Collected and Narrated by Patrick Kennedy

Title page vignette to Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts

Second Edition 1891





Jack and his Comrades
The Bad Stepmother
Adventures of "Gilla na Chreck an Gour "
Jack the Master and Jack the Servant
"I'll be Wiser the next Time"
The Three Crowns
The Corpse Watchers
The Brown Bear of Norway
The Goban Saor
The Three Advices which the king with the Red Soles gave to his Son


The Fairy Child
The Changeling and his Bagpipes
The Tobinstown Sheeoge
The Belated Priest
The Palace in the Rath
The Breton Version of the Palace in the Rath
The Fairy Nurse
The Recovered Bride
Faction-Fight among the Fairies
Jemmy Doyle in the Fairy Palace
The Fairy Cure
The Sea Fairies
The Black Cattle of Durzy Island
The Silkie Wife
The Pooka of Murroe
The Kildare Pooka
The Kildare Lurikeen
The Adventures of the "Son of Bad Counsel"


The Long Spoon
The Prophet before his Time
The Bewitched Churn
The Ghosts and the Game of Football
The Cat of the Carman's Stage
Cauth Morrisy looking for Service
Black Stairs on Fire
The Witches' Excursion
The Crock found in the Rath
The Enchantment of Gearhoidh Iarla
Illan Eachtach and the Lianan
The Misfortunes of Barrett the Piper
The Woman in White
The Queen's County Ghost
The Ghost in Graigue
Droochan's Ghost
The Kilranelagh Spirit
The Doctor's Fetch
The Apparition in Old Ross


Fann Mac Cuil and the Scotch Giant
How Fann Mac Cuil and his Men were bewitched
Qualifications and Duties of the Fianna Eirionn
The Battle of Ventry Harbour
The Fight of Castle Knoc
The Youth of Fion
Fion's First Marriage
How Fion selected a Wife
Pursuit of Diarmuid and Grainne
The Flight of the Sluggard
Beanriogain na Sciana Breaca
Conan's Delusions in Ceash
The Youth of Oisin
The Old Age of Oisin
Legend of Loch na Piasta
The King with the Horse's Ears
The Story of the Sculloge's Son from Muskerry
An Braon Suan Or
The Children of Lir
Lough Neagh
Legend of the Lake of Inchiquin
How the Shannon acquired its Name
The Origin of the Lake of Tiis
The Building of Ardfert Cathedral
How Donaghadee got its Name
The Borrowed Lake
Kilstoheen in the Shannon
The Isle of the Living
Fionntuin Mac Bochna
The Firbolgs and Danaans
Inis na Muic
The Bath of the White Cows
The Quest for the "Tain-Bo-Cuailgne"
The Progress of the Wicked Bard


St Patrick
How St Patrick received the Staff of Jesus
The Fortune of Dichu
St Patrick's Contest with the Druids
The Baptism of Aongus
The Decision of the Chariot
Conversion of the Robber Chief, Macaldus
Baptism after Death
The Vision of St Brigid
Death and Burial of St Patrick
The Corpse-freighted Barque
St Brigid's Cloak
St Brigid and the Harps
"Arran of the Saints," and its Patrons
St Fanchea's Visit to Arran
St Brendain's Voyage
The Island of the Birds
The Sinner Saved
A Legend of St Mogue of Ferns
O'Carroll's Warning
How St Eloi was cured of Pride
St Lateerin of Cullin


Frontispiece to Legendary Fictions of the Irish Celts

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My Lady of the Chimney CornerMy Lady of the Chimney Corner

A memorable and moving story of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. In 1863 the author, Alexander Irvine, was born into dire poverty, the child of a 'mixed' marriage. His parents had survived the ravages of the famine years, but want and hunger were never to be too far away from their door. Irvine was ultimately destined to leave Ireland for America and to become a successful minister and author. He learned to read and write when he had left his home in Antrim far behind, but he came to realize that the greatest lessons he had received in life were at his mother's knee. My Lady of the Chimney Corner is the depiction of an existence that would be unthinkable in modern Ireland; but, more than that, it is the author's loving tribute to his mother, Anna, who taught him to look at the world through clean spectacles. ISBN 978-1-910375-32-7. USA orders. The book is also available as a Kindle download (UK) and Kindle download (US).

Popular Rhymes and Sayings of IrelandPopular Rhymes and Sayings of Ireland

In Popular Rhymes and Sayings of Ireland (first published in 1924) John J. Marshall examines the origin of a variety of rhymes and sayings that were at one time in vogue around different parts of the country, including those which he recalled from his own childhood in County Tyrone. Numerous riddles, games and charms are recounted, as well as the traditions of the ‘Wren Boys’ and Christmas Rhymers. Other chapters describe the war cries of prominent Irish septs and the names by which Ireland has been personified in literature over the centuries. The book is also available as a Kindle download.


Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland, by Asenath Nicholson, still has the power to shock and sadden even though the events described are ever-receding further into the past. When you read, for example, of the poor widowed mother who was caught trying to salvage a few potatoes from her landlord’s field, and what the magistrate discovered in the pot in her cabin, you cannot help but be appalled and distressed.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».

Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger

Ireland’s Welcome to the Stranger

This book, the prequel to Annals of the Famine in Ireland cannot be recommended highly enough to those interested in Irish social history. The author, Mrs Asenath Nicholson, travelled from her native America to assess the condition of the poor in Ireland during the mid 1840s. Refusing the luxury of hotels and first class travel, she stayed at a variety of lodging-houses, and even in the crude cabins of the very poorest. Not to be missed!

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».

The Scotch-Irish in America

The Scotch-Irish in America

Henry Ford Jones' book, first published in 1915 by Princeton University, is a classic in its field. It covers the history of the Scotch-Irish from the first settlement in Ulster to the American Revolutionary period and the foundation of the country.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».


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