Dublin City Directory, 1850 - M

AuthorSamuel Lewis
SourceNew City Pictorial Directory
SectionAlphabetical City Directory

M'ADAM, Hugh, 26 Jervis street 
    John, 9 Lower Liffey street
M'Allister, James, 46 Charlemont street
M'Alister, Jane, 2 York street
    John, 25 Clanbrassil terrace
    John, 26 Queen squire, North
    Misses, 8 Gardiner's place
    Mrs. 20 Grafton street
    William, 2 Duke lane
M'Allen, Kate, 2 Henry street
    M'Anaspie, P. and T., 31 Great Brunswick street
    M'Ardell, Catherine, 11 High street
    Francis D. 9 Exchange street
    James, and Co. 168 Great Britain street
    John, 7 Lower Liffey street
    John, 6 do.
    John, 5 do.
    John, 72 Patrick street
    Philip, 104 Thomas street
M'Arther, Anne, 7 Harcourt place
    John, 80 Lower Dorset street
    John, 51 Grafton street
M'Asey, Thomas, 94 Bride street
    Daniel, 4 Clarendon market
M'Auley and Carey, 15 William street
    Christopher, 41 and 42 Temple bar
M'Auliffe, John, 20 Dawson street
M'Birney, Collis and Co. 25 and 26 Christ Church place, and 16 and 17 Aston's quay
M'Bride, C. 25 Dawson street
    Charles, 128 Cork street
    George, 88 Middle Abbey street
    P. 14 Cash row
M'Cabe, Christopher, 19 Fleet street
    George, 60 South Great George's street
    Henry, 37 Meath street
    John, 22 New Bride street
    John, 20 North Anne street
    Owen, 118 Upper Dorset street
    Patrick, 46 Montgomery street
    Thomas, 3 Anglesea market
M'Callan, John, 6 Little Mary street
M'Cally, Andrew W. 13 York street
M'Cann, Andrew, 3 Chancery lane
    Catherine, 130 Francis street
    Francis, 137 Capel street
    G. 3 Castle market
    George, 2 Foster terrace
    George, 50 Lower Kevin street
    James, 17 Upper Kevin street
    John, 42 Mabbot street
    Joseph, 100 Upper Dorset street
    Misses, 12 Nixon street
    Patrick, 1 King's Inns' street
    Patrick, 21 Bride street
    Patrick, 18 Little Mary street
    Thomas, 28 Upper Kevin street
M'Cartan, Catherine, 82 Capel street
M'Carthy, Alexander, 37 Upper Fitzwilliam st.
    Benjamin, 46 Dawson street
    Charles, 2 Upper Camden street
    Catherine, 172 James's street
    Charles, 40 Dame street
    Charles, 7 Anglesea street
    Daniel, 7 Upper Fitzwilliam street
    Eagar, 69 Capel street
    Francis, 93 Amiens street
    Felix, 19 James's street, East
    Henry, 24 Richmond street
    James, 11 Summer street, North
    James, 63 Upper Dorset street
    John, 23 Upper Pembroke street
    Justin, 20 Stephen's green, North
    Michael, 11 Upper Bridge street
    Michael, 63 Pill lane
    Miss, 31 Upper Mecklenburgh street
    Mrs. 62 Dawson street
    Patrick, 10 Upper Bridge street
    William, 2 North Frederick street
M'Cartney, Patrick, 30 Charlemont street
M'Causland and Fetherstone H. 21 Wellington quay
    Dominick, 12 Fitzgibbon street
    Richard B. 3 Merrion street, Upper
    William James, 10 Fitzwilliam square, South
M'Cay, William, 5 Kildare street
M'Clane, Andrew, 25 Cook street
M'Claskey, J. 8 Castle market
M'Clatchie, Thomas, 19 Richmond place, North
M'Clean, Francis, 10 Stephen's green, North
    William, 9 Cork street
M'Cleery, Mathew, 23 Lower Pembroke street
    Thomas, 27 Wicklow street
    William, 24 Nassau street
M'Clelland, Richard, 9 Summerhill
    Thomas, 1 Rutland street, Upper
M'Clintock, Alexander, 1 Fitzgibbon street
Alfred, 2 Gardiner's place
Mrs. 22 Percy place
M'Comas, Francis, 38 Westmoreland street
    John Wesley, 46 Grafton street
    Samuel, 2 Lower Abbey street
M'Coat, Patrick, 94 Meath street
M'Collum, Archibald, 1 Peter street
M'Combe, Alexander, 72 Eccles street
------ 51 Golden lane
M'Conniskey, James, 112 Great Britain street
M'Conkey, Mrs. 3 Upper Rutland street
M'Connell, John, 9 Wexford street
    Mrs. 26 Upper Merrion street
    Patrick, Denzille street
    Robert, and Co., 36 Jervis street
    Thomas, 56 Church street, Old
    Thomas, 30 Little Denmark street
M'Conry, B. 30 Stephen street
M'Cormick, Captain, 15 Synnot place
    Edward, 113 Francis street
    James, 16 Werburgh street
    James, 16 Christchurch place
    James, 9 French street
    James, 54 Manor street
    John and William P. 19 and 20 Great Brunswick street
    John, 143 North King street
    John, 11 Charlemont mall
    John, 5 Temple bar
    Mrs. 185 Townsend street
M'Cormick, Mrs. 70 Marlborough street
    P. Egg market
    Peter, 97 Marlborough street
    Samuel, 45 Manor street
    Thomas, 79 James's street
    Thomas, 157 Townsend street
M'Court, Anthony, 20 Anglesea market
M'Cowley, Patrick, 1 Fishamble street
    Peter, 29 Wellington quay
M'Coy, John, 21 Marlborough street
M'Crea, Alexander, 30 Lower Abbey street
M'Cready, James, 4 Foster place
    John, 20 Wicklow street
    Thomas, 28 Earl street, North
    William, 25 Lower Sackville street
M'Creedy, William, 11 De Grey terrace, Haddington road
    William, 38 Summer hill
M'Creight, Andrew William, 43 Dame street
M'Crossan, John, 78 Upper Dominick street
M'Culla, John, 68 North King street
M'Cullagh, James, 108 Graft on street
    J. B. 11 Eustace street
    J. Sons and Co. 51 Lotts
    James, Sons and Co. 54 Abbey street, Middle
    John, 44 Mary street
    Mrs. 1 Adelaide road
    Patrick, 26 D'Olier street
    Thomas, 9 Synnott place
    William, 7 Great Denmark street
    William, 116 New street
M'Cullock, James, 24 Great Brunswick street
M'Curdy, Alexander, 38 Upper Erne street
    William, 20 Denzille street
M'Daniel, James, 11 Annaville, North Circular road
M'Dana, James, 18 Usher street
M'Dermott, Charles, 5 South Frederick street
    Charles Joseph, 59 Queen street
    Daniel, 31 North Great George's street
    James, 39 Abbey street, Upper
    John, 5 Marlborough street
    Laurence, 1 Whitefriar street
    Miles, 7 Phoenix street
    Patrick, 63 Mary's lane
    Patrick, 17 Halston street
    Patrick, 3 Haddington road
    Terence, 16 Wicklow street
    Thomas, 58 Rutland square, West
    Thomas, 3 Fownes's street
M'Donald, Alexander, 35 Lower Dominick street
    Charles, 4 Dawson street
    Charles, 1 Ormond market
    Herbert, 28 Old Church street
    James, 163 New street
    James, 9 Pleasant street
    John, 14 Bride street
    John, 27 Nicholas street
    Mrs. 7 Wormwood gate
    P. 109 Great Britain street
    Richard, 46 New street
    Thomas, 18 Upper Mecklenburgh street
M'Donnell, Charles, 15 Foster street
    Charles, 41 Francis street
    D. 22 Shaw street
    and Sons, 9 Merchants' quay
    Edward, 61 Mabbot street
    Edward, 31 Merrion square, South
    George, 29 Lower Liffey street
M'Donnell, James, 4 Grenville street
    James, 88 King street
    John, 4 Camden row
    John, 118 James's street
    Michael, and Son, 16 William street
    Michael, 32 and 33 Drury lane
    Mathew, 14 Queen street
    M. 12 Fleet street
    Patrick, 34 Lower Rutland street
    Patrick, 9 Francis street
    Peter and Edward, 22 New row, Thomas st.
    Robert, 21, Fownes's street
    Thomas, 47 North Great George's street
    Thomas, 14 Ross lane
    Thomas 86 Talbot street
    W. 13 Anglesea street
M'Donough, Catherine, 86 Bride street
    Henry, 112 Capel street
    Peter, 12 Upper Abbey street
    Thomas, 11 Chatham street
M'Donogh, Thomas, 29 Watling street
    Walter, 66 Upper Dominick street
M'Dowell, Alexander, 4 Lennox street
    Benjamin George, 67 Eccles street
    Mrs. do.
    Martin, 8 Little Mary street
    William, 15 Usher's quay
M'Elvoy, Catherine, 39 High street
M'Enroe, Patrick, 20 Halston street
M'Evoy, Ellen, 9 Elliott place
    James, 43 Usher's quay
    James, 40 Upper Abbey street
    John, 27 Prussia street
    John, 18 Lower Temple street
    John, 9 Patrick street
    John and Robert, 17 Elliott place
    Joseph, 10 Lower Bridge street
    Michael, 5 Little Denmark street
    Patrick, 5 Fogarty's court
    Patrick, 64 Lower Kevin street
    William, 37 Upper Sackville street
    William, P. 10 Fleet street
M'Ewing, Alexander, 3 Stanhope street
M'Fadden, James, 115 Stephen's green, West
M'Farlane, Alexander, 62 William street, South
M'Gann, Daniel, 3 Montague street
    James, 10 Upper Liffey street
M'Garry, William, 11 Cook street
    William, 1 Dolphin's barn
M'Garvey, Gilbert, 17 North King street
    Patrick, 34 Church street
M'Garnan, C., 1 Fownes's street
    John, 32 Park street, East
M'Gauran, Thomas, 8 Lower Liffey street
M'Gee, John, 55 Lower Charlemont street
