From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Vert on a mount in base ppr. a boar pass er.

EACHACH, brother of Feig who is No. 88 on the "O'Hanlon" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Ruagain; anglicised Rogan.

88. Eachach ("eachach:" Irish, "having many horses"): son of Felim; a quo Ua Eachaigh, and MacEachaigh, anglicised Mageough, Magough, Magoff, Goff, Gough, and Magahy.

89. Olioll: his son; lord of the territory of Eachach Mór; had a brother, named Cathfoighid, who was lord of Eachach Beag.

90. Amhailgadh [awly]: son of Olioll; a quo Cineal Amhailgadh, now "Clanawley," in the co. Down.

91. Fearach: his son; had two brothers—1. Rory, 2. Fraochran.

92. Giall-Dubh: son of Ferach.

93. Armeadh: his son; a quo Clann Armeidh; had a brother named Sineach, a quo Clann Sineaigh.

94. Conmaol: son of Armeadh; had a brother named Cineadh ("cineadh," gen. "cinuidh:" Irish, a nation, a kind; Lat. "gen-us;" Gr. "gen-os"); a quo O'Cinnidh, anglicised Kenny (of Ulster).

95. Ruarach: son of Clonmaol.

96. Ceallach: his son; had a brother named Allen.

97. Ruagan ("ruaig:" Irish, to pursue; "an," one who): son of Ceallach; a quo O'Ruagain.

98. Eochagan: his son.

99. Cumascach: his son.

100. Olioll: his son.

101. Muireadach: his son.

102. Rory: his son.

103. Morogh Fionn O'Ruagain: his son.

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