Of Ballaghmooney, King's County

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Ar. a holly tree eradicated vert, thereon a lizard pass. or, a border compony counter-compony of the first and second.

EOGHAN (or Owen), brother of Berchan who is No. 93 on the "O'Gorman" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Maoinaigh; anglicised O'Mooney, Mooney, and Money.

93. Owen: son of Feig.

94. Alioll Mór: his son.

95. Maoinach ("maoin," gen. "maoine," Irish, wealth; Engl. "money"): his son; a quo O'Maoinaigh, and the territory of Feara Maoinaigh (anglicised "Fermanagh,") which was given to him by his uncle, the then Irish Monarch.

96. Corcran: son of Maoinach; had two brothers—1. Fiachra, ancestor of Mooney, of Lochern, and 2. Iardun, ancestor of Clann Rorc.

97. Conall: son of Corcran.

98. Ionglan: his son.

99. Gilearan ("gile:" Irish, whiteness, and "aran," bread): his son; a quo O'Gilearain, anglicised Gilleran, and Gillard.

100. Maoltoghadh: his son.

101. Conadhgan: his son.

102. Gallan: his son.

103. Dallgan: his son.

104. Canamhuin (see canmen, old Lat. form of "carmen:") his son.

105. Coscrach: his son.

106. Giollabrighid: his son.

107. Cearnach: his son.

108. Ranall O'Mooney: his son.

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Line of Heremon | Heremon Genealogies