SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

Upper Baggot-street.

1 French, Charles, esq. 45l.

2 Boileau, Mrs. 43l.

3 Johnston, T. B. esq. 44l.

4 Cruise, H. M. esq. Chief Secretary's office, Dublin Castle, 44l.

5 Doyle, John, esq. 46l.

6 Adams, Thomas Weldon, esq. 46l.

7 Paterson, John S. esq. 44l.

8 Ottley, Charles S. c.e. 44l.

9 Rigby, Mrs. William, 50l.

10 MacDonnell, Mrs. Elizabeth, 45l.

„ Macdonnell, Dr. Henry, l.r.c.s.i.

11 Macdonnell, Mrs. Myles, 45l.

12 Trench, Miss Eliza, 56l.

13 Cranfield, Captain Geo. Darley, 48l.

14 Warren, Graves S. esq. 48l.

15 Latouche, The Hon. Mrs. and Belview, co. Wicklow, 48l.

16 L'Estrange, Mrs. Carleton, 48l.

17 to 22 Vacant, 48l.

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