    John, 17 Phibsborough road
    Laurence, 20 Little Denmark street
    Patrick, 19 Holles street
    Patrick, 10 Wexford street
M'Geane, Patrick, 44 Upper Mecklenburgh street
M'Ging, Margaret, 41 James' street
M'Gill, George, 17 High street
    R. F. do.
    William, 9 Upper Mount street
M'Ginty, John, 21 Usher's quay
M'Glashan, James, 21 D'Olier street
M'Gloin, Susan, 103 and 104 Great Britain street
M'Govern, Hugh, 3 Hawkins' street
    Mary, 22 South Charlemont street
M'Goad, Patrick, 8 Upper Liffey street
M'Gowan, Mrs. 63 Manor street
M'Gouran, and Cooneys, 59 Bridgefoot street
    James, 1 Lower Coombe
    John, 7 Merrion street, Lower
    Robert and James, 54 Bridgefoot street
M'Gracken, Mrs. 167 Old Church street
M'Grane, Christopher, 24 Bridgefoot street
    James, 33 Hanover street, East
    Joseph, 51 and 52 Old Church street
    Patrick, 16 North King street
    Peter, 30 Moore street
    Richard, 11 Townsend street
M'Granahan, Owen, 110 do.
M'Grath, Catherine, 170 Great Britain street
    John, 50 Smithfield
    John, 3 Mountjoy square, South
    John, 20 D'Olier street
    John, 10 North Brunswick street
    Mathew, 40 Castle market
    Mathew, 14 and 15 Townsend street
    Mrs. 26 Percy place
    Mary, 6 Chambre street
    Patrick, 6 Moore street market
    Richard, 63 Lower Gardiner street
    Thomas, 5 Poolbeg street
    Walter, 6 Newcomen place, North Strand
    William, 62 Queen street
    William, 44 Jervis street
    William, 8 Harcourt place
    William, 8 Denzille street
M'Gregor, Bridget, 72 Stephen street
M'Guire, James, 19 St. Andrew street
    John, 10 Dawson street
    John, Great Britain street
    Mrs. 14 Charlotte street
    Patrick, 64 Mary street
M'Guinness, Hugh, 62 Meath street
    James, 103 Upper Leeson street
    John, 38 Golden lane
    John, 16 Nicholas street
    Teresa, 38 Golden lane
M'Guirk, James, 134 Townsend street
    Patrick, 1 George's hill
    William, 7 Patrick street
M'Gusty, Stephen C. 11 Lower Sherrard street
M'Hugh, Patrick, 154 Great Britain street
M'Intosh, Duncan, 10 Heytesbury street
M'Intire, Samuel, 6 Trinity street
M'Kay, James, 17 Clanbrassil terrace
    John, 44 Mabbott street
    John, 3 Oriel place
    Mrs. 14 Stephen's green, North
    William, 18 Charlemont street
M'Keever, Joseph, 10 Crow street
    Patt, 116 Capel street
    Thomas, 7 Cavendish row
M'Key, Mrs. 5 Rehoboth lane
M'Kenna, Arthur and Son, 22 Thomas street
    B. 24 Rogerson's quay
    E. 5 Haddington road
    Elizabeth, 142 Townsend street
    John, 23 Thomas street
    Michael, 22 Nassau street
    Robert, 59 Summer hill
    Simon, 98 Summer hill
    William, 29 Talbot street
M'Kenny, Thomas, 107 Capel street
    John, 14 Summer hill
M'Kenny, Sir Thomas, 25 Lower Fitzwilliam street
M'Kenzie, T. R. 129 Summer hill
    Mrs. M, Northumberland square
    Mrs. 1 Wellington place
M'Keon, Andrew, 32 Bride street
    Daniel, 3 Albert court, West
    Edward, 109 Church street
    Farrell, 1 Fleet street
    Thomas, 27 Clarendon street
M'Kerin, M. 20 Cash row
M'Kernan, Patrick, 56 Capel street
    William, 2 John street, South
M'Kiernan, ------, 7 and 8 Draper's court
M'Loughlin, C. 12 Harmony row
    Daniel, 101 Townsend street
    Jane, 132 Francis street
    James, 122 do.
    James, 29 Pembroke street, Lower
    J. 5 Grafton street
    James, 32 Bridgefoot street
    Lewis, 74 Montgomery street
    Michael, 39 Pill lane
    Mrs. 3 Peter place
    M. and J. 57 Grafton street
    Patrick, 21 Clarence street
    Robert, 131 Francis street
    Thomas, 33 Essex street, East
    William, 4 Chamber street
    William, 65 Patrick street
M'Mahon, James, 52 Bow street
    James, 7 North William street
    James, 51 Pill lane
    James, 83 Mecklenburgh street
    Augustus, 49 Lower Camden street
    James, 13 Eccles street
    John, 35 Upper Gloucester street
    John, 59 South Great George's street
    Laurence, 46 Upper Mecklenburgh street
    Patrick, 97 Francis street
    Patrick, 4 King's Inns' street
    Peter, 4 Granby place
    Peter, 26 and 27 Lotts
    Thomas, 35 Gloucester street, Ur
    Thomas, 44 Lower Mount street
    William, 3 Anne street, North Circular road
M'Manus, Henry, 3 Wilton Terrace, Leeson st.
    James, 155 Great Britain street
    John, 21 Little Britain street
    John, Buckingham street, Lower
    M., Egg market
M'Master, Maxwell and Son, 97 Grafton street
    and Co. 121 Capel street
    Samuel, 58 Jervis street
M'Micken, Robert, 43 Dame street
M'Menamy, Miss, 64 Great Brunswick street
M'Michael, John, 19 Brown street, South
M'Mullen and M'Court, 14 College green
    Bernard, 7 North Earl street
    Catherine, 16 do.
    James, 14 Stephen's street
    John, 5 Lower Sherrard street
    Alexander, do.
    John, 5 Gordon's place
    J. 50 William street, South
M'Nally, Christopher, 50 Lower Gardiner street
    Edward, 3 Nixon street
    Francis, 24 Great Britain street
    Laurence, 40 Castle street
    Laurence, 54 William street
M'Nally, Patrick, 134 Summer hill
    P. and M. 21 Fishamble street
    Patrick, 109 Summer hill
    Peter, 42 Clarendon street
    Thomas, 10 Frederick lane
    Thomas, 54 William street
M'Namara, Francis, 16 Frederick street, South
    Mrs. 5 Wellington place
    Richard, 9 Adelaide road
M'Namee, Henry, 2 Great Ship street
M'Neill and Co. 20 Ely place
    Alexander, do.
    John, 140 Capel street
M'Nevin, Michael Joseph, 6 Heytesbury street
    Patrick, 38 Townsend street
    Richard Charles, 8 Middle Gardiner street
M'Nulty, Francis, 23 Aldborough court
M'Oboy, Michael Francis, 9 Lower Sackville st.
M'Owen, James and Patrick, 122 Capel street
M'Quay, John, 24 Talbot street
M'Shane, Mrs. 17 Gardiner street, Lower
M'Shean, Mrs. 14 Fitzgibbon street
M'Sherry, Hugh, esq. 5 Cumberland street, Nth.
M'Sweeney, 80 Great Brunswick street
    J. F. Chapel yard
    Bryan M. 23 Lower North Gloucester street
M'Swiggan, Patrick, 11 Georges quay
M'Tiernan, Hugh, 54 King street
M'Vamee, 4 Bridewell lane
M'Veigh, 19 Digges street
M'Veagh, Ferdinand M. Esq. 97 Leeson street, Lower
    John Francis, 40 Hardwicke street
M'Vey, Edward, 61 James' street
M'Weeney, Edward, 12 High street
    John, 9 and 10 Marlborough street
Macartney, Clotworthy, 39 Gloucester street, Up. and Bloom villa, Bird avenue, Roebuck
    George, 39 Gloucester street, Upper
Macauley, William, 111 Upper Leeson street
Maccaud, John, 15 Grafton street, & 19 Pleasant's street
MacDermott, W. C. 72 Gardiner street. Upper
Macdona, George, 32 Molesworth street
Macdonas and Co. 37 Dawson street, and 71 Quadrant, Regent street, London
MacDonald, Edward, 38 Stafford street
    Richard, 18 James' street
MacDonnell, John, M.D. 4 Gardiner's row
    Mrs. 111 Stephen's green, West
MacDonogh, Francis, Q.C. 41 Rutland square, W.
MacDougall, William, 90 Harcourt street, and Hollybrook park, Raheny road
    Andrew, Anne's lane, South
    Perrin and Co. 90 Harcourt street
MacDowell, Hugh, 22 Camden street, Lower
Macfarlenn, Mrs. 30 Rutland street, Upper
Machen, Samuel, 28 Westmoreland street, and 13 Dunville avenue, Cullenswood
MacIntyre, Mathias, 22 Andrew street
MacLoughlin, Cornelius, 14 Fitzwilliam place
Mack, Enoch, 25 Frederick street, North
Macken, John, 13 Wellington street
    James, 36 Heytesbury street
    Mrs. 11 Great Brunswick street
    John, 9 Clarendon street
    M. 21 Lower Dominick street
    Patrick, 5 and 6 Earl street, North
    Patrick, 8 1/2 Bridge street, Lower
Mackey, James W. 95 Stephen's green, South
    Cornelius, 17 Lower Mecklenburgh street
    Hugh B. 41 George's street, North
    Patrick, 47 Stephen street
    Peter, 53 Fleet street
    Samuel, 16 Hanover lane
    William, 20 Leeson street, Upper
    John, 20 Charlotte street
    Peter, and Son. 32 Pill lane, 6 Beresford street and 5 Clanbrassil street
    Stephen, Esq. 182 Brunswick street, Great
    William, 9 Eccles street
Mackie and Gladstone, 12 North wall
    William, 141 Baggot street, Lower, and 12, Pembroke street, Lower
Mackintosh, William, 125 Stephen's green, West
Macklin, Edward, 20 Portland place
    John, 33 Poolbeg street
    Joshua, 11 Talbot place
    Mr. Sheriff street, Upper
Maclean, Henry, 6 Westmoreland street
    Samuel, 33 Stephen's green, North, and Dalkey house, Dalkey
MacMahon, John, Esq., 13 Mountjoy square, East
    Hugh, 82 Amiens street
    Miss, 14 Portland street, West
