From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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[1] Arms: See the Arms of "MacDonnell" (No. 1) pedigree.

DUBHGHALL, brother of Samhairle (or Sorley) who is No. 100 on the "MacDonnell" (of Antrim) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacDubhghaill; anglicised MacDougall, MacDougald, MacDowell, and MacDowall.

100. Dubhghall ("dubhghall:" Irish, a black foreigner): son of Giollabrighid [gillbride]: a quo MacDubhghaill; was King of the Isles; living A.D. 1144.

101. Donoch: his son; had a brother named John, who was the ancestor of MacDowell, of Larne, county Antrim.

102. Lochlann: his son.

103. Duhhghall (2): his son.

104. Iomhar ("iom-ar:" Irish, much slaughter): his son; a quo Maclomliair.[2]

105. Giollacolum: his son.

106. Iomar MacDubhghaill: his son. This Iomhar had two brothers—1. Lochlann; and 2. Fercar ("fear:" Irish, a man, "caor," a fire-brand; Heb. "charah," it blazed forth; Chald. "charei," lighted up), a quo Ferrar. By some genealogists "Ferrar" is derived from the Irish fear-ard (Lat. "ard-uus"), meaning "the tall or high man." And "Farrell" has been also anglicised Ferrar, by some members of that family.

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[1] MacDowall: Patrick MacDowell, R.A., was born in Belfast, on the 12th Aug., 1799. His father dying early, the family moved to London, and although Patrick showed a decided taste for art, and desired to follow it, he was apprenticed to a coach-maker. When he had served about four years, his master became bankrupt, and the lad, then sixteen years of age, was thrown on his own resources. Accident brought him to lodge in the house of a French sculptor, M. Chenu. He indulged once more in his old tastes, copied from his landlord's models, and soon delighted him with a "Venus," for which he obtained eight guineas. Mr. MacDowell thenceforth became eminent as an artist; he died in London, on the 9th December, 1870, aged 71 years.

[2] MacIomhair: This sirname has been anglicised Emer, Emerson, Iver, Ivir, Ivor, Howard, Maclvir, Maclvor, Mclvor, and McKeever. It was the Author's mistake, in Note 111, page 396 of the first series (published 1876), to derive some of these sirnames from MacIdhir.