SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Camden-st. Upper, to Heytesbury-st.

P. St. Peter.—Fitzwilliam W.—City.

1 Barrett, Mrs. 28l.

2 Grattan, John, merchant, 33l.

„ Grattan, John D. merchant

„ Grattan, Oriel S. esq.

3 Power, Edward, seminary, 33l.

4 Metcalf, Peter, carp. & build. 38l.

here Synge-place intersects

5 Fletcher, Francis B. esq. 33l.

„ Fletcher, John Martley, solicitor, and 8 Gloucester-street, upper

6 Phibbs, John, esq. 33l.

7 Hammond, Arth. & Nich. contractors and builders, and Drogheda, 33l.

„ Hammond, Arthur, builder, Sheep House, Drogheda

„ Hammond, Nicholas, builder, Sheep House, Drogheda

8 Brett, Henry, esq. c.e. county surveyor for Wicklow, 36l.

9 Stuart, Mrs. Jane, 36l.

10 Hayes, John, merchant, 36l.

11 Shaw, George F. esq. f.t.c.d. 36l.

12 Lamb, William, esq. 28l.

13 Beddy, Mrs. Margaret, 28l.

here Synge-street intersects

14 Buckley, John, builder, 40l.

15 Little, Thomas, esq. 30l.

16 Ross, Miss Hannah, lodging-ho. 30l.

here Stamer-st. & Heytesbury-st. intersect

36 Lamb, Miss, mistress of Walker's Method. Fem. Orphan School, 38l.

37 Booth, James, timber merch. 38l.

46 Vacant, 32l.

47 Walker, Mrs. A. 30l.

48 Lee, G. Jno. professor of music, 32l.

„ Lee, H. W. N. esq.

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