From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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CEAT MIC MAGHACH, one of the sons of the Irish Monarch Cahir Mór, is said to have been the ancestor of O'Ceat; ("ceat:" Irish, a pillar, a prop), anglicised Kett, and Keats.

1. Connor Kett was the first of the family who went from Burren, near Ballyvaughan, county Clare, and settled in Kilbaha, in the west of that county; living in 1690. This Connor had a brother, who was a Medical Doctor in the Spanish Fleet.

2. John: son of Connor; had a brother Joseph; and two sisters—1. Honor, 2. Margaret.

3. Darby [1]: son of John. Had two brothers—1. Michael; 2. Joseph; and no sisters.

4. Thomas Kett, of Farrahy, near Kilkee; son of said Michael; born 1826, living in 1886. Had three brothers—1. John (deceased), 2. Darby (who emigrated to America), 3. Joseph; and two sisters—1. Catherine, 2. Mary.

5. Michael Kett: son of Thomas. Has had three brothers—1. Jeremiah (or Darby), 2. Joseph, 3. Connor; and two sisters—1. Ellen, 2. Mary: all living at Farrahy in 1886.

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[1] Darby: This Darby had two sons, and two daughters: the sons were—1. Martin, the eldest son, who lately died in America; 2. Joseph, who died unmarried. Three of this Martin's sons were—1. Mathias; 2. Darby; and 3. Thomas, who emigrated with him to America.