MacMullen, Son and Shaw, 12 and 13 Hawkins' street
    Robert, Esq. 15 Pembroke road, and 12 Hawkin's street
MacNally, Joseph, 12 Anne street, North
    Robert, 1 Mountjoy street, Middle
    Thomas, 37 Parkgate street
Macnamara, Dillon, 28 York street
    Mrs. do.
    Rawdon, do.
    Thomas, 8 Fleet street, and 10 Pembroke place
    Jonn, 37 Prussia street
    John, 40 Lower Mount street
    John, 33 Lower Ormond quay
    John, 20 Parliament street
    John, 57 Old Dominick street
Macneil, Sir John, 28 Rutland square, North, and 1 Granby row, Upper
    J. Gordon S., Esq. 24 Rutland street, Upper
Macredy, Robert D., 16 Russell place
Macnevin, Thomas, 32 Richmond place
    ------, 2 Waterloo terrace
Maconchy, J. R. 103 Capel street
Macrory, Adam John, 48 Rutland square, West
MacSorley, Rev. John J., 94 Ranelagh road
Macrobbins, Christopher, 60 Moore street
MacSwiney, Stephen, M.D. 18 York street
    S. M. 22 York street
Macvoy, John, 4 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
Madden and Hare, 7 Grafton street
    James Patrick, 102 Marlboro' street, and 121 Lower Gardiner street
    James and Co. 119 Grafton street, and 80 George's street, Upper, Kingstown
    Mrs. 128 Stephen's green, West
    Edward, 1 Kevin street, Upper
    Edward, 12 do.
    James, 40 Cook street
    James, 31 Stephen's street
    John, 12 Kevin street, Upper
    Loughlin, 139 Upper Abbey
    John, 51 Meath street
Madden, Mrs. 33 Dominick street, Lower,
    Miss Eliza, 100 Gardiner street, Lower
    Miss, 51 Great George's street, North
    Patrick, 26 Peter street
    William and William, 75 James's street
    William, 145 Capel street
Madder, Henry, 30 Charles street
    John, 82 Camden street Lower
Maddock, John S. Esq. 58 Upper Dorset street
    Joseph, Manor buildings, 52 Manor street
    Robert, 5 Pembroke street, Upper
    Robert, 28 Kildare street
    William, 5 Clanbrassil terrace
Maddox, Mrs. Mary, 47 Buckingham street, Lower
Maffett, William, and Son, 24 Frederick street South, and 21 Pembroke place, Upper Baggot street
    William Hamilton do.
Maflyn, William, Lion Mount, 5 Heytesbury street and 11 Usher's quay
    William and Co. 11 Usher's quay
Magan, Miss, 20 Usher's island
    Mrs. 77 Stephen's green, South
    John, 11 Grand Canal Bank
Magee, Venerable Archdeacon Thomas Percival 9 Buckingham street, Upper
    James, Esq. 39 Leeson street, Lower
    James, 10 Queen street
    John, 2 Mullinahack
    John, 2 Lower Mount street
    Daniel, 52 North Strand
    Thomas Percival, jun. 10 Buckingham street
    James, 96 New street
    James, 1 Clare street
    James, 9 Hamilton row
    Mrs. 7 Love lane, South
    Robert, 13 Gloucester street, Upper, South
    W. 64 Talbot street
    William, 30 Richmond street, Lower
    William, 27 Summer street, North
Magill, George, 14 Richmond street
    James, 9 Mercer street
Maginn, J. 16 Merrion row
    John, 147 Church street, Old
    John, 142 do.
    Mrs. 9 Elephant lane
Maguinness, William, 22 Upper Abbey street
Maguinness, John, 103 Lower Dorset street
    Isaac, 12 and 13 Parkgate street
Magrath, Charles James, 40 North Cumberland st
    George P. 25 George's quay, and 8 Serpentine avenue, Sandymount
    Misses, 40 Dorset street, Upper
    Misses, 68 Amiens street
    Myles, 8 French street
    Terence, 29 Gardiner street, Lower
    D. 25 Wellington street
    George, 15 Aldborough court
    George, 117 Summer hill
    Jane, 34 Thomas court
    John, 1 Wentworth place
    J. L. 29 Gardiner street, Lower
    Michael, 125 Thomas street
    Myles, 5 Erne street, Upper
    Mr. 18 Copper alley
    Patrick, 63 Kevin street, Upper
    Thomas, 31 Cross Kevin street
    Thomas, 39 Lower Kevin street
    William Henry, 20 Summer hill
Magrane, John, 141 Gloucester street
    Patrick, 52 Mabbot street
Maguire, Catherine, 46 Henry street
    ----, 13 Clarendon street
    George, 4 De Grey terrace
    Hugh, 10 Essex street, West
    J. 18 Mark street
    James Q. 17 Lower Ormond quay
    A. and M. 10 Haddington terrace
    Charles, 3 Stafford street
    Constantine, 10 Haddington terrace
    Edward, 9 Abbey street, Upper
    George, Esq. 10 Montpelier hill
    Henry, 9 Peter place
    Hugh, 106 Dorset street, Upper
    James Robert, 45 Stephen's green, East
    John, 34 Winetavern street
    John, 68 Great Britain street
    Messrs. 2 Burgh quay
    Michael, 108 Church street, Old
    Mrs. 5 Grangegorman avenue
    Mrs. 6 Haddington road
    Patrick, 27 Dolphin's Barn lane
    Thomas, 28 Anglesea street
    Thomas, 46 Henry street
    Mrs. 9 Peter place
    Mrs. 175 James's street
    Owen, 15 Suffolk st. and 25 Cabra parade, Phibsborough
    Patrick, 60 and 64 Mary st. and 43 Capel st.
    Thomas, 56 King street, South
    Thomas, 64 Moore street
    William, 46 Kevin street, Upper
Maher, Andrew, 33 Marlborough street
    Richard, 16 Peter street
    William, 20 North Wall
    James, 92 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
    John, 192 King street, North
    John, 159 Capel street
    John, 5 Sir John Rogerson's quay
    John, 43 City quay
    John, 5 Shaw street
    Mathew, 12 Grand Canal place
    Mrs., Grand Canal harbour
    Teresa, 12 Ormond market
    Peter, 130 Upper Abbey street
    Mrs. 34 Usher's quay
Mahon, Arthur J. 32 Gloucester street, North, Up.
    George, 18 Fownes's street
    John, 19 Montgomery street
    John Ross, 26 South Frederick street
    ---- 19 Church street, Old
    Bartholemew, 14 Watling street
    Patrick, 2 Eccles lane, Upper
    Thomas, 2 Coppinger's row
    William, 4 Market street
    John, 10 Gloucester street, South
    William, 4 Kevin street, Upper
    Bartholomew, Esq. 18 Russell street
    Lady Charlotte, 97 Stephen's green, South
Mahony, Daniel, 17 Coburgh place
    Mrs. David, 35 Upper Mount street
    Thomas, 46 Liffey street, Lower
    James, 7 Meath street
    James, 16 Mecklenburgh street
    B. and D. 2 Kildare street
    Robert, 26 Wellington quay
Mahood, Adams, 14 Upper Bridge street
    Samuel, 18 Wellington quay
Mailey, Hezekiah, 51 Great George's street, South and 16 Heytesbury street
    M. 154 James' street
Maily, Hugh, 17 James' street
Major, John Judge, 6 Pembroke road
    Mrs. 30 Molesworth street
Majoribanks ---- 67 Gardiner street, Upper
Malcolm, Mrs. 25 French street
Malcolmson, Robert, 28 Westmoreland street
Male and Female School of Erasmus Smyth, 66 Coombe, Upper
Maley, James, 7 Merrion square, South
    Michael, 22 Kildare street
Mallet, John, Esq. 98 Capel street
    Richard, 18 Anglesea street
Malley, George Orme, 5 Upper Temple street
    Edward, 72 Upper Dominick street
    Henry, 12 Summerhill
    James, 48 Upper Sackville street
Mallin, Charles, 12 Luke street
    M. 14 City quay
Malone, Bernard, 43 Queen square
    Edward, 70 Patrick street
    Edward, 30 Anne street, North
    Eliza, 36 Abbey street, Upper
    Edward, 12 D'Olier street
    F. 156 James' street
    David, 2 James' street, East
    John, 40 Queen street
    James, 64 Prussia street
    John, 3 Queen square, West
    John, 52 James' street
    L. 5 James' street
    William, 6 Portland street, West
    Patrick, 31 Drury lane
    Brothers, 51 and 52 Stephen street, 15 Christchurch place
    Edward, 11 Essex street, and 11 Upper Oriel street
    George, Cumberland house, 10 and 11 Luke street
    John and George Joseph, 5 Usher's quay
    John, 3 King street, South
    Laurence, 16 Eustace street, and 11 Temple lane
    Laurence, 2 Cuffe street
    William, 37 Thomas street
    William, 177 Britain street, Great
Maloney, M. 10 Sackville place
Malowney, Joseph, 2 Crampton court
Malroney, S. 143 Capel street
Manders and Powell, 113 James' street
    Richard, and Co. 49 Moore street, 114 James' street, and 9 Fownes' street
    Richard, jun. 3 Mountjoy square, North
    Robert, Esq. 7 Merrion square, East, and Landscape, Dundrum
    Thomas, Esq. 13 Amiens street
    William, 89 Upper Leeson street
Manderson, William, 172 Great Brunswick street
Mangan, John, 7 and 8 Ormond market
    John, 27 Upper Ormond quay
    Patrick, 23 Moore street
    Thomas, 5 French street
    James, 7 Moore street
    Michael, 9 Britain street, Great, 23 Moore street, and 43 Rathmines road
    Thomas, Esq. 50 Summerhill, and Piercetown, county Kildare
Manifold, Richard, 4 Lennox street
    William, 2 Heytesbury street
Manly, Patrick, 38 Francis street
