Of Fermanagh

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] Arms: Vert a griffin segreant or, in chief three crescents ar. Crest: A hand and arm couped below the elbow erect, holding a long cross ppr.

MANUS,[2] brother of Giollaiosa who is No. 109 on the "Maguire" pedigree, was the ancestor of MacManus.

109. Manus: son of Dun Mór Maguire; a quo MacManus.

110. Rory: his son.

111. Manus (2): his son.

112. Patrick: his son; had two brothers.

113. Matthew: his son.

114. Patrick (2): his son.

115. Connor MacManus: his son.

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[1] MacManus. Terence Bellew MacManus, a distinguished "Young Irelander," was born about 1823. At the time of the Young Ireland agitation in 1848 he was in business as a shipping agent in Liverpool. In the summer of that year be threw up everything, managed to give the detectives the slip in Dublin, joined Smith O'Brien at Killenaule, and shared the fortunes of the small band of insurgents until their dispersion at Ballingarry. When all hope was over, he was for a time concealed by the peasantry, and then managed to make his way to Cork, and was on board a vessel in the harbour about to sail, when he was arrested. On the 9th October, 1848, he was brought to trial for high treason, at Clonmel, found guilty, and condemned to death. His sentence was subsequently commuted to transportation for life. He was sent to Tasmania, whence he escaped to California, on the 5th June, 1851. He died in California nine years afterwards; but his remains were conveyed to Ireland, and buried in Glasnevin, on the 10th November, 1861.

[2] Manus: Some derive this name from the Irish mainis, "a lance or spear" (main: Irish, "the hand:" Lat. man-us); in which case MacManus would mean "the son of the man who could wield a spear."