Armagh County Directory for 1862

From Thom's Irish Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Armagh, an inland county in Ulster province. Boundaries: N., Lough Neagh; E., Down; S., Louth; W., Monaghan and Tyrone. Greatest length, N. and S., 32 miles ; greatest breadth, E. and W., 20 miles; comprising an area of 512½ square miles, or 328,076 acres; of which 265,243 are arable, 35,117 uncultivated, 8,996 in plantations, 778 in towns, and 17,942 under water. The surface is hilly, rising into mountain in the S.W., where the highest point of Slieve-Gullion is 1,893 feet above high sea level. The Newry canal skirts the county on the E. : the Ulster railroad is extended from Belfast to Monaghan. The soil is fertile, with much bog. Combined with agriculture is the weaving of cotton and linen, but the latter has been long the staple manufacture. The population in 1841 was 232,393 ; 211,893 in the rural, and 20,500 in the civic district; and in 1861, the total population of the county was 189,382, being a decrease of 43,011.

The county is divided into 8 baronies—Armagh, Fews Lower and Upper, Oneiland E. and W., Orior Lower and Upper, and Turenny, and contains 28 parishes and parts of parishes. It is mostly in Armagh archdiocese. The principal towns are, Armagh, the residence of the Archbishop, population in 1861, 8,655; Lurgan, 7,766 ; Portadown, 5,524; and Newry, the chief portion of which is in county Down, 11,426. The county returns 3 members to Parliament; 2 for the county at large, constituency, in 1859, 5,805 ; and 1 for Armagh city, constituency, 408. It is in the North-East circuit. The Assizes are held at Armagh. The county is within the military district of Dublin, having Barrack Stations in Armagh and Newry.

The net amount of property rated to the poor in the county, is £310,061, and the amount of property valued under the Tenement Valuation Act is £241,908.

Lieutenant and Custos Rotulorum.

Lieut.-Col. James Molyneux Caulfeild (1849), Roxborough, Moy; Brooks's and Reform Clubs, London, S .W.

High Sheriff (1861-62).

St. John Thomas Blacker, esq., Elm Park, Killylea; Tullyheenal, Ballylongford; Kildare-st. Club, Dublin.

Members of Parliament for the County.

Colonel Sir Wm. Verner, bart. (1832), 86, Eaton-square, and Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Maxwell Charles Close, esq., M.A. (Oxon), (1857), Drumbanagher, Newry; Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Deputy Lieutenants.

Alexander, Henry, Forkhill *

Armstrong, William Jones, M.A. (T.C.D.), Glenaule House, Killylea; Sackville-st. Club, Dublin; Union Club, London, S.W. *

Charlemont, Right Hon. the Earl of, K.ST.P., Roxborough Castle, Moy; and Marino, co. Dublin

Close, Col. Maxwell, Drumbanagher, Newry; Carlton Club, London, S.W. *

Close, Maxwell Charles, M.A. (Oxon), M.P., Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass

Cross, Maxwell, Dartan, Killylea, Armagh *†‡

De Salis, Count Peter John Fane, Tanderagee *

Eastwood, James, Castletown, Dundalk

Fox, Charles, Keady, and Rutland-square, north, Dublin

Gosford, Rignt Hon. the Earl of, B.A. (Oxon) K.ST.P., Colonel of the Armagh Militia, Gosford Castle, Markethill; Worlingham Hall, Beccles, Suffolk ; 59, Grosvenor-street, London, W. ‡

Lurgan, Right Hon. Lord, Brownlow House, Lurgan; Brooks's Club, London, S.W. †

Stronge, Lt.-Col. Jas. Matthew, Tynan Abbey, Tynan *†

Stronge, Sir James Matthew, bart., D.C.L., Tynan Abbey, Tynan; Mulnavar, Drumquin; United Service Club, London, S.W. ‡

Synnot, Marcus, B.A. (T.C.D.), Ballymoyer, Newtown-hamilton; Sackville-street Club, Dublin *

Wilson, Joseph, Lisnadill, and Up. Temple-st., Dublin *

Chairman of Quarter Sessions.

Hans Henry Hamilton, esq., Q.C. (1851), 26, Fitzwilliam-place, Dublin.


