IRELAND'S EYE...continued

From Irish Pictures Drawn with Pen and Pencil Richard Lovett

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The Tara Brooch, in the general character and exquisite style of its ornamentation, belongs to the same period of art as the Ardagh Chalice. It was found in 1850, near the sea-shore, by the child of a poor woman, who afterwards sold it in Drogheda. The workmanship is so highly finished that to be fairly appreciated it should be examined through a powerful lens. It exhibits seventy-six varieties of design, of the class found in the Ardagh Chalice and the early illuminated Irish MSS. The obverse and reverse are both richly decorated. 'The Tara Brooch,' said Dr. Petrie, 'is superior to anything hitherto found in the variety of its ornaments and in the exquisite delicacy and perfection of its execution.' It is composed of what is known as white bronze, a mixture of copper and tin.

Tara Brooch (Obverse)Tara Brooch (Reverse)

Tara Brooch (Obverse)

Tara Brooch (Reverse)

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