Mannin, John, 66 Leeson street, Lower
Manning, Charles, 96 King street, North
    Joseph, 109 Grafton street
    Richard, 48 Camden street, Lower
    Horatio, Rosemount, 68 New street
    Hugh, 65 Wellington street
    John, 24 Gloucester street, Lower
    Mrs. 52 Great George's street, North
    Mrs. 103 Grafton street
    Thomas, Esq. 2 Sherrard street, Lower
Mansel, Colonel Robert C. 49 Leeson street, Lr.
Mansergh, John W. 17 Great Strand street, and Ballyboden, Rathfarnham
Mansfield, George, 2 and 41 Camden street, Lower
    Jane, 5 Harmony row
    Walter, Esq. 6 North Great George's street
    William, 90 Grafton street
Manson, Henry, 43 Golden lane
Mapleson, Henry, 167 Great Brunswick street
Maquay, Mrs. 8 Lower Sackville street
Mara, Jeremiah, 71 Talbot street
    James, 9 Meath street
    Miss, 4 Mecklenburgh street
    Peter, 23 Church street
    Peter, 23 Church street
    Jeremiah, 71 Talbot street
    James, 9 Meath street
    Miss, 4 Mecklenburgh street
Marani, H. Signor Augustus C. 46 Queen sq., E.
Marchant, Charles, 3 Heytesbury street
Marchbank, Robert, 13 Stafford street
Marcus, Mark, 190 Brunswick street, Great
Mariners' Church, Forbes street
Mark, George, 23 Earl street, North, and Whitehall Park, Carysfort avenue, Blackrock
Marks, James, 70 Charlemont street
    William Cox, 6 Camden street, Upper
    Isaac, 167 New street
    Mrs. 70 Charlemont street
Marlowe, John, 25 Synnott place
Marlow, Edward and Arthur, 11 Merchant's quay
    James, 3 Mary's abbey
    Robert, 16 Little Denmark street
Marmion and Fottrell, 7 Fleet street
    Mathew, 13 James's street
    M. 173 Great Brunswick street
Marony, Davis, 5 Harcourt road
Marquis, George, 59 James's street, East
Marsh, Charles, 30 Lower Sackville street
    Joseph, do
    Sir Henry, M.D., 9 Merrion square, North
    Walter, 18 Rutland row
Marshall, Frederick, 81 Ranelagh road
    Michael, 51 Lower Gloucester street, North
    Mrs. 2 Stamer street, Portobello
Martin and Cartan, 45 Lower Gardiner street
    and Jones, 86 Grafton street
    Henry, 70 Rogerson's quay
    John, 45 Lower Gardiner street
    John, 1 Upper Mount street
    John and Son, 10 North wall
    John, 30 Queen square, North
    John, 23 Peter street
    John, 24 George's street, South
    John, 9 Watling street
Martin, John, 26 City quay
    Mary, 4 Essex street, East
    Peter, 28 Britain street, Great
    Peter, 45 Queen square, East
    Simon, 4 Lower Dorset street
    Thomas, 7 Northumberland sq., Lr. Abbey st
    William, 21 William street
    Alexander, 12 Leeson street, Upper
    Dominick, 85 Grafton street
    G. 29 Park street, East
    John, 12 Church street, New
    James, 2 Swift's alley
    Edward, 40 Temple bar
    and Dooley, 10 Little Ship street
    John, 11 Frederick street, North
    and Co., 23 Grafton street
    and King, 1 Hardwicke street
    and Co., 1 Swift's row
    M. 61 Summerhill
    Patrick, 61 Mary street
    James, 13 Little Britain street
    William, 26 Merchant's quay
    William, 8 Chancery place
    William, 11 Lower Kevin street
Marton, James, 29 Dame street
Martley, Henry, Q.C., 15 Harcourt street
    James Frederick, 86 do
Maskerry, Joseph, 3 Andrew street
Mason, Edward Groves, 20 Lower Mecklenburgh st
    George, 24 D'Olier street
    Joseph Henry Monk, Queen's Inns Chambers
    James, 95 Lower Coombe
    Rev. John H. 4 Clanbrassil place
    Standish, 42 Arran quay, and 27 Sackville street, Lower
    Seacombe, 11 Essex bridge, and 1 Kensington place, Castlewood avenue, Rathmines
    Thomas Peter, M.D. 6 York street
    M. 2 Parliament street
    Thomas, 49 Stafford street
    William Shaw, Esq. 62 Camden street, Lower
    Henry, 4 Hoey's court
Massy, George Rolls, 8 Kildare street
    John, 5 Gloucester street, Upper, North
    John Bolton, Esq. 55 Stephen's green, East
Masterson, Elizabeth, 84 Capel street
    George, 17 Great Brunswick street
    John, 25 Upper Ormond quay
    Francis, 42 Charlemont street
    Mathew, 13 Haymarket
Masters, Edward, 76 Talbot street
Mathers, Charles, 9 Leinster street
Mathew, Alexander, 14 Lower Temple street
    Bryan, 31 Mary's lane
    John, 18 King street, North
    Mary, 199 Great Britain street
    M. 110 Church street, Old
    Mr. 5 Prussia street
    Patrick, 130 King street, North
    John, 23 Palmerston place
    Letitia, 87 Great George's street, South
    Mrs. J. E. 37 Fitzwilliam place
    Mrs. 9 Upper Leeson street
    Mrs. 1 Lennox street
    Peter, 2 King's Inns street
    Samuel, 12 Dominick street, Lower, and Janeville, Peter place
    Stephen, 103 Francis street
    Silvester, 43 Bridgefoot street
Mathew, Samuel, 68 Dame street
    Stephen and Thomas, 24 and 25 Smithfield
    Thomas, Esq. 88 Talbot street
Maturis, Mr. 22 Lower Ormond quay
Maurice, Samuel, 2 William's place, South
Maunsell, Charles, 15 St. Andrew street, and 14 Fitzwilliam street, Lower
    George Woods, 10 Merrion square, South
    Robert, 11 Merrion square, South, and Ballawley park, Dundrum
    William Hare, 4 Fitzwilliam square, East
    Miss, 85 Upper Leeson street
Maxwell, Henry, 2 George's street, South
    Martha, 31 Frederick street, South
    Patrick, 52 Montgomery street
    William, 25 Gardiner street, Middle
    Miss, 31 Frederick street, South
    Mrs. 25 Middle Gardiner street
    Mrs. 1 Spring-garden parade, Ballybough rd.
    Robert, 25 Gardiner street, Middle, and Woodville, Artane
    Stewart, 11 Warrington place
May, George A. C. Upper Queen's Inn Chambers, Henrietta street
Mayer, Augustus, 7 Hawkins' street
Mayne, Charles, 100 Abbey street, Middle
    Edward Ellis, Esq. 41 French street
    James Arthur, Esq. 24 Gardiner street, Lr.
    Joseph St. Clair, 24 Gardiner street, Lower, and Mantua, Swords
    John, 1 John's lane, East
    Catherine, 178 Great Britain street
    Pelham, Joseph, 74 Talbot street
    Robert Sedborough, 10 Richmond place, Nh.
    William A. 3 Waterloo terrace, Up. Leeson st.
Mayston, George Robert Hume, 2 Spring Garden parade
    Robert, do.
Maziere, Robert, 23 Eccles street
    Marcus, Samuel, Esq. 7 Gardiner's row
    Mrs, 13 Great George's street, North
    Misses, 7 Gardiner's row
    William, A.B. 1 Gardiner's place
    William and Robert, 1 Gardiner's place
Meade, Francis Fulton, 37 Eccles street
    Josias Dunn, 8 Kildare street
    Michael, 180 Great Brunswick street
    Mrs. 150 Lower North Gloucester street
    Patrick, 39 Manor street
    Richard and Son, 8 Kildare street
    William, 16 George's hill, and Water row, 9 Ormond market
    Edward, 15 Patrick street
    Francis, 37 Eccles street
    John, 27 Golden lane
Meagher, Richard, 28 Richmond st. Great
    Rev. William, 83 Marlborough street
    Francis, 26 Lower Gardiner street
Mealy, Edward, 8 Tighe street
Meara, Charles, 7 Fownes's street
    Charles J. 8 Harrington street
    Laurence, 56 Manor street
    Charles, and Co. 4 Bachelors' walk
    James, 12 George's quay
    James, 13 Queen's square, West
    Timothy, and Son, 15 George's quay
    Thomas, 29 Henry street
Meares, Joseph, 75 Dame street
    Mrs. 8 Charlemont mall
Meares, George S. 1 Foster street, Ballybough road
    James, 17 Westmoreland street, and 11 Cambridge terrace, Rathgar road
    Mrs. 35 Upper Dorset street
    James, 24 Lower Abbey street
Mease, Robert, Montpelier parade, Monkstown and 13 Upper Ormond quay
Meates, Richard, 23 King street, South
Meath, John, 3 Paterson's lane
Meaz, John, 2 Upper Sackville street, and Tivoli terrace, East, Kingstown
    William, 27 Upper Sackville street
Medcalf, Francis, 98 Bride street
    Mary, 45 Meath street
    Thomas, 30 New row, South
Medlicott, George, Esq, 5 Rutland square, East
    Rev. Samuel, 48 Upper Leeson street
    Thomas, Esq. 2 Percy place
Mee, George, 22 Richmond place, North
    John, 118 Thomas street
Meeghen, Joseph, 125 Upper Dorset street
Meehan, Charles, 10 Portland street, West
    John, 64 Church street, Old
    Laurence, 1 Montpelier hill
    Simon, 8 Bride street
    Thomas, 120 James's street
    Denis, 99 Church street
    Martin, 131 Abbey street
Meekings, Frederick John, M D. 28 Gardiner's pl.
Meighan, Dominick, 7 King street, South
    Mr. 7 Lower Temple street
    Maurice, 31 Great Strand street
Meldon, James Dillon, 14 Upper Ormond quay
    and Casine, Bird avenue, Roebuck
    Richard, 116 James's street
Meledy, John, 13 Wood quay
Mellon, Edward, 20 Park street, East
