Liffey-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bachelor's-walk to Abbey-street, Up.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Sadler, Robert, artist and picture restorer, 7l.

2 Bayley, Thomas, prov. dealer, 7l.

3 Clarke, John, paillasse & mattress maker, 3l.

4 Jenks, George, broker, 13l.

5, 6, and 7 M'Ardle, John, furniture broker, 8l., 12l., 15l.

8 M'Gauran, Thomas, vintner, 24l.

here the Lotts intersect

9 Hackett, John, vintner, 20l.

10 Birmingham, H., curled hair manf. 21l.

11 Thornton, S. furniture broker, 15l.

12 Tenements, 20l.

13 Collins, George, glass manufac. 42l.

„ Pugh, Thomas, glass manufacturer

„ Pugh, John, glass manufacturer

„ Marsh, Joseph, glass manufacturer

„ Barlow, E. clerk, & 2 Clarendon-st.

14 Ward, John, furniture broker, 9l.

15 Ryan, Mary, broker, 12l.

16 and 17 Lynch, William, broker, 10l.

here Abbey-street, Upper, intersects

18 Vacant, 32l.

19 Watts, Henry, furnit. broker, 13l.

20 Donagan, Julia, broker, 18l.

21 Quinn, Edward, broker, 12l.

22 Torpey, Patrick, cork cutter, 15l.

23 Lee, Stephens, broker, 20l.

24 Touson, John, carpenter, 15l.

25 Cosgrave, Jas. furnit. broker, 16l.

26 & 27 Delmour, J. furnit. broker, 6l., 8l.

28 Cody, Mary, furniture broker, with 29, 20l.

29 Hackett, John, dairy

here Strand-street, South, intersects

30 Cody, Patrick, broker, 14l.

31 Tracey, Wm. provision dealer, 11l.

32 Lyons, Bernard, tailor, 12l.

33 Hackett, John, dairy

34 Carton, Michael, furnit. broker, 16l.

35 Carton, Thos. furniture broker, 16l.

36 Cavanagh, Edward, broker, 18l.

37 Gallagher, T. E. carver & gilder, 15l.

38 Thornton, Jno. furniture broker, 12l.

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