SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Leeson-street, Upper, to Baggot-street, Upper.

P. St. Peter.

Beyond Municipal boundary.

1 Sands, John, esq.

2 Scott, W. E. esq.

3 O'Shaughnessy, James, solicitor

4 Smyth, Charles, esq.

5 Deale, Mrs. infant school

6 Rothe, Lieut.-Colonel

7 Savage, Mrs. 32l.

8 Vereker, Henry, esq. 54l.

9 Hewson, Robt. wine merchant, 32l.

10 Claridge, James, esq. 32l.

11 Holmes, Miss Anne, 32l.

12 De Villers, Mrs. Anne, 41l.

„ Martin, Alfred, esq.


1 Meeke, Miss, 61l.

„ Walker, Miss

2 Salmon, Rev. George, f.t.c.d. and 24 Trinity College, 57l.

3 Nelligan, Rev. Maurice, assistant-chaplain to Molyneux Asylum, 40l.

4 Hamilton, Captain William, 40l.

5 Carroll, Miss Eliza, 40l.

6 Carter, William, esq. 40l.

7 Creaghe, Mrs. 40l.

8 Davis, Roger G. esq. 40l.

9 Lyne, Miss, 40l.

10 Taylor, Thomas H. esq. Chief Secretary's office, Dublin Castle, 40l.

11 Berney, Miss Sarah, 40l.

„ Trevor, Miss Martha

12 Stack, William S. esq. and Board of Works, 40l.

13 Maley, Robert, esq. 40l.

14 Graham, Mrs. Jane, 40l.

15 O'Brien, Henry, m.d. 40l.

16 O'Connell, Rev. Canon, d.d. p.p. 40l.

17 Haughton, Rev. Samuel, f.t.c.d. 43l.

18 Jellett, Rev. John H. H. f.t.c.d. 43l.

19 Halpin, Joseph, worsted manuf. and general merch. & 24 Usher's-q. 46l.

„ Ryan, Mrs. Mary

20 Battersby, Robert, m.d. deputy inspector-general of hospitals, 46l.

21 Ruby House—Jones, Mrs. Char. 48l.


From 22 to 26.

1 Simpson, Maxwell, m.b. t.c.d. 35l.

2 Carter, Dr. John Colles, Inspector-General of Hospitals, 29l.

3 Stoney, George Butler, major and staff officer of pensioners, and Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, 29l.

4 Kilkelly, John B. solicitor to the Grand Jury, co. Galway—office, 13 Ormond-quay, lower, 29l.

5 Poole, Rev. Hewitt R., f.t.c.d. 48l.

27 Dickson, Mrs. Alicia E. 34l.

28 Brownrigg, Mrs. 34l.

„ Annesley, J. esq.

29 Connolly, Charles, iron and hemp mer. and 38 Sir John's-quay, 34l.

30 Tomlins, William riper, landing surveyor, H. M. customs, 40l.

31 Bowdler, Mrs. General, 40l.

„ Hancock, William J. esq. assistant secretary Patriotic Assurance Co. College-green

32 Sheil, Mrs. Jane, 40l.

33 Ingram, John K. esq. ll.d. f.t.c.d. and 40 Trinity College, 40l.

„ Ingram, Mrs.

34 Dillon, Sandys, esq. 35l.

35 M'Carthy, Mrs. Anne, 38l.

36 Reid, Andrew William, esq. 40l.

37 Reid, Mrs. 40l.

38 Cartan, Miss Agnes

39 Creighton, Robert J. esq. 40l.

40 Vacant, 40l.

41 Mangan, Mrs. 40l.

42 Lombard, Mrs. Elizabeth Catherine

43 Edwards, Alexander, assistant commissary general, 60l.

44 Samuelson, Elias, esq. 54l.

45 Dillon, Arthur, esq. j.p. and Ballyquin house, county Kilkenny, 52l.

46 Nolan, Richard, esq. and Sea-view, Wicklow, 50l.

47 Hore, Captain Henry Cavendish, r.n. 50l.

48 Power, Mrs. 50l.

„ Power, John, esq.

49 James, C. H. esq. official assignee, 57l.

here Raglan-road intersects

50 Alin, Capt. Luke John Henry, 50l.

51 Hanna, Robert, esq. 45l.

52 Butcher, Lieut-Col. John, 45l.

53 Esmond, Captain T. 50l.

54 Leslie, Mrs. Eliza, 38l.

55 Gardiner, Nicholson, esq. 38l.

56 Shannon, Mrs. 35l.

57 Bevan, Mrs. Henry, 35l.

„ Bevan, Henry, esq.

58 Lipsett, Lewis Edward, esq. 35l.

59 Harte, A. Maxwell, esq. o.m. and the Armoury, Oxford, 35l.

60 Boxwell, Mrs. Samuel, 38l.

61 Cuppaidge, James Edmd. esq. 38l.

62 Fox, Edw. esq. & 3 Usher's-q. 38l.

63 Macarthy, Miss, 38l.

64 Caffrey, Mrs. 43l.

„ Caffrey, John F. esq.

65 Sullivan, William, solicitor, 43l.

66 Mackie, William, esq. 43l.

67 Dickson, Miss, 43l.


1 Anderson, William, esq.

2 Owen, Mrs. Elizabeth

3 Boyle, Mrs.

„ Foley, Miss

4 Whitty, Mrs. Jane

5 Dickson, L. W. esq.

6 Vacant


1 Warren, Henry, esq. and 27 Lower Pembroke-street

2 Martley, Francis Blackburne, esq.

3 Milliken, Mrs. Anne

„ Milliken, Edward J. esq.

4 Lyons, William, solicitor—office, 15 Kildare-street

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