The Historic Case for Irish Independence

by Darrell Figgis



Creation of a National Polity, 300-1000 A.D.
State Stability, 360-1000 A.D.
Foundation of the State, 200-1000 A.D.
Re-Creation of European Culture, 600-1100 A.D.
Foreign Military Invasion, 1168-1171
Foreign State Assumption and National War, 1171 A.D.
Nature of the National War, 1171-1315
Formal Repudiation of Foreign Dominion, 1315-1318
Re-creation of National State and Renewal of the Life of the Nation, 1319-1367
Statutes of Kilkenny, 1367 A.D.
England's Difficulty: Ireland's Revival of Prosperity, 1319-1486 A.D.
Renewal of War by Statecraft, 1486-1537
Nature of the War, 1500-1541
Extension of English Crown and Polity over Irish Crown and Polity: the Manner of its Accomplishment, 1541-1558
The First Plantations: Their Cause, Meaning and Effect, 1558-1590
Hugh O'Neill, 1590-1603
Further Plantations and Uprooting of National Polity, 1603-1641
Contrast of the Two Contending Conceptions of Civilisation 1550-1641
Confiscation by Legal Craft, 1628-1641
National Bondage, 1608-1641
Renewal of War, 1641-1650
"Hell or Connacht," 1653-1654
The Return of the Nation to its Old Lands, 1660-1689
Renewed War, 1689-1691
Penal Code 1691-1795
State of the Nation, 18th Century
The Rise of the Garrison, 1698-1779
Its Demand for Independence, 1779-1783
The Character of Grattan's Parliament, and its Effect on the Nation, 1783-1800
The Rising of 1798
Act of Union, 1800
Meaning of Act of Union and its Effect, 1800
Robert Emmet, 1803
The Forces Behind Daniel O'Connell, 1823-1829
The Failure of Daniel O'Connell, 1829-1843
Starvation, 1845-1851
Young Ireland, 1843-1848
Risings the Heir to Risings, 1848-1867
The Land War and its Significance, 1848-1903
War in the Enemy's Camp, 1877-1903
The Awakening of the Nation, 1891-1913
Declaration of Independence, 1914-1916