Of Munster

From Irish Pedigrees; or the Origin and Stem of the Irish Nation by John O'Hart

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AEDH (or Hugh), brother of Anluan who is No. 100 on the "O'Brien" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'h-Anraghain; anglicised Hanrahan.

100. Hugh: son of Nathun.

101. Fionn: his son.

102. Foghmail: his son.

103. Aongus: his son.

104. Muireadhagh: his son.

105. Eoghan (owen): his son.

106. Cu-Ultagh: his son.

107. Faolan: his son.

108. Donghaile: his son.

109. Seagha: his son.

110. Maithan: his son.

111. Teige na Lann ("lann:"' Irish, the blade of a sword; Lat. "lan-io," to cut): his son; a quo O'Laine, anglicised Lane, and Laney.

112. Ricard Mór: his son.

113. Ricard Oge: his son.

114. James: his son.

115. Murtogh: his son.

116. Donogh: his son.

117. Brian: his son.

118. Shane (or John): his son.

119. Donall: his son.

120. Donall Oge: his son.

121. Thomas: his son.

122. John (2): his son.

123. William Mór an Racan (an racan: Irish, "the rake"), called William O'h-Anraghain (or William the Rake); his son; who lived in Ballyna-Croidhe.

124. William Oge O'Hanraghan his son.

125. Teige: his son.

126. Donall (3): his son.

127. Rory: his son.

128. Brian (2): his son.

129. Denis O'Hanraghan: his son.

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