    Michael, 6 Gordon's place
Melville, E. 23 George's quay
    Hector, 17 and 18 Westland row
    F. 52 Clarendon street
    Robert, 19 Lower Liffey street
    Mrs. 68 Upper Leeson street
Mercer, Mrs. 11 Gloucester street
    Robert, 24 Marlborough street
Meredith, Richard, 2 Heytesbury street
    William Rice, 10 Upper Rutland street
    Edward Newenham, Esq. 2 Henrietta street
    Sir Henry, Bart. Q.C. LL.D. 25 Rutland square, North
    Charles, 86 Marlborough street
    John Barry, 23 Gloucester street, North
Mergan, James, 73 Patrick street
Mernagh, Patrick, 109 Mecklenburgh street
Merry, Laurence, 25 Bride street
Metcalf, Anthony, 100 Francis street
    Joseph, 41 Dame street
    Miss, 11 Peter place
    George, 115 James's street
    Thomas, 11 Moore street
Metchett, John C. 40 Cork street
Mettam, John, jun. 3 Wentworth terrace
Meyer, John, 28 Anglesea street, and Prospect terrace, 44 York street, Kingstown
    John, 15 Dame street
Meyler, Very Rev. Dean, 48 Westland row
    Walter Thomas, 20 Eustace street
    Walter Thomas, Esq., Bayview, North Strand
Meyler, S. F. 25 Great Brunswick street
Middleton, Alfred Hancock, 45 York street, and 7 Upper Camden street
    Thomas Benjamin, 7 Upper Camden street
Midland Great Western Railway, and Royal Canal Company, Henry Beausire, Esq. secretary, Broadstone
Might, Catherine, 40 King street, North
Miles, Mrs. 116 Stephen's green, West
Miley, Thomas, 14 Tighe street
    James, 22 Eden quay, and 13 Smithfield
    Rev. John, 83 Marlborough street
Millar, Adam and Co 3 Bow street
    Adam, Esq. 7 Clifton place, Monkstown, and 11 Thomas street
Millard, Thomas, 43 Mary street
Miller, Elizabeth, 16 Henry street
    Charles, 6 Kildare street
    E. 3 Camden row
    Charles, 54 Mountjoy street, Lower
    John, 32 Upper Ormond quay
    John, 6 Lower Temple street
    John, 11 Fishamble street
    John, 11 Buckingham place
    Joseph, 6 Kevin street, Upper
    Robert, 23 Gloucester street, Upper, North
    Anne, 25 and 33 Fishamble street
    James, 158 Thomas street
    James, 13 Christchurch place
    Robert, 51 Eccles street
    Robert, jun. 51 Eccles street, and Cookstown
    Samuel Birchall, 6 Fownes's street
    Thomas, 10 Fishamble street
    Thomas, 23 Gloucester street, Upper, North
    T. J. R. 34 Lotts
    William Rowley, 7 Henrietta street, Rose cottage, Raheny strand
    William, 27 Gardiner's place
Milligan, Rev. James, Adelaide villa, 7 Harcourt road
Milliken, George, 40 Sackville street, Upper
    Edward, J. 15 College green
    Michael, 6 Elephant lane
Millington, James, 10 Gloucester place, Lower
Millner, Robert, 55 and 56 Queen street
Mills, David, 6 George's place, Circular road
    Henry, 12 Temple street, Upper
    Henry, 12 Gloucester street, Upper
    Henry D. 57 Summer hill
    James, 5 Queen square, West
    Mrs. 3 Upper Camden street
    Mrs. 2 Mespil parade
    Charles, 31 Richmond place
    Charles, 69 Bride street
Milton, John, 89 Bride street
Milltown, Lord, 11 Stephen's green, North
Minchin, Humphrey, 88 Lower Dorset street
Minchiner, William, 13 Usher's quay, and 20 Heytesbury terrace, Wellington road
Miot, John, 50 Queen street
Mistear, M. J. 57 South Great George's street
Mitchell, Arthur, 118 Stephen's green
    Adam, 18 Ormond quay, Upper, and Parsonstown
    Blayney, Esq. 40 Dominick street, Upper, and 126 Abbey street
    Edward, Esq. 3 Stamer street, Portobello
    George, 20 Sackville street, Lower
    A, Bambrich, 118 Stephen's green, West
Mitchell, Blayney, 1 Palmerston terrace
    Blayney, 5 Princes street, South
    Edward, 4 Roper's row
    James, 22 Peter street
    Maurice, 25 Ship street, Great
    Robert, 25 Holles street
    Sarah, 10 Grafton street
    Ts. 15 Eustace street
    J. 42 Mary's lane
    James, 56 Henry street
    John, 55 Pill lane
    Thomas, 6 New Bride street
Moan, Patrick, 14 Peter street
Mockler, William, 12 Peter place
Moffett, John, 13 Talbot street
Moffit, Thomas, 30 Chancery place
Molesworth, Robert, 53 Mountjoy street
Mollan, John, M.D., 33 Gloucester street, Upper
Moller, Andrew George, 7 Hardwicke street
Molony, Miss, 11 Fitzwilliam square, East
    Anthony Patrick, 41 Patrick street
    ----, 34 Great Britain street
Moloney, William, Rev. 74 Gardiner street, Up.
Molloy, Daniel, 49 York street
    Hugh, 40 Great George's street, South
    James Scott, 106 Capel street
    James, 18 Andrew street
    John, 6 Anne street, South
    Alicia, 33 South King street
    Mrs. 56 Great Britain street
    Daniel, 12 Exchange street, Upper
    Michael, 66 Great Britain street
    Henry, 24 Clanbrassil street
    Henry, 28 do
    James, 86 Queen street
    James, 7 Wesley terrace
    James, 1 Ellis's quay
    John, Moore street market
    George, 8 Hanover street, East
    Mrs. A. 9 Clanbrassil street
    Parker, 16 Fownes's street
    Patrick, 133 Britain street, Great
    Michael, 71 Stephen street
    Miss, 6 Mountjoy street, Middle
    Mrs. 6 Albert court, West
    L. Mergen, 20 New row, South
    Michael, 33 Moore street
    Mrs. 6 Albert court, West
    Patrick, 16 Patrick street
Molton, Francis, 23 Gardiner street, Lower
    Mrs. Mary, do
Molyneux, Thomas, 35 Wicklow street
    John, 35 Dame street
    Thomas, 61 Stephen street
Monaghan, Christopher, 27 Mabbot street
    Patrick, 35 Stoneybatter
Monahan, James Henry, 18 Gardiner st. Md.
    James, E. 33 Westland row
    Thomas Lewis, M.D., 71 Marlborough street
    Peter, 58 Lower Kevin street
Monck, Lord, 33 Merrion square
    Hon. Charles Stanley, 33 Merrion square Nth.
Monbray, A. H. 2 Richmond road
Monks, Denis, 14 Dorset street, Lower
    Laurence, 32 George's quay
    John, 13 Summerlnll
    Edward, 12 Mary street, Little
    John, 37 Mary's lane
    James, 29 Essex street, East
Monks, M. 45 Henry street
    Catherine, 32 Wellington quay
    Michael, 39 Gardiner street, Middle
    Thomas, 2 Meredyth place
    Thomas, 42 Summerhill
    Thomas, 148 Church street, Old
    Thomas, 79 Dorset street, Upper
Monlang, Joseph, 19 Essex street, West
Montgomery, Alexander, 26 Rultand sq., North
    M. 62 Talbot street
    Christopher, 2 Haddington road
    Mrs. 5 Anne street, North
    Michael, 3 Shaw street
    Nixon, 41 Summerhill
    Terence, 8 King's Inn street
    John, Esq. 54 Dorset street, Upper
    Mrs. Jane, 46 Eccles street
    Nathaniel, 10 Dominick street, Lower
    Philips, 2 Eccles street
    Richard, Esq. 31 Rutland street, Upper
    Richard, 9 George's street, North, and Cootehill
    Thomas, 34 Ellis' quay
Moody, James, 2 Mountjoy square, East
Moole, Miss, 34 Phibsborough road
Moone, Patrick, 68 Capel street, and Mount eagle, Cabragh road, Phibsborough
Mooney and O'Loughlin, 10 Harcourt place
    Daniel, 11 Mountjoy street, Middle
    Edmund, 78 Gardiner street, Lower
    Frederick J. Esq. 7 Great Charles street
    James, 80 Marlborough street
    John, 2 Mary street
    Laurence, 78 Gardiner street, Lower
    Mathew John, 35 Smithfield
    Mr. 43 Great Strand street
    Patrick, 6 Mary's abbey
    William and Henry, 36, 37, and 38 Pill lane
    William, Esq. 25 Queen street, North, and 38 Pill lane
    William, 9 Ormond quay, Lower, and 9 Strand street, Great
    Denis, 8 Thomas street
    Patrick, 86 Capel street
    Daniel, 2 Stoneybatter
    B. 6 Capel street
    Edward, 2 Upper Temple street
    Edward, 5 Cuffe street
    John, 32 Brunswick street, North
    James, 39 Francis street
    James, 82 Church street, Old
    James, 10 Summerhill, Lower
    Daniel, 16 Drury lane
    Laurence, 4 Green street
    John, 30 Exchequer street
    John, 2 Pitt street
    Michael, 42 King street, North
    M. 1 Campbell row
    Mrs. 5 Kevin street, Upper
    Patrick, 83 Church street, Old
    Patrick, 8 Swift's row
    Philip, 81 Dorset street, Upper Peter, 97 James' street
    Peter, 23 Meath street
Moore, Archibald, 23 Peter street
    Cecil, 8 Lower Gardiner street
    Charles G. 23 Hardwicke street
    Cornelius, 19 South Great George's street
    Edward, Esq. 5 Herbert street
Moore, Edward, 46 Gardiner street, Lower
    E. 61 Jervis street
    Francis, 58 James' street
    Garrett, 7 Usher's island
    Godfrey, 153 Capel street, and 58 Dominick street, Upper
    Henry, Catherine villa, Canal bank, Phibsborough
    Hugh, Esq. 2 Gloucester terrace
    Hugh, 57 Capel street, and Mount Prospect, Rathgar
    James, 7 Dominick street, Upper
