court.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Ely, James Wilkin, surgeon.
Enniskillen, Adam Nixon, L.R.C.S.I.
Florence-court, Edward Copeland, L.R.C.S.I.
Holywell, Alexander Flood, M.D.G.
Lisbellaw, R. E. Hayes.
Tempo, Baptist G. Graham, M.R.C.S.E.

(Cos. Fermanagh and Tyrone), 17 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Wednesdays.
Chairman, Capt. Mervyn Edward Archdall, M.P., Castle Archdall, Lisnarick, Enniskillen.
Vice-Chairman, James Lendrum, esq., D.L., Magheracross, Enniskillen.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Mr. William Graham, Drumall, Irvinestown.
Treasurer, Ulster Bank, Enniskillen.
Clerk and Returning Officer, Christopher Graham.
Master and Matron, Benjamm Noble and Mary Armstrong.
Established Church, Rev. J. Y. Rutledge, D.D.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Patrick Smyth, P.P.
Medical Officer, Gerard Irvine, M.D., M.R.C.S.L.
Relieving Officer, Charles Humphrys, Lisnarick, Irvinestown.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Clonelly, Samuel Leary, L.F.P.S. Glasg.
Ederney, William Johnston, M.R.C.S.E.
Irvinestown: Gerard Irvine, M.D., M.R.C.S.L, S. A. M'Gowan, M.R.C.S.E.

(Co. Fermanagh), 20 Electoral Divisions.
The Board of Guardians meets on Saturdays, at 1 o'clock.
Chairman, Earl of Erne, Crom Castle, Newtownbutler.
Vice-Chairman, Geo. F. Brooke, esq. Ashbrook, Brookboro'.
Dep. Vice-Chairman, Hon. H. Cavendish Butler, Innis Rath, Lisnaskea.
Treasurer, Ulster Bank, Enniskillen.
Clerk and Returning Officer, James Haire.
Master and Matron, Wm. Flanagan and Anne Flanagan.
Established Church, Rev. W. R. Bailey, A.M.
Roman Catholic, Rev. Peter Maguire.
Medical Officer, James W. Sandels.
Relieving Officers, Francis Story, Mullyveeny, Derrylin; Alexander Beatty, Killykeeran, Brookborough.
Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts:-
Brookborough, Joseph Lightbourne.
Derrylin, James Maxwell.
Lisnaskea, Ambrose Hunt.
Maguiresbridge, James W. Sandels.


*  Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County

† Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison

‡ Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum for the County

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