KELLY (No.3)

Chiefs of Hy-Maile, County Wicklow

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms: Ar. on a mount in base vert an oak tree acorned ppr.

ACCORDING to MacFirbis, Main Mal, a younger brother of Cathair Mór, Monarch of Ireland in the second century, and who is No. 89 on the "O'Connor" (Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Ceallaigh, of Cualan; anglicised O'Kelly and Kelly.

89. Main Mal: son of Felim Fiorurglas; a quo Hy-Maile of the Glen of "Imaile," in the county Wicklow.

90. Tuathal Tigheach: his eldest son.

91. Fergus Forcraidh: his son.

92. Aengus Ailce: his son.

93. Etersceol: his son.

94. Carthann Muadh: his son.

95. Seanach Diodhach: his son.

96. Aodh Dubhcean: his son.

97. Ronan Cruaic: his son; by some authorities reckoned as King of Leinster.

98. Diocolla Dana: his son.

99. Gertighe: his son; living A.D. 702.

100. Ceallach Cualain ("ceallach": Irish, strife): his son; a quo O'Ceallaigh, of Cualan. Had a brother named Fiannamhail, who was Abbot of Clonard.

101. Etersceol: son of Ceallach Cualan; slain, 721. Had seven brothers and two sisters: the brothers were—1. Crimthan (slain, 721), King of Leinster, who had Tuathal, who had Fiacra; 2. Comgan of Turrieff, North Britain (October 13th); 3. Cobthach (d. 730); 4. Coincean (d. 739); 5. Aedh (slain, 717); 6. Fiacra, and 7. Fiannamhail—both slain A.D. 707, at Selgge, in Ferthuath Laighen. The sisters were—1. Muirean, who was wife of Irgalach, son of Conaing, and had Ceneth, the 158th Monarch of Ireland; 2. Cainteghern, who was wife of Feredach (of the Dal Fiatach of Ulster), and had Faelan (January 9th) of Cluan Mescna, and Strathfellan, N.B. (see Acta Sanctorum, pp. 49-50, and MacFirbis, p. 221).

102. Ceallach: son of Etersceol. Had two sons—1. Oilill, slain, 739; 2. Cathal, also slain, 739.

103. Cathal: younger son of Ceallach.

104. Madudhan: his son.

105. Dubhdatuagh: his son.

106. Flann: his son.

107. Riaghallach: his son.

108. Madudhan: his son.

109. Clochar: his son; died, a.i). 915.

110. Tuathal: his son. Had two sons—1. Amhailgadh, 2. Aedh.

111. Amhailgadh: eldest son of Tuathal.

112. Cathal O'Ceallaigh, Prince of Ui-Cualain: his son; slain with his wife, A.D. 1034. This Cathal had a younger brother Giollacaemgin, who was slain A.D. 1057.

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