    John, Upper Queen's Inn Chambers, 9 Henrietta street, and 2 Longford terrace, Monkstown
    John, 30 Manor street, and 4 Chancery place
    Joseph Scott, 12 Hume street, and Newtownsmith, Glasthule, Kingstown
    Lewis, 15 Merrion row
    Lewis, 26 and 27 James' street
    Andrew, 5 Lower Temple street
    Adelaide, 14 Portland street, North
    Bridget, 2 Carman's hall
    John, 22 Bridgefoot street
    Charles, 74 King street, North
    Cornelius, 1 Duke lane, Upper
    Elizabeth, 8 Mack's alley, West
    Edward, 15 Monck place
    Ellen, 12 Redmond hill
    Francis, 28 Seville place
    and Hardman, 24 High street
    H. and G. 9 Essex bridge
    John, 11 Prussia street
    John Edward, Queen's Inns Chambers, Upper
    John, 26 Ellis quay
    John, 9 Upper Dominick street
    John, 59 Mary street
    John, 16 Mountjoy street, Middle
    Miss, 29 Lennox street
    Michael, 39 Golden lane
    Michael, 16 New row, West
    Jane E. 87 Great Britain street
    Peter, 161 James's street
    Richard, Eccles lane, Lower
    Richard Henry, 28 Merrion street, Upper
    Thomas, 1 Warring ton place
    Thomas R. 25 George's street, North
    Patrick, 19 North Brunswick street
    William, 108 Bride street
    Thomas, 161 James's street
    Thomas, 80 Britain street
    William, 29 Merchants' quay
    W. M. 4 Chancery place
    William, 47 Phibsboro road
    Mrs. 17 Dorset, street Upper
    Mrs. 13 Andrew street
    Mrs. Eleanor, 5 Herbert street
    Nicholas, 26 Dame street
    Patrick, 9 Trinity street
    Right Hon. Richard. 29 Fitzwilliam street, Upper, Hermitage, Rathfarnham
    Richard, jun. 29 Fitzwilliam street, Upper
    Richard, 71 Camden street, Lower
    Samuel, 72 Eccles street
    Samuel, 29 Merchants' quay, Miltown
    Thomas, 31 Nassau street
    William Daniel, 7 Anne street, South
    William Michael, 46 Lower Gardiner street
    William, Esq. 44 Leeson street, Lower
Moore, William, 146 Thomas street
    William, 33 Queen street
Moorhead, William, 10 King's Inns quay
    William, 57 Upper Abbey street
    William, 13 Synnott place
Moorehouse, Charles, Fish market
Moorewood, John, 8 Peter place
    Laurence, do.
Moppett, John, 7 Seville place
    William F. 1 North wall
Moran, Andrew 22 Upper Ormond quay
    Bernard, 4 Harmony row
    and Lyons, 30 Merchants quay
    Catherine, 47 Mary's lane
    Charles, 43 Summer street, North
    Ellen, 42 Exchequer street
    Edward, 30 Brunswick street, Great
    Ellen, 3 Capel street
    James, 2 Ormond quay, Lower, and 7 Haddington road
    James, 20 Drury lane
    James, 50 Lotts
    John, 2 Brown street, South 119 Cork street, and 23 Riddall's row
    and Hely, 85 Queen street
    Henry, 8 New Bride street
    Joseph, 23 Mary's abbey
    Michael, 5 Merrion street, Lower
    Patrick, 46 Manor street
    Patrick, 31 Townsend street
    Patrick, 28 Castle market
    Patrick, 53 Clarendon street
    Patrick, 44 New street
    Richard, 32 Cross Kevin street
    Thomas, 2 Richmond cottages
    Simon, 22 Mary's lane
    William, 10 Patrick street
    William, 51 Coombe, Upper
    William, 157 King street, North
    John, 28 Hardwicke street
    Joseph, 1 Cutpurse row
    Joseph H. 103 James's street
    Mathew, 24 Dawson street, and 13 Stephen's green, North
    Patrick, 25 Lower Abbey street, and 24 Anglesea fruit market
    Thomas, 29 Nicholas street
    Thomas, 5 Lower Leeson street
Mordant, Luke, 162 New street
    Ralph, 131 Townsend street
Morgan, Arthur, 117 Gardiner street, Lower
    James, 23 Russell place
    Anthony, 12 Anglesea market
    William, 7 Adam Court
    Misses, 33 Erne street, Lower
    Thomas, 8 King street
    Robert, 13 Hardwicke street
    Robert, 117 Gardiner street, Lower
    Thomas, 45 Great Britain street
    Thomas, 15 George's quay
    Francis L., Esq. 13 Hardwicke street
    Isaac, 3 Upper Gardiner street
    Jerome, S. 36 York street
    John, 36 Lower Gardiner street
    Joseph, 9 Grafton street
    Lewis, 34 Rutland street, Upper
    Mary, 213 Britain street, Great
    Misses, 43 Amiens street
    Mrs. 117 Gardiner street, Lower
Morgan, Mrs. 34 Rutland street, Upper
    Mrs. 21 Richmond street, Great
    Mrs. 64 Amiens street
    Thomas, 19 Christchurch place
    William, 6 Lombard street
    William, 17 Adam Court
Morriss, M. A. 169 Great Britain street
Morressie and Co. 22 Frederick street, Great
Morres, William, 24 Seville place
Morrissy, Andrew, 5 and 6 Green street
    John, 18 Brunswick street, Great
    Laurence, 31 Lower Pembroke street, and 9 Sussex terrace
    Laurence, 112 Leeson street
Morpie and Colgan, 18 Hawkins' street
Morrin, Stephen, 4 Earl street, South
Morris, Charles L. 62 Lower Mount street
    John, 47 Montgomery street
    J. De Burgh, 62 Lower Mount street
    Mrs. do.
    Mrs. 69 Talbot street
    John P. and Charles, 33 Lower Ormond quay
    Miss, 171 Brunswick street, Great
    Thomas V. 29 Anglesea street
Morrison, A. and W. and Co. 7 William street
    H. 17 Westmoreland street
    Rev. Simpson Gabriel, 8 Seville place
    Richard, 93 Lower Leeson street
    William. 5 Frederick court, North
    John, 13 Redmond hill
Morrisson, Asken, 7 William street
    and Son, 26 Castle street
Morrissy, Martin, 9 Sussex terrace
Morrogh, Robert, 1 D'Olier street
Morron, Thomas Peter, 4 Talbot street
Morrow, Patrick, 16 Albert place, East
    John, 34 Smithfield
    Mathew, 21 Great Britain street
    Patrick, 16 Albert place, East
    Richard, 46 Mary's lane
    R. and C. 18 1/2 Nassau street
Mortimer and Taylor, 116 Grafton street
    Michael, 116 Grafton street, and Waterford
    M. B. 77 Camden street, Lower
Morton, J. F. 2 Adelaide buildings, Barrow street and Cherrymount, Drogheda
    James, 114 Britain street, and 26 Sackville street, Lower
    Michael, 65 Grangegorman, Lower
    Robert, 1 Adelaide buildings, Barrow street, Northumberland buildings
Mosedale, William, 13 Russell place
Moses and Co. 30 Dame street
    John, 83 Leeson, Lower
    Marcus, 4 and 5 Westmoreland street, and 40-41 Fleet street
Mosley and Co. 46 Wicklow street
    Mrs. 10 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
Moss, James, 91 Capel street
    Mrs. 1 Salem place, Adelaide road
    Samuel, 16 High street, and Kilternan mills, Golden Ball
    Walter, 110 Abbey street, Middle
    William, M.D. 28 Brunswick street, Great
    James, 45 Gardiner street, Middle
    Walter, 31 Liffey street, Upper
Moose, Charles Benjamin, and Kerwin, Patrick, 48 Essex street, East
Mossop, William, 17 Lower Sackville street
Mostyn, Folliott Thornton, 9 Rutland square, East, and Hermitage, Cross avenue, Booterstown
    Thomas, 16 Gloucester street, Upper, and the Mall, Sligo
Motherwell, Mrs. 183 Great Britain street
Moulang, Henry, 21 Temple bar
Moulets, George Frederick, 17 Digges street
Mowatt, John, 31 Marlborough street
Mowles, Bridget, 126 James' street
Moyers, William, 30 Richmond street, South
    Thomas, 70 Camden street, Lower
Moylan, Denis, 10 John street, West, and 79 Harcourt street
    Thomas, 1 Werburgh street
Moyles, William, 20 Dorset street, Upper
Muggo, 2 Earl street, North
Muldoon, John, 24 Werburgh street
    Mrs. 16 Mountjoy square, South
Mullally, John, 47 Fleet street
    Thomas, 19 Essex street, West
    Mary, 48 Townsend street
Mulhall, Teresa, 7 Gordon's place
    John, 27 Albert court, West
    Rev. William, 47 Westland row
    P. 71 James' street
    P. 31 Hanover street, East
    John B. 26 Brunswick street, Great
    Patrick, 99 Townsend street
Mullowney, Patrick, 13 Bridgefoot street
Mullen, Henry, 9 Christ Church place
    D. 18 Charles street
    John, 19 Winetavern street
    John, 81 Dorset street, Lower
    John, 12 Golden lane
    Michael, 7 French street
    Joseph Denis, Four Courts Marshalsea
    Osbrey, and Co. 11 Parliament street
    Patrick, 14 Cook street
    Michael, 10 Thomas street
    Teresa, 5 Thomas street
    W. 50 Arbour hill
Muldarry, William, 16 Upper Ormond quay
Mulholland, James, 7 Protestant row
Mullex, ---- 24 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
Mulligan, Francis, 15 Halston street
    Edward, 36 Henry street
    John, 19 Watling street
    Nicholas, 48 King street
    John, 8 Liffey street, Upper
    Michael, 21 Clanbrassil street
Mullin, William, 5 Charles street
    Jane, 3 Frederick court
Mullins, Bernard, 9 Mabbot street, 1 Fitzwilliam square, South, and Ballyeigan house, Parsonstown