Alexander, Robert Quin, Acton, Poyntzpass

Armstrong, William Jones, M.A. (T.C.D.), D.L., Glenaule House, Killylea; Sackville-street Club, Dublin: Union Club, London, S.W. *

Atkinson, Joseph, Crowbill, Loughgall *†

Bigger, John James, Falmore Hall, Dundalk.

Bond, Edward Wellington

Bond, Joshua Walter M'Geough, M.P., The Argory, Moy; Drumsett House, Armagh; Sackville-street Club, Dublin; Carlton and Army and Navy Clubs, London, S.W.

Bowen, Geo. Edw., Lawrencetown House, Banbridge

Boyd, James Brown, Balleer, Keady

Boyle, Hugh, Armagh †‡

Brady, Denis Caulfield, Newry

Carroll, James Lewis, Newry

Caulfeild, Maj. Henry Wm., Hockley Lodge, Armagh ‡

Caulfeild, Lieut.-Col. James Molyneux, Roxborough, Moy; Kildare-street, Club, Dublin; Travellers', Reform, and Brooks's Clubs, London, S.W. *

Chambrè, Meredith, Hawthorn Hill, Flurrybridge

Charlemont, Right Hon. the Earl of, K.ST.P., D.L., Roxborough Castle, Moy; and Marino, co. Dublin

Clermont, Right Hon. Lord, Ravensdale, Newry; Travellers' and Brooks's Clubs, London, S.W.

Close, Col. Maxwell, D.L., Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass *

Close, Maxwell Charles, M.A. (Oxon), D.L., M.P., Drumbanagher, Poyntzpass

Corry, Isaac, Abbey-yard, Newry

Craig, Andrew, Mall, Armagh

Cross, Maxwell, D.L., Dartan, Killylea, Armagh *†‡

De Salis, Count Peter John Fane, D.L., Tanderagee *

Dobbin, Thomas, Mall, Armagh ‡

Douglas, John, Mountain Lodge, Keady

Eastwood, James, D.L., Castletown, Dundalk

Ensor, George, Ardress, Loughgall

Eyre, John, Maydown, Benburb

Foxall, John, Killevy Castle, Flurrybridge ; Sackville-street Club, Dublin; Royal Irish Yacht Club, Kingstown

Foxall, Powell

Gosford, Right Hon. the Earl of, B.A. (Oxon), K.ST.P., D.L., Colonel of the Armagh Militia, Gosford Castle, Markethill; Worlingham Hall, Beccles, Suffolk ; 59, Grosvenor-street, London, W. ‡

Greer, John Waite, Lurgan

Greer, Joseph, The Grange, Moy

Hall, Roger, Narrow-water Castle, Newry

Hancock, John, Lurgan ‡

Henry, Thomas Gibson, Mill-street, Newry

Heron, Denis Caulfeild, Q.C., LL.D., 7, Upper Fitzwilliam-street, Dublin

Irvine, Hill, Newry

Irwin, John Robert, Carnagh, Keady *

Jones, Thomas Morris Hamilton, Jonesborough and Moneyglass, co. Antrim ; Sackville-st. Club, Dublin *

Kidd, Joseph, English-street, Armagh

Kirk, William, Annvale, Keady; Reform Club, London, S.W.

Lurgan, Rt Hon. Lord, D.L., Brownlow House, Lurgan; Brooks's Club, London, S.W. †

M'Cance, James L. (Res. Mag.), Ballybot, Newry

M'Clintock, Geo. Aug. Jocelyn, Fellows Hall, Tynan; Kildare-street Club, Dublin

M'Kee, Joseph, Markethill

M'Master, John Walsh, Dunbarton House, Gilford

M'Watty, James, Castleblayney

Maguire, Denis, Newry

Miller, William M. (Res. Mag.), Armagh

Nicholson, Joseph, Cranagill House, Loughgall

O'Brien, John Stacpoole, Parkview, Tanderagee

Olpherts, William, Dartry, Blackwatertown

Paton, William. Charlemont-place, Armagh †‡

Prentice, Henry Leslie, Caledon †

Quinn, Peter, M.P., Poyntzpass; Carlton Club, London, S.W.

