O'NEILL (No.6)

Of Mayo and Leitrim

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Per fess wavy the chief ar. and the base representing waves of the sea, in chief a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu. in base a salmon naiant ppr. Crest: A naked arm embowed, brandishing a sword all ppr. Motto: Haec manus pro patriae pugnando vulnera passa.

HUGH O'NEILL, of the Fews, a brother of Henry who is No. 119 on the (No. 2) "O'Neill" (Princes of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Neill, of Mayo and Leitrim.

119. Hugh O'Neill; second son of Owen, Prince of Ulster.

120. Art: his son; died 1514.

121. Felim Ruadh, of the Fews: his son; in "rebellion," tempore King Edward the Sixth.

122. Henry, of the Fews: his son.

123. Sir Tirlogh, of the Fews: his son; married Sarah dau. of Sir Tirloch Lynagh O'Neill; died 23rd Feb., 1639.

124. Henry: his son; mar. Mary, dau. of Sir John O'Reilly, of the co. Cavan, Knt. Had a brother Art, m. to Kathleen, dau. of Sir Henry O'Neill, of Kinnaird, co. Tyrone; and three sisters: 1. Kathleen, married to Robert Hovedon of Ballynametah, county Armagh; 2. Jane, married to Colla (MacBrian) MacMahon of Loghgoise, county Monaghan; 3. Rose, married to Felim O'Reilly, of Rathkenny, county Cavan.

125. Tirlogh [1]: his son; transplanted from the Fews to Newcastle, in the county Mayo; died 1676; had a brother named Shane [2]: (or John) O'Neill, of Dungannon, in the county Tyrone. This Shane's son, Thomas, first assumed the sirname MacEoin, MacSeoin, MacSeaain, or MacShane; anglicised Johnson, which has been modernized Johnston, Johnstone, Jackson, Jenkins, Jenkinson, and Fitzjohn.

126. Conn O'Neill, of the Fews: son of the said Tirlogh; was also transplanted to Newcastle, county Mayo.

127. Henry O'Neill, of Foxford, co. Mayo: his son; was a Captain in the Army of King James the Second, A.D. 1689.

128. Neal O'Neill, of Cloon, co. Leitrim: son of Henry; living in 1717.

129. Henry of Carrowrony, co. Mayo: his son; went to France, there studied Law.

130. Neal (also called Nicholas): his son; born in 1734; went to Spain, and there died a Lieutenant-Colonel. This Neal had a brother named Arthur, born in 1736, who also went to Spain, where he was Lieutenant-General.

131. Neal O'Neill: son of Neal; left one daughter named Elinor.

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[1] Tirlogh: Some of the descendants of this Tirlogh O'Neill have changed their sirname to Neale.

[2] Shane: The proper Irish word for "Shane" is Sheaghan ("seah:" Irish, esteem; "an," one who); so that the sirname MacShane or Johnson literally means "the son of the man who was esteemed."