Of Ulster

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] Arms: Ar. three lions pass. gu.

DUBHCULIN, brother of Gairbiadh who is No. 98 on the "O'Brassil West" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacCraith, of Ulster; anglicised MacCraith, Maccrae, Magrath, MacGrath, McGrath, and Creeth.

98. Dubhculin: son of Cearnach.

99. Giollachriosd: his son.

100. Dallgan ("dall:" Irish, blind; "gan," little): his son; a quo O'Dallgain, anglicised Dalgan, Dallan, and Dolan.

101. Maolbrighid: his son.

102. Macraith ("craith:" Irish, to weave): his son; a quo MacCraith.

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[1] Magrath: Miler Magrath, Archbishop of Cashel and Bishop of Emly, was born in the county of Fermanagh about the year 1522. Originally a Franciscan Friar, he became a Protestant, and was consecrated Bishop of Clogher, and in 1570-'71 advanced to the Archbishopric of Cashel and Bishopric of Emly. He also held the Bishoprics of Waterford and Lismore in commendam from 1582 to 1589, and from 1592 to 1607, when he resigned them, and was placed in charge of Killala and Achonry. He had four sons and four daughters; some of the sons, although being Catholics, contrived to possess themselves of several church livings. After occupying the Archbishopric for fifty-two years, he died at Cashel in December, 1622, aged 100 years, and was buried in the Cathedral under a monument previously erected by himself, which may still be seen. There is a tradition that he returned to Catholicity before his death, and directed his body to be secretly buried elsewhere.