    Robert F. 17 Great Charles street
    M. B. 1 Fitzwilliam square, South
    M. B. 9 Mabbot street
Mulloy, Constantine, 17 Fownes's street
Mullock, Robert, M.D. 63 Charlemont street, Lower, and 5 Salem place
    John, 132 King street, North
Mulrein, Bernard, A.R H.A. 23 Great Brunswick street
Mulvany, John S. 175 Brunswick street, Great, and Lakelands, Kilmacud, Stillorgan
    Richard F. 7 Lower Abbey street
    William, 63 King street, North
Mulvanny, Edward, 2 George's hill
    C. 7 Clanbrassil terrrace
Mulvery and Sherwood, 2 Anne street, South
Mulvey, Mathew, 27 Monck place
    Andrew, 12 Cook street
    Patrick, 187 Great Britain street
    Richard, 6 Essex street, West
    William, 20 do.
Mulville, Patrick, 41 Denzille street
Mulvin, F. 111 Church street, Old
Munday, Mrs. 147 Gloucester street, North, Lr.
Murdock, William, 56 York street
Murland and Nelson, 28 Upper North Gloucester street
    James William, 9 Mountjoy place
Murphy, Andrew, 22 Liffey street, Upper
    Anne, 77 Church street, Old
    Alicia, 1 Dame court
    and Co. 7 Capel street, and 72 and 73 Great Strand street
    Arthur, 42 Marlborough street
    Bernard, 24 Wexford street
    Bernard, 157 Capel street
    Charles, 34 City quay
    Charles, 7 Ship street, Little
    Charles, 16 Mary street
    Charles, 4 Westland row Charles S. 22 Northcourt cottages, North lots
    Christopher, 13 Fownes' street, and Pleasant view, Irishtown
    Denis Joseph, 102 Dorset street
    Dudley Fletcher, 22 and 69 Francis street
    Edward, 1 Lombard street
    Edward, 111 Townsend street
    Hugh, 22 Robert street
    James, 13 Crane lane
    James, 25 Great Strand street
    James, 8 Mary's abbey
    James, 2 Oriel street
    James, 4 Grand Canal street
    John, 26 Parkgate street
    Jeremiah, Q.C. 18 Fitzwilliam street
    John B. 5 Gardiner street, Lower
    John, 34 and 60 Francis street
    John, 79 Dorset street, Upper
    John, 140 James' street
    John, 27 Frederick street, North
    John, 79 Dommick street, Upper
    John, 28 Henry street
    John, 19 Camden street, Lower
    Joseph, and Son, Harold's Cross, and 37 Patrick street
    B. 30 Prussia street
    Benjamin, 2 Mountrath street
    Edward, 24 New Bride street
    James, 8 Great Britain street
    Catherine, 36 Charles street
    James, 12 do.
    David, 13 do.
    Edward, 131 Great Britain street
    Dr. 2 Clare street
    Denis, 1 Molesworth place
    Edward, 73 Church street, Old
    Edward, 190 Townsend street
    Edward, 175 Church street, Old
    Edward, 117 Albert street, Upper
    Elizabeth, 119 Upper Dorset street
    George, 3 Albert court, East
    James, 4 Clarence street, North
Murphy, James, 9 1/2 Golden lane
    James, 12 Cannon street
    George, 3 Albert court, East
    James, 22 Liffey street, Upper
    Rev. J, A. 48 Brunswick street, North
    James, 30 Watling street
    James, 19 Clanbrassil street
    James, 130 Church street, Old
    James, 34 Thomas street
    James, 98 King street, North
    James, 43 South King street
    John, 22 King street, North
    John, 48 Queen street
    John, 26 Charlotte street
    John, 111 Francis street
    John, 14 Lower Kevin street
    John, 43 Mecklenburgh street, Lower
    John, 56 Stephen street
    and Co. 72 Great Strand street
    Laurence, 9 Peter's row
    Margaret, 15 Hanover lane
    Mathew, 20 George's hill
    Eliza, 13 1/2 Great Britain street
    Martin, 24 Kevin street, Upper
    Michael, 38 French street
    Michael, 3 Francis court
    Mrs 1 Bridgefoot street
    Mrs. 6 Clarence street, North
    Mrs. 26 Lennox street
    Miss, 33 Hanover lane
    Misses, 59 Henry street
    Michael, 17 Merrion square, North
    Mrs. M. Northumberland street
    Patrick, 11 Monck place
    Patrick, 19 James' street
    Patrick, 3 Winetavern street
    Patrick, 1 Cannon street
    Patrick, 76 Pill lane
    Patrick, 19 Bull alley
    Patrick, 2 Mantague street
    Peter, 7 Cuffe street
    P. 6 Power's court
    Peter, 10 Church street, Old
    Patrick, 18 Prussia street
    Paul, 12 Garden lane
    P. 26 Upper Sackville street
    Peter, 25 Golden lane
    Richard, 96 New street
    Peter, 29 Hanover lane
    Richard Walter, 83 Marlborough street
    Simon, 180 King street, North
    Talty, 10 Henry street
    Richard, 48 Great Strand street
    Thomas, 29 King street, South
    Timothy, 89 and 90 Amiens street
    Thomas, 17 Bull alley
    Thomas, 2 York street
    Thomas, 13 Garden lane
    Timothy, 10 Golden lane
    Timothy, 110 Mecklenburgh street, Lower
    William, 15 Queen square, West and Co. 38 and 39 Smithfield
    Joseph, 67 Upper Dominick street
    Lucy, 30 Ellis's quay
    Martin, 25 Sir John Rogerson's quay
    Martin Rehoboth, South Circular road
    Marie, 27 Camden street, Lower
    Mary, 65 Cook street
    Martha, 23 Whitefriar street
Murphy, Michael, 3 Charlemont street
    Michael, 19 William street, and 63 Lower George's street, Kingstown
    Michael, 27 Brunswick street, Great
    Patrick, 9 Granby row, Upper
    Patrick John, 29 City quay
    Patrick, 2 Nicholas street
    Peter, 3 Nicholas street, and Merrion sq.
    Rev. P. 8 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsboro'
    Richard, 23 Rogerson's quay
    Richard, 20 King street, South
    Richard, 5 Mecklenburgh, street, Upper
    Stephen, 12 Fitzwilliam street, Lower
    Thadee William, 9 Lower Ormond quay
    Thomas, 5 Palmerston place, Upper Dominic street
    William, 10 Queen square, West
    William, 14 Fleet street
    William, 11 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsboro'
    William, 71 Gardiner street, Lower
    William, 5 Castle market
    William, 116 King street, North
    William, 191 Townsend street
Murray, Laurence, 29 Bride street
    Charles, 10 Temple street, Lower
    Catherine, 58 Great King street
    Catherine, 8 George's quay
    Charles, 16 Montgomery street
    Edward, 3 Montpelier hill
    Hugh, 7 Chatham street
    John, 29 Great Britain street
    James S. 2 Merrion square, South
    James, 21 Heytesbury street
    James, 24 Mary street, Little
    James, 70 Summer hill
    Joseph, 7 Summer hill, Lower
    John, 90 Church street, Old
    John, 10 City quay
    John, 56 Lower Mount street
    John, 116 Summer hill
    John, 28 Watling street
    Michael, 10 Gordon's place
    Michael, Butter market
    Mary A. 96 Marlborough street
    Mary, 30 New row, South
    Mrs. 34 Richmond place
    Mrs. Annesley place
    Alexander T. 39 Mary street
    Edward Charles, 65 and 68 Gardiner street, Lower
    Francis, 20 Sherrard street, Lower
    George Stanley, 15 Wellington quay, and 1 Belvidere place
    Garvas, 63 Britain street, Great
    James, 53 Fleet street
    John, 1 Wilton square, Baggot street
    John, 35 Lower Ormond quay and 2 T.C.D.
    John, 62 Lower Gardiner street
    John C. Baggot place house, South Circular road, and 9 Montague street
    John, 33 Prussia street
    Laur. 9 Little Ship street
    Mary, 13 William street
    Mary, 18 Grenville street, and 10 Temple street, Lower
    Maurice, 2 Crown alley and 2 Wesley place, Clanbrassil street
    Mrs. Franciss, 14 Usher's island
    Mrs. 21 Ellis' quay
Murray, Most Rev. Daniel, 9 Mounjoy square, Sth
    Patrick, 7 Mary's abbey
    Pat. 3 Spitalfields
    Son and Denny, 3 Gardiner street, Lower
    Terence, 30 Denzille street, and 10 Heytesbury terrace
    Thomas, 10 Usher's quay, and Ely mills
    Thomas, 8, 26, and 27 Little Ship street
    William, 24 Gardiner street, Middle
    William, 68 Lower do
    William George, do. and Wellington road
    William, 13 Clanbrassil street
    Nicholas, 140 Upper Abbey street
    P. 29 Thomas street
    Pat. 80 Patrick street
    Peter, 5 Frederick lane
    Patrick, 120 New street
    Patrick, 10 Carman's hall
    Patrick, 5 Fownes's street
    Terence, 52 Francis street
    Thomas, 13 Summerhill Lower
    Thomas, 32 Exchequer street
    William, 58 Mecklenburgh street
    William, 78 Queen street
    William, 33 Frederick street, North
Murrell, John, 2 Portland street, North
Murtha, Christopher, 23 Lower Liffey street
    William, 141 Dorset street, Upper
Murtagh, James and John, 25 Bachelor's walk
    John, 25 Exchequer street
    and Coleman, 149 Upper Abbey street
Muzard, Les Demoiselles, 55 Dawson street
Myler, Thomas, 25 North strand

