KEANE (No.1)

Of Cappoquin, County Waterford

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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Arms : Gu. three salmon naiant in pale ar. Crest: A cat sejant ppr. supporting in the dexter paw a flag-staff, thereon a union jack ppr. Motto: Felis demulcta mitis.

DANIEL (or Donall), brother of Donoch an-Einigh, who is No. 116 on the (No.1) "O'Cahan" pedigree, was the ancestor of Keane, of Cappoquin, county Waterford.

116. Daniel: son of John.

117. Richard: his son. This Richard married Elizabeth, daughter of Alexander MacDonnell, of Antrim, by whom he had six sons—1. Conbhach Ballach; 2. John, ancestor of the Barons Kingston; 3. Daniel, ancestor of Keane, of the county Clare; 4. Roger, ancestor of Keane, of Cappoquin; 5. Magnus, ancestor of O'Cahan, of the south of the county Derry; 6. Richard, who died without issue; 7. Thomas.

118. Roger: the fourth son of Richard.

119. Magnus: his son.

120. Hugh: his son.

121. Thomas: his son.

122. Daniel (2): his son.

123. John: his son.

124. George: his son; alive in 1716.

125. John (2): his son; got a lease of the Cappoquin estate, from Richard, Earl of Cork and Burlington, dated July, 1738; died in 1756.

126. Richard: his son; died before his father.

127. Sir John Keane: his son; created a "baronet" in 1801; died 1829.

128. Sir Richard, the second baronet: his son; died 1855.

129. Sir John Henry Keane, the third baronet: his son; born in 1816, died 1881: had a brother named Leopold George-Frederick, who had a son named Frederick, living in 1877.

130. Sir Richard Francis Keane: son of Sir John; born in 1845; and living in 1887; married to Adelaide-Sidney, daughter of the late John Vance,[1] M.P. for Armagh, and formerly M.P. for Dublin.

131. John Keane: son of Richard; born in 1874, and living in 1887; had a younger brother named George Michael Keane.

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[1] Vance: See the "Vance" genealogy.