Reid, William, Portadown

Reilly, John Temple, Scarva House, Loughbrickland

Shillington, Thomas A., Tavanagh House, Portadown

Stronge, Lieut.-Colonel James Matthew, D.L., Tynan Abbey, Tynan *†

Stronge, Sir James Matthew, bart., D.C.L., D.L., Tynan Abbey, Tynan; Mulnavar, Drumquin; United Service Club, London, S.W. ‡

Synnot, Marcus, B.A. (T.C.D.), D.L., Ballymoyer, Newtownhamilton; Sackville-street Club, Dublin ‡

Synnot, Parker G., Lurgana, Newtownhamilton

Tenison, Thomas Joseph, Port Nelligan, Tynan

Verner, Col. Sir Wm. bart.,M.P., Church-hill, Verner's Bridge, Moy ; 86, Eaton-square, London, S.W.; Carlton and Junior United Service Clubs, London, S.W. ‡

Verner, Wm., jun., Church-hill, Verner's Bridge, Moy *

Wann, William, Markethill

Waring, Major Henry, Newry; Waringstown House, Banbridge

White, John, Divernagh, Newry

Winder, John Gervais, Armagh

Woodhouse, John Obins, Portadown ; Carrowkeel House, Ramelton, co. Donegal; O'Meath, Carlingford, co. Louth

County Officers.

Clerk of the Crown and Clerk of the Peace, Leonard Dobbin, esq. (1832), English-street, Armagh, and 27, Gardiner's-place, Dublin.

Deputy, John M'Kinstry, esq., St. Mark's-place, Armagh.

Crown Solicitor, Maxwell Hamilton, esq. (1830), 34, Westland-row, Dublin.

Sessional Crown Prosecutor, John M'Kinstry, jun., esq. (1850), Armagh.

Treasurer, Acheson St. George, esq. (1854), Woodpark, Tynan.

Secretary to the Grand Jury, John Gervais Winder, esq. (1846), English-street, Armagh.

County Surveyor, Henry Davison, esq., Melbourne-terrace, Armagh.

Sub-Sheriff, William Hardy, esq., Armagh.

Sheriff's Returning Officer, Messrs. Ardill & Stephens, 72, Aungier-street, Dublin.

Coroners, Joshua Michael Magee, esq., Newry; Arthur R. Kay, esq., Armagh; Edward D. Atkinson, esq., Church-street, and Tanderagee.


Head Distributer for the county, Thomas A. Prentice, esq., Scotch-street, Armagh.

Keady, William M'Bride.

Lurgan, Dora M'Leavy.

Markethill, Matthew Pollard.

Newtownhamilton, Alexander Stitt.

Portadown, T. Shillington.

Tanderagee, Robert Trotter.


Armagh, William Clarke.

Fews, lower, H. Atkinson.

Fews, upper, John Maclean.

Oneiland, east, Robert Calvert.

Oneiland, west, Nathaniel Greer.

Orior, lower, John Bennett.

Orior, upper, Thomas Rantin.

Tureny, John Gamble.


County Inspector, Louis Anderson, esq., Armagh.

Sub-Inspectors' Stations.

Armagh, Robert Fausset, esq.

Ballybot, Newry, Thomas Armstrong, esq.

Crossmaglen, Gordon Holmes, esq.

Newtownhamilton, Andrew Carleton, esq.

Portadown, C. E. A. Cameron, esq.


Place where held, Day, and Name of Clerk.

Armagh, Thursday; William Barnes.

Ballybot, Newry, Friday; Isaac Parsons.

Charlemont, Moy, first Wednesday; John Heather.

Clonmacate, Loughgall, first Monday ; James Stevenson.

Crossmaglen, second Saturday; Ed. Croker.

Forkhill, second Tuesday; William Smith.

Keady, second and fourth Thursday; Jos. Thompson.

Loughgall, third Wednesday ; Jacob Orr, jun.

Lurgan, first and third Saturday ; William B. Morris.

Markethill, first and third Saturday; Geo. L. Archer.

Middletown, Tynan, second Saturday; John L. Magrath.

Newtownhamilton, last Monday in the month; Henry R. Barker.

