Of Muscry, County Cork

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: See those of "MacMorough," ante.

THE following are some of the different Septs of this family in Muscry, in 1887:

1. Murphy Dubh ("dubh:" Irish, dark featured) reside at Deshure, Kilmichael.

2. Murphy Bog ("bog:" Irish, soft), at Canovee.

3. Murphy Stuac ("stuac:" Irish, summit, top, declivity of a hill), at Kilmichael and Kilmurry.

4. Murphy Bán ("ban:" Irish, white, fair), at Currabeh and Pullerick, in Kilmurry.

5. Murphy Leib ("ledhb:" Irish, a piece of untanned leather, a fragment), in and about Cork City.

6. Murphy Buidhe ("buidhe:" Irish, yellow), at Templemartin, Moneens, Kilbarry, Dunbollog, and Kilbrittain.

7. Murphy Reamhar or Roghmhar ("reamhar:" Irish, fat, bulky, wealthy), at Inchirahill, Moviddy, Templemartin, and Tasmania (the Most Rev. D. Murphy, D.D., Catholic Bishop of Tasmania, is of this family).

8. Murphy Derbh ("deirbh:" Irish, a churn), at Cork, Kilmurry, Corrach, and Murragh.

9. Murphy Géire ("geire:" Irish, sharp, sharpness, bitterness), at Mount Music, Kilmichael, Currabeh, Lisarda.

10. Murphy Caol ("caol:" Irish, slender), in the parish of Kilbonane, and at Kilcrea.

11. Murphy Pound, at Ahabullog.

12. Murphy Crón ("cron:" Irish, here means brown, swarthy), living at Kilmichael.

13. Murphy Taranige, of Murragh.

14. Murphy Purtinee, Fuide, Cullanee, etc., variously located.

In the "O'Murphy" (No. 4) pedigree we see that Dermod Muimneach O'Moroghoe was the first of the family that, in the 13th century, settled in Munster. He and his people settled in Muscry, where they obtained various grants of land from the MacCarthys and O'Mahonys. We learn that there were some thirty-five families of them, all sprung from the original Leinster Sept, who can trace their descent from Felim (or Felimidh), son of Enna Cean Salach, King of Leinster, temp. St. Patrick, in Ireland.

The original location in the county Cork, of the family, was, and is still, named "Bally-Murphy," a townland north of Innishannon, near Upton. Before A.D. 1641, the senior branch of the family lived there, and was distinguished by the name Buidhe, which they still bear. At that time they were deprived of their possessions; and the eldest living member of the family, who was then about 14 years of age, removed to the north of Cork, took service under the Blarney MacCarthys, and assisted in the defence of Dunbolg Castle, near Carrignavar.

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