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My Lady of the Chimney CornerMy Lady of the Chimney Corner

A memorable and moving story of the triumph of the human spirit in the face of adversity. In 1863 the author, Alexander Irvine, was born into dire poverty, the child of a 'mixed' marriage. His parents had survived the ravages of the famine years, but want and hunger were never to be too far away from their door. Irvine was ultimately destined to leave Ireland for America and to become a successful minister and author. He learned to read and write when he had left his home in Antrim far behind, but he came to realize that the greatest lessons he had received in life were at his mother's knee. My Lady of the Chimney Corner is the depiction of an existence that would be unthinkable in modern Ireland; but, more than that, it is the author's loving tribute to his mother, Anna, who taught him to look at the world through clean spectacles. ISBN 978-1-910375-32-7. USA orders. The book is also available as a Kindle download (UK) and Kindle download (US).

Popular Rhymes and Sayings of IrelandPopular Rhymes and Sayings of Ireland

In Popular Rhymes and Sayings of Ireland (first published in 1924) John J. Marshall examines the origin of a variety of rhymes and sayings that were at one time in vogue around different parts of the country, including those which he recalled from his own childhood in County Tyrone. Numerous riddles, games and charms are recounted, as well as the traditions of the ‘Wren Boys’ and Christmas Rhymers. Other chapters describe the war cries of prominent Irish septs and the names by which Ireland has been personified in literature over the centuries. The book is also available as a Kindle download.


Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland

Annals of the Famine in Ireland, by Asenath Nicholson, still has the power to shock and sadden even though the events described are ever-receding further into the past. When you read, for example, of the poor widowed mother who was caught trying to salvage a few potatoes from her landlord’s field, and what the magistrate discovered in the pot in her cabin, you cannot help but be appalled and distressed.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».

Ireland's Welcome to the Stranger

Ireland’s Welcome to the Stranger

This book, the prequel to Annals of the Famine in Ireland cannot be recommended highly enough to those interested in Irish social history. The author, Mrs Asenath Nicholson, travelled from her native America to assess the condition of the poor in Ireland during the mid 1840s. Refusing the luxury of hotels and first class travel, she stayed at a variety of lodging-houses, and even in the crude cabins of the very poorest. Not to be missed!

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».

The Scotch-Irish in America

The Scotch-Irish in America

Henry Ford Jones' book, first published in 1915 by Princeton University, is a classic in its field. It covers the history of the Scotch-Irish from the first settlement in Ulster to the American Revolutionary period and the foundation of the country.

The ebook is available for download in .mobi (Kindle), .epub (iBooks, etc.) and .pdf formats. For further information on the book and author see details ».


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