Newry, Friday, Isaac Parsons.

Portadown, second Saturday; John Eccles.

Poyntzpass, first and third Monday; Wm. B. Bennett.

Tanderagee, second and fourth Tuesday; Robt. Emerson.

Tynan, second Saturday; John L. Magrath.


The Board of Superintendence meets the second Saturday of each month.

Inspector, John M'Kinstry, esq.

Governor, Mr. John M'Cutcheon.

Chaplain, Rev. John Walton Murray, A.B.

Roman Catholic Chaplain, Rev. James Campbell, C.C.

Presbyterian Chaplain, Rev. William Henderson.

Surgeon, Alexander Robinson, A.M., M.B., F. & L.R.C.S.I.

Apothecary, Meredith Armstrong, M.R.C.S.E.


Ballybot, James Craig.

Lurgan, Wm. Neil.

Markethill, John Todd.

Newtownhamilton, James Frazer.


For counties Armagh, Cavan, and Monaghan; opened for the admission of patients, 14th July, 1825.

The Board meets second Monday of every month.

Resident Physician, Robert M'Kinstry, M.D., L.R.C.S.I.

Visiting Physician, Thos. Cuming, M.D.

Matron, Mrs. Susan Smith.


Treasurer, Robert Riddall, esq.

Surgeon, Alexander Robinson, A.M., M.B., F. & L.R.C.S.I.

Apothecary & Registrar, Jas. Armstrong, M.D., M.R.C.S.L.

Poor law Unions.

Armagh Union (Cos. Armagh and Tyrone), 26 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Tuesdays.

Chairman, Sir James M. Stronge, bart., Tynan Abbey.

Vice-Chairman, W. Paton, esq., Charlemont-pl., Armagh.

Dep. Vice-Chairman, William Barker, esq., Abbey-street, Armagh.

Treasurer Provincial Bank of Ireland, Armagh.

Clerk and Returning Officer, Malcolm Macneale Johnston.

Master and Matron, Robert Turner and Sarah Call.


Established Church, Rev. Joseph Chamney.

Roman Catholic, Rev. James Campbell.

Presbyterian, Rev. J. R. M'Allister.

Medical Officer, James L. Riggs, M.D., L.R.C.S.I.

Relieving Officer, James D. Matchett, Armagh.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.

Armagh, James Leslie, M.D., M.R.C.S.E.

Blackwatertown, Thomas Martin, M.R.C.S.E.

Caledon, Andrew Simpson, L.R.C.S.ED. Keady, John Leeper, M.R.C.S.E.

Loughgall, William W. Leeper, L.R.C.S.I.

Markethill, Joseph Pratt, L.R.C.S.I.

Richhill, James Gibson.

Tynan, Charles T. Huston, L.R.C.S.I.

Lurgan Union (Cos. Armagh, Antrim, and Down), 19 Electoral Divisions. The Board of Guardians meets on Thursdays.

Chairman, Rt. Hon. Lord Lurgan, Brownlow House, Lurgan.

Vice-Chairman, Charles Douglass, esq., Grace Hall, Lurgan.

Deputy Vice-Chairman, John Hancock, esq., Lurgan.

Treasurer, Belfast Banking Co., Lurgan.

Clerk and Returning Officer, James Ruddell.

Master & Matron, Edward Despard and Susan Anderson.


Established Church, Rev. T. Knox.

Roman Catholic, Rev. Dr. O'Brien, V.G.

Presbyterian, Rev. Lowry E. Berkeley

Medical Officer, William Shaw.

Relieving Officer, George Ruddell, Tannifiglasson, Lurgan.

Medical Officers of Dispensary Districts.

Aghalee, Andrew Neeson.

Lurgan, Robert S. Hannay, M.R.C.S.E.

Moira, William Ross MacLoughlin, M.D., M.R.C.S.I.

Portadown, Alexander Bredon, M.R.C.S.E.

Tartaraghan, William Stewart.

Waringstown, Alex. D. Woods.


* Have served the office of High Sheriff of the County.

† Are members of the Board of Superintendence of the County Prison.

‡ Are Governors of the District Lunatic Asylum.

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