A History of the Irish Settlers in North America from the Earliest Period to the Census of 1850


Thomas D'Arcy McGee

A History of the Irish Settlers in North America





Chapter I.
The Legend of "Great Ireland" and of Saint Brandan--Norwegian Account--Irish Account--Italian and Spanish Accounts

Chapter II.
The First Irish Emigrants,--In Barbadoes--In Pennsylvania--In New York--In Maryland--In Virginia--In the Carolinas--In Kentucky--Adventure of Simon Butler in Delaware

Chapter III.
The Irish in Massachusetts--In New Hampshire--In Maine--Bishop Berkely in Rhode Island--His Gift to Yale College

Chapter IV.
The Emigrants in Arms--Adventure of John Stark--The Irish Brigade in Canada--Indian Wars--Peace of 1763--Dawn of the Revolution

Chapter V.
Opening of the Revolutionary Era--Irish at Bunker's Hill--Death of Major M'Cleary--General Knox--The Clintons--The Pennsylvania Line--Moylan's Dragoons

Chapter VI.
The Canadian Expedition--Death of Montgomery--Burial refused to his Remains by the British--Retreat of the Invading Corps--Thompson, Sullivan and Gates in Command--Advance of Burgoyne--Stark's Victory at Bennington--Surrender of Burgoyne

Chapter VII.
Irishmen in the United States Navy--Commodore Barry--Captain MacGee--Captain O'Brien--Midshipman MacDonough--Purser Mease--Barry's Lieutenants, Murray, Dale, Decatur, and Stewart

Chapter VIII.
Dissatisfaction at certain Congressional Promotions--Generals Roche, Fermoy and Andrew Lewis--The Campaigns of 1777 and 1778, in New Jersey --"Mad Anthony Wayne"--Adjutant General Hand-- "The Conway Cabal"--Colonel Fitzgerald, Aide de Camp to Washington, his Gallantry at Princeton--Contribution of the Irish Merchants of Philadelphia

Chapter IX.
Irishmen in Civil Service during the Revolutionary Era--Policy of the First Congress towards Ireland--Charles Thompson, of Maghera, Secretary to Congress--The Declaration of Independence--Eight Irish Signers--The Federal Constitution adopted--Six Irish Authors of that Instrument--Early Irish Governors

Chapter X.
Colonial Penal Laws--Rise of Catholic Missions--Washington's Reply to the Catholic Address--St. Mary's College

Chapter XI.
Irish Services to Education and Science in America--Allison--Charles Thompson--David Ramsay--Fulton--Colles--Adrain--Matthew Carey

Chapter XII.
Washington, President--Party Organization into Federalists and Republicans--Influence of Jefferson over the Irish Community--The United Irish Organization in America--Adams, President--The Alien and Sedition Laws--The Federal Riots--Hon. Rufus King

Chapter XIII.
Jefferson, President--The Refugees of 1798--Sampson and MacNevin--T. A. Emmet--The Brothers Binns--Burr and Blennerhassett--The Right of Search--Madison, President--John Smilie, United States Senator--War

Chapter XIV.
The Irish in the American Navy during the War of 1812-15--Origin of the War--Captain Boyle's Cruise--Captain Blakely--Commodores Shaw, MacDonough, and Stewart

Chapter XV.
The War by Land--Battles on the Northern Frontier--Mason--O'Neale--Landing of General Ross--Treatment of Naturalized Citizens taken in Arms--Successes of Ross--Andrew Jackson on the Mississippi--His Career and Character--Battle of New Orleans--Peace

Chapter XVI.
Jackson, President--United States Bank--"The Irish Vote"--Edward Kavanagh, Minister to Portugal--Senator Porter--Jackson's Partiality to Irish Emigrants--His Influence on his Party--His Character

Chapter XVII.
Spread of Catholicism--Organization into Dioceses--Western Missions--Southern Missions--Bishop England--Charlestown Convent burned, A. D. 1834--The Great Controversy

Chapter XVIII.
American Sympathy for Ireland--United Irishmen--The Catholic Emancipation Movement--Irish Journals--Agitation for "A Repeal of the Union" with England--Influence of Mr. O'Connell--The attempted Revolutionary Movement of 1848--Sympathy with its Principles

Chapter XIX.
The Irish Famines of 1846-7 and 1848--American Sympathy--Meetings in Philadelphia, Boston and New York--National Meeting in Washington--The Macedonian and Jamestown--Reflections

Chapter XX.
"Native American" Movement of 1844--The Philadelphia Riots--Their Probable Origin--Conduct of the Military and Magistrates--Similar Movements in New York, Boston, and other Towns--Re-action--Reflections on the Principles involved in this Controversy

Chapter XXI.
South American Revolutions--Co-operation of the United States--Irish Staff of Simon Bolivar--The O'Higginses--MacKenna--O'Connor--O'Carroll--Captain Esmonde--O'Reilly--The O'Briens--Issue of the South American Struggle

Chapter XXII.
The Irish in Mexico--San Patricio County--MacGee's Incursion--Annexation of Texas--War with Mexico--Taylor's Campaigns--Major General Butler--Colonel O'Brien--Colonel MacKee--Major Gorman

Chapter XXIII.
Scott's Campaigns--Colonel Riley--Brilliant Charge of Kearney and MacReynold's Dragoons--Brigadier General Shields--His Reception on returning to the United States--Senator for Illinois

Chapter XXIV.
New States of the South-West--Hon. W. R. King--Judge Phelan--The Sharkeys--Irish Millionaires--Beirne of Virginia, Mullanphy of Missouri, M'Donogh of New Orleans, Daniel Clarke--Arkansas

Chapter XXV.
New States of the North-West--Senators Cass and Fitzgerald of Michigan, Allen of Ohio, Hannegan of Indiana--Hon. Mr. Ryan of Illinois--Hugh O'Neill of Indiana--The Dowlings--Lieutenant-Governor Byrne, of Wisconsin--Irish Pioneers in Iowa--Reflections

Chapter XXVI.
The Census of 1850--Irish Contingent to the Population of the Union--Character of Former Irish Emigrations--The Political Refugees of 1848--Father Mathew's Visit--Military Companies--Position and Requirements of the Irish in America


The Tradition of Saint Brendan's Voyage to America
Irish Settlers and the Indians
Irish Naval Services
Particulars of some Irish Settlers in Pennsylvania
Irish Services to Education and Science
The United